How Much To Ship A Couch And Loveseat

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It can seem like a huge hassle to try to track down the best furniture shippers who will meet all of your needs. You should not enter the business of interstate furniture transport without first doing some research. In this piece, we’ll discuss how much it’ll cost to ship a sofa and love seat to South Dakota.

In some cases, you may need to look for multiple service providers. You can use these time-saving services to have something picked up and delivered to you, with any special care or handling provided, and at the lowest possible shipping cost. To begin, a firm grasp of the basics is required.

Find the best furniture shipping company for your needs. Factors to think about include the item’s dimensions, the delivery distance, and the need for special packaging. However, before we talk about delivery, we need to distinguish between a sofa and a loveseat.


Difference between Loveseat and a Couch

Many varieties of furniture have emerged to meet people’s needs for ease and relaxation. To name just a few examples, seats include benches, sofas, couches, car seats, armchairs, and loveseats. While they may all be categorized as seats, there is a wide variety of both size and style to choose from.

These are just two examples of the many pieces of home furniture available for relaxing at home. The word “sofa” is just one of many synonyms for this piece of furniture; “settee” and “divan” are two more common examples. All appearances suggest that they are interchangeable to the average person.

Anyone who cares about form, function, and comfort should pay close attention to the tiniest details. The sofa and loveseat can comfortably seat a large group of people. Because of their long history, both have evolved to provide superior levels of convenience and ease of use.

What is a loveseat?

First used in the 1600s, this seat was designed to provide a cozy spot for two. Most love seats are constructed of sturdy wood and padded all the way around. When two people want to have a quiet conversation, they often choose a tete-a-tete loveseat.

Katherine Quick Ship English Style Fabric Loveseat

What is a couch?

These three-seater chairs, named after the French word for “couch,” can seat one or two people. Its primary purpose is as a seat, but it can also serve as a bed. Couches are a common sight in many different settings, including offices, waiting rooms, and living rooms.

There’s plenty of room for three people on the couch. Not only is it comfortable to sit on, but it also serves as a bed. However, the loveseat’s limited seating capacity limits it to strictly sedentary purposes.

How to ship your couch and loveseat

Furniture should be measured and weighed

Mark down the sizes of your pieces of furniture. Measure it as precisely as you can along its length, width, and height if it’s not attached. If the furniture is in a box or container, be prepared to take precise measurements.

Take pictures

If your furniture is damaged in transit, taking photos both before and after delivery will be helpful. Just taking this step is a safety precaution. You should get up close and personal with any preexisting damage, as well as getting shots from different angles.

Package your furniture

When necessary, use a second box or crate in addition to stronger cardboard. Use foam or bubble wrap to protect any delicate components. Padding every item in a box and filling any empty spaces will ensure that it stays safe during shipping.

Choose a Carrier

Check with various shipping companies to see who transports items that are similar to what you need. Check out their history, feedback, availability, and services to see if they’re right for you. Let’s talk about how much it’ll cost to send a sofa and love seat to South Dakota right now.


Assuming you’ve already decided on a furniture carrier, this step becomes the most critical in a smooth shipment. Determine with your carrier the most convenient times to meet for pickup and delivery. Make sure you can be reached by the carrier if they experience any further issues.

How Much To Ship A Couch And Loveseat To South Dakota?

Shipping furniture to South Dakota from New York costs $300 to $600, while local delivery costs $75 to $250. Of course, the price could go up if you want to include things like larger pieces of furniture or special “white-glove” services. Most furniture movers will combine multiple shipments into one, which could lower your overall cost.


Shipping Furniture as LTL Freight

Cheap shipping, but your package could arrive damaged and you won’t get much help if you do. Since LTL shipping is the most cost-effective option, it is used by many larger or chain stores. Especially for mass-transit that needs less monitoring.

There is a lot of switching between trucks when dealing with LTL shipments. Delivery to the curbside poses a risk of damage and is inconvenient for the customer. If you need to ship furniture across the country or around the world, you might have to use freight.

Independent Furniture Shipping Carriers

Much cheaper than LTL shipping because of the reduced number of handling points. Operating with an unaffiliated carrier makes it easier to prevent damage during truck transfers. Ample space is usually available in the vehicle of such carriers.

I finished my route but I don’t want to drive my empty truck back home. As a result, they will be able to transport your goods for a cheaper price. Plus, you get to support a local establishment while doing it.

