What is a swivel base? How To Build A Swivel Barrel Chair?

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Helen Skeates
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How to construct a swivel barrel chair is the subject of this essay. Every once in a while, you should get up from your desk and take a stroll around the room.

Many people have back pain from sitting at their desks for long periods of time; this aids in alleviating that problem. If you’ve been debating whether or not to purchase a swivel barrel chair, this piece should serve as a great jumping off point!

What is a swivel base?

This chair has the ability to swivel and move around thanks to its base.

Why does it have to be a swivel base?

There isn’t enough room for the person sitting on this chair to turn around comfortably, or to avoid catching their feet on the ground while they do so. The swivel base is a must if you plan on spending a lot of time in this chair.

Comprehensive Guide to Swivel Base - Krostrade

What are the benefits?

The lack of a back or headrest on a swivel barrel chair makes it possible to turn it in any direction. If two people want to use the chair at once, this is a fantastic solution.

Some people may have difficulty getting in and out of a fixed chair, but a swivel chair may be quickly rotated to provide more room. Wheelchair users can freely rotate on such a platform without worrying about getting their back or seat trapped.

If you or a loved one have mobility issues but still want to rock in an armless chair, this is a terrific option because you can get in and out of the chair without help.

How does a swivel base work?

The chair’s swivel base makes it easy to get in and out of it from different angles.

You can either use a foot pedal or, once seated, bend over and use your hands. These chairs are wonderful, and they rock in a variety of ways. If someone doesn’t want to use their feet, that’s okay; there will always be an alternative.

Instructions for Building A Swivel Barrel Chair

First, determine the desired length of your chair and cut two pieces of wood to that length. The height should be about how tall you are plus a few inches for wiggle room.

Second, saw cuts are made in one end and another end is cut at an angle so that the pieces fit together like a puzzle. Placement of the swivel at this point is intended.

Third, smooth the edges with sandpaper, then measure and mark the width of your desired seat before cutting a piece to fit the chair’s bottom. If it’s just going to be attached on one side, leave enough room for both of your feet can touch the floor when you sit down.

In the fourth step, you’ll carve two extra pieces of wood to use as cross-members for your bench. These should be the same width as the seat you intend to use, less any cushion thickness. Make sure you leave enough of the fabric so that when you sit in it, your upper body weight is distributed evenly if it will only be on one side.

Fifth, determine the width of your chair’s seat and backrest by measuring these dimensions. In case you change your mind and decide not to include a back, you’ll have plenty of fabric on both sides if you make them a little longer than the final height you want.

Dark Chrome Swivel Chair Base with Square Fixing Plate - 500mm

How do you attach a swivel base to a recliner?

The chair’s base features a drilled attachment hole. To execute this properly, you will need screws, anchors, and a drill.

What kind of material can you use for the seat?

You can make your own upholstery or buy some at any fabric store that has different styles and materials available on site. Experts in the field of furniture construction are available if you lack confidence in your sewing abilities; some of these establishments may even have swivel barrel chairs available.

Can you add a swivel base to a Lazy Boy recliner?

You can make your own upholstery or buy some at any fabric store that has different styles and materials available on site. Experts in the field of furniture construction are available if you lack confidence in your sewing abilities; some of these establishments may even have swivel barrel chairs available.

Every fabric store will have a wide variety of upholstery fabrics and designs available for purchase or use in your own DIY projects. Furniture makers are available if you are not comfortable with sewing; some of them may even have swivel barrel chairs available.

The second concern is whether or not they would provide a guarantee for this adjustment. The swivel mount may be rejected by some businesses on the grounds that it places unnecessary stress on internal mechanisms, which may wear out or break down in the long run.

If you don’t think these two issues are deal-breakers, then go for it! Building a swivel barrel chair from scratch is not as difficult as one might imagine, in my opinion.

