How To Adjust Aeron Chair? Everything You Need To Know

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Aeron chairs are among the best on the market, so it’s important to know how to set them up correctly. The best way to ease anxiety is to educate yourself. You won’t have to scratch your head trying to figure out a solution; instead, you can simply read on to learn how to proceed.

Modifying your Aeron chair is easier than learning to function in a brand-new office. There has got to be a simple method that takes no more than a few basic actions to complete.

4 Benefits of Using An Aeron Chair

Choose Your Posture

When it comes to adapting to your specific needs, the Aeron chair is unrivaled. Office workers come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to have chairs that can accommodate a wide range of body types. You can easily adjust the seat’s height and back support to find the perfect fit for your body, making even the longest workdays bearable.

Herman Miller Aeron Adjustment Guide - YouTube

Eliminates Back Pain

Approximately 31 million people in the United States suffer from daily back pain, as reported by the American Chiropractic Association. The ACA also notes that roughly half of working Americans experience back pain symptoms each year. Having a bad office chair is a major contributor to back problems from sitting all day.

Workers who spend most of their day sitting should, of course, have access to chairs that are designed with their comfort in mind. Research conducted by Herman Miller on their Aeron chairs found that people preferred them due to the superior support they provide for the lower back and pelvis. Compare your office chair to the comfort of your bed. Considering how much time people spend sitting, it makes sense to choose a chair that has been shown to improve comfort.


While relaxing in an Aeron chair, you may not give much thought to your impact on the environment. However, chairs of this design are among the most eco-friendly options available. As one of the most easily recyclable office chairs, Aeron chairs have earned the Greenguard certification. To begin with, Herman Miller claims that 94% of the Aeron chair itself is recyclable, and that two-thirds of the materials used in its construction are made from recycled materials. You can relax now, knowing that you’re helping the planet while reaping the benefits of your labor.

Looks Good in the Office

The real benefit of sitting in an Aeron chair is not the possible health benefits or the eco-friendly features, but the way it looks. Numerous pretenders have attempted to mimic its chic aesthetic by creating similar designs. It’s a chair that can help you look and feel more professional thanks to its blend of cutting-edge technology and streamlined casualness. There is a good reason why Aeron chairs are still so widely used in offices around the world.

Adjusting An Aeron Chair Properly

An Aeron chair can be easily customized. Its various components are easily modifiable.

  • Adjusting the Seat Height: There is a lever on the right side of the chair shaped like a paddle. Lift the lever as you dismount the chair to increase the seat height. Raise the lever while seated to lower.
  • Make adjustments to the tilt tension by turning the knob on the right end of the long stem. While sitting, turn the knob forward (in a clockwise direction) to increase the tension. While seated, turn the knob in the opposite direction (backward or counterclockwise) to release tension.

If, after one turn, the tension is not where you want it to be, you can make additional turns to achieve the desired tension.

  • Arm Support Height Modifications Can Be Made Using The Wheel Located At The Foot Of The Arm Rest. To unlatch the arm, turn the wheel upward while seated. While holding the base, adjust the height as needed and secure it by turning the wheel to the bottom.
  • You can change the arm angle by pressing the buttons on the front of each arm pad. If you grab the front of the arm pad, you can swing the arms in and out by turning the pad to the left or right.
  • Turn the knob on the right side of the chair to engage or disengage the posturefit. If you turn the knob clockwise (forward), it will engage, and if you turn it counterclockwise (backward), it will disengage.

Remember to sit with your back in the chair’s pocket when making this adjustment. To effectively adjust, you’ll be able to do so while your spine is aligned and your lower back is supported.

  • The lumbar support of your Aeron chair can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the cushioned pad located at the base of the backrest. To adjust the lumbar support’s height, simply press down on either side of the pad with the same force.
  • Adjust the lumbar depth by using the same pad to alter the lumbar height. In order to get the pad off its track, equal pressure must be applied from both sides. Invert and replace it. (Remember that the thickness of the support pad varies along its edges.)
  • To make the chair lean forward, you’ll need to use the lever on the left side of the front of the seat. To move the chair forward, first lean back while lifting the lever all the way, then move your body forward.