Compare 5 Best Furniture Moving Companies For Moving Furniture

1. U.Santini Moving & Storage

When it comes to moving furniture, U.Santini Moving & Storage is a top choice among professional movers in the United States.

They have a crew that is well-versed in moving various pieces of furniture and is well-equipped to do so.

U.Santini is a good choice if you need a reliable furniture moving company in the USA, particularly in Brooklyn.

One of the best furniture moving services available, this business also offers some of the lowest prices in the industry.

U.Santini Moving & Storage was established in 1930, and it is still going strong, supplying customers with all their furniture-moving needs.

The business’s original purpose was limited to furniture relocation, but it has since broadened its focus to include other types of relocation as well.

This demonstrates their expertise and experience in the furniture moving industry. The company offers comprehensive relocation services, including the relocation of large items like furniture.

This storage feature keeps U. Santini one step ahead of the competition, which is why we adore it. Lack of concern for humidity or temperature extremes that could damage your belongings is warranted. The company offers the highest level of security available.

The Brooklyn-based team at this company understands that every client has unique needs, so they cater their furniture-moving services accordingly. U. Santini Moving and Storage only hires top-tier movers who have years of industry experience and excellent people skills.


  • Accessible on a national scale
  • Accessible Storage Facilities


  • An absence from the digital space

2. Liberty Movers

When it comes to moving furniture in the United States, Liberty Movers is yet another BBB-accredited, award-winning option.

The company has been at the forefront of the furniture moving industry for many years and continues to do so today.

No matter the size or scope of your move, Liberty Movers has the trained and experienced furniture movers to get the job done quickly and affordably.

These additional offerings are provided by the business to satisfy customer needs:

  • Putting together and taking apart furniture
  • Packing and shipping with no sweat
  • There are two types of storage: temporary and permanent.
  • packaging and rigging that are especially delicate,
  • Furniture and household item storage
  • Tuning the Piano
  • Shifting Machinery
  • Aid in distribution
  • Quality artwork and vintage furnishings
  • Setup of Modular Furnishings
  • Shipment of Automobiles
  • And more

Many past clients have left glowing testimonials praising the efficiency, effectiveness, and reasonable pricing of this business’s furniture moving services and delivery.

The company is insured, bonded, and licensed to relocate your furniture, as well as assemble and disassemble any pieces that need to be moved.

Liberty provides both short-term and long-term storage options for businesses that need a place to keep furniture that is too large to fit in their new offices.


  • features a convenient assembly and disassembly system
  • Prompt shipping
  • Affordable
  • Building used for storing things


  • A variety of feedback from customers

3. Brouwer Relocation, Inc.

As a trusted furniture moving company, Brouwer Relocation, Inc. has earned a solid reputation in the community. The company was founded in 1969, and the Brouwer family has been running it ever since.

The company’s furniture moving service is just one of many relocation options, which also include commercial, residential, and individualized relocation plans.

For more than 50 years, Brouwer Relocation has provided excellent furniture services and answered the prayers of American consumers by handling their household moving problems.

Thanks to the quality of its services, Brouwer Relocation was selected in 2008 to become an agent of Atlas Van Lines, another highly regarded professional moving service. Since then, Atlas Van Lines has provided Brouwer Relocation’s teams with the tools and support they need to take on even the most ambitious relocations.

They can deliver just about anything, anywhere in the United States, including large quantities of furniture of any style or shape. The subsequent assistance is also available from them:

  • Home Relocation Companies
  • The Local Mover
  • Long-Distance Movers
  • Relocating Families Across the Country
  • movers who do it all
  • Relocation Companies
  • Relocation Companies Serving the Interstate Market

As a nationwide provider, this business has the resources and experience to expand its services beyond furniture relocation.

Among the many features that make it appealing to potential buyers is its high-quality GPS tracking system. As a result, customers will have a better experience and be more likely to recommend your furniture moving services.

The company’s employees are required to complete an extensive training program, which includes developmental training, in order to increase their chances of being kept on staff.


  • Possibility of simple monitoring
  • Providing every conceivable aspect of a move


  • Apparently, there is no data on a warehouse.

4. Atlas Van Lines

When it comes to moving all shapes and sizes of furniture, no one does it better than Atlas Van Lines in the United States.

The company provides an excellent furniture moving service, among other moving-related services.

When you hire Atlas Van Lines, you can relax knowing that your belongings will be handled by trained professionals who care about keeping your furniture in pristine condition. The company has all the necessary tools to complete the task on schedule.

Atlas uses only the most efficient and secure methods to transport your furniture.

