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If you’re wondering, “How much of an investment should a mattress be?” the answer varies widely depending on the quality of the mattress and your own preferences. We’ll go over the various types of mattresses and the features to expect at various pricing points. If you value getting a good night’s sleep without interruptions, it’s important to remember that a high-quality mattress is a worthwhile investment.

It’s inevitable that after a certain number of years, even a Tempurpedic will need to be replaced. But if you spend your money on a mattress that isn’t very good, you’ll need to replace it much sooner. Investing in a high-quality item that will last a long time will net you greater savings.

5 Benefits of A Good Mattress

1. Achieve Adequate, Quality Nighttime Sleep

Most importantly, a good mattress will ensure that you have a restful night’s sleep or nap every time. A cloud nine sleep experience, stress-free pressure points, and a supportive back — all depend on the style of mattress you choose.

A quality mattress should enhance your slumber rather than disrupt it. You may need a new mattress if you’re constantly uncomfortable, have trouble falling asleep, or wake up in agony. If you suffer from persistent back discomfort, click here to read about the best mattresses for your condition.

2. Promote Good Form and Posture

It’s possible that people don’t even realize how often they switch sleeping positions throughout the night. Having the perfect mattress, rather than just a nice one, can help you keep or regain your healthy posture. Regularly adopting the same sleeping position necessitates a mattress that supports healthy body alignment.

How Much Should You Spend On A Mattress? | Sleepopolis (2023)

As an example, the fetal position adopted by side sleepers increases their risk of back pain. Since it will be forced against the mattress, it may also cause pressure and limit blood flow in the arms and shoulders. There is additional strain on your internal organs if you sleep on your right side.

Those who prefer to sleep on their sides can now rest easy thanks to memory foam mattresses. The responsiveness of the material can help to keep the spine in its natural position and relieve pressure in key areas. However, your spine and joints may suffer if you choose a mattress that isn’t designed for side sleepers. If you want to get the right mattress, you need think about how you sleep.

3. Keep Your Mental and Emotional Health in Check

It’s true that a subpar mattress can disrupt your zzz’s. Constantly sleeping on a poor quality mattress may cause sleeplessness at first, but in the long run, it may cause you to become sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation has been related to a variety of negative outcomes, both immediate and later, and can have a significant impact on your mental and emotional well-being.

Some of the most prevalent psychological and emotional consequences of insufficient sleep are as follows:

  • Sluggishness and forgetfulness.
  • This condition results in daytime sleepiness and excessive yawning.
  • Tends to make people more irritable and prone to mood swings.
  • Anxiety, sadness, bipolar illness, and ADHD are all made worse (ADHD).
  • induces dysfunctional thinking and poor performance.

If you invest in a high-quality mattress, you’ll reduce your risk of developing any of the aforementioned health problems while you snooze. But remember that even the most comfortable bed won’t guarantee you a restful night, which brings us to our next point.

4. Develop an Inclination to Your Sleeping

Unfortunately, a terrible mattress is just one of the numerous individual factors that can cause people to dislike sleeping. Also, some people are so busy with their daily activities (such as work, school, and social obligations) that they neglect to get enough rest. A new mattress could help you get your sleep back to where it once was.

If you’re not feeling refreshed in the morning, your mattress could be to blame. Additionally, creating a relaxing bedroom setting can help you get more shut-eye.

Make sure you give yourself the luxury of a good night’s sleep. Here are some suggestions for making your bedroom more conducive to sleeping:

  • Bedding should only be used for sleeping or intimate purposes.
  • Lessen the amount of background noise and other interruptions.
  • The optimal temperature for the space is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18.3 degrees Celsius.
  • Put all electronic devices out of reach.
  • To reduce visual noise,
  • To relax in your bedroom, try using warmer, softer tones.

5. Get the Most Out of Your Purchase

It’s no laughing matter that the going rate for a mattress in 2019 is through the roof. Buying a mattress, even a cheap one, can be tough if you have to pay for other necessities at the same time.

So, a good mattress is an investment that will last a lifetime. A high-quality mattress, especially one that has been well cared for, can endure for several years, allowing you to fully realize your investment.

See how long different mattresses tend to last on the average:

  • Innerspring:5 to 6.5 years
  • Innerspring:5 to 6.5 years
  • 5–6.5 years for an innerspring
  • Five to seven and a half years for hybrids

How Much Should You Pay For A Mattress?

A new bed might cost anything from $500 to $2000. It’s important to think about how the mattress will fit in your room as well as how your body will respond to different materials. That being the case, it would be impossible to give a definite price for mattresses.

$200 or lower

The idea is to not spend too much on a mattress if a less expensive option will provide the same level of comfort and support. A mattress that costs less than $200 is unlikely to be as supportive or comfy. Used beds are the only way to get a good night’s sleep at a low price, but before you jump for one, make sure you check for things like stains and ensure it’s been well cleaned.

$600 or more

This is the normal pricing for a twin or queen size mattress. Depending on the product’s quality and your own personal use habits, you might expect something costing roughly $900 to serve you well for more than five years. Futon, innerspring, and foam mattresses are all available at this price point.

$900 or more

With enough disposable income, a larger, hybrid, high-quality foam mattress could be a wise purchase. Investing in a bed with a lengthy warranty period is a good idea because it demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the durability of their wares. But if you can find something that has the features you need for half that price, then you don’t need to spend as much as $2000.

Is It Worth Spending Money On A Mattress?

You should invest in a high-quality mattress, as it will improve the quality of your sleep. You may be jeopardizing your health if you’re experiencing morning back discomfort or if your sleep is frequently disrupted. As a result, we value our beds at the same level as the technology we employ.