10 Barrel Chairs That Are Equal Parts Cozy and Stylish

West Elm Cozy Swivel Chair

The Cozy Swivel Chair from West Elm is a cute option for curling up with a good book or a glass of wine because of its low profile and comfy design. Because of its wide seat and swiveling base, you may easily move it around the room. The seat cushion can be flipped over to keep it fluffy, and the webbed support inside makes it comfortable for long periods of sitting. This chair is available in 42 colorways and a variety of materials to match any decor.

Zipcode Design Liam Barrel Chair

The Zipcode Design Liam Barrel Chair is a high-quality item available at a fair price. This chair may be ordered in 35 distinct hues and a wide variety of upholstery materials, such as velvet and polyester-blend fabric, so it should be easy to pick one that suits your taste. Foam padding in the back and seat provide hours of relaxation, and the chair’s minimalist form makes it a good fit for a wide variety of interiors.

Crate & Barrel Sculpt Chair

The Sculpt Chair from Crate and Barrel is a beautiful example of mid-century modern design. This sculptural accent chair has a round form, minimal negative space on both sides, and a backrest that flows into three block-style legs. The plush velvet upholstery comes in 11 different, extravagant hues to suit any taste.

Mercer41 Indianola Modern Barrel Chair

The Mercer41 Indianola Modern Barrel Chair is a sophisticated option that mimics the look of much more expensive furniture thanks to its channel tufting on the inner back and wings. This modern chair features a choice of four upholstery colors and two leg finishes (gold or black) to complement any decor. Both fabrics and leather are easy to clean, which is great if you have kids or dogs.

Anthropologie Rochelle Swivel Chair

Get the Rochelle if you want to bring the beauty of flowers into your house. This chair, with its 360-degree swivel base, may be the focal point of a living room or home office without overpowering the space. However, if flowery isn’t your thing, you may mix and match different fabrics and designs to make the perfect outfit.

West Elm Jonah Leather Chair

The Jonah Chair from West Elm is upholstered in genuine leather for those who value such a material. This sleek and simple chair has a classic barrel shape and is supported by four peg legs. The natural finish of the kiln-dried wood legs complements the supple top-grain leather upholstery, which is offered in six different tones. The Jonah Chair is as comfy as it appears, thanks to its deep seat, high back, and gently sloping arms.

Crate & Barrel Fields Cane Accent Chair

Crate and Barrel’s Fields Cane Accent Chair is a light and airy variation on the classic barrel chair, thanks to its sturdy oak and rattan structure and comfortable, multi-positional upholstery. If you want to use this chair in a semi-outdoor setting, the kiln-dried wood frame will keep it from warping. Both a black frame with charcoal cushions and a natural frame with white cushions are available.

Lulu and Georgia Tobi Swivel Chair

Lulu and Georgia’s Tobi Swivel Chair is an elegant example of mid-century design. With its plush boucle-textured fabric and extra-wide and deep seat (exactly 33 x 33 inches), this barrel chair is perfect for relaxing, curling up, or hosting get-togethers in the comfort of your own home. It’s manufactured to order and available in gray, slate, or cream, so there’ll be a delay in shipping.

Pottery Barn Lyndon Upholstered Armchair

The Lyndon Upholstered Armchair from Pottery Barn is a timeless option for those in search of a traditional barrel chair. This casually stylish item is just the right scale for apartment or studio dwellers who want to make a big style statement.

This luxurious armchair may be on the diminutive side, but it doesn’t skimp on comfort. The plush cushioning of the seat and back, along with the chair’s rolled arms, making it a great place to kick back and unwind. Over a hundred different fabrics are available for this chair, which is created to order.

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CB2 Gwyneth Velvet Chair

Another great swivel chair with a classic yet modern vibe is the CB2 Gwyneth Chair. This modern chair was created in tandem with goop (thus the name) and is offered in your choice of plush blue velvet, warm ivory boucle, or elegant gray linen. It has a strong swivel base and a frame made of pine and plywood.


The best spinning barrel chairs now on the market have been introduced, and instructions for building your own have been provided in the preceding article. Please take the time to read the article and provide feedback.

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