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In order to buy an excellent sectional sofa, there are only three things to know. It’s the sectional’s dimensions, style, and layout. Because of this, please continue reading below to learn how they may help you find a sectional that’s appropriate for you.

Check out this list of the greatest sofa manufacturers before you go any further. You must, after all, know which sofa brands are trustworthy. And when it comes to a sectional, you want a brand that provides the best value for your money.

What is a Sectional Sofa?

Sectionals have become one of the most popular sofa styles in recent years. An L- or U-shaped seating area is often created by combining at least two sections.

Kaleidoscope Design Studio principal designer Allison Thibault states, “They are quite popular right now due of their variety and configuration options.” In addition, they may be found in a wide range of upholstery and price points, making them appealing to most purchasers.”

In our Austin, Texas studio, Bri Ussery, the founder of Dr Design House, gave us some insider advice on how to buy and style sectionals. Here are some of Bri’s thoughts:

Sectional sofas are versatile enough to fit in any room, no matter how small or large it is. As Thibault points out, sectionals are extremely versatile and may be set up to deal with almost any space constraint.

It is a fantastic feature of sectionals that they can genuinely be arranged to function in practically any space constraint.

If you want a place to chill at home, sectionals are ideal. It’s a great way to set the mood in a room, and I love using them in my designs. There is an immediate sense of welcoming and comfort in the space, says designer Jennifer Burt.

Additionally, if you’re a fan of binge-watching Netflix shows, “there is no better site to binge a series at,” says Burt.

5 Benefits of Sectional Sofas

1. Maximized Seating

Choosing the correct sectional for a small area might help to optimize seating possibilities. A sectional is a great option if you don’t have the space for a sofa and a loveseat. Long, continuous cushions allow for a large group to sit together comfortably. In order to make room for the corner seat, the side table had to be removed.

2. Lounging Comfort

A chaise is a common component of sectional sofas. In addition to providing seating for numerous people, this piece of furniture can be used to rest after a long day at work.

13 Best Comfortable Sectional Sofas To Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows | Spacejoy

3. Visual Interest

The ability of a single piece of furniture to protrude into the space adds aesthetic interest to a sectional sofa. The Zuo Modern Soho sectional sofa, for example, has a bold design style that adds even more visual interest to the space.

4. Accommodate Overnight Guests

However, there are a few sectional couches that are particularly made with overnight guests in mind. Most of these sofas contain a long chaise lounge that a single guest may sleep on. A sectional couch by Zuo Modern includes hinged seat cushions. In order to change the sofa into an elegant guest bed, each one lifts up.

5. Create a Casual and Welcoming Space

Sectional couches, as opposed to separate sofas and loveseats, provide a cozier, more inviting vibe. A sectional sofa is the best option if you want to create a family room where everyone can relax and unwind. Imagine snuggling up on the Avalon by Diamond Sofa with your children to watch a movie on a Friday night.

How to Find the Perfect Sectional for Your Home: Three Things We Considered

In order to choose the greatest sectional couches, we relied on the advice of professional interior designers.

  1. For each sectional we’ve featured, there are a variety of options for customizing the piece’s shape and size, as well as the materials it is made of. The manufacturing deadlines and methods were also monitored by us.
  2. Construction and delivery: In what manner did the product arrive to its destination? It’s important to know if the sofa comes completed or in boxes. How easy was it to assemble if it was necessary?
  3. Here’s what most people want to know about life at home with a sofa. What’s it like to live with the sofa? Is it a good fit? Is it suitable for snoozing? Are there any difficulties in keeping it clean? Is it up to par with the images that appear on a company’s website?

The Ultimate Sectional Sofa Buying Guide


  • Sectionals that are either too large or too small for the space can have an impact on the room’s general appearance and the well-being of its occupants.
  • If you have a large space, using a tiny sectional can give the impression that it is incomplete and bare.
  • A tiny space will appear and feel cramped if it is furnished with a large sectional.
  • Small doorways and other passageways the sectional will meet after delivery or possible moving should be able to accommodate the sofa’s size comfortably.
  • For the ideal sectional sofa, the room’s size and anticipated use must be taken into consideration.
  • Consider how many people will be using the sectional on a regular basis to ensure that it’s large enough to accommodate everyone.
  • Sectionals should be sized appropriately to accommodate the user’s height and other reclining postures.