The most costly mattress isn’t necessarily the best mattress, either. High-end beds may contain amenities that you don’t use or want, so spending more money doesn’t always mean getting a better product. Some capabilities may be redundant, or only useful under certain conditions.

Because mattresses normally need to be replaced every seven years, a price of $900 seems fair. In other words, this is the ballpark figure for how much you are willing to pay on a high-quality bed. That it won’t break easily means it will save you money over time.

What Is The Best Mattress For The Money?

It would be unjust and difficult to recommend a single mattress as the greatest value in this case. Instead, you should think about how you normally sleep and how comfortable you like to be while deciding if the product’s features are adequate. Another consideration is the length of the trial term offered by the manufacturer or retailer for the bed you plan to purchase.

A bed that can go a long time without being replaced is one that is well worth the cost. Though it may set you back $900 or more at first, if it holds its shape for a number of years, you’ll end up saving more money in the long run than you would have with a cheaper option. If you’re concerned about spending too much on a mattress, it’s best to wait until you can save up for the one you really want.

How Much Does The Average Person Spend On A Mattress?

You spend a lot of time in bed, which is why it’s so important to have a comfortable one. Considering the average person sleeps between 7 and 9 hours every day, that equates to spending between 20 and 30 years of their life in bed. Furthermore, this time simply accounts for sleep, and you also spend some time in bed reclining, reading, and watching television.

How Much Should You Pay For A Used Mattress?

Perhaps you can sell your old bed, but that depends on the rules and restrictions in your area. When making a purchase, however, it is important to verify that the mattress has been properly cleaned and sterilized as claimed by the store. Individual sellers should be honest about the bed’s condition and age.

A used mattress can be purchased for 20% to 30% of its original retail price, depending on its condition and any other bonuses the seller may provide. It’s possible that they’d even be willing to bring it to you. However, if you’re looking for a ballpark figure for a used bed, you might spend around $250.

Our Best Mattresses of 2022

Helix Midnight

Starting from $799 and going up to $1,549

The Hybrid Mattress

Level of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

Limited Warranty for Ten Years

Who it’s best for:

  • Consumers looking for a memory foam-equipped hybrid
  • Multiple-use sleepers
  • Tense muscle groups


  • Strong contouring performance promotes spinal alignment

Anatomical alignment is improved by the strong contouring performance.

The Helix Midnight is our top pick for the finest overall mattress because of its high level of performance, durable design, and reasonable price. This can be attributable to its moderate hardness that satisfies between that of a soft and a firm mattress, as well as to its memory foam hybrid composition that provides above-average pressure relief, motion isolation, breathability, and general support.

Helix is an online mattress-in-a-box brand that focuses on individualized support by offering a wide variety of hybrid mattresses tailored to different weight classes, preferred sleeping positions, and preferred degrees of firmness. The Helix Midnight is a great option for most people since it strikes a good balance between soft, pressure-relieving memory foam and firm, supportive coils, and it comes in at a fairly affordable price.

Exactly What Components It Has

The Midnight has two foam layers. The top layer is Helix’s Memory Plus Foam, which cradles pressure points while keeping a degree of responsiveness. Second, a layer of transition polyfoam prevents excessive body impressions in the mattress. Under this is a pocketed coil support core, which provides a sturdy foundation and a bit of “bounce” to the mattress, making it easier to move around on.

If the Midnight’s sounding too soft or too firm, there’s always the website survey where customers can tell the company exactly what they need in a mattress. There is a 100-night sleep trial for the Midnight, and Helix stands behind it with a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing and materials flaws.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

To quote the reviewer: “The Helix Midnight had the ideal level of responsiveness and an easy embrace on my shoulders and hips, which are common problem areas for those of us on the lighter end of the weight spectrum. I had a refreshingly undisturbed night of sleep, and my companion must not have moved an inch.

DreamCloud Mattress

We’re talking about a price range of $699–$1,299

The Hybrid Mattress

Level of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

The limited lifetime warranty is offered.

Who it’s best for:

  • Most back and side sleepers


  • Most people tend to sleep on their backs or sides.
  • Contoured and supportive, yet not too firm
  • Extremely breathable cashmere blend jacket

The sumptuous structure of the DreamCloud utilizes several foams and pocketed coils to provide an ideal balance of contouring support and responsiveness. This makes it a good choice for persons who prefer not to sleep on extremely firm surfaces, as well as those who tend to sink too deeply into their mattresses.

Exactly What Components It Has

The cashmere-blend cover of the DreamCloud begins with a layer of polyfoam quilted into the top. The first level of a two-tiered comfort system is gel-infused memory foam. This layer provides mild cradling of the body’s heavier zones and pressure points, hence maintaining support. To counteract the sinkage and stiffness of the memory foam, a layer of polyfoam is placed on top.

Individually wrapped coils in a zoned design form the mattress’s support core, which conforms to the sleeper’s weight distribution and shape for a more personalized feel. The springs provide edge support and generate noticeable bounce, making movement over the entire bed more comfortable and effortless. A thin layer of high-density polyfoam is placed beneath the coils to provide additional support and dampen vibrations.

Performance Analysis

It’s common for both side and back sleepers to find the DreamCloud’s medium firm (6) texture to be just right. Most people who sleep in different positions on a regular basis, such as married couples, will appreciate the even distribution of support and comfort.

Hybrids are highly recommended for warm sleepers since their pocketed coil support cores allow air to circulate and keep the mattress at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The DreamCloud expands on this idea by using a luxurious cover composed of blended cashmere, a material lauded for its natural breathability and moisture-wicking qualities.

For those who are interested in trying out the DreamCloud, they have the opportunity to do so risk-free for an entire year. Customers may rest easy knowing they are protected for the long haul thanks to DreamCloud’s lifetime guarantee.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

If you require greater support but also prefer a plusher feel, the DreamCloud is a terrific option. I never felt like my body was sinking into the mattress because of the numerous foam layers that provided support.