When it comes to moving furniture, you can trust the experts at Atlas, a company that has won multiple awards and has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Because of the high bar they set in the furniture-moving industry, no one has been able to compete with them.

In addition, they provide:

  • Shuffling Close to Home
  • Relocating Families from a Far Away Location
  • Modest Shifts
  • Interventions by the Military
  • Government Actions
  • Relocating Valuables and Other Objects

The furniture will be delivered to your home in the same pristine condition it was in when it was picked up, which is why we suggest using this service.

Using their state-of-the-art tracking system, customers can get real-time updates on the whereabouts of their belongings via text message from this internationally renowned moving company.

Atlas is well-known for its work in moving furniture for government agencies, particularly in the areas of military installations and the delivery of new furniture.


  • Existing in every state
  • Apparatus mobil
  • Provides savings to AAA members.


  • Moving quotes are a pain to get.

5. Atlantic Relocation Systems

Our best U.S. movers list also includes Atlantic Relocation Systems. The company does not stand out as one of the elite furniture movers because it does not offer this unique service.

Since its founding in 1966, Atlantic Relocation Systems has established itself as a top-tier relocation company, particularly in the realm of heavy furniture.

This business has received numerous accolades for its dedication to its clientele.

It offers a wide range of furniture moving services, from basic packing to high-end packing and unpacking.

Their professionalism and adaptable pricing structure have made them the go-to choice for many customers in need of furniture relocation.

2023 Cost of Shipping Furniture | Domestic and International

If you hire this company, they will do all the packing for you, making sure your furniture is stored separately from other items in your home.

When it comes to customer satisfaction and awards for excellence in the moving industry, Atlantic Relocation Services is among the best.

For long-distance moves in particular, this company has earned high marks from clients for the thoroughness of the insurance it provides.


  • Best in terms of customer reviews
  • Alternative pricing structure
  • 100% Coverage by Insurance


  • Poor online visibility

Qualities of a Trusted Furniture Mover

The only things that aren’t packed away in boxes during a move are the furniture. Moving is difficult in general, but if you care about the condition of your couches, packing and transporting them is the most time-consuming and difficult part of the process.

Furniture handling is more difficult and tricky, as any professional moving company will tell you.

There is no easy way to transport a sofa or other large piece of furniture by yourself, so you’ll need to hire movers.

There is no question that hiring a professional moving company is essential for a risk-free furniture relocation.

On the other hand, you need to pick the right one for the task at hand. How do you decide which one is best? There are characteristics you should look for when making your choice.

Even though Moving Feedback has already done the legwork for you by researching the top furniture movers in the USA, we will still go over what makes a good furniture mover.

Before we hand over our list, let’s go ahead and do that.

Why choose Professional Furniture Movers?

There are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea to hire professional furniture movers, whether you’re moving across town or across the country. As I’m sure you are aware, taking precautions during the moving process is crucial.

The following are some of the many reasons why you should hire professional movers:

1. Safety:

When you hire professional furniture movers to transport your belongings, they will take extra care to ensure that your furniture arrives at your new home or apartment in one piece.

You can ensure the safety of your furniture by having it professionally packed with plenty of packing materials.

Simultaneously, you must remove them from your home, pack them into the moving truck, drive them to your new location, unpack them, reposition them in your new residence, and possibly reassemble them.

A professional furniture mover has the specialized equipment necessary to safeguard your valuable furniture.

2. Speed:

Both the time it takes to pack your belongings and the time it takes to transport them to your new home must be taken into account when planning your move.

The time you save when hiring a national moving company is substantial, from the 15 minutes it has been proven they can save you when packing your king-sized bed to the 10 minutes it can save you when wrapping your tables and chairs.

Most of the time, movers are able to get the job done more quickly without sacrificing quality or safety because of the years of experience they’ve accumulated.

3. Proper equipment:

The vast majority of furniture is too heavy and cumbersome for a single person to move, let alone someone with insufficient moving experience and no appropriate equipment.

To do so would put too much at risk, including your well-being, the property you’re leaving or entering, and your valuables.

Your carefully screened furniture movers will come to your home with all the necessary equipment and tools, including straps, dollies, sliders, hand trucks, blankets, pads, and so on, to safely transport your belongings.

4. Specialized services and unique solutions:

The availability of furniture-moving services and the ability to find tailored answers to complex problems are two areas that stand to benefit greatly.

Professional movers can disassemble bulky items and lower them through a roof or side window if they cannot be brought in any other way.