When the seat height is adjusted, the chair is typically tilted forward. The natural bending of your knees, ankles, and hips is relieved.

  • Get a hold of the lever in the back of the chair on the left side to engage the tilt limiter. Put a cap on how far back you can recline and limit the tilt range. Then, by raising the lever, a boundary can be established.

You can still proceed, but at your own pace and after making any necessary adjustments. Lean forward and press the lever down to disable the tilt limiter.

What makes the aeron chair special?

The Aeron chair is unlike any other chair because of the thoughtful ergonomic design that makes it useful both in the home and the office. Both the Museum of Modern Art and Time Magazine named it “America’s best-selling chair” in 2010. That’s incredible!

The chair’s adjustable features mean you can relax in virtually any position. Though it’s made entirely of mesh and lacks any padding, this chair manages to surprise with its incredible tension adjustment and numerous locking positions.

Steel, PET (polyethylene terephthalate), polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PP), aluminum, and glass are all used in its construction. The chair’s undeniable superior qualities are the result of the high quality materials used to construct it.

Is the aeron chair worth it?

When it comes to quality of construction and style, the Aeron chair, like all Herman Miller chairs, never fails to impress. The time and care put into the design and construction is reflected in the high price tag.

An Aeron Chair’s longevity is a major selling point. It has a minimum lifespan of 12 years, which is much longer than the average cheap chair. Purchasing this is unquestionably a wise decision.

6 Best Herman Miller Aeron Chair Alternatives For 2022

1. Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

Herman Miller’s website offers a starting price range of $995.00–$1325.00 in 2022 with free shipping.

Among the many chairs made by Herman Miller, we recommend their Mirra 2 model as the best substitute for their Aeron chair. When compared to the Aeron, this is the most comparable option available at a significantly lower price, making it our top pick. Herman Miller backs its premium product, which is made in the USA, with a 12-year guarantee. Just like the Aeron, it comes in one piece.

The Mirra 2 has more customization options than the Aeron, which is one of its main advantages. The Mirra 2 offers a wide range of customization options, including seat depth, arm width, and individual lumbar depth, on par with the Aeron.

Instead of sliding to adjust the depth of the seat, this one simply bends and folds down. One other distinctive feature was the lumbar depth regulator. With the turn of a knob on either side of your back, you can adjust the level of support for that particular area.

The backrests are another point of differentiation between the Aeron and the Mirra 2. The Aeron has a mesh back and the Mirra 2 has a polymer back. In essence, it is a rigid plastic. The plastic on the Mirra 2’s back may be stiffer than the mesh on the Aeron, but it is actually more flexible. It frees you up from the constraints of the chair and makes it easier to get around while seated.

Potential Downsides

The Mirra 2 is an excellent choice, but the Aeron also has some benefits. The highest benefit is found in the product’s sturdy construction. Even though the Mirra 2 is a high-end chair, our testing revealed that the Aeron was the most solidly constructed model we tried. The Aeron is the smoothest chair we’ve ever sat in. The materials and components are all high quality, and the overall design is more streamlined than that of the Mirra 2.

2. Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

In 2022, prices will begin at $1,088.99 (Buy on BTOD) and shipping is free.

Here we have Humanscale’s Diffrient World Chair as a second option. Another luxurious alternative. Construction-wise, it’s on par with the Mirra 2, which is to say, it’s a step down from the Aeron but still not too bad. Almost ready to use out of the box, the Diffrient World Chair is backed by a solid guarantee.

The Diffrient World’s 4-way arms provide greater flexibility than the Aeron’s 3-way arms. The seat depth of the World Chair can be adjusted with the included seat slider. The mechanisms of these two chairs are also very different from one another. Whereas the World Chair lacks a mechanism altogether, the Aeron uses a tried-and-true traditional design. There are no knobs or levers needed to adjust the tension or secure your position in the World Chair because of its weight-sensitive recline system.

