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This how-to guide will show you how to add a swivel base to oversized club chair. This how-to will show you how to increase the usability and comfort of your favorite chair.

What is Oversized Club Chair?

This how-to guide will show you how to add a swivel base to oversized club chair. This how-to will show you how to increase the usability and comfort of your favorite chair.

Steps on Adding Swivel Base To Oversized Club Chair

Materials Needed:

  • The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to install a swivel base on a large club chair. This how-to will show you how to increase the comfort and functionality of your favorite chair in little time at all.
  • Power saw that can cut through wood, metal, and plastic; a scroll saw is ideal for cutting curves but other saws will do in a pinch. If you need a clean, precise cut, a jigsaw is your best bet.
  • Clamps for wood
  • Drill or screwdriver that uses electricity
  • Saw with power capable of cutting metal and plastic; a jigsaw is ideal for cutting curves but other saws will do the job as well. Using a scroll saw is helpful if you need to make a cut along a curved surface (optional)
  • A variety of grades of sandpaper (120 or finer is preferred)
  • We recommend using 220+ grit emory paper or fine steel wool for this (optional)


First, gather all the screws from the base of your chair and put them in a separate container.

Next, lay the chair down on a level surface, preferably at an angle, to better gauge how much material needs to be removed from the underside of the chair. Make a note of how many centimeters need to be taken off of each leg’s length before proceeding.

Cupa Large Modern Leather Chair + Reviews | CB2

In order to make sure your chair is even after installing the swivel base, proceed to Step 3. In this case, we will demonstrate by shortening all four legs by one inch. If this measurement is off, your parts won’t fit together when you try to put them together.

The fourth step is to use a drill or a screwdriver to create two pilot holes in the ends of each component where the screw holes will be (one hole per piece). If you put them near a corner, no one will see the pilot holes.

Each of them should have a pilot hole drilled into it with a drill bit that is large enough to reach the depth at which you intend to install the screws. Now you may use your screwdriver or electric drill in the newly created gap and tighten it using the accompanying Allen key or hex nut (also included).

The fifth step is to stack the pieces so that when they are assembled later, they will fit together exactly since they will be the same length because you trimmed off the excess from both pieces. If you’re using an Allen key to secure the joint, turn clockwise until tight; if you’re using a hex nut, crank counterclockwise until secure.

Step 6: Place the swivel base into the arm of the chair, making that the two holes correspond to the holes in the arm, and then firmly tighten the nut as shown.

How do you Tighten Swivel bar Stools?

This is a tutorial on how to properly tighten the bolts on a swivel bar stool. If your swivel bar stool wobbles too much when you sit on it, or if you just want to make it simpler to get on and off of it, following these steps can help.

First, examine the connection between the swivel bar stool’s base and the stool itself to determine the type of hardware utilized.

Second, if the chair has two bolts, one on each side, turn them clockwise with a wrench. To ensure that both sides are equally secure when pressed down, tighten one bolt at a time before moving on to the next.

Step 3. If four nuts are holding your wheel in place, use an Allen Key or Phillips screwdriver to turn it counterclockwise for better stability. When loosened all the way around make sure that they’re tight enough so that your weight won’t cause movement from how far away you push!

Best Oversized Club Chair

Best Overall: Joss & Main Highland Armchair

  • Over 100 fabric choices
  • With more than a hundred different fabrics to choose from.

Negative Aspects

  • Custom orders take weeks to fulfill.
  • Cannot be reclined

Exactly what are those who have recently purchased saying? Seventy or more reviewers on Wayfair gave it a perfect score.

If you’re looking for a reading chair that will allow you to completely immerse yourself in your book, go no further than the Highland Armchair from Joss & Main. This armchair is our top recommendation since it combines excellent comfort with long life and personalization options for a fantastic time spent reading.

This boxy chair has large armrests and a frame that measures 39 inches across, so it’s perfect for curling up in. The chair does not recline and does not have an ottoman, but the cushions are soft and supportive thanks to the use of synthetic fibers. This chair’s cushion is detachable, and the robust wood structure makes it ideal for long-term use.

More than a hundred different printed, solid, and stain-resistant fabrics are available for the chair’s upholstery, allowing you to fully personalize the look of the chair to complement your decor. This comfy chair is delivered ready to use, with all necessary parts included.

Weight capacity is 250 pounds; frame material is solid and produced wood; cover material is polyester mix, velvet, cotton, and acrylic; warranty is 1 year. Dimensions are 39 x 37 x 38 inches.

Best Budget: Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair

Favorite Things

  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable recline in a variety of positions
  • Constructed-in footrest

Negative Aspects

  • There will be some assembly necessary.