Hoisting the large pieces of furniture through a window, temporarily removing a door, or employing specialized lifting and carrying methods are all helpful ways to save time and energy.

Picking the Best Furniture Movers in the USA

Any moving company will be able to help you transport your small boxes and related household items. To move large and heavy items like sofas, beds, couches, desks, dressers, bureaus, cabinets, and much more, a professional furniture mover is required.

Some moving companies include furniture moving costs in their estimates while others do not. This is so because additional equipment may be needed to safely move certain pieces of furniture and to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging the furniture.

Here are some steps to take to ensure that you hire the best furniture movers:

1. Call for quotes:

The first thing you need to do to choose the best furniture mover is to get estimates from various movers.

When requesting price quotes, it is essential to be as detailed as possible about your requirements. Try to negotiate a lower price or some other way to cut down on the expense of the move.

Price shouldn’t be the primary factor in deciding on a moving company, but it is still something to consider.

Verify if standard toolkits for disassembly and reassembly of furniture are included in the quoted price.

2. Research them:

Do your homework on the company both online and off before settling on a quote. If you take this precaution, you can reduce your risk of falling victim to a con. Here are some steps to take before hiring a furniture moving company:

  • First, find out if the company is authorized to transport furniture and other household items legally within the United States. Just because you’re hiring movers to move some of your furniture doesn’t mean you have to hire movers to move the rest of your belongings.
  • Find out more about what the movers have to offer, their physical location, and how to get in touch with them by checking out their verified online profile.
  • Don’t forget to inquire about the firm’s insurance policies. This is crucial in the event that your packages go missing or get damaged en route.
  • Could you please tell me what your company’s integrity ratio (also known as its “claim ratio”) is? How does the moving company respond to customer claims and complaints? You should look elsewhere for a furniture mover if you find that the ratio is low.
  • Check out the company’s feedback and ratings on industry-specific review sites like Moving Feedback and iMoving. If the company’s reputation is bad, you should get the hell out of there. The Better Business Bureau’s database may also be of use.

3. Check for hidden costs:

It’s true that some businesses intentionally hit their customers with extra fees. If you want to avoid giving your movers too much money, make sure to investigate any extra fees that may be included in their quote.

When getting moving quotes, make sure to mention any special circumstances, such as a busy moving season, a wrong schedule, moving furniture through the staircase, or the distance between where the truck can park and the house.

You may end up surprised by high quotes if you don’t take all these into account from the start. If a company offers a low bid in hopes of winning the contract, they may end up being a problem if they try to add on costly fees right before the event.

You should feel confident in your ability to hire a reliable furniture moving company now that you have read this article. Nonetheless, we will tell you about the best furniture movers we know of. Yes, let’s explore each separately.

How to Get Furniture Ready When Moving?

In the event that you plan on relocating to a new home, you’ll need to be familiar with the best practices for packing and preparing your furnishings for transport.

Do-it-yourself moving is an option if you don’t want to pay for professional movers or can’t afford them.

In order to prevent yourself from getting hurt while lifting heavy furniture, you should disassemble it before the movers arrive.

To ensure your furniture is ready for transport, consider the following:

1. Identify what you have to move

Make a list of everything you need to move, how long it will take to disassemble and prepare it, and what you can do in advance. The office desk, for instance, could be disassembled in advance of moving day, but the beds probably couldn’t.

2. Measure your doorways and hallways

Verify that all of the furniture and boxes you plan to move can fit through the building’s entrances and stairwells.

Not all furniture requires disassembly before relocation, but large items like couches may require the removal of doors.

If your furniture can be moved in one piece without being disassembled, including through doors and hallways, and without being too heavy to lift or move, then you should do so.

If you’re worried about the legs of your dining table breaking during the move, for instance, you’ll need to take them apart before you get started.

After figuring out which pieces of furniture need to be taken apart, you’ll need to gather the proper tools and equipment.

3. Acquire the right tools and equipment

Tools for taking apart furniture such as tables, chairs, and frames can be selected. Have some large plastic bags and a permanent marker on hand in case you need to distribute food or other items.

Table tops, table legs, and other fragile pieces should be wrapped in furniture blankets and secured with packing tape.

4. Disassemble first

Prepare the pieces of furniture that will need disassembly first. They’ll eat up the most of your time, so it makes sense to tackle them first. Disassemble anything that can be. For example, glass table tops, metal bedsteads, wooden table bases, and bookcases.