  • Sectional sofas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including curved, angled, and chaise models.
  • More than three people can be comfortably accommodated by an L-shaped sofa.
  • For homes who frequently host guests, a U-shaped sofa is an excellent choice because it allows for better discussion between the seats.
  • If you have a big living room and want a couch that appears to float in the air, consider a curved sectional sofa.
  • chaise sectional is the greatest option for people who spend a lot of time in their living room relaxing.


  • Sectional sofas that can be turned around to face the other way are the most adaptable.
  • Right-to-left and vice versa sectionals are available for some sofas.
  • Make sure you buy a model that allows you to dismantle the sectional and reposition each piece of furniture separately.
  • If you’re short on room, consider a sectional sofa that can also be used as a bed when the occasion arises.
  • While sectional sofas aren’t as common as reclining sofas, several of the greatest reclining couch brands do offer them.

Are L Shaped Sofas A Good Idea?

Multiple placement ideas

No matter what the size of your living room is, an L-shaped sectional couch is a great addition. If you have a large room, you may think this sofa is too much for it. Traditional placement of L-shaped sofas on the corner is no longer necessary. They may also be placed against a wall or in the middle of an area.

Putting together a sofa in a tiny living room can be tricky, but we’ve got some pointers for you.

Room division

Another benefit of an L-shaped sofa is that it may be used to divide a space. For those who have an open floor layout, a sectional couch can be used as a divider. Even behind the couch, you can decorate and arrange to maximize the area.

Create a mini-bar behind the TV with a table and chairs, for example. If you have a big enough sofa, you can isolate your living space from the rest of your house.

Should I Get A Sectional Or Two Sofas?

When picking between two sofas and a sectional, the most important factor to take into account is the amount of available space. As an example, if you have two couches in a room, will it look more grounded or will it look more unified and furnished with only one sectional? Sectionals, on the other hand, can be disassembled or reconfigured as needed.

Some rooms may appear better with two sofas, especially for socializing. You can place them side by side and use a trendy couch table in the middle to tie everything together. With that in mind, think about how your traffic will flow with either option because you want ample room for people to move about.

What Is A Good Price For A Sectional Sofa?

Between $1200 and $3000 is a good price range for a sectional sofa. It’s important to keep in mind that you’re paying for high-quality materials and workmanship, so your couch will last for years to come. In addition, because sectional couches are larger than loveseats, you should expect them to be more expensive.

Were you looking for a way to save money on your couch purchase? If you know the optimal time to buy a sofa, you’ll be able to save money. When it comes to shopping, you may also be able to take advantage of sales and other promotions throughout these months.

The 5 Best Sectional Sofas

1. Best Overall Sectional Sofa: Sectionals by ALLFORM

Sectional with four seats:

  • begins with a price tag of $2245.
  • The dimensions are 97″ wide x 70″ deep x 34″ tall
  • The arm’s height is 25″
  • Length of Legs: 6″
  • Frame: Kiln-Dried Laminated Hardwood Frame of Maple and Poplar Trees
  • Options for upholstery and fabric include seven high-performance fabrics and two top-grain protected leathers.

In the same way that Helix, one of the most successful mattress-in-a-box products, was developed by the same creative brains, so was Allform. To be honest, I had high hopes for a company like this, known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. It exceeded my expectations, and generally, the Allform sectional was well thought-out, from a simple online design experience, to rapid shipping, and simple assembly. Allform is the frontrunner for best sectional since it was the only brand to accomplish all of this in a single purchasing and delivery experience.

What I Loved About this Allform Sectional

Starting at $2,245, the 4-Seat Corner Sectional isn’t the most affordable option. Nearly 300 people on the site think Allform’s sofas are worth the money, so I’m going to have to agree with them.

Amazon.com: Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa Sofa Set with Foam Filled Seat and Back, Solid Wood Frame (Fabric Gray Without Cup Holders) : Home & Kitchen

You may simply build modular sectionals inspired by mid-century design classics on Allform’s website. To begin, I looked at the many seating options available on the website, ranging from two-piece loveseats to three-seater sofas. Depending on