Nectar Mattress

Price Range: $499 – $1,138

Who it’s best for:

  • Clients that are interested in a 365-night sleep trial


  • Cost-effectively priced
  • Tencel cover that wicks away sweat
  • With a generous 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, you can try it out risk-free.

When it comes to high-quality mattresses that don’t cost a ton of money, the Nectar is hard to beat. In addition to a lengthy sleep trial and lifetime warranty, Nectar Sleep has several benefits to entice budget-conscious buyers.

Exactly What Components It Has

Over denser polyfoam transitional and support layers, the Nectar has a 3-inch layer of memory foam for comfort. You won’t feel like you’re sleeping “on” the mattress but rather “in” it, thanks to the first layer’s deep body-contouring support. The soft, sumptuous surface is a result of the quilted cover, which furthers the design’s focus on comfort.

Performance Analysis

Given its adaptable nature, the Nectar works well for side sleepers of various shapes and sizes. This mattress is recommended for stomach and back sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds.

The Nectar’s medium firmness and the use of materials that allow for a high degree of sinkage without an increase in the mattress’ overall height provide for a sleep surface that’s both soft and supportive. The mattress performs exceptionally well in all of the most important areas, such as pressure relief, motion isolation, and temperature regulation, yet it costs significantly less than the typical memory foam model.

Quality at an affordable price is hard to come by, but Nectar does it with a 365-night sleep trial, one of the longest in the market, and a lifetime warranty.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

You’ll absolutely adore this mattress if you’re a fan of memory foam. The Nectar gave excellent support, and despite its plush feel, I never felt too hot.

Saatva Classic

Ranging from $887 to $2,296

The Innerspring Variety of Mattress

Levels of firmness: soft (3), medium (6), and firm (11). (8)

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who like a more traditional innerspring feel
  • Those who tend to sleep warm
  • Customers looking for no-cost installation


  • Spinal zone technology, which has been granted a patent, is used to facilitate better spinal alignment.
  • The open coil-on-coil design allows for a cool night’s rest.
  • With its soft, Euro-style pillowtop, this mattress is ideal for those seeking relief from pressure and personalized body contouring.

In the Saatva Classic, we’ve combined the sturdy construction of innersprings with the plush feel and high-tech features of a contemporary hybrid bed. The end product is a high-end European style that is comfortable and relaxing without compromising on durability or climate control. The Classic is a great alternative for people of varying sizes and sleeping styles because to its customizable firmness and thickness.

Exactly What Components It Has

Saatva uses multiple types of foam in its construction, including specialized polyfoam and a memory foam cushion in the mattress’ lumbar region. The organic cotton euro-top is quilted with foams to provide a comfortable and breathable sleeping surface.

The coil-on-coil inner design may be seen beneath the Euro-top. Individually wrapped coils provide the top layer of coils greater adaptability to the body and reduced motion transfer, and the total thickness of the coils is four inches. The second coil layer forms the mattress support core, and it is either 4.5 or 7.5 inches depending on the model that you select. This layer’s thick 13-gauge springs are further strengthened by a high-density foam border for increased durability at the layer’s outer edges.

Firmness options include soft (3), medium firm (6), and firm (8), allowing any customer to choose what best suits their preferences.

The firmness can be adjusted to fit the customer’s preference, with mild (3), medium (6), and firm (8) all available.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

One of the most durable mattresses I’ve tried is the Saatva Classic. A lot of classic innerspring mattresses can feel overly rigid, but this one didn’t. That’s thanks to the coil layers, which make up the surface and make it feel extremely supportive and responsive.

How much should you spend on a mattress? - John Ryan by Design

Softer WinkBed

From $1,149 to $2,049

The Innerspring Variety of Mattress

Medium-Soft to Firm (4)

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Who it’s best for:

  • Hot-blooded individuals
  • Those under 130 pounds, and especially those who sleep on their sides,
  • Those seeking a cushiony sleep surface without compromising on support


  • Effective spinal alignment is supported by a zoned support system.
  • The gel-infused foam and Tencel cover keep things cool.
  • The quilted euro-top design provides welcome relief to trouble spots.

The WinkBed is a hybrid mattress that comes in four different levels of firmness. The Softer WinkBed features the greatest padding of any WinkBed model, giving it a great option for side sleepers of any size or shape. It has a medium soft feel and scores a 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The mattress gently curves across your hips and shoulders while still supporting your back.

Exactly What Components It Has

The soft, supportive Euro-Top of the Softer WinkBed is built from gel-infused polyfoam, and it is topped with a breathable Tencel cover. The polyfoam contours to your hips and shoulders to alleviate pressure points, while the gel helps to dissipate body heat. Underneath the Euro-top is an additional layer of polyfoam, which acts as a nice buffer and keeps you from sinking through the mattress.

All the coils in the center support system are individual ones. All the coils are strategically placed in five distinct areas to provide you more buoyancy where you need it most and less resistance where you weigh less. This model’s edge support is superior, and the surface is easy to navigate thanks to the higher coil gauge around the perimeter.

Performance Analysis

Our in-house tests showed that side sleepers of all weights preferred the Softer WinkBed, but those weighing less than 130 pounds really appreciated the way the Euro-top cradled their hips and shoulders.

This model performed well in motion isolation tests because its thick foam comfort system effectively absorbed movement at its source. Since the pocketed coils are individually wrapped, they also help cut down on motion transfer by moving independently from one another. There shouldn’t be any issues with partners tossing and turning on this mattress.

Because of its thick foam comfort system, this model also performed highly in the domain of motion isolation. Because of their separate wrapping, the coils in a pocketed structure can move with less interference from one another, which in turn reduces motion transfer. The two people sharing the bed shouldn’t be able to hear or feel anything from the other side of the bed when sleeping on this mattress.

