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We have found the two finest configurations for a sectional sofa in a compact area. The couch can serve as a divider, or the sectional can be disassembled and used to create multiple seating areas. Also included is a full guide on how to set up an L-shaped sectional in your living room.

To sum up, just because your living space is limited does not mean you have to give up your sectional. To help you design your space like an expert, here are some examples of different layouts to consider:

How Do You Place A Sectional In A Small Room?

As a division

Even if your living space is limited, a sectional sofa can be a useful addition because of its compact profile. Those who live in studio apartments or other spaces with an open layout might utilize a sectional sofa to create more private spaces. Put the sofa such that its back faces the door, and you’ll have a convenient place to stroll as you enter or leave the house.

Creating distinct areas by employing the sectional sofa is another suggestion for maximizing a large open room. Put the couch in the centre of the room so that everyone can see the screen. Put a small table and two chairs behind it, and you’ve got yourself an eating space.

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In multiple pieces

The ability to disassemble a sectional sofa into smaller sections is a major benefit over a conventional sofa. Standard configurations for sectional sofas include two pieces, although this number can be increased for extra flexibility depending on the design. If you want a sectional but don’t have room for it to be flush against a wall, you can separate it into smaller pieces to accommodate the space.

Place a pair next to one another, or set up the sectional as though you were planning a seating arrangement for several people. Some sectional versions are upholstered in a way that prevents them from being separated, so there are constraints with this layout. Try flipping the sectional over in these cases instead.

How Do You Arrange An L-shaped Sectional?

Putting an L-shaped sectional against a wall is the most functional placement for it. There will still be room to maneuver around the sofa even in a cramped living space if you arrange it this way. In addition, the couch can be placed in a variety of locations relative to the television, windows, and fireplaces.

The main thing to keep in mind when deciding where to put the sectional is to make sure it doesn’t obstruct any doorways or hallways. Then, to make sure everything is uniformly stylish, place complementary pieces around the sectional couch in the corner. The L-shaped sectional’s front right angle can be used to accommodate tables or ottomans without crowding the room.

Should You Put A Sectional In A Small Living Room?

Despite popular belief, a sectional sofa may fit in even the smallest of living rooms. If your living space is limited, a sectional sofa may be the best option. One sectional sofa can serve as both a sofa and a loveseat, maximizing the use of the room’s limited square footage.

Adding a sofa to a tiny living room instead of settling for a pair of love seats may seem illogical. Don’t forget that the sectional may accommodate both straight lines and curved ones. For instance, an L-shaped sectional’s resulting angles make enough room for a table without making the room feel too small.

How Do You Decorate A Living Room With A Sectional Couch?

The best way to furnish a living room with a sectional couch will vary with the dimensions of the room and the couch itself. The sofa’s dimensions in the room will help you determine where to put it and what other pieces of furniture will fit around it. Is there a specific method for accessorizing a sectional couch?

Utilize the space in the sectional curve or angle

A square or circular coffee table will fit neatly across the angle created by a U-shaped or L-shaped sectional. If you have a large group around, you may set up additional seats in a parallel arrangement in front of the sofa. If the sectional features a chaise, for instance, you can also place chairs on either side, facing each other.

Consider functionality

To improve the practicality of your space, try incorporating ottomans and side tables that may be used interchangeably for extra storage. Lamps and other accent pieces can be used to further ground the room on the side table. Guests will appreciate having a clean surface to set their beverages and other belongings on if you choose to leave it bare.

What Can I Put Behind A Sectional Couch?

A sofa table can be placed in the empty space behind the sectional couch. You can use it to store lamps, picture frames, and other decorative items, and it shouldn’t be any taller than the sofa itself. Sofa tables can be decorated in a variety of ways to enhance the room’s attractiveness and practicality.