As a company, we also agreed that the Diffrient World’s seats were more inviting than the Aeron’s. The mesh’s increased pliability makes for a more comfortable sitting experience. No front edge frame was included in the design of the World Chair. Unlike on many mesh chairs, the frame won’t dig into your thighs here.

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As a final selling point, the Diffrient World has more color and upholstery choices than the Aeron. The Diffrient World is an attractive option for designers and others who value flexibility due to its many customization features and minimalistic aesthetic. You can go in a lot of different directions with the 64 possible seat upholstery combinations, 23 mesh back color combinations, and 3 frame finish options.

Potential Downsides

The Diffrient World’s construction is inferior to that of the Aeron, much like that of the Mirra 2. The Aeron also offers a conventional recline mechanism, which may be more to your liking. Seat recline tension and locking can be adjusted or locked in The Diffrient World based on your body weight.

Lumbar support that can be adjusted is an available feature on the Aeron but not on the Diffrient World. The Aeron’s arms were deemed more agreeable by our office than the Diffrient World’s equivalents. Both the World and the Aeron have arms, but the World’s can be adjusted in width. The Aeron, however, has arms with greater reach, larger pads, and softer pads.

3. Nightingale CXO Chair with Headrest

Buy on BTOD starting in 2022 for $1,902.99 plus free shipping.

Third, as a luxurious replacement for the ubiquitous Aeron chair, is our choice. In comparison to the Aeron, the Nightingale CXO is a very different chair with a lot more to offer. The CXO is well made, comes with a solid guarantee, and is mostly preassembled when delivered to your door.

The seat is the primary identifying feature. The CXO doesn’t use a mesh material for its seat, but rather ENERSORBTM memory foam, which provides a plush and comfortable ride. The CXO’s thick padded seat earned it a higher comfort rating from our office than the Aeron’s. It’s sturdy and won’t cave in under your weight.

The CXO also has a pivoting headrest, which is a key differentiator. You can alter the height of the headrest and it can also tilt back. Your choice of seat upholstery also serves as the padding for the headrest, which can be adjusted to fit your needs. Just like the seat, it’s nice and cushy and perfect for lounging.

There will be more customization options on the CXO than there are on the Aeron. The CXO features four independently adjustable arms with substantial travel. In addition, the lumbar support and seat depth can be adjusted. It’s much easier to customize the chair to your specific needs thanks to these extra knobs and levers.

Potential Downsides

The CXO is well-made, but it will always be surpassed in quality by the Aeron, as has been the case with the Mirra 2 and Diffrient World.

We found the CXO to be less comfortable than the Aeron. Since the arm pads on the CXO are significantly firmer than those on the Aeron, our office unanimously decided that the Aeron was the superior option for arm comfort.

4. BTOD Akir Chair

The Base Price in 2022 is $579.99 No Cost to You (When You Buy on BTOD)

Chair number four on our list is the first one to provide substantial cost savings. The BTOD Akir, with a starting price of $579.99, is significantly less expensive than the Aeron but still made the cut as one of the most comfortable office chairs we tested. Although the Akir’s construction isn’t as sturdy as the Aeron’s, it’s a great value for the money and comes with a solid guarantee.

Though the Akir is significantly less expensive than the Aeron, it offers significant improvements over the latter. In comparison to the Aeron, the Akir’s seat performed exceptionally well in terms of comfort. The Akir features a plush, cushioned seat. It’s not high-density memory foam or any other kind of specialty foam. The quality is such that it is soft but does not bottom out. The Akir’s seat rating is the highest of any office chair we’ve reviewed. If you’re looking for a mesh-back chair, but prefer something more comfortable, this is a good option.