A soft surface that eliminates pressure areas, solid support that keeps hips from sinking too far, and cooling functions that keep you from becoming too hot: that’s what the Softer WinkBed delivers.

Helix Dusk Luxe

Ranging from $1,099 to $2,349

The Hybrid Mattress

Level of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

Guaranteed for Fifteen Years (Limited)

Who it’s best for:

  • Side sleepers
  • The side sleepers


  • Pillow-top design enhances isolation from movement.
  • When it comes to relieving pressure, foam layers are unrivaled.
  • Support for the lower back is increased by zoned coils.

Supportive and comfortable, the Helix Dusk Luxe is a hybrid design. This model’s medium firmness (a 6) and all-around quality make it a good choice for a wide range of customers. As a result, this mattress could be appealing to couples who share a bed yet have vastly different sizes and preferences in how they sleep.

Exactly What Components It Has

The pillow-top cover is a distinctive feature of this mattress, as it provides an instantaneously luxurious surface that can gently cradle your body. This is placed on top of a layer of high-density polyfoam, which is followed by an even thicker layer of memory foam. In order to prevent excessive body sinkage, a transitional polyfoam layer is used to further enhance contouring. The pocketed coils at the bed’s center provide the most robust support, with specific zones designed to prioritize lumbar comfort and proper spinal alignment.

Performance Analysis

Memory foam and polyfoam layers work together to alleviate pressure points and prevent sinkage. Individuals who prefer a moderate level of body hug from their mattress would get along well with the Dusk Luxe. The bed has a relatively bouncy feel because to the coils, but motion is absorbed greatly by the thick foam comfort system. It could be useful for couples who want a bed but are concerned about motion transfer. Most side sleepers will like the bed’s design, but those who weigh up to 230 lbs. can also expect to feel supported.

If you opt to keep your Helix mattress after the 100-night trial, you’ll be covered by the company’s 15-year warranty. All 50 states are included in the free shipping offer.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

“It’s difficult to find a bed that satisfies the needs of both co-sleepers,” the reviewer said of the Helix Dusk Luxe, “but it has a wonderfully well-rounded design that should suit many couples.”

Luxury Firm WinkBed

From $1,149 to $2,049

The Innerspring Variety of Mattress

Level of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Who it’s best for:

  • Anyone who needs superior edge assistance while they sleep
  • Those who suffer from spinal pressure points or chronic back discomfort
  • Affluent consumers seeking a sumptuous combination of volume and shaping


  • A pressure-relieving foam comfort system.
  • A zoned support core that delivers superior edge support.
  • Rapid air movement for efficient cooling

Mattresses that offer both uniform spinal support and high-quality pressure point alleviation are ideal for people who suffer from back discomfort. The WinkBed stands out from the crowd because of its ability to strike this delicate balance. The Luxury Firm variant of this hybrid mattress is particularly well-suited to those with back problems.

Exactly What Components It Has

The Luxury Firm is a medium-firm mattress that rates a 6 out of 10. The gel-infused polyfoam quilted right into the surface of the luxurious Euro-top top layer of the mattress helps alleviate pressure point discomfort. In order to provide optimal comfort and weight distribution, adaptable polyfoam molds to the shape of the user’s body.

To ensure a smooth transition between the Euro-top and the framework, a layer of transitional polyfoam is used. Varied areas of the pocketed coil support core have different gauge and strength requirements. To prevent sagging and make resting on the side of the bed more comfortable, the mattress’s perimeter is encased in thicker coils, while the internal coils are narrower to provide appropriate support without making the bed excessively stiff.

Performance Analysis

The combination of the polyfoam and pocketed coils results in a balanced and inviting high-end look and feel. The mattress outperforms other hybrids on the market thanks to its ability to isolate motion, maintain a comfortable temperature throughout use, and make intimate encounters more pleasurable. Due to its high level of support and mild contouring, the WinkBed is a great option for anyone suffering from back pain, particularly those weighing less than 230 pounds.

The Winkbed has a reliable lifetime warranty and a 120-night sleep trial. Within the 48 contiguous states, shipping is on the house.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

I had a great sleep on the Luxury Firm WinkBed because of the supportive coils and contouring polyfoam. Plenty of give to ease pressure points, but firm enough to let me move about and keep me from rolling off the bed.

Nolah Evolution 15

Costs might be anything between $1,099 and $1,699

The Hybrid Mattress

Levels of firmness: medium (5.5), medium-firm (6.5), and firm (8.0) (8)

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Who it’s best for:

  • Couples
  • Those who tend to get overheated during the night
  • People who want to sleep on really thick mattresses


  • Three Levels of Stiffness
  • AirFoam is a patented proprietary foam that provides exceptional ventilation.
  • Intense edge support is guaranteed by the use of zoned coils.

The hips and shoulders of a side sleeper require greater support than those of a back or stomach sleeper. The additional cushioning can help with spinal alignment and relieve pressure points. For the benefit of side sleepers of varying sizes and shapes, Nolah has designed the Evolution 15 with three distinct firmness levels.

Exactly What Components It Has

The foam pillow top on the Nolah Evolution 15 makes it a great option for anyone looking for a new mattress. The AirFoamICE comfort layer is an unique polyfoam used in the construction of the mattress. An extra layer of polyfoam provides transitional support and keeps sleepers from sinking too much.

The pocketed coils in the mattress’s support core are segmented into weight-based zones, providing targeted support to heavier areas while gently cradling others that are lighter. When the coils are thicker, they provide additional reinforcement around the outside.

