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Staying at home for a long time, doing nothing, can be stressful, so you’re going to want to learn how to build a recliner chair with our four easy steps. They’re not the usual project goals that you see daily, and they definitely require some skills. However, recliner chairs are pretty intriguing that we’re sure you’ve been wondering how they were made at some point.

Recliner chairs are one of the usual contents of family houses all over the world. They are those chairs that look like a sofa that can be reclined and adjusted to your preferred angle. If you still don’t know what we mean, then think about airplane seats or car seats.

These types of chairs have been widespread and are present in all sorts of environments. You can see them either indoors or outdoors. There are even recliner chairs made with simple steel and fabric that you can bring to the beach.

Since they are also used and enjoyed throughout all age groups, a reclining chair you’ve made can now be used until you’re older and have children and grandchildren. So let’s talk about how you’re going to make it!

How Do Recliner Chairs Work?

Good question and one that is best answered by looking at the type of recliner chairs available.

  • Manual Recliner Chair – As the name suggests, manual recliner chairs recline using a lever on the side of the chair. These chairs are the cheapest, but they require some strength and dexterity on your behalf to operate them.
  • Electric Recliner Chair – The most common chair because it combines a reclining action for comfort, with an electric motor for ease of use. You press a button and the chair reclines with hardly any effort from you.
  • Electric Rise and Recliner Chair – Top of the range for me is the electric rise and recline chair. This is the chair I need because it combines the reclining action with the added advantage of the chair tilting and rising so that it’s easy to get out of. These chairs cost more but for people with mobility problems are arguably the most useful.
  • Massaging Recliner Chair – You can buy both manual and electric massaging recliner chairs. They combine reclining into a comfortable position with a soothing massage.
  • Massaging Rise and Recliner Chair – For ultimate luxury, the massaging rise and recline chair is it. Granted these chairs come at a price. But, the benefits outweigh the cost. At the touch of a button, you can recline into your favourite position. While away the hours with a soothing head to toe massage. Then, when you’re ready to get up, you can do so from an almost upright position.

Also, and much to my delight, recliner chairs no longer look like they should be in a nursing home.

Today, chairs are stylish and come in a range of colours and fabrics, meaning there is a chair to suit every home.

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The Benefits of Using a Recliner Chair.

  1. Comfort – For me, its all about comfort. When I sit down, I want to be able to rest in comfort not to be constantly jiggling myself to get comfortable. I hate being propped up with cushions and having to move them every few minutes. I want to be able to put my feet up without laying down.
  2. Relieves Pressure – A huge benefit of using a recliner is you can take the pressure off your joints. Because the chair can be manoeuvred at the touch of a button, you decide the most suitable position not the design of the chair.
  3. Mobility – Another benefit, for me anyway, is that when I get up from being stuck in a static position, I find it difficult to walk. If I’ve been in one position for any length of time, I get stiff. Walking while my joints are stiff is uncomfortable. Recliners can reduce stiffness, aiding your mobility.
  4. Independence – I’m ashamed to admit it, but sometimes, I need help getting out of my chair. There is nothing more embarrassing than asking one of my sons to help me get up. Rise and recliner chairs would if nothing else, help me keep my independence and remove the need to relying on someone else.

Steps In Building A Recliner Chair

Making a new chair from scratch is a whole new level of craftsmanship, but we’ll start with something simple and sturdy. You can then build your way through more complex and personal design from learning the basic concepts. Here are the steps in making a recliner chair.

Step #1. Get a well-detailed plan

Since making a recliner involves more than just making a chair, you’re going to need a highly specified plan of work. The main focus of the chair would be the mechanical part you’re going to attach.

Note that a recliner chair needs a backrest that can be tilted up and down to allow the user to lie down. Some even feature additional footrests to add some convenience.

Now, you can provide the reclining action in a couple of manners. You can use a single inclination lock that requires a less mechanical device and needs just a few additional screws and wood. If you want something smoother and capable of getting raised to a variety of heights, then you’ll need to acquire more intricate reclining parts.

First, draw a look for your chair, both on its classic look and the reclined. Next, draw the chair in each of the following views: front, left, right and rear. This is like drawing a blueprint of the chair so make it as detailed as possible, with dimensions and proper labels.

Step #2. Buy all the raw materials and bring them to your working area

Once the plan is fully ready, we can now start dealing with making the chair. We recommend that you personally visit the hardware you’re planning to acquire your materials rather than ordering them for deliveries. Hardware products, especially wood, are so unique to one another that it’s best if you get to check the items you’re going to need.