The Jummico Reclining Chair is a great option for thrifty readers. This best-seller goes above and beyond the call of duty by providing a sturdy steel frame, breathable fabric upholstery, a padded back, several reclining options, and a footrest. It is offered in five different hues to best fit your individual taste. Note, however, that this is not the most space-efficient choice. Though some assembly is required, no special equipment are needed, and the process shouldn’t take too long.

Dimensions: 30.31 x 27.16 x 20.67 inches | Frame Material: Steel | Cover Material: Polyester | Weight Capacity: 265 pounds | Warranty: Not listed

Best Oversized: Wayfair Custom Upholstery Emilio 49″ Wide Armchair

  • Fits more than one person easily and comfortably.
  • There are around sixty-five different hues to choose from.
  • Simple, timeless style that fits right in

Negative Aspects

  • The back cushion has a few clumps of fabric.
  • Extra padding is needed for the arms.

If you want to sink into the softest chair possible while reading, go no farther than the Emilio Wide Armchair by Wayfair Custom Upholstery. This extra-large chair is spacious enough for two individuals to sit comfortably, and you can even recline back a little bit. Since it is available in more than 65 different colors and patterns, this chair may easily be customized to fit into any decor.

42.2 in. W Pink Chenille Swivel Accent Barrel Chair Oversized Arm Chair with 3 Pillows ZQ-W129847747 - The Home Depot

This chair’s seat cushions are detachable and reversible, and it has a sleek design to boot. You can simply remove the cushions, clean them, and then turn them over to retain their pristine appearance. Although one decorative pillow has been included with your purchase of this chair, there is plenty of space for you to add additional pillows for comfort or decoration.

It can hold up to 250 pounds, and its dimensions are 30 by 49 by 41 inches. The frame is made of solid and produced wood, and the cover is made of a polyester blend and cotton.

Best Upholstered: Article Gabriola Bouclé Lounge Chair

Favorite Things

  • Plush cushions and soft upholstery.
  • Construction of a kiln-dried wooden frame
  • Back-up support

Negative Aspects

  • There will be some assembly necessary.

Herrera has a penchant for the Gabriola Bouclé Lounge Chair by Article, and we can see why. The bouclé upholstery is really comfortable and has a pleasant fuzzy texture without being overwhelming. The kiln-dried oak frame, high-density foam cushions, and sinuous springs all contribute to the comfort of this reading chair, as does the modest recline of the back. With only two color options (gray and ivory), the bouclé fabric is sure to make your chair anything but ordinary.

Cover Material: Polyester blend bouclé | Weight Capacity: Not stated | Warranty: 1 Year Dimensions: 34 x 34 x 31 inches Frame Material: Kiln-dried Larch, plywood

Best Leather: Pottery Barn Irving Square Arm Leather Power Recliner

Favorite Things

  • Mechanically-assisted reclining chair
  • Constructed-in footrest
  • Premium, top-grain leather
  • Construction of a kiln-dried wooden frame

Negative Aspects

  • Expensive
  • Custom orders take weeks to fulfill.

The Irving Power Recliner from Pottery Barn is a great choice if you want leather seating. This stylish reading chair features a kiln-dried hardwood frame, solid yet comfortable cushions, and top-grain leather upholstery in over 30 aniline-dyed color options, all in the tradition of traditional club chairs. On top of that, the Irving has a built-in footrest and can be reclined into a comfortable reading posture at the touch of a button.

Frame is kiln-dried hardwood; cover is semi-aniline leather; weight capacity is 300 pounds; warranty is not specified. Dimensions: 33 x 37.5 x 38 inches.

Best with Ottoman: Etta Avenue™ Teen Salma Tufted Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Favorite Things

  • Turkey’s Ottoman Empire is included
  • Comfortable recline in a variety of positions
  • Solid wood frame
  • All-wood construction

Negative Aspects

  • There will be some assembly necessary.
  • Warning: limited guarantee

With comfort in mind, Etta Avenue Teen crafted this Wayfair chair and ottoman combination. The Salma includes a plush seat, supportive armrests, and a handy side pocket for storing your book or e-reader. The plush pillow-style back reclines to six different positions. The throw pillow and strong oak frame are other highlights. You can customize your ideal chair by selecting from seven available fabric options, such as sophisticated shades of gray and earthy tones of brown suede.

Weight capacity is 264 pounds; frame material is solid wood; cover materials are velvet, suede, and linen; warranty is 90 days. Dimensions are 29.52 by 33.46 by 37 inches.