Performance Analysis

For warm sleepers, we recommend the Nolah Evolution 15. Graphite added to the top layer of foam makes it conform to the body like memory foam without the overheating problem. Additional cooling is achieved thanks to the coils’ ability to increase airflow. Even when you’re at the side of the bed while sleeping or going in and out of it, the coils will give you some push back and keep you from sinking in.

Plush (5) models are best for sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds because to their deeper contouring, while luxury firm (6) and firm (7) options may be better for heavier sleepers due to their ability to better disperse body weight. The zoned coils provide for more comfortable cradling of the head and shoulders in addition to better support for the lower back and hips. The Evolution 15’s wide range of firmness options means that it should be suitable for a wide variety of sleepers who are looking to find relief from pressure in specific places of their spine.

To all clients in the 48 contiguous states, ground delivery is on Nolah is free. You’ll receive a sleep trial with your order that spans 120 nights in length. For as long as you own the mattress, any structural flaws will be repaired at no cost to you.

To all clients in the 48 contiguous states, ground delivery is on Nolah is free. You’ll receive a sleep trial with your order that spans 120 nights in length. For as long as you own the mattress, any structural flaws will be repaired at no cost to you.

In the 48 contiguous states, Nolah offers free ground shipping to all customers. You’ll receive a sleep trial with your order that runs 120 nights in duration. The mattress comes with an unlimited guarantee that replaces it for free if there are any manufacturing flaws for as long as you possess it.

Bear Elite Hybrid

Everyone in the 48 contiguous states can take advantage of Nolah’s free ground delivery offer. You will receive a 120-night sleep trial at no additional cost with your purchase. All structural flaws in the mattress are covered for as long as you possess it by a lifetime warranty as well.

The Hybrid Mattress

Levels of firmness: medium (5.5), medium-firm (6.5), and firm (8.0) (8)

All parts and labor are guaranteed for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

Who it’s best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Smokers in bed


  • An ideal combination of memory foam and coils provides both comfort and support.
  • Cooling fabric and channeled foam design promote temperature neutrality

The use of a cooling cloth and a foam design that channels airflow to maintain a constant temperature

With three firmness levels to pick from, shoppers of all body types should find a model that suits them. Back and stomach sleepers will gravitate toward the firmer models, which provide better spinal alignment for these sleep positions, while side sleepers may opt for the beds with softer, well-cushioned surfaces, to receive pressure relief in the shoulders and hips.

Because of the availability of three different firmness levels, customers of varying build can select a suitable model. People who sleep on their backs or bellies will prefer the harder models because they better straighten the spine, while those who sleep on their sides will prefer the softer, more cushioned mattresses because they relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips.

Bear customers receive a 120-night sleep trial with their purchase and are eligible for a full refund on beds returned after 30 nights. In addition, there is a lifetime guarantee for purchasers. Shoppers in the contiguous U.S. receive free shipping.

Nectar Premier Copper

Customers can return their Bear bed for any reason within the first 30 nights and receive a full refund. Additionally, customers are offered a lifetime guarantee. Shoppers in the contiguous U.S. receive free shipping.

Customers can return their Bear bed for any reason within the first 30 nights and receive a full refund. Additionally, customers are offered a lifetime guarantee. Shoppers in the contiguous U.S. receive free shipping.

Sleep on a Bear bed risk-free for 120 nights with the company’s 30-night sleep trial and get your money back, no questions asked. Furthermore, customers are offered a lifetime guarantee. Customers who live in one of the 48 contiguous states of the United States enjoy free shipping.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who like a more snug bed may want to read
  • Those who suffer from pressure point pain during sleep
  • Shoppers who want a long sleep trial


  • Shoppers who want a long sleep trial
  • Sleep-deprived consumers who want to try before they buy

The Nectar Premier Copper is an all-foam bed with a medium firm (6) feel that can accommodate a wide range of sleepers with different body types and needs. If you wake up with aches and pains from sleeping in one position for too long, you’ll appreciate the top layer of thick memory foam for its exceptional pressure relief.

Performance Analysis

Pressure points like the hips, shoulders, and spine benefit greatly from the close fitting nature of memory foam. The foam is also very good at absorbing motion, making it ideal for couples who share a bed. The Nectar Premier Copper is best suited for side sleepers of any weight, as this sleeping position places a lot of strain on the hips and shoulders. Those weighing up to 230 pounds can sleep comfortably on their backs, and those weighing less than 130 pounds can sleep on their bellies, while bigger people may need a firmer bed.

After a 30-day break-in period, customers have a full year to try out the mattress and return it for a full refund. The mattress has a lifetime guarantee and free shipping within the United States.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

The Premier Copper’s memory foam is significantly thicker than that of most foam mattresses we’ve tried, resulting in markedly better pressure relief and motion isolation than many alternative models.

Plank Luxe Hybrid

A price tag of $799–$1,499 may be expected.

The Hybrid Mattress

Firmness: Firm (7), Extra Firm (9)


  • Optimal cooling is guaranteed by constant circulation across the coil layer.
  • Price points that anybody may afford and a plethora of available sizes

Unfortunately, people who prefer a really firm mattress can find very few options among today’s mattresses, as the most majority fall somewhere in the center of the firmness spectrum. The Plank Luxe Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding should satisfy such sleepers due to its flippable design, which features a firm (7) and an extra firm (9) feel on opposite sides. Both the mattress and the platform bed were well received by our heaviest testers (230 pounds and up), who appreciated how comfortable they were despite their weight.

Exactly What Components It Has

The Luxe Hybrid’s firm side features plush fibers quilted into the surface, followed by layers of responsive TitanFlex foam and high-density polyfoam. Our reviewers commented on the soft padding, pleasant shape retention, and springy yet controlled rebound. The extra firm side has a thinner quilting layer and does not contain any TitanFlex, resulting in a very supportive feel with little to no sinkage. Whatever side you end up sleeping on, the mattress’s support comes from the pocketed coils that are sandwiched in between the foam layers.

