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Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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How much does it cost to ship a mattress, bearing in mind its size and weight?

There is no place in the home without a mattress. To some, the prospect of doing without it may seem terrifying. It’s true that a cozy bed is essential for a restful night’s sleep.

When you lay down on something as soft and supportive as a cloud, you may find yourself wishing you could take it with you everywhere you go. However, you may find it difficult to relocate your mattress.

Even if you knew the cost to ship your mattress, would you still bring it? Not in my opinion. Perhaps one of the most productive actions is to simply replace it with a brand new model.

This article will hopefully clear things up for you if you stick with it.

How Much To Ship Your Mattress?

What is the price to ship a mattress? Mattress shipping is a serious business. It’s so important that you might be hesitant to actually get around to doing it.

How much does it cost to ship a mattress? Our investigation

The price of shipping your mattress might not look so pretty when added up.

You’ll have to pay a hefty sum just for shipping. You’ll need at least $ 200-$ 500.

That’s an unbelievable amount of money just for shipping.

A new mattress purchase triggers the company’s responsibility to arrange delivery.

However, if you want to ship an old mattress to a different location, you should be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Some are exceptionally thick and heavy, which could significantly increase shipping costs. Mattresses that aren’t too luxurious could cost up to $1000 at the most.

Consider, however, that your mattress might be of the deluxe variety, and that shipping it could set you back up to $4,550.

Shipping a mattress would break the bank.

Therefore, rather than shell out the money for these exorbitant shipping rates, I advise you to simply replace it. Your decision is final.

For sentimental reasons, shipping your bed may be the only option.

If you live in close proximity, you may be able to transport the mattress using only your vehicle, provided it can handle the load.

Mattress shipping and relocation can be expensive, so we often have to get creative to find the best deals.

Is It Practical To Ship A Mattress?

There are some of my sources that say shipping a mattress is feasible, so I decided to look into it.

I’ve already mentioned that some mattresses are cheap to ship because of this very reason.

The choice of which is preferable to you, however, rests solely in your hands.

However, the logistics of sending a mattress are highly context-specific.

The material, weight, and everything else must be taken into account.

The cost of transporting one could land you in hot water.

I suggest visiting any shipping firm in the area.

On your first visit, you won’t need to bring your mattress.

Simply show the company an image or video of your mattress, along with its dimensions (height, width, and depth included).

It’s less of a bother just in case it turns out to be a bit pricey, and it helps them estimate how much money they’ll need for shipping.

You can leave it at the hotel.

Just bring your mattress again, and the estimate won’t go nearly far enough to cover everything, including the mattress’s weight.

Do you think it’s better to ship your old mattress or buy a new one?

It is up to you to decide. Check with someone who knows if it’s possible to ship your mattress to your new place.

If you’ve calculated that it’s too pricey, you might as well get a new one so you can save money and sleep on something more modern.

You always have the option of picking the solution that works better.

Can I Use My Car To Transport Our Mattress?

Sure, if your car is strong enough to support your mattress.

You see, tying a big foam to the top of a tiny car is the only option if you need to transport it.

It’s dangerous for the vehicle and could even cause an accident.

Because it is more convenient and less risky, shipping a mattress is a popular option.

How Do I Ship a Mattress?

Here are some tips for ensuring your mattress arrives safely if you’ve decided to ship it:

1. Remove Bedding and Disassemble Your Bed Frame

The first step is to take off anything that isn’t the mattress itself. Everything from the bedspread to the pillows and stuffed animals should be put away. If you’re also shipping these, put them aside for later.

Disassemble your bed frame if you’re also going to be shipping it. Collect all of the hardware pieces and nails into a bag. Extra credit if you document the disassembly process so that you can easily reassemble it once you get there.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Mattress | Memory Foam Talk

2. Measure Your Mattress

The next step is to determine the exact measurements and weight of your mattress. Begin by taking some dimensions. Take accurate measurements of your mattress’s dimensions (length, width, and height) using a measuring tape.

You might be able to locate this details on your original order form or packing slip. If your mattress is still in production, you can also find this information on the manufacturer’s website and save yourself the trouble. If a new model has been released, check with customer service to make sure the measurements haven’t changed.