These Are the Best Sofas for Small Spaces

Best Overall: Burrow Arch Nomad Sofa

Dimensions: 85 x 35 x 33 inches; Construction: Birch and steel; Padding: Foam and olefin fiber weave; Weight Capacity: N/A

Favorite Things

  • Closure mechanism assembly (no hardware necessary)
  • System for charging that is built in
  • Numerous choices in terms of hue, fabric, length of limb, and so on
  • Cushions with two sides

Things We Dislike

  • Expensive

The Burrow Nomad Sofa is the perfect option if you value versatility, customization, and ease of use. Modular sofas, like this one, can be reconfigured according to personal preference, and the best part is that it’s a breeze to do so. No tools are required to put together the Nomad sofa, as it only requires opening a few latches. A couch with three seats can be quickly converted into a loveseat by using the locking mechanism. You may arrange it in a sectional fashion by adding a chaise and an ottoman, both of which are available as separate accessories.

Burrow provides a wide array of options for both color and fabric, in addition to several alternatives for both the arms and legs. Despite its higher price tag, this model’s durability is ensured by its scratch- and stain-resistant fabric, as well as its reversible cushions.

However, the reviewer’s favorite part of the Nomad was the built-in phone charger, which keeps your phone charged even on the laziest of days.

Best Budget: Corrigan Studio Ellaria Sofa

Dimensions (L x W x H): 74 x 31.5 x 34 in.; Components (Solid/Manufactured Wood, Plastic, Velvet Upholstery); Weight Capacity (L x W x H)

Favorite Things

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Fast and simple construction

Things We Dislike

  • Choice of colors is restricted.

The Ellaria sofa by Corrigan Studio is a safe pick if you want to cover all your bases without spending a fortune. Despite its low price and high level of comfort, it does not skimp on design. This sofa has big foam cushions and silky velvet upholstery, making it far more comfortable than a covered bench or similar low-cost option. Its narrow width of 74 inches makes it an ideal choice for apartments and smaller homes without compromising on comfort. You can choose from two different colors: a standard gray that will go nicely with most decors, or a bright emerald green that will definitely draw attention.

The Best Sofas for Small Rooms Are Sectionals | Architectural Digest

Best Sectional: Mercury Row Merwin Reversible Sectional

Dimensions (in inches): 36 x 82.5 x 59.5 The frame is made of solid wood, and the upholstery is microfiber or microsuede. 600 pound weight limit.

Favorite Things

  • Fast and simple construction
  • Choose from eleven different colors of microfiber or microsuede.
  • Multiple possible configurations
  • Crafted with a minimalist aesthetic in mind

Things We Dislike

  • Unfastened ottoman

Those who are pressed for square footage but yet yearn for a place to stretch out their weary bones may look into purchasing a compact sectional sofa. We recommend Mercury Row’s Morpheus Reversible Sectional. With the free-floating ottoman, you may finish the L-shaped sofa at either end, providing extra design options and space for visitors. It’s 11 color variations and clean, classic lines make it a good fit for a wide variety of interior design schemes. Moreover, it provides unbelievable ease of use. The broad, flat armrests may double as a side table for your laptop or a bowl of snacks, and the velvety yet firm cushions provide the perfect amount of support.

Best Splurge: Crate & Barrel Gather Deep Leather Apartment Sofa

Dimensions (inches): 76 x (43 x) 26; Components (Italian aniline-dyed leather, engineered hardwood): (unspecified); Weight Capacity (in pounds):

Favorite Things

  • Shaped like a compact
  • Plush seats
  • Fine leather

Things We Dislike

  • Expensive

The Crate & Barrel Gather Deep Leather Apartment Sofa is a great option for individuals who want to indulge yet have limited room. Even though it’s narrower than most sofas, the 43-inch extra deep seating provides plenty of room to curl up and enjoy a good book or a movie on this beautiful sofa made of high-quality, aniline-dyed Italian Lynx leather. It has a contemporary design, but it can be easily customized to match your existing furnishings by adding a few throw pillows or a blanket. If you need something longer to fit your area, you can choose from three different leather tones (Toffee, Gun Metal, and Smoke), as well as a complementary ottoman.