On the firm side of the Luxe Hybrid, you will find soft fibers quilted into the surface, followed by layers of responsive TitanFlex foam and high-density polyfoam. Gentle padding and shaping, with just a hint of bounce, were noted by our panel of reviewers. The TitanFlex is absent and the quilting layer is thinner on the extra firm side, creating a highly supportive feel with almost no sinkage. There are pocketed coils in the middle of the mattress that provide support for either side.

The Luxe Hybrid also excels in the department of cooling. As air flows easily through the coil system, the mattress stays at a pleasant temperature for the sleeper. In addition to the ample airflow at the surface, we found that the uniform support on both sides prevented excessive heat buildup in the foam layers. We put it through its paces both with and without the PCM panels installed in the mattress. Standard models are fine for most people, but the panels are a better choice for those who like to cool down for short periods of time while sleeping.

The Luxe Hybrid is competitively priced with other hybrids on the market today, and shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous states is on the house. There are 12 various mattress sizes to choose from, including a split California king for couples who share adjustable beds and numerous alternatives that are suitable for use in recreational vehicles. The maker offers a 10-year warranty and a 120-night trial period with every order.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

The Plank Luxe Hybrid is highly recommended for those in need of a mattress that is firmer than typical. This mattress may provide either a standard firm feel or an extra firm that is as flat as a board.

GhostBed Venus Williams Legend Hybrid

Price Range: $2,195 – $4,390

Who it’s best for:

  • Sportspeople and those whose work requires them to be physically active
  • Sleeping on your side or back
  • Those who are readily roused by their bedmate’s tossing and turning


  • This innovative FIT layer was developed specifically to aid in bodily rejuvenation as you sleep.
  • Additional support is provided all the way around the coil by zoned pockets.
  • Cover made from recycled plastic bottles that allows air to circulate

New from GhostBed is a mattress designed in partnership with tennis pro Venus Williams. The Venus Williams Legend Hybrid was designed with athletes in mind to speed up the body’s natural recovery processes after strenuous exercise. These steps should help you feel less stiff and achy in the morning after a day of exertion.

Exactly What Components It Has

The comfort layer of the Venus Williams Legend Hybrid is made of memory foam. The Venus FIT technology incorporated into the foam is meant to transform your body heat into infrared energy and then return it to you via your skin. The application of a cooling gel helps maintain a comfortable surface temperature. The second layer of polyfoam cushions the body and acts as a buffer between you and the support core, allowing for more comfortable transitions between the two.

The high-density foam foundation and pocketed coils up top provide for a very stable mattress. When you sleep near the side of the bed or get in and out of it, you won’t sink as much because the coils are reinforced all the way around. The entire mattress is protected by a breathable cover. The outer fabric is a polyester and REPREVE blend, the latter of which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Performance Analysis

The firmness of Venus Williams’ Legend Hybrid tennis ball is in between medium and firm (6). Our research shows that side sleepers weighing at least 130 pounds and back sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds gave this mattress the highest satisfaction ratings. All of the reviewers agreed that the mattress provided the ideal amount of support without being too firm at the base. Our movement over the floor, and especially our lying so close to the perimeter, was facilitated by the reassuring sense of safety provided by the perimeter’s extra support.

Our pressure alleviation testing showed that the FIT technology worked effectively in this regard. Those who participated in our tests often felt no pain in the places typically affected by pressure, such as the shoulders and hips. This element also contributes to the foam layer’s naturally low temperature during sleep. However, despite the close contouring of the memory foam, we saw very little heat accumulation. The mattress also performed well in the area of motion isolation thanks to the combination of its high-density foam layers and the low amount of motion transmission caused by the coils.

All orders placed on GhostBed inside the contiguous United States qualify for free ground shipment. A 101-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty against structural flaws are both included with your purchase. Even an all-foam version can be found among Venus Williams’ Legend collection.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

The Venus Williams Legend Hybrid is designed specifically for those who lead active lives thanks to its well-balanced feel and recovery-enhancing features. We really appreciated how cool the mattress kept us while we slept.


Ranging from $2,197 to $4,495

Type of Mattress: Air Bed

You can adjust the firmness from soft (3) to very firm (8)

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Who it’s best for:

  • Those whose preferred level of hardness shifts throughout the day
  • Adjustable-bed-sharing couples
  • A person who has just purchased a new mattress and wants help assembling it


  • Using the integrated air pump, you may adjust the airbed’s firmness to one of fifty settings.
  • Soft comfort layers made of Talalay latex and memory foam strike a nice balance between bounce and support.
  • Deliveries to your door are handled with care and are free of charge.

In terms of luxury airbeds, the Solaire from Saatva is hard to beat. The dual-chamber design allows you and your companion to adjust the temperature of your respective sleeping areas independently of one another. The premium comfort layer materials used in the construction of the Solaire further distinguish it from other types of airbeds on the market.

Exactly What Components It Has

A Euro-top cover and comfort layers of Talalay latex and gel-infused memory foam make up the Solaire’s luxurious feel. When compared to conventional air mattresses, the Solaire provides exceptional levels of both padding and responsiveness due to its unique design. The memory foam and air chambers are protected from germs and other pollutants by a moisture pad placed underneath.

Separate air chambers made of vulcanized rubber support sleep on either side of the bed. You can adjust the firmness of your mattress from light (3) to firm (5)0 using the connected remote (7). An air pump and connecting hoses are concealed inside the mattress, below the individual air chambers. The entire mattress is encased in a cover made of organic cotton.