The Akir’s adaptability is the next great feature. The Aeron’s arms only move in three directions, while the Akir’s can move in four. You can alter the depth of the seat and even lock it in place. A removable, height-adjustable headrest is also available as an additional ergonomic option. There’s a selection of padded headrests, including ones made of mesh and vinyl.

Potential Downsides

Each chair I’ve discussed has had subpar construction, but the Akir’s is easily the worst. The chair is affordably priced because it makes use of lower-quality components in a few crucial areas. In comparison to their Aeron counterparts, features like the wheels, armrests, mechanism, and mesh are all significant downgrades.

There is an additional range of motion for the Akir’s arms, but the Aeron’s ranges are much more extensive. This is most apparent at the shorter settings of the height slider. In contrast to the Aeron, whose arms reach nearly to the seat, the Akir’s are too high and don’t allow me to slide my keyboard tray under them. In contrast to the Aeron’s plush armrests, these ones are quite firm.

5. Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Chair with Headrest

The Base Price in 2022 is $996.99 No Cost to Ship (Bag-Transfer-On-Demand Purchase)

One of the most popular Aeron alternatives for well over a decade is the Ergohuman, which may only be the fifth chair on our list. When the Ergohuman Mesh is configured similarly to the Aeron, it costs roughly half as much. Even though it’s half the price, it’s still well made, and Raynor’s warranty is excellent for a chair in this price range.

In comparison to the Aeron, the Ergohuman benefits from a few extra modifications. The seat slider on the Ergohuman is a nice touch because it allows you to position the seat exactly where it needs to be in relation to your knees. One of the many great things about the Ergohuman is its adjustable headrest. The back and seat are also made of a mesh material. As you recline, you can lean back comfortably knowing your neck and head will be supported.

The backrest on the Ergohuman can be adjusted in height, whereas the Aeron’s cannot. One of the best parts of the Ergohuman is the lumbar support, which is directly related to the back height adjustment. The lumbar support on the Ergohuman is among the best in the industry. The height can be adjusted in the back to find the most comfortable position for you. The lumbar region receives separate flexing support thanks to the split back design.

A final point in favor of the Ergohuman over the Aeron is that it comes in a wider variety of eye-catching hues. The Aeron is available in several muted tones. The Ergohuman can be purchased in various colors, some of which include red, blue, and orange.

Potential Downsides

The Ergohuman will be a chair that sits in between the Akir and the Diffrient World Chair. In comparison to the Aeron, the quality of the parts, mechanism, and mesh is lower. Although the Ergohuman is significantly less expensive than the Aeron, it performed poorly in all three of our comfort tests. Seat, arm, and back support are all part of this.

Although the Ergohuman’s lumbar support is more prominent, we here at the office prefer the Aeron’s design for a number of reasons. The first is that the Aeron’s back design makes the whole backrest accessible, so your lower, middle, and upper back are all supported. However, the Ergohuman’s lumbar support is so substantial that it prevents some users from reclining all the way back.

The backrest of the Ergohuman does not fully recline, limiting the user’s ability to work in a traditional, upright position. The Aeron’s most upright sitting positions let you work straight up and down, and its forward seat tilt feature takes that a step further.

6. Eurotech Vera Chair

2020 Costs: $559.99 Purchase on BTOD and Receive Free Shipping

Finally, we offer a budget-friendly alternative to the Aeron chair. Eurotech’s Vera is a high-end smart speaker that costs $559.99. The Aeron is roughly $1,000 more expensive than the Vera when both are configured with the same level of adjustability. The Vera is significantly less expensive than the Ergohuman chair, but it includes the same comprehensive warranty protection.

The Vera’s customization options are nearly identical to those of the Aeron, with a few key distinctions. Unlike the Aeron, the Vera allows for customized adjustments to both the seat’s depth and arm rest width. As opposed to the fixed lumbar support on the Vera, the Aeron offers a range of lumbar support heights.