Best Velvet: Article Sven Sofa

Dimensions: 72 x 38 x 34 inches; Construction: Solid Wood; Padding: Foam; Fabric: Polyester Blend; Weight Capacity: N/A

Favorite Things

  • Remarkable originality
  • Solid corner-blocked construction
  • Upholstery made for heavy use
  • Cushions and bolsters may be removed and washed with ease.

Things We Dislike

  • Expensive

You can still make a statement even if you’re looking for a compact couch. A velvet sofa, especially one in a jewel tone like green, blue, or yarrow gold, is the epitome of opulence. The 72-inch width of the Sven velvet sofa puts it toward the larger end of the small sofa category, making it an excellent choice if space constraints aren’t your first priority.

There’s no doubt about it: this sofa is an extravagant purchase. But its longevity also makes it a worthwhile financial commitment. It’s built to last with a kiln-dried strong wood frame, corner blocks, and thick upholstery. Plus, the velvet has a rub rating of 40,000, so it can survive the rigorous use of a commercial setting; feel free to bring the kids and the pets.

Best Modern: Carson Carrington Klaipeda Mid-century Modern Sofa

Dimensions (65.5 x 30.0 x 33.0) | Components (Solid Wood, Polyester Upholstery, 600 lb.

Favorite Things

  • Modernist style of the mid-century
  • Constructed to last
  • Inconveniently simple to disinfect

Things We Dislike

  • Some people may find it overly stiff.

The Klaipeda sofa from Carson Carrington evokes the seductive interiors of the 1960s, yet its clean lines offer timeless appeal. What’s more, the tufted back and tapered wooden legs create a high-end feel. The Klaipeda is 65 inches wide—considerably cozy but not too small for two. Durable and easy to clean, this couch packs style and substance. It comes in five color options, so you’re sure to find one that suits your space.

Best Slipcovered: Pottery Barn Buchanan Roll Arm Slipcovered Sofa 79-Inch

Carson Carrington’s Klaipeda sofa is reminiscent of 1960s mod decor while still seeming modern because to its simple lines. The tufted back and tapered hardwood legs give it an upscale look and feel. The Klaipeda has a width of 65 inches, making it a snug fit for two yet not too confining. This sofa has both form and function, as it is both sturdy and simple to maintain. You can choose from five different colors to get the perfect one for your decor.

Favorite Things

  • Color and upholstery options galore.
  • Miniature in stature
  • With the ability to have the legs detached

Things We Dislike

  • Not all fabrics can be washed in a washing machine.

If you have a tiny yet busy living area, the Buchanan Slipcovered Sofa is a terrific choice. It is built to last and can withstand long periods of sitting or active viewing of a favorite sports team thanks to its corner-blocked structure and sinuous springs. It’s also versatile, as you may choose from numerous colors and upholstery patterns to complement your existing decor. The levers can be adjusted to level the legs of the table on uneven surfaces, and they are made of solid rubberwood when not in use.

Best Leather: AllModern Jenkin 79” Chesterfield Sofa

Dimensions: 79 x 32.25 x 31 inches; Construction: Solid Wood; Upholstery: Faux Leather; Weight Limit: 750 lbs.

Favorite Things

  • Fashion that harkens back to the past
  • Fashionable garb
  • Fast and simple construction

Things We Dislike

  • Depending on the lighting, may look orange.

The first chesterfield couches were covered in dark leather so that gentlemen could sit on them without ruining their clothes. These days, however, designers don’t primarily focus on satisfying the needs of such dignitaries. The Jenkin Chesterfield, for instance, is a modern update on the traditional design, upholstered in honey-colored leather and available in a wide range of eye-catching colors. The couch is available in both the lighter modern gray and the darker antique gray, depending on your preference.

We really appreciate the modernization of the tuxedo arms. Traditional features, such as button tufting and high arms that are flush with the sofa’s back, have been preserved, but the arms have been squared off to create cleaner lines.

This couch, while functional, may not be quite up to snuff for regular use (such as for the nap or TV-binging couch). However, it is an excellent choice for gatherings and guest sitting. Three people can sit in ease across its 79-inch width.

