How To Assemble Bugaboo Cameleon Bassinet? Comprehensive Guide

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Your kid will be safe and comfortable in the Bugaboo Cameleon Bassinet. However, if you’re just starting off, it can be difficult to put together. Where can I find the proper equipment? How many screws should be used? Bugaboo Cameleon Bassinet: How to Put It Together? This page will serve as a comprehensive guide for doing just that.

Who Is Bugaboo?

Max Barenbrug and Eduard Zanen started the Dutch design firm Bugaboo in 1994. While a student at a Dutch design academy, Barenbrug conceived of the notion as his capstone course.

Soon after its founding, Bugaboo began manufacturing high-quality strollers and luggage systems. Its first stroller, the Bugaboo Classic, began roaming the streets of Holland around 1999.

It wasn’t until the 2001 release of the Bugaboo Frog that Bugaboo became a household name around the world. The success of the program Sex and the City contributed to the model’s meteoric rise to fame in the United Kingdom. After seeing it in the show, parents all around the United States started looking for one, too.

bugaboo cameleon³ demo – assembly with bassinet - YouTube

Bugaboo Today

Bugaboo is a new company that is only beginning to make its mark on the international scene. With modern strollers that manage to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical, this goal is within reach.

What Parents Say About Bugaboo

Reviewers have been overwhelmingly positive about Bugaboo’s success with parents. People are quite complimentary about the quality of their goods.

But you should know that Bugaboo is not a cheap brand. Although the majority of its strollers are on the pricier side, you can rest assured that you are getting a product of the highest quality. There is also a three-year warranty on Bugaboo products.

Their strollers also have an easy assembling process, which is a major plus. A lot of people have complained that it was more difficult to remove the components from the packaging than to actually put the product together.

Steps on How to assemble bugaboo Cameleon bassinet

The Bugaboo Cameleon bassinet, like many other similar products, is delivered to the customer in sections that must be assembled before use. Below are detailed instructions on how to accomplish this:

First, empty the packaging of its contents. Place the bassinet cover down with the logo up.

Step 2: Insert the infant mattress (foam padding) into the fabric lining, making sure the sides are evenly aligned within the inner elastic bands for the best possible fit and in accordance with worldwide safety requirements.

Third, with the seam or stitching side facing up, place one leg in each corner pocket at the base edge of the “L” shaped structure piece. If at all feasible, line up the seams along the edges of the piece before inserting the leg.

To complete the bassinet, step four entails inserting the legs of the base structure piece into the corner pockets of the bassinet cover fabric lining and turning the fabric to the right side so that the seam or stitch lines up with the bottom edge of the base and the top.

How to fold the Bugaboo Fox 2 bassinet

Assemble the center support piece by first inserting its legs into the four corner pockets of the lining fabric of the foundation structure so that the right sides are facing each other and the seams and stitches line up at the base. For quick and simple assembly, just fold down the final top edge.

Second, using only the slotted hole on one leg, place the safety belt buckle into the safety strap slot, folding the straps back entirely against itself to protect the stitching within the slots from being damaged.

Keeping the buckles clean will help avoid problems in the future, so follow the cleaning instructions given elsewhere on this page. Just like before, do the same thing with the other leg.

What’s the difference between Bugaboo Fox and Cameleon bassinet?

The bassinet options are limited, but the Bugaboo Fox offers greater space and conveniences. The Bugaboo Fox bassinet can accommodate newborns up to 15 kg, while the Bugaboo Cameleon bassinet can accommodate infants weighing between 0 and 18 kg.

Both come standard with features such a rain cover for the carrycot, front swivel wheels that lock in place while traversing rough terrain, and an adjustable handlebar with many height positions for single use or tandem pushing.

How to fold down a Bugaboo Cameleon 1 bassinet

Simply said, the procedure is straightforward. The bassinet can be opened by simultaneously depressing and turning two locks on the left side of the frame, and by first pushing away from you with your fingers on the right side of the frame and then folding down towards you.

Then, fold it up or open it wide, whichever works better for stowing it away.

Steps to fold a Bugaboo Cameleon 3 bassinet?

First, make certain the seat unit is closed. Remove the two clips from the top of the canopy by hand (or with a coin) and set it aside. Pull the hood back and up, then gently pull it towards you to disengage it from the frame.

Step 2: With one hand securely gripping the leaver, depress the hood release button with your thumb and then unclip the second clip underneath the button. After unlocking, take the hood off over the headrest bar, taking care not to snag the fabric or padding on the metal rod. This will keep the material in good condition.

Third, unfold the bassinet and set it down next to the frame, hood facing left. You can use your fingers or a coin to undo the clips holding the cloth of a baby bassinet, which will make the job easier and less likely to cause any harm.

bugaboo cameleon³ demo – convert from bassinet to seat - YouTube

Fourth, once undone, fold the cloth upwards towards you and lift away from the frame, being careful to support the large padded headrest bar so it doesn’t break or snap in two.