The Vera chair was found to be more comfortable than the Aeron in our office. We included the Vera on our compilation of the best chairs for the office. The back support is the standout feature of the Vera. The mesh allows you to sink into the chair with the perfect amount of give. The back is shaped to be comfortable for your lower back while still allowing you to use your entire back.

Comparing favorably to the Aeron’s seat, it fared well, too. There are no sharp corners or thin spots on the seat. The foam is supportive and resilient, so it will keep its form. The Akir’s seat is more comfortable than this one. This makes it a great choice for those in search of a mesh-back chair with a plusher seat and a touch more support.

Potential Downsides

Since the Vera is the least expensive chair here, it should come as no surprise that its construction is light years below that of the Aeron. The Vera is not the best choice if you’re searching for a high-end chair with a contemporary, minimalist design.

A little bit of time will be needed to put together the Vera. The mechanism, arms, backrest, base, and wheels all need to be set up. Quite a few screws are involved. If you’re in the market for a chair like the Aeron, which requires no assembly upon delivery, you may want to keep this in mind.

Top Aeron Chair Problems to Consider

High price

The Aeron has the highest quality construction of any office chair we have tested, but it does not come cheap. The chairs that Herman Miller produces are of the highest quality and are backed by the best warranty in the business, but they are also the most expensive. The Aeron is one of the most expensive office chairs we have tested, with a price tag of $1,195.00 to $2,225.00. The vast majority of people do not have access to such a budget.

Can feel frame on seat and backrest

Complaints about the Aeron’s uncomfortable seat and back frame are common. Seat bolsters run the length of the thick frame to provide extra support. Cradle yourself in the supportive arms of these side bolsters. The issue is that you can’t always rely on the side bolsters to provide a comfortable place to sit or lean. Some people may find these unsettling.

In addition, the front of the seat frame can be a sore spot if it comes into contact with the back of your legs. If your legs have to rest on the frame or you’re constantly brushing up against it, this can be a source of discomfort.

If you like to move around a lot in your chair, you may not like the backrest frame. It lacks mobility, and the frame is not cushioned in any way. The metal frame of the backrest could be felt if you do a lot of stretching or leaning back.

Seat may not be comfortable

In terms of comfort, we discovered that the Aeron seat was divisive. To determine the average level of comfort, we have everyone in the office take a seat in the chair and rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. A score for the Aeron was either extremely low or extremely high. People couldn’t find a comfortable compromise.

The seat frame and the level of firmness were the main complaints we heard around the office. The frame has been discussed extensively, so I won’t go over it again. The Aeron has the finest mesh of any vehicle we have tested. The material is yielding and gentle. However, it’s worth noting that some of the office staff didn’t feel at ease sitting in it because of how firm the seat was.

No seat depth adjustment

The problem with the front of the seat frame would not be a problem if the Aeron had seat depth adjustment but Herman Miller chose to go with different chair sizes instead of seat depth adjustment. The problem is that three sizes are not going to cover as many people as a seat slider would.

Likewise, the converse is also true. There may be insufficient room for some people’s knees to fully extend back into the seat. Because of the poor ergonomics, this can be quite unpleasant.

No back height adjustment

There is no way to alter the Aeron’s seat height. Feeling the frame can be even more of an issue for taller people if the back is not adjustable. Possible lumbar support issues include the fixed back height. It could be an issue if you couldn’t position the curve however you’d like. Choose one of the Aeron’s adjustable lumbar support systems to help alleviate the pain.

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Limited color options

When releasing the updated Aeron chair, Herman Miller went with a small palette of muted tones. While the Aeron has long stood as a symbol of modern design, the limited color options available have long been a source of frustration for designers.


It takes effort to feel at ease. Though it may not take much effort to figure out how to fine-tune your Aeron chair, you will need to do something. You should at least know how to appreciate the benefits of your well-designed industrial chair.

If not used to its full potential, an Aeron chair is a useless piece of equipment. Just find a comfortable position and imagine yourself sitting in a paradisiacal garden.

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