Performance Analysis

The Solaire’s plethora of hardness settings is one of its most distinctive features. Because of the wide range of comfort options, this mattress is great for practically everybody, regardless of their size, shape, or preferred sleeping position. One firmness level was suitable for all of our tests. The latex-over-foam comfort technology is great because it immediately responds to your weight and then equally molds to your body.

We don’t expect significant disruptions to your sleep because of the ease of use of the controls or the noise level of the electrical components. The Solaire also sleeps cool thanks to the breathable cover, ventilated comfort layer, and steady airflow throughout the support core.

Because the controls are straightforward and the electrical components are quiet, we do not anticipate significant disturbances to your sleep. The Solaire also sleeps cool because to the breathable cover, ventilated comfort layer, and continuous airflow throughout the support core.

Birch Mattress

We don’t expect significant disruptions to your sleep because of the ease of use of the controls and the low noise level of the electrical components. The Solaire’s breathable cover, perforated comfort layer, and continuous airflow throughout the support core all contribute to a cooler night’s sleep.

The Hybrid Mattress

Level of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

A Limited Guarantee for Twenty-Five Years

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who prefer a firmer than average mattress
  • Those who sweat it out in bed
  • Those in search of a lively, pliable surface that facilitates free movement and sex


  • Excellent quality organic materials at a reasonable cost.
  • Accreditations from GreenGuard Gold and GOTS
  • Naturally insulating and breathable, New Zealand wool is a great choice for colder climates.

The Birch Mattress is a great illustration of a mattress produced with sustainable materials that also offers pressure relief, spinal alignment support, durability, and an affordable price tag. The soft cradling of the mattress may be especially welcome to individuals who sleep on their sides or who suffer from pressure-induced joint pain.

Exactly What Components It Has

The Birch’s cover is made of organic cotton, but underneath you’ll find two layers of comfort foam. The outer layer is a wool blend, which is a breathable material that also wicks moisture away from the skin. Natural Talalay latex, a breathable and responsive foam that conforms mildly to the body, makes up the mattress’s second layer.

A thick pocketed coil support core lies below these coverings. These coils are thicker and more long-lasting since they have a lower gauge. Sleepers can sit or lay close to the edge without worrying they will fall off thanks to the bed’s reinforced surround. A layer of all-natural wool batting lies beneath the coils.

Performance Analysis

The Birch is a great option for side sleepers weighing over 130 pounds due to its responsiveness and pressure alleviation. The mildly contoured, yet supportive feel should help these sleepers keep their hips and shoulders in proper alignment with their spine. The medium firm feel and responsiveness should also be suitable for stomach and back sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds. This feature set works together to maintain spinal alignment for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs.

In comparison to other trees, the Birch is exceptional in terms of its longevity, capacity to regulate temperature, and convenience of movement. The Birch is an adequately supportive medium-firm mattress that does not overly contour to the shape of the sleeper. Each coil is placed in its own separate pocket to reduce vibrations.

With a 25-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial, Birch provides a more extensive guarantee than is typical for the mattress industry. Also, delivery to any of the 50 states is on the house.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

If you prefer a mattress with a bit of bounce to it, the Birch is a great option to consider. The edges hardly sunk as I moved across the surface, and there was very little resistance.

Leesa Legend

One might expect to pay between $1,899 and $2,699

The Hybrid Mattress

Level of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

Limited Warranty for Ten Years

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who tend to sleep warm
  • Persons that have trouble getting out of bed
  • High-end shoppers


  • High-end shoppers
  • Affluent consumers
  • Compression is pushed back and sinkage is minimized by the use of reinforced perimeter coils.

The Leesa Legend is a high-end hybrid that offers a medium firmness (a 6) that should be comfortable for a wide range of sleepers. To be more specific, stomach sleepers, who are notoriously difficult to please due to pressure building, will find this mattress to their liking. The coil-on-coil support structure of the Legend eliminated any sinkage our reviewers experienced from the foam layers.

Exactly What Components It Has

The top of The Legend is made of polyfoam with huge holes cut into it to improve ventilation. The second comfort layer is again memory foam, but this time it’s of a medium density, which provides even more padding for your sleeping surface. Extra support for the chest, stomach, and hips, as well as a gentle cradling of the body’s lighter parts, are provided by the pocketed minicoils in the transitional layer’s foam panel.

The 6-inch pocketed coils in the bed’s support core are zoned, so they feel firmer towards the edges, cutting down on sinkage when you get in and out of bed. High-density foam is layered on top and underneath the coils to provide support. In spite of its medium firmness (6), this mattress has a pleasant responsiveness and visible bounce thanks to its coil-on-coil construction. A mixture of organic cotton, rayon, moisture-wicking merino wool, PES polyester from recycled plastic bottles, and a smidgen of spandex give the cover its comfortable flexibility.

Performance Analysis

Among our test subjects, The Legend consistently garnered the highest marks. The mattress worked well for all weight categories, but especially for those weighing 130 pounds or more on their side, as well as for those weighing up to 230 pounds on their back or stomach. Constant air flow between the coils and vented polyfoam layer makes cooling another strength. The cover’s Merino wool construction also aids in keeping things dry.

The Legend has a unique sensation thanks to its coil-on-coil construction, which, along with the zoning of the minicoils and the mixed-foam comfort system, makes for a really pleasant sleeping experience. Most of our testers found it easy to move around on the surface, and the edges feel strong, yet in our motion isolation testing we detected very little transmission, and no one felt any significant pressure building.

To top it all off, delivery to any of the 50 states is free, making The Legend an extremely attractive option for those in the market for a hybrid vehicle. This Leesa mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial from the company’s guarantee. A separate accident protection plan is available for purchase to address issues like spills, torn covers, and other accidental damage not covered by the first warranty.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

Because it is neither too soft nor too hard, the Legend should be comfortable for a wide variety of sleepers. The mattress is also quite good at maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Layla Hybrid

Ranging from $1,299 to $1,899

The Hybrid Mattress

Modifiable Hardness Scale: Medium Soft (4), Firm (7)

Limited 10-Year Warranty.