What to Look for in a Sofa for a Small Space


A conventional couch is between 84 and 88 inches wide, while a typical loveseat is just about 52 inches wide. Small sofas, varying in width from 68 to 80 inches, are wedged between the poles. Jones claims that either of these solutions can be useful in a limited amount of room. She advises, “Go for comfort” if the room is small and the sofa takes up most of the space. Don’t be flimsy or weak in any way. Inviting and fully upholstered, like a traditional Bridgewater sofa, is my recommendation.

She suggests that you maximize seating by using a small sofa or banquette that wraps around a corner or corners of the room instead. She says, “With this, you can add an occasional table and one accent chair and call it done.”


Consider how often and how much you will use the piece, as well as the amount of care you are willing to provide it, while making your selection. If your sofa doesn’t get a lot of use from curious pets and children, linen may be a good choice. Having pets or kids means you need a stain-resistant material like microfiber. In the event of a spill, you will have more time to clean it up because the liquids will bead up on the surface of the material due to the tight weave.

Unlike many other materials, velvet is surprisingly simple to clean. You should go for a velvet sofa with a rub count of 15,000 or more. (This value is indicative of the amount of abrasions the cloth can sustain before displaying indications of wear.) To prevent velvet from fading too quickly, it’s important to keep it out of direct sunlight whenever possible.

While most upholstery materials tend to degrade with time, leather and synthetic leather actually improve with age, taking on an attractive patina. However, these materials are easily damaged by pets or children, so they may not be the ideal choice.

Style and Shape

Sofas can range from the formal chesterfield (which lacks back cushions) to the casual Lawson (which does have detachable back cushions). Your personal preference will play a role, but it’s also important to think about the space’s function and how often people will be passing through. In a foyer, bar area, or sitting room with infrequent visitors, a small chesterfield sofa would look beautiful, but it probably wouldn’t be the best choice for everyday lounging.

It’s also worth noting that there are currently a plethora of mini sectionals and modular components available on the market that can mimic the spacious sitting of sectionals by utilizing accessories such as ottomans and chaises.


How should you measure a sofa?

It’s also worth noting that there are currently a plethora of mini sectionals and modular components available on the market that can mimic the spacious sitting of sectionals by utilizing accessories such as ottomans and chaises.

The dimensions of a sofa are its height, width, and depth in inches. Finding out if the sofa can fit through an entrance when stood on end is as simple as measuring its diagonal depth, which may be necessary for relocation or delivery. To calculate the width, find the widest area of the couch, usually the space between the arms.

Determine how far back you want to sit on the couch by measuring the distance from the seat’s outside edge to the back of the furniture. A straight edge placed from the top of the rear of the frame to the front of the arm can be used to determine the diagonal depth; this is done by first measuring the distance from the bottom back corner to the point where it meets the initial straight edge.

What’s the best way to clean a sofa?

Check the label on the detergent or stain remover you intend to use. (Don’t worry; you don’t need to keep up with the booklet that came with its arrival; all the details you need is on the tag.) A water-based detergent, a milder non-detergent soap, or a dry, solvent-based cleaner will be recommended. Cleaning leather furniture may require the use of leather cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

Instructions should begin with the manufacturer’s guidelines rather than being taken as a universal rule, as they might vary greatly depending on the type of material and stain at hand.

How To Arrange A Sectional Sofa In A Small Living Room - Roomlay

What’s the difference between a sofa and a loveseat?

Two individuals can sit comfortably on a loveseat, whereas two to four can sit on a standard sofa. Since a loveseat and a two-seater couch share similar characteristics, the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, a loveseat is typically 52 inches wide, while a small sofa is typically 68 to 80 inches broad.

Although loveseats are typically used in conjunction with full-size sofas to increase seating capacity, they can serve as the principal sofa in smaller rooms.


Who says a sectional can’t fit in a small living room? In this post, we looked at two different configurations for placing a sectional sofa in a limited space. Put it to use as a divider, or break it up into smaller sections.

L-shaped sectionals can be placed in a corner to make use of the additional square footage created by the angle. Did our suggestions spark any ideas for you? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the section below.