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Helen Skeates
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The amount of yarn needed to produce a baby blanket is determined by the size of the blanket. Keep in mind that even infant blankets come in a variety of sizes. We’ll start with the basics of what to anticipate from baby blankets.

We’ve tried to make this post as detailed as our other one on determining how much yarn you’ll need for a blanket. So, my question is, “Why the delay?” Come on, let’s get started on that baby blanket!

How To Know How Much Yarn For A Baby Blanket?

The amount of yarn required to complete a baby blanket can be roughly determined by the project’s pattern. Determine the finished size of the baby blanket, as well as the quantity of yarn and number of stitches needed, before beginning. Keep this in mind and you’ll be able to estimate the amount of yarn needed to complete a baby blanket with ease.

How Much Yarn Needed for Baby Blanket?

What yarn will you use for the baby blanket pattern?

Thicker yarn is called for in certain baby blanket patterns. If you are crocheting a blanket with larger stitches, you will need less yarn. If you’re using a yarn of a different weight than the one called for in the pattern, you’ll need to modify the total amount of yarn you’ll need accordingly.

Estimated yardage is determined using a typical gauge for that weight of yarn. You’ll need more yarn if you’re not knitting in stockinette, and less if you’re using larger needles.

How many knitting pieces it will take to finish the blanket size?

Creating a large swatch to gauge yardage requirements is as simple as following the design since it will let you quickly tally the number of pieces of yarn you will need. To ensure an accurate measurement, wash the swatch using the same yarn and needles used to create it.

To calculate your gauge, multiply the number of squares by the required yardage. The number of rows and squares needed to create a baby blanket of a given size is determined by the size of the swatch. If your gauge swatch used 50 yards of yarn, the entire project will require 1,800 yards.

How Many Skeins Of Yarn Do You Need For A Baby Blanket?

The number of yarn balls required is directly proportional to the size of the baby blanket you plan to crochet. In contrast to the one skein needed for a little baby blanket, the maximum required for a larger blanket is four skeins. Keep in mind that the yarn weight called for in the pattern may also have an impact on how much yarn you’ll need.

Let’s assume a baby blanket requires up to 1,500 yards of yarn and a 3.5-ounce skein of yarn contains 220 yards. You may want to have as many as seven skeins of yarn on hand. If you’re short on yarn, don’t be shy about getting some more.

What are the baby blanket sizes?

A baby blanket should be made using the appropriate size from the blanket’s pattern. Whether you’re crocheting, knitting, or sewing the blanket, there is no one “standard” size that works for all three techniques. Here are some standard baby blanket dimensions to help you gauge how much yarn you’ll need:

A lovey blanket measures 10 by 10 to 12 by 12 inches, making it the smallest baby blanket available. Security blankets are 14 by 17 inches in size, while bassinet blankets are 13 by 28 inches. To further aid you in your estimation, I have provided some typical yarn weights below.

How much yarn is required to make a crochet baby blanket? - Quora

How Many Yards Do I Need For A Baby Blanket?

There is no universal yardage need for a throw blanket that is 36 inches by 36 inches because the required stitches and rows depend on the yarn weight. Don’t forget to make the necessary modifications based on the size of the baby blanket and the two tips we went through. While working with bulky weight yarn, you’ll need 900 yards; when working with worsted weight, you’ll need 1,000 yards.

Lightweight yarn will require about 1,100 yards, while sport weight yarn will require 100 yards more. Finally, if you want to make a simple blanket that measures 36 inches by 36 inches, you can use up to 1,300 yards of sock weight yarn. Keep in mind that baby blankets are often smaller, so you may get away with using only 625-875 yards of yarn.

What Is The Best Weight Yarn For A Baby Blanket?

If you’re making a blanket for a baby, you can use any weight of yarn from 3 (very light) to 4 (medium) to 5 (very heavy) (6). Consider using a yarn that is both gentle and machine-washable. Keep in mind that the yarn will be used to make a baby blanket, so it should be soft enough for your baby’s skin but machine washable in case of any accidents.

Blankets for infants should be made from soft, washable yarn like acrylic, cotton, or a combination of the two. Alternatively, some people favor polyester or even alpaca yarn.

7 Best Yarns for Baby Blankets

Brava Yarn From We Crochet + Knit Picks

Because of its low price and stunning finished product, Brava yarn is ideal for crocheting a baby blanket. In the past, I’ve used it to make a modern granny baby blanket and was pleased with the results.

This yarn is inexpensive and contains 218 yards per skein, making it ideal for crocheting a baby blanket. See the many options for yarn colors that can be used to create a beautiful baby blanket and have some fun below.

Vanna’s Choice From LionBrand

I cannot sing the praises of Vanna’s Choice yarn enough. It comes in a large variety of gorgeous hues, is easy on the wallet, and is aesthetically pleasing to work with. There are 171 yards in each skein of this four-weight yarn, and it comes in a wide variety of solid and self-striping colorways.

If you’re interested in seeing Vanna’s Choice in action, check out these examples of a baby blanket crocheted with that yarn.

Softee Baby From Bernat

Softee Baby is a 100% acrylic fiber and is considered lightweight three yarn. It comes in a wide variety of pastels, brights, and ombres, making it ideal for crocheting baby items.

Comfy Cotton Blend From LionBrand

Comfy Cotton Blend is a cotton and polyester blend three-weight yarn. This blend creates a soft, airy yarn ideal for a baby blanket or other baby gift at any time of year.

With 392 yards, you won’t need quite as much to make a baby blanket, and you’ll have less ends to weave in before beginning another project.

Comfy Worsted From WeCrochet

Comfortable Worsted is a 109-yard skein of a 75% pima cotton/25% acrylic four-weight yarn (100 m). Baby blankets and other crochet items of all kinds can benefit from this yarn.

This yarn is ideal for use adjacent to a baby’s skin because of the high percentage of pima cotton used to create it. More importantly, it can be cleaned and dried in a washing machine.


How Much Yarn Do I Need For A Baby Blanket Pattern?

To crochet a tiny baby blanket, you will need between 400 and 500 yards of four weight yarn. The exact amount of worsted (or medium) weight yarn required to crochet a baby blanket of a certain size will vary depending on the yarn used. One of my favorite knitting resources is Lion Brand’s How Much Yarn Do I Need? chart.

Although there is some leeway in the sizes of crochet baby blankets, you can use the lovey, stroller, receiving, and baby sizes listed in the aforementioned post as a starting point for your yarn calculations. Alternately, the Easy Crochet blanket resizing calculator can be used to estimate the required amount of yarn. Remember that the number of yards needed will fluctuate depending on the recipient. The size of the blanket you crochet will vary depending on whether it is for a newborn or a slightly older baby.

Do I Need To Buy All The Yarn For The Baby Blanket At The Same Time?

Yes! Considering the possibility of differences in dye lots, I recommend buying all the yarn for your baby blanket project at once. When yarn is produced, it is assigned a dye lot that specifies whether or not the individual balls or skeins will be identical in hue. There is a label on the outside of the yarn that specifies the dye lot.

Best Baby Blanket Yarn for Crochet Projects in 2023

You wouldn’t want a baby blanket with varying shades of the same color on it, thus it’s important to use yarn of the same dye lot throughout the project. If you don’t want a traditional baby blanket and instead go for an ombre effect, this might work well. If you want a baby blanket that looks more put together, I always recommend using yarns from the same dye lot. You should thank me afterwards.


Is the thought of crocheting a baby blanket crossing your mind? If that’s the case, we hope you’ve learned some helpful tips for figuring out how much yarn you’ll need for a baby blanket. Baby blanket yarn and stitch patterns are often determined by the blanket’s size and design.

Knitting a swatch can help you determine the overall size and gauge of your project. Once you’ve mastered these two guidelines, you can apply the aforementioned calculations to yarns of all weights.

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