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The addition of a swivel base to your chair will instantly increase its usability and comfort. Perfect for those who spend their days behind a desk, because you can turn in any direction without getting up from your chair. Instructions for installing a swivel base on a chair are provided below.

All You Need To Know About Swivel Chairs

You seem to be unfamiliar with the concept of a swivel chair. If you want to know everything there is to know about swivel chairs, then this article is for you.


A swivel chair allows the user to change their position in the chair’s seat without having to move their legs. To avoid getting up from their seats, users using swivel chairs with wheels at the base can easily maneuver around their work areas.

As its name suggests, this design is ubiquitous in today’s offices. Similar to standard computer chairs, most office swivel chairs also feature a gas lift that allows the user to adjust the height of the seat.

How to Add a Swivel Base to a Chair - Krostrade

Where to use it?

Living room

Swivel chairs are fantastic, and the living room is one of the best places to put them. A swivel chair is an excellent option for a living room chair since it can transform the space into several comfortable conversation areas.

Traditional living rooms with a relaxed, rustic vibe will benefit from the addition of linen-skirted swivel chairs. Swivel leather armchairs are a staple of the man cave. Swivel chairs are convenient in open floor plans since you can easily pivot to face the action.


In the same vein, a swivel chair is a wonderful addition to any private quarters. Put one in a cozy corner by the window for some quiet reading time.

Create the perfect late-night reading nook for him and her by placing two swivel chairs in a larger bedroom suite. It is possible to add a touch of class to your bedroom with a pair of swivel slipper chairs to place near your vanity or desk.


Because of their versatility, swivel chairs have become standard in most workplaces.


It’s no longer uncommon to see swivel chairs in public places such as parks and even beaches. Stunning swivels designed specifically for outdoor use have caught our eye, and we’d be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t mention them. Picture yourself relaxing on a cushioned rattan swivel on your front porch with a cup of coffee in the morning (or a bottle of wine in the evening).

Benefits Of Using Swivel Chairs

Work is easier with swivel chairs

Instead of using a fixed chair when meeting with clients or working at a desk all day, swivel chairs are a great alternative. When considering the purchase of a swivel chair, the simplicity with which it can be turned from left to right is a major selling point.

Those in the medical or business professions can remain seated while interacting with clients or patients on one side of the room. If you’re in a small group and would prefer not to get out of your chair every time you want to talk to someone, a swivel chair is a great option.

Swivel chairs are convenient because they allow you to get files from a file cabinet and return to your desk without getting up. It’s not necessary for anyone to leave the room for something to be completed.

Swivel chairs are a practical addition to any office since they encourage constant movement and interaction.

Casual seating at its finest

While accent chairs add style to any space, swivel chairs make people feel more at ease. Instead of using a stationary accent chair in your living room, try a swivel chair.

These upholstered seats are perfect for long sessions of TV viewing or movie watching. These chairs are great for lounging in comfort and sophistication due of their effortless motion and full 360-degree rotation.

Swivel chairs are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and fabric options; this is something you’re sure to like. These unique chairs are a great addition to any home, whether you’re going for a more traditional or contemporary design.

Ergonomic and efficient

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, a swivel chair can help you maintain a healthy posture and stay comfortable.

Office swivel chairs may cost more upfront, but in the long run they save money by reducing the likelihood of health issues like cervical spondylosis, back pain, poor posture, and stagnant blood flow.

Steps on How to Add a Swivel Base to a Chair

First, go out and get the chair’s base and any other hardware you’ll need.

Second, depending on how high your seat is off the ground, determine how far up from the floor to screw in each bolt. There shouldn’t be any risk of scratching with the bolts if they’re lowered an inch or two from where they join to the chair.

Attach the chair to the floor by screwing the bolts into the chair’s legs where they are labelled on the floor. If the item you bought didn’t arrive pre-assembled, it should have come with an Allen wrench set in either metric or standard sizes.

The next step is to fasten the rubber washers to the bolts before securing the bolts to the legs.

Step 5: Attach a swivel base to both of your chairs in the same way so that they can be rotated in opposite directions and switched positions without having to be moved or flipped over.

Can you Add a Swivel Base to a Recliner?

Possibly, but you’ll need to take the recliner out of the picture first. For added mobility, some chairs feature a swivel base on one leg and rollers on the other. Consult the maker of your chair to find out if a swivel base is available for your model or if a swivel base accessory kit can be ordered separately.

How do you install a swivel rocker base?

A swivel rocker base can be installed in a number of different ways. It can be fastened to the ground with four screws or to the chair’s existing legs with bolts and washers for extra support. Before you try to install anything on your own, you need familiarize yourself with the way your model is constructed.

Can I Make a Swivel Chair Stationary?

With the same installation mechanism that secures your swivel chair to its original legs, you can turn your chair into a fixed one.

What are Some Precautions for Installing a Swivel Rocker Base?

  • Always use felt pads when installing this sort of base onto a hardwood floor to prevent scratches and damage.
  • If you install this type of base on carpeting, use cork pads to protect it from wear.

How do you Lock a Recliner Sofa?

Installing this type of base on carpet requires the use of cork pads to prevent damage to the carpet.