Best Modern: Mercury Row Petrin 37” Wide Tufted Armchair

Favorite Things

  • Design that is both cutting-edge and wholly original
  • There is a wide range of colors available.
  • Conveniently self-assembly

Negative Aspects

  • Upholstery made of polyester
  • Reduced depth of the seat

The Petrin Wide Tufted Armchair is a contemporary way to inject color into your home. Since you can tuck your knees into the chair’s ample width when reading, it’s the ideal spot to relax and enjoy a good book. There is space for one or two additional pillows, but none are included.

The assembly of this chair is simplified by the fact that it arrives 90% finished. Although the seat back is padded and the arms are swivel, the seat depth is somewhat shallow, so you might not want to spend too much time there. You can think of it more as a lovely accent chair for a formal living room or den.

Frame made of solid and produced wood; Polyester cover; 300-pound weight capacity; 1-year warranty; overall dimensions: 31.5 x 37 x 29.5 inches

Best for Kids: Milliard Cozy Saucer Chair

Favorite Things

  • Budget-friendly
  • Flexibility of construction
  • It’s appropriate for kids and adults alike.

Negative Aspects

  • This fabric may be easily torn.

Is your goal to get your child to read more? This saucer-shaped reading chair is a wonderful place to start if you’re looking for a cozy spot to read. The cushion is circular and plush, and the legs are a trendy gold metal that fold up for portability and storage. Whether it’s in a bedroom, playroom, basement, or dorm room, both teens and adults may relax comfortably on the extra-wide seat and 265-pound weight capacity.

Weight capacity is 265 pounds; frame material is metal; cover material is faux fur; dimensions are 25 by 38 by 34 inches; warranty information is not provided.

Best Recliner: Andover Mills Leni 33.5” Wide Manual Standard Recliner

Favorite Things

  • That’s more than 32 different hues and patterns!
  • Sofa that reclines and looks good
  • Spacious and cozy

Negative Aspects

  • A shorter footrest would be preferable.

The Leni Wide Manual Standard Recliner isn’t your typical recliner, but its unique look and feel make it a good fit for a wide variety of decors. This chair, with its plush upholstery look and wide range of available colors and prints, is equally at home in a nursery, study, bedroom, or living area. While the footrest isn’t very long, it still allows for a comfortable recline for people who need a little extra legroom.

This recliner doesn’t take long to assemble and isn’t as big as some others. So if you’re looking for an easy addition to your reading room, this is it. Once you’ve settled into your seat, you can use the manual lever to recline to your desired position.

What to Look for in a Reading Chair


It doesn’t take long to assemble and it’s not a massive recliner. So if you’re looking for an easy addition to your reading area, this is it. Once you are comfortable with your seat, you can manually recline it by pulling a lever.


Finding a layout that works for your room dimensions is step one. Make sure to measure (and re-measure) your reading nook, bedroom, sunroom, or workplace to ensure a perfect fit before placing your order. The comfort of a chair can also be affected by its size. If you want to slouch, lean back, or even lay down when reading, you should purchase one with a broad and deep seat.


Chairs with upholstery are typically more comfortable and may even be stain-resistant. “I also consider the texture,” says Herrera. “For instance, bouclé upholstery is velvety and cuddly, while a chair that isn’t upholstered will be less inviting.” Leather upholstery chairs are more expensive but tend to last longer than their fabric counterparts.

The material of the frame is also crucial. Look for a chair with a strong wood frame, preferably kiln-dried wood, if you want something with a larger weight capacity or built to last for several years. Steel, commonly regarded as a high-quality, durable material, is used in the construction of several recliner frames.


How do you make a chair more comfortable?

There are a few things you may do to make yourself more comfortable in your seat so you can finish reading that page-turner. For starters, if the seat and back of the chair have cushions that can be removed, do so. Fluff them up as you would a pillow. And when it comes to neck and back support, a few well-placed pillows can do wonders. Even if you have a little chair, adding a footrest or ottoman can make a world of difference so that you can recline comfortably.

Lacoo massage chair with huge headrest and thick armrests, fabric,grey - Walmart.com

Where do you place a reading chair?

Reading chairs, according to Herrera, “should be placed in a calm corner of the home.” “A spot by the fire in the living room or bedroom is ideal.” Armchairs and chaise lounges placed next to a window provide a serene spot with enough of light for reading.

Whether it’s in the corner of a larger room, under the stairs, in the attic, or even built into the wall, almost any space in your home may be transformed into a cozy reading nook.

How do you clean a chair?

A reading chair’s fabric will dictate how it should be cleaned. It is possible to spot-clean most upholstered furniture with a commercial upholstery cleaner, a DIY solution, or even some liquid carpet cleaner. Some chairs include covers that can be unzipped and washed for a more in-depth cleaning process.

Spot cleaning cloth furniture using a handheld steam cleaner is possible. Leather furniture is easily cleaned with a moist cloth and a drop or two of mild soap.