Since the fabric is water-resistant rather than waterproof, it should be washed every three months at most now that it has been totally detached from the frame.

As with any pushchair-style device, the frequency of inspections should be based on how often the product is used; in addition, it is crucial that the manufacturer’s instructions be strictly adhered to at all times.

How do you clean a Bugaboo Cameleon canopy?

First, take out the bassinet’s inserts and bedding before cleaning your Bugaboo Cameleon.

If the insert’s fabric is removable, you should remove it and either machine wash it on a gentle cycle in cold water or wash it by hand in warm water with mild soap but no bleach. Applying a tiny bit of vinegar to the garment along with your regular detergent will assist release any leftover dirt particles if a stain lingers after washing.

To prevent the fabric from shrinking, let it dry completely at room temperature before reassembling the stroller.

Can a baby sleep in Bugaboo Fox bassinet overnight?

The Bugaboo Fox bassinet can be used as a crib for the duration of the night.

The Best Bugaboo Stroller Reviews of 2022

We spent a lot of time reading through parent reviews and recommendations to locate the best Bugaboo strollers. Here are the final five that made the cut:

1. Bugaboo Buffalo Complete Stroller

The Buffalo can be found in one of Bugaboo’s earlier product lines. The Buffalo is a great option for active families who like to explore the world around them. It has a ton of practical extras and sturdy wheels to boot.

The Buffalo Stroller from Bugaboo is just gorgeous. It has all the best features for use in the great outdoors while also maintaining a classic look. The sunshade, seat, and bassinet of this all-terrain stroller are a dark khaki color.

We are in awe at the quality of the materials that Bugaboo used to create this masterpiece. It has a luxurious fabric body and a vegan leather grip for a soft, cruelty-free ride.

The stroller offers a large, versatile basket and a comfortable seat for your infant. It is secure enough to hang on the bar without tipping the stroller backwards.


  • It’s a great all-around stroller for any terrain.
  • Safety belt with five attachment points.
  • Long-lasting because to its sturdy construction.


  • It weighs a much.

2. Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono Baby Stroller

The Bugaboo Donkey 2 is fantastic for families with two young children or those expecting twins. It can be used as a single stroller with a side basket or folded in half to accommodate two children.

Although it is initially purchased as a single stroller, it can be easily transformed into a double with a few simple clicks and pulls. If you purchase the optional adapters and car seats, you can use the stroller immediately after purchase.

It’s great for one child because of the convenient side basket. It’s convenient to have everything you need within easy reach, making it a great companion for trips to the supermarket or other on-the-go situations. It has compartments to store your personal items, making your life on the road less chaotic.

The excellent handling and plush ride are other highlights. It is comfortable walking on pavement, dirt trails, and even cobblestone. Foam filling ensures that these tires will never need replacing.

The seat may be adjusted to accommodate your child’s needs, whether they are sleeping, awake, or anywhere in between.


  • Simple transformation into a double stroller mode.
  • When using the stroller by itself, the handy side basket comes in handy.
  • Tires stuffed with foam that can handle any terrain.


  • Folds rather awkwardly — you have to remove the basket.
  • The folding mechanism is clumsy; the basket must be removed before storage.

3. Bugaboo Fox Complete Full-Size Stroller

The Bugaboo Fox, one of the company’s newest strollers, is the top pick for future parents. With its high-quality suspension and plush interior, this stroller has it all.

A bassinet is provided so that your newborn can have a safe and comfortable place to sleep right away. The Fox can also be used with a car seat adapter, which is also supplied separately.

The ergonomic plush within the seat cradles and supports your baby until they are able to sit in it independently. The Bugaboo chair has a few inches of elevation, bringing your baby to you at a suitable distance for interaction. The stroller has a weight limit of 48.5 pounds.

Everything must be as simple as possible for a new parent. In order to make things easier, Bugaboo has designed a single-piece fold. The Fox may be folded down quickly and easily to a small, portable size.

Bugaboo offers more than just a stroller and bassinet, though. There has a huge storage basket, a UPF 50 sun canopy, and a rain cover.


  • Suitable from day one with the included bassinet.
  • With the free bassinet, your baby can start off right.
  • Quickly foldable frame.


  • The assembly process is difficult.

4. Bugaboo Bee5 Complete Stroller

Bugaboo made the Bee 5 for urban parents as an alternative to the bulkier Fox. One of the most portable buggies available, it can be folded up and stored away with minimal effort.

The Bugaboo Bee 5 Complete is a great option for parents who either reside in a busy city or take frequent trips with their young child. It’s ready to go as soon as baby arrives because it works with bassinets and car seats. You can get these items alone.