How do You Unlock Reclining Chairs?

You can lock your chair into your preferred position by pulling the lever on its side.

If you don’t want to be stuck in a reclined position for too long, try pushing and pulling on both sides of the cushion.

When finished, push hard against all four legs of your chair to ensure that it is in the locked position before you let go.

How do I Reset my Electric Recliner?

Finding the button to reset the electric recliner might be a challenge at times. The best option is to review the chair’s user manual or get in touch with the company’s support staff.

Kneeling Chair with Back Support: What You Need To Know

A kneeling chair, often called a standing desk, is a type of armchair that lets its user work while kneeling rather than sitting.

Best Swivel Chair Resources

1. Tobi Boucle Swivel Chair

This chic swivel chair upholstered in boucle has a number of appealing features. It’s perfect for giving any room some extra depth and character. The rounded silhouette is eye-catching and expressive.

This swivel chair offers comfort and convenience, and it comes in six different color options to match any decor. If you want it by a certain date, you should order as soon as possible because shipping will take 20-22 weeks.

2. Hugger Curved Swivel Chair

Leanne Ford, a designer for Crate & Barrel, is known for her laid-back style, which is reflected in the hugger chair she created for the company. When you sit on this chair, it will seem as though someone is giving you a warm embrace.

The sculptural curves of the Hugger are an attractive compromise between dressiness and ease. This contemporary accent chair will make a major style statement in your living space.

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3. Comfy Swivel Chair

The Fresno swivel chair provides exceptional comfort and may be used singly or as part of a set with another chair and a side table of your choice. Its rounded orb design exudes a friendly and approachable ambiance, perfect for a cutting-edge dwelling.

It has thick foam cushions, a sturdy hardwood frame, and a swivel that goes all the way around.

Adding depth and character, the nubby boucle upholstery is a great choice. There’s a chair to match any aesthetic, with a choice of five modern hues.

4. Arhaus Swivel Chair

Excellent choice as an accent chair in either traditional or modern settings. This chair, with its 31″ width, narrow sloped arms, and low profile cushions, is perfect for apartments and studios.

This chair is constructed with a solid oak frame, foam cushions, and a Flexolator suspension mechanism made from recyclable steel. When submitting your purchase, you can select from two different neutral fabrics.

Succumb to the softness of this chair and you may never want to get up!

5. Outdoor Swivel Chair

The West Elm outdoor swivel chair is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its weather-resistant cushions. The rounded back profile is set off by an eye-catching cording back.

The durable contract grade fabric complements the thick seat cushion and swivel base of this chair.

Although it is classified as an outdoor chair, this piece of furniture would look fantastic in a Florida room or sunroom. You may buy it in a pair or singly, and it comes in either driftwood or reef.

6. Oversized Chair

This large swivel chair from Crate and Barrel is the perfect spot to kick back and unwind. This modern curved chair is perfect for cuddling up with a loved one or furry friend thanks to its ample seating capacity.

The swivel base makes it easy to move the chair to the center of the action. Two throw pillows supplement the tight barrel back chair’s comfort.

Your guests will never want to leave after they sit and relax in this oversized accent chair.

7. Millie Modern Swivel Chair

After settling into this extra-large accent chair, your visitors will never want to leave.

There are even more fabric options that take 6-11 weeks and five fabrics that’ll ship in 12 weeks. Make sure to order a FREE swatch and plan your purchase accordingly.

More fabric choices are available in the 6-11 week range, and there are five fabrics that can be shipped in 12 weeks. Order a free sample to help you visualize the final product in your home.

There are also five fabrics that will ship in 12 weeks, and many more that take 6-11 weeks. Planning a purchase? Request a free sample first.

8. Velvet Barrel Upholstered Chair

This swivel chair’s spherical form is reminiscent of that sold at West Elm, but its shiny brass base adds a glamorous twist. This low-priced swivel velvet chair is offered in no less than six different hues.

It will make your living area more stylish and elegant. This classic shape will always make a bold statement.

9. Leather Swivel Chair

This accent chair by Arhaus is made of leather if that’s your preferred material. It has a streamlined, contemporary form meant to serve as a showpiece in your home’s decor.

The chair, which is reminiscent of the mid-century, works well in either a single person’s space or a family’s. The luxurious leather can be purchased in either black or brown to complement any decor.

10. Tubular Arm Chair

The Bauhaus accent chair will give your living room a striking new style. Its padded seat and sleek, tubular arms make a great addition to any contemporary space.

The chair’s base can be rotated around 360 degrees, and it is upholstered with a stain-resistant, long-lasting fabric. You can put this decorative chair in your living room or home office. A lumbar pillow and a throw blanket will finish off the appearance.

11. Tufted Swivel Chair

This swivel chair’s classic good looks will elevate any modern interior. The sumptuous velvet upholstery and classic tufting add a glamorous touch.

This trendy seat has a lot going for it. It would look wonderful in any room of the house. Despite costing a little over a thousand dollars, this item is unquestionably a good buy.

12. Channel Tufted Chair

This low-slung accent chair can be yours for just under $900, and it will do wonders for the look and feel of your house. The ribbed texture gives the traditional library chair a more modern aesthetic.