Who it’s best for:

  • Those whose bedmate is a light sleeper
  • Affectionate huggers of memory foam who sleep hot
  • For those who want to customize their mattress’s level of support,


  • Dual-sided, with varying degrees of stiffness
  • Memory foam with copper infused for shape preservation and low thermal conductivity
  • Specific areas of need are supported by a transitional layer

Due to its unique flippable design, the Layla Hybrid offers owners two firmness levels in one mattress: medium soft (4) and firm (7). This design is adaptable to a wide variety of sleepers, so it can provide comfortable support and pressure reduction in any position. People who have trouble sleeping due to strain in their hips and shoulders would benefit greatly from this mattress.

Performance Analysis

The zoned polyfoam transitional layer on each side of the Layla Hybrid supports the heavier regions of the body, like the hips and shoulders, while cushioning the head and neck, resulting in good spinal alignment for sleepers of varying sizes and sleeping postures. Sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds prefer the firm side because it provides more spinal alignment and support for their hips and shoulders. Sleepers weighing less than that weight can benefit from the medium side’s deep pressure relieving cradle.

In addition to a 10-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial, Layla provides free shipping to clients who live within the 48 contiguous states.

What Our Testers Thought: Lab Notes

After putting the Layla Hybrid through our rigorous testing, we can confidently say that it is our top pick for side sleepers. The soft side’s thick memory foam is ideal for relieving strain on the hips and shoulders. The bed is particularly great for couples because it eliminates motion ripples.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mattress is best for me?

Buying a new mattress requires careful consideration of a number of different elements. The degree of hardness is a crucial factor. Some sleepers prefer a mattress that gently cradles their bodies, while others favor something much firmer. Depending on your size and how you like to sleep, different levels of firmness may be more comfortable for you. A dual-firmness mattress, with a different feel on each side, may be most ideal if you and your bed partner have varied preferences in terms of firmness.

One last thing to think about is how well the system performs. If you have a tendency to sleep hot, it’s ideal to choose a mattress that is made of materials that allow air to circulate and don’t trap heat. If you’re the type who sleep along the side of the bed, you may want to consider investing in a mattress that doesn’t droop when you put weight on the side of it. Mattresses that cushion and mould to the body are a good option for those who experience pressure spots along the spine, while a more responsive mattress might be preferred by couples who use their bed for sexual activity.

And finally, don’t forget to factor cost into your decision. The price of a brand new mattress might range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. A mattress’s retail price is typically based on its level of durability and the materials used in its production. Most commonly found in the middle of the price spectrum are all-latex models and hybrids, with the most expensive option being airbeds, followed by foam beds and classic innersprings. In the event that you feel as though you need more time to try out the mattress before deciding whether or not to keep it, you may want to look into brands that provide a sleep trial of at least 120 nights.

How much should you spend on a mattress? | Original Bed Co

What mattress types are most comfortable?

Whether or not you find a mattress comfortable is deeply personal and due to factors like your body shape and preferred sleeping position. For example, a back sleeper who weighs over 230 pounds will usually prefer a significantly firmer mattress than someone who weighs less than 130 pounds and sleeps on their side.

What are the best mattresses for side sleepers?

Highly cushioned mattresses, such as foam and hybrid beds, are ideal for side sleepers since they alleviate strain on the body.

Regardless of the general hardness level, mattresses with above-average pressure relief contour gently against these possible pressure areas, providing comfort and support for side sleepers. Compared to innerspring or even latex mattresses, foam and foam hybrid mattresses often do quite well in the pressure relieving category for side sleepers.

What are the best mattresses for back pain?

Lumbar cushioning, ergonomically zoned support systems, and strong edge support are elements that persons with back discomfort tend to universally appreciate. A mattress’s pressure alleviating properties are especially important for side sleepers to consider if they experience shoulder or upper back pain due to its firmness.

If you suffer from back pain, you should look for a mattress that supports your body in the position you sleep in most comfortably and promotes proper spinal alignment in 2022. Although some mattresses tend to be more well-liked by those who suffer from back discomfort, the model that works best for one individual may actually make their condition worse the following day.

What are the best mattresses for hot sleepers?

Consider an innerspring or latex mattress if you tend to sleep hot. Latex is naturally temperature neutral and keeps sleepers far cooler than synthetic foams, however innerspring mattresses without foam comfort layers offer the highest temperature neutrality due to their greater airflow.

The temperature neutrality of a bed is evaluated by our testing team using heat-mapping instruments.

Pocketed coils, like those in an innerspring mattress, let air to circulate through latex hybrids, making them even more breathable. Try to find a synthetic foam hybrid with temperature control characteristics if you like the way synthetic foams, such memory foam, feel. Even though these sleep a little bit warmer than the average all-foam mattress, they nevertheless provide superior temperature regulation.

What are the best mattresses in a box?

A bed that is ideal for one person may leave another person with aches and pains, therefore there is no simple solution to this problem. Customers should first identify their sleep preferences, which might vary widely depending on factors like sleep position and body type. With this information and their financial constraints in mind, they may select the best mattress for their needs. Customers can use third-party reviews to help them choose the best mattress after doing preliminary research on their own.


When was the last time you looked at your bed and asked yourself that question? If this sounds like you, you may be wondering how much money you should put toward a mattress. You should aim for around $900, with the final price ultimately determined by the bed’s overall quality.

Spending more on a high-quality mattress that lasts a long time rather than buying a cheap one that you’ll have to replace often is the best use of your money.