The following are the typical dimensions for a modern bed mattress in both length and width:

Beds today can be anywhere from 6 inches to 15 inches (or more) in height. Your mattress’s overall mass will also be influenced by its thickness. Once again, the manufacturer’s website will have the weight listed. Otherwise, use the following chart to guide your best guess:

Crib/Toddler 28” x 52” Fiveteen to twenty-five pounds
Twin 38” x 75” From 45 to 55 lbs.
Twin XL 38” x 80” 45-60 lb. range
Full/double 54” x 75” 55-70 kilos
Queen 60” x 80” Weight range: 70-110 lbs.
King 76” x 80” Between 90 and 125 kilos
King of California 72” x 84” from 90 to 125 kilos

You should know that the weight of a mattress varies depending on the material used to make it. Beds made of memory foam and hybrid materials are heavier than traditional spring mattresses.

In closing, don’t forget to factor in the mass of the boxes and other packing materials you’ll need.

3. Get Shipping Quotes

It’s time to go from shipping to shopping, in the form of quotes, now that you know what you’re shipping. Have you tried shipping a mattress with FedEx or UPS? You bet. There are a number of places online and companies that offer shipping services from which you can get a quote for transporting your mattress.

  • UShip
  • The Shipping Institute (TSI)
  • Proficient Transporters
  • FedEx
  • UPS

The following details are required to calculate the shipping price for your mattress:

  • Indicate the category of the bed component you’re sending (mattress, box spring, bed frame, etc.).
  • Mass of a Mattress
  • Size of a Mattress
  • Details about the sender (including their address and contact details).
  • Specify your delivery information (address).
  • Time of pickup and time of delivery

4. Schedule Delivery or Pickup

After deciding on a carrier, you’ll have the option of having your package picked up from your residence or delivering it personally. There may be a surcharge for selecting a particular alternative.

Pro tip:Consider that some mattress manufacturers offer White Glove Delivery at no extra cost if you’re in the market for a new bed. When you take advantage of this service, a team from the company will come to your home, wrap up your mattress, and take it away for proper disposal. Your new bed will be delivered and set up for you as well. In most cases, you can expect to pay upwards of $100 for this service; however, some companies, like Saatva, offer it for free.

White Glove Delivery is a great option for customers who either lack the physical ability to pack their mattress themselves or who don’t have access to a suitable vehicle for transporting the mattress to the shipping drop-off location.

5. Prepare Your Mattress for Shipping

There’s no time like the present to start packing your mattress for a trip. Toolkit essentials include bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and packing foam. If you’re shipping your mattress along with a box spring and a disassembled bed frame, be sure to wrap everything up securely. Afterward, encase your mattress in a mattress protector. We have compiled a list of the best mattress encasements for those who do not already own one.

Mattress encasements are similar to mattress covers in that they have a zipper, but they are much more robust and protect your mattress on all sides. They are constructed from watertight vinyl or cotton and are meant to prevent the infiltration of mold, bacteria, allergens, and insects like bed bugs.

You can keep using your mattress long after it has been delivered thanks to these covers, which shield it from spills and stains and essentially double its useful life. Prices range from $25 to $100 for a queen size, making them a wise financial investment.

Gather your belongings and place them inside a cardboard box. Peanuts, additional bubble wrap, or bubble envelopes can be used to fill the space inside. Next, seal it and reinforce the seams with packing tape.

How to Ship a Mattress Safely & Easily (Without Spending a Fortune)

Include a note stating that the mattress should lay flat for the majority of the shipping process if it is a foam-based mattress. It is possible that the foam’s structural integrity will be compromised if it is kept vertical for extended periods of time.

How to Transport a Mattress Safely


Your mattress shipping experience will be both fascinating and challenging.

It can be too challenging to accumulate enough money to cover the inevitable unexpected costs that arise.

How much does it cost to ship a mattress? has been answered.

I’m including some estimated costs for shipping a mattress in the event that you’re interested.

It would be prudent to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before deciding to ship one.

I’ve also given some suggestions you can think about in the future.

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Helen Skeates

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