There is no sacrifice of comfort for size. Additionally comfortable, the seat’s backrest and footrest are adaptable to accommodate your infant as they develop. Your infant will also like the reversible chair, which allows him or her to choose whether to face the world or you.

Parents will love the comfortable grip provided by the faux leather-wrapped handles. As a result, the seat can be adjusted to a comfortable height for any driver.


  • It weighs only 19.6 pounds, making it a breeze to transport.
  • Many further conveniences for the maturing infant.
  • Handles are padded for comfort and wrapped in durable imitation leather that can be adjusted to fit your needs.


  • It’s a bit shaky when walking over bumps.

5. Bugaboo Lynx Lightest Full-Size Stroller

The Lynx is the perfect companion for off-road family outings. It’s a sturdy stroller suited with all-terrain wheels, capable of gliding over uneven ground.

When taking the family out on an off-road adventure, the Lynx is the best vehicle to have by your side. It’s a durable stroller with wheels designed to go over rough terrain with ease.

The Lynx’s timeless flexibility is one of its greatest strengths. Iconic in appearance, it boasts top-notch performance attributes. The buggy is versatile, and can be utilized beginning with birth with the addition of a bassinet (available separately).

The stroller’s front wheels are 7 inches in diameter, but the back wheels are nearly twice as large, making for a narrow stride and excellent mobility. If and when your child is ready to face the world head-on, they can flip over to the front of the reversible seat. They can turn away from you if that makes you uneasy, or they can keep facing you.

There are three different backrest settings that work for both sleeping and awake infants. Premium, tried-and-true materials are used in its construction.


  • Family-friendly, all-terrain stroller.
  • Comfortable folding structure.
  • Reversible seat with a height-adjustable backrest.
  • Appropriate right off the bat.


  • The stroller requires a two-step process in order to be folded.

Bugaboo Stroller Related Accessories

Bugaboo gives you the ability to personalize the look of your stroller. As an example of optional extras, consider:

  • The Comfort Wheeled Board from Bugaboo includes a stand/seat attachment, perfect for bringing along an older sibling. This compact stroller board doubles as a bike seat, making it ideal for extended strolls.
  • The Bugaboo stroller has a spacious, convenient cup holder that is compatible with all beverages. Simply detach and reattach as needed.
  • This fashionable gray melange tote bag from Bugaboo is a stroller organizer, perfect for keeping your essentials together while you’re on the go. Your belongings will be safe and easily accessible.
  • Keep your child cool and comfortable in any climate with a breathable seat liner. It’s multicolored and works with a wide range of strollers, including the Bee, Donkey, Cameleon, and Buffalo.
  • The Bugaboo Mosquito Net is designed to shield your infant from pesky insects. It’s machine-washable polyester fabric.
  • Keep your little one warm and cozy this winter with a pair of high-performance footmuffs. A zipper and a rainbow of hues are only two of the features.
  • If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain, the high-performance rain cover designed specifically for the Cameleon stroller is a must-have accessory. It’s possible to keep your infant dry and give them a view of the outside world.
  • Extra shade from the sun is available with the Bugaboo Parasol. It can be purchased in a wide variety of hues and quickly and simply attaches to the framework of a stroller.
  • The Fox and Cameleon 3 strollers are compatible with the Breezy Sun Canopy, which comes in a variety of colors and can be swapped out for your existing stroller’s canopy. All-around mesh windows ensure airflow and a comfortable environment for your child.
  • Bugaboo provides a padded travel bag to ensure that your stroller will reach at your destination in one piece. It has a padded shoulder strap and a carry handle for convenience.
  • This Bugaboo Snack Tray is compatible with Fox strollers and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It’s simple to install and adds a place for your youngster to put their drink and a tray for their food.
  • You may use this stand with the bassinets of your Bugaboo Cameleon 3, Buffalo, or Donkey stroller when you go for walks. It’s versatile enough to serve as a highchair at home, in the park, or at a restaurant.

Where to Buy Bugaboo Strollers

You can purchase a Bugaboo stroller directly from the company’s website. Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Baby R’ Us, and the recently resurrected Toys R’ Us locations all have a broad variety.

bugaboo cameleon demo - using the carrycot - YouTube

Bugaboo Website and Contact

The Bugaboo storefront has received high marks from customers, and we agree. Aside from being visually appealing, the in-depth explanations are also invaluable.

The Bugaboo customer support phone number is (800) 460-2922. Alternatively, you can use the site’s email form.

Bugaboo Stroller Comparison Chart

Final Judgement

When it comes to businesses, Bugaboo may be on the younger side, but it has a solid track record. They skyrocketed in popularity in the United States after one of their strollers was featured in a popular TV show.

Each and every one of Bugaboo’s strollers comes standard with excellent steering and suspension, and you can personalize it further by choosing from a variety of available canopies. Exhibiting your newborn in one of these fashionable items is a lot of fun.

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