We’re going to do a multi-inclination chair, and we’re also going to use solid wood frames for the chair. You can buy the recliner part on the hardware; just ask for the recliner mechanism. Some of the shops that prepare this part will ask you to preorder this.

It would be hard for the wood to recommend a specific one since availability will dictate its price. We suggest that you pick something sturdy and tough. Talking with the staff at the hardware shop will also help you choose the correct item.

Step #3. Prep the wood

Cut the parts of the chair base into the dimensions you have previously recorded. Make sure you label each piece for easy identification when you assemble. Use a level to ensure you create good angles which will make proper fittings later on.

After cutting all the parts, treat them with substance to keep the termites and other wood-deteriorating insects off your chair. Follow the instructions of the chemicals concerning application and soaking periods.

Step #4. Assemble all the parts of the chair’s base

Now, you can take your hammer and nails and start putting up your chair. Make sure you double-check parts before hammering them together. We encourage you to fill gaps left after nailing with wood putty.

Fit the recliner part into the base before you cover it with your seat surface. The fitting and fixing of this reclining mechanism will depend on where you obtained the part, so make sure that their staff properly explains the process to you.

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Check that the reclining part is moving properly and not getting caught on other parts. Then, attach the seat surface and all the different parts of the chair.

Smoothen all the surfaces of the chair with sandpaper and brush off all the dust. You can then paint or apply varnish to it, or if you have the skill, you can also attach some cushions to turn it into a sofa.

How to Maintain and Care For a Recliner Chair

1. Prevent damage to your chair

It is always best to start on a proactive stance and take preventative measures before anything happens to the furniture. Indeed, the number one to guarantee long life from recliner chairs is to avoid placing them in direct sunlight. The majority of the chairs are made of leather, which can be deeply affected by direct sunlight. The leather starts to fade out and get cracks, which leaves it looking old and worn out.

Another measure is to reduce some strong odours from reaching the seat. For example, smokers are likely to leave the smell on the fabric, and that will only fasten the ageing process.

Finally, it is worth changing the loose cushions often. This will reduce the wear and tear process, which is usually accelerated by concentrated use.

2. Deep clean the leather

Maintaining leather recliner is often a hard task. Many people would preferably leave the job to professionals, in spite of the cost. However, for those who might want to clean it themselves, there is a way. The most critical advice is to avoid water at all costs. The significant detriment to using the liquid is that it leaves huge stains on the leather.

The best alternative is to use a steam cleaner. It might be another expense that you might not be willing to accommodate, but in the long run, it is worth it. Not only does it remove the usual dust, but it also gets rid of the bad smells that could have accumulated. Another option could be the use of saddle soap. It will remove all the dirt, while also ensuring that the seat does not develop cracks.

3. Look after the fabric

Cleaning the fabric part is not as difficult as taking care of the leather. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you should ignore it. The first thing to always consider is vacuum cleaning. The fabrics on recliner chairs can be sensitive and delicate, and thus, extreme care is necessary. It is recommended to have a soft brush doing the work.

Secondly, baby wipes come in very handy in the process of cleaning the seats. That is best for taking care of small spots with dirt.

It is also good practice to have microfibre cloth available in the house. Combined with a fabric cleaner, it can do an outstanding job of cleaning. While the fabric may not be as sensitive to water as the leather, it would be excellent if the owner could avoid it entirely.

4. Take care of the mechanics

The principal difference between a standard seat and a recliner chair is the mechanical part. The feature that makes it move around and be manipulated into different angles is also essential when considering maintenance. It is even more critical in recliner chairs for the elderly as they may not have the ability to take care of the furniture appropriately. It is pertinent to ensure to regularly oil the mechanical section.

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Again, it is better to be proactive than reactive. Do not wait until the chair produces creaking sounds, or the movement is suddenly jeopardised. Oil it before, and it will serve you diligently for a long time.

These are just a few tips that can help you to manage a recliner chair. If you want to see a variety of products and speak to professionals about the rise and recliner chairs, get in touch with our team at Mobility Furniture Company!


We have shared our easy steps on how to build a recliner chair, covering as much as possible. There might be some strange turn-outs when you’re already hands-on working on the project, especially if you have no experience. Just keep pressing on, and you’ll definitely make it work.