Bolts, washers, and nuts should be kept in the plastic bag as you work on each individual part. Outline the exterior component to which these items belong and the necessary hardware for reassembly.

Pro Tip

If a piece of furniture has a lot of moving parts, label it either numerically or alphabetically. Underneath each leg of the furniture, stick a small sticker.

5. Pack any item that can be packed

Remove cushions and pillows and place in clear plastic bags. Make sure there are no holes in the bag’s seal. These bags can either be used to cushion delicate items during transport or to fill empty spaces in the moving truck.

6. Wrap and protect fragile and highly-prized pieces

Wrap the furniture you want to keep in pristine condition using moving blankets you rented from the moving company or the place where you rented the truck. Packing tape can be used to secure the blanket during transport.

7. First load heavy furniture item on the truck

If you are moving and will be using a moving truck, you should be familiar with proper loading techniques. Back of the moving truck is where you want to put larger items like tables, couches, appliances, chests, and so on.

The professional movers you hire will take care of loading the truck and making sure all of your furniture gets there without a scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the pro movers disassemble and reassemble my furniture?

Make sure you have all the tools you’ll need to take apart and put back together your furniture. Some furniture should not be disassembled, so keep that in mind. If you need to relocate some large items of furniture that cannot be taken apart, you do have other options. The majority of shoppers would rather disassemble and reassemble their furniture on their own time.

There are no objections to this, but you should keep track of your hardware (in zip-lock bags) just in case. Cribs, beds with complicated built-in storage, appliances, bunk beds, and gym equipment are just some of the items that movers won’t disassemble unless specifically requested to do so.

How will you protect my furniture from damages?

In order to prevent any scratches or dings from occurring to your furniture during the moving process, the movers will use furniture pads to wrap each piece and then secure it with stretch wrap. The cargo straps on the moving trucks are also used to prevent the shifting and sliding of certain items during the trip.

Should I wipe out my dresser drawers?

When drawers are empty, you have more room to move around in. Smaller and lighter dressers may only require you to empty the drawers of liquids, jewelry, breakables, money, valuables, and important documents. The drawers won’t need to be taped shut because they’ll be sealed shut while being wrapped.

When relocating, it is important to remember to remove all shelves and hardware from the furniture.

What does it cost to move furniture?

When estimating how much it will cost to hire professional movers to transport your furniture, there are a number of variables to consider. To get a ballpark figure, just click here. When moving a lot of furniture, the movers will always ask to come to your house to check everything out. With this data, you can provide a more precise estimate for their specific relocation.

Lark Manor Froid 62.5'' Upholstered Loveseat & Reviews | Wayfair

Do movers place my furniture based on my requirements?

It’s always a plus when a company takes the time to learn your preferences for furniture placement before sending workers to your home. If you don’t tell them how you want your room laid out in advance, they won’t be able to do anything about it.

What are the things I should know about my furniture delivery?

In most cases, drivers won’t ask for payment to unload the truck or open the door before delivering your furniture to its final destination. Unless both parties mutually agree to accept credit card payment, most transactions can only be processed using certifiably secure payment methods such as cash, checks, or money orders.

If a shipment requires more than one truck, only the mover can decide whether or not the truck driver is entitled to any compensation for the delivered goods. They could also wait until their stuff is delivered.

When the driver picks up your items, he or she will note their condition in the inventory book. Here’s where you can affirm or dispute the condition the driver has described for your stuff. You must detail the condition of your possessions at the new location.

In the event of a loss or damage, please note it on both your copy and the driver’s. At the location of the pickup, you can mark the moving boxes containing fragile items with an X to quickly and easily determine their condition.

Is it mandatory to tip furniture movers?

There is no point in focusing too intently on this query, as it cannot be answered. You should be aware, however, that if you are dissatisfied with the service provided by your furniture movers, you are under no obligation to tip them. Even though tips are a great way to show your furniture movers how much you appreciate their hard work, you shouldn’t give anything to a mover who falls short of your standards for quality and professionalism.

If I want to tip, how much do I tip my furniture movers?

There are no hard and fast rules about how much to tip furniture movers; instead, it should depend on your ability to do so financially and how satisfied you were with the service they provided. Although the standard tip range is $20–$50 per mover, you may wish to be especially generous. Make sure the tip goes to the specific mover and not the foreman or truck driver.


In conclusion, it is not simple to transport a sofa and a loveseat to South Dakota. There is a long list of difficulties associated with transporting furniture. The total cost of sending a sofa and loveseat to South Dakota is therefore $.

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