Though the natural hue is readily accessible now, the sapphire navy chair is worth waiting for. Its rarity indicates that many individuals were taken aback by its attractiveness.

If you’re worried about getting tired of a neutral color scheme, don’t be. You may completely change the mood by adding a splash of color.

13. Leather Swivel Armchair

There is a plentiful supply of the aspen leather fabric in chestnut, and it is ready to be shipped right now. Twelve weeks is a long time for leather, so if you can wait, you should choose one of the other twenty hues. You can get free swatches to help you decide on the perfect paint color for your home when you order them throughout the design process.

If gold isn’t your thing, you have two other options for the leg finish: antique bronze and polished nickel. Having a swivel base allows you to easily turn and face whatever is being said.

You can place a table in between two chairs, or use an ottoman to rest your feet on while sitting in a single chair. Both styles are ideal for giving a contemporary home a fresh look.

14. Forest Green Velvet Chair

This swivel chair is a wonderful buy for its low price at Target. If you’re shopping online, you can select from four different hues.

It exudes a bygone era of elegance that is sure to be a welcome addition to any modern home. Velvet upholstery stands out against the sleek metal legs.

The cushioned seat and sturdy wooden frame of this swivel chair make it an excellent choice for lounging in refined comfort.

15. Large Leather Barrel Chair

This leather chair is ideal if you’re going for a more modern look. Channel-stitched upholstery and a high-end metal frame give it a distinctly midcentury modern look.

The sleek, modern lines are perfect for making a statement and giving your space some character. The pricing is also very reasonable at $890.

I can’t stop thinking about this chic leather chair for my living room.

16. Pleated Swivel Chair

If you are looking for a custom side chair West Elm is for you. This chair is available in multiple colorways so you can choose the one that fits best with your interior design.

Find your perfect bespoke side chair at West Elm. This chair comes in a variety of color options so you can find one that works with the rest of your decor.

Luxuriate in your house with this swivel chair, which includes a pleated silhouette, fitted design, and swivel base. Place this chair in a quiet nook with a table lamp and a small table nearby to create a carefully crafted space.

What could happen is anyone’s guess.

17. Tufted Glider Chair

All you glamorous ladies, this chair is yours! When placing an order, you can select from a wide variety of colors and materials.

The nailheads, which come in four different finishes, give the tufted back barrel chair a sophisticated look. The modern look and swivel base of this design make it a great option for making a statement in any space.

18. Green Velvet Accent Chair

This deco-style channel-tufted chair is available in your choice of green or rust orange velvet. The retro style will be a focal point in any room in the house.

From whatever vantage point, this chair will be a show-stopper. It has a swivel base and is suspended by sinuous wire springs and a wooden frame.

19. Anthropologie Swivel Chair

This stylish swivel chair will be the focal point of any room. You can’t go wrong with this chartreuse velvet for a splash of color in any room.

Ivory boucle and blush leather are in stock and ready to ship immediately, however this hue is manufactured to order. Just imagine how fabulous two of these stylish chairs will look in your living room design.

Ivory boucle and blush leather are in stock and ready to ship immediately, however this hue is manufactured to order. Just imagine how fabulous two of these stylish chairs will look in your living room design.

20. Teal Green Chair

The blush leather and white boucle are in stock and available to ship immediately, however this hue is manufactured to order. Consider how great a set of these two chairs would look in your living room.

The plush, dark teal velvet upholstery will make any room feel more like a home. This seat works well in any space of the house, whether it’s a bedroom, an office, or a living room.

21. Blue Velvet Armchair

By now you know, I love me some Jonathan Adler! In addition to being a lot of fun, his design aesthetic is perfect for making a statement in any room.

22. Snow Velvet Chair

Surely by now you have gathered that I am a huge fan of Jonathan Adler’s work. His work can serve as a conversation piece or serve as the main attraction in any room.

With its cocoon-like form, it radiates a sense of ease and will elevate your décor to new heights. The luxurious snow-velvet upholstery is complemented beautifully by the brass-recessed base.

This chair will be the first thing guests notice when they enter your home. Once seated, guests will never want to leave.

It’s the perfect chair to add to a neutral color palette.

23. Swivel Club Chair

It’s the perfect chair to add to a neutral color palette.

Swivel Glider Ring Base 10 10 style On 24 Inch Ring Base - Recliner-Handles

24. Champagne Velvet Chair

That was the best part, in my opinion, and it came at the end! My boyfriend Jonathan Adler just bought me another one of his beautiful swivel chairs. This reminds me of Halston and the music of Studio 54.

The gorgeous reef teal velvet complements the exhibited champagne tone. Both will give your home a touch of class and glamour.

The fabric determines whether the base is brass or stainless steel. This swivel chair will inject a lot of character into the room and spark lively discussion.

I really hope you found these modern swivel chair materials helpful in creating the home of your dreams.


Swivel chairs, formerly only seen in offices and cheesy retro hangouts, have made a resurgence in interior design and are now a top internet shopping destination. Everyone seems to want one, and we can’t deny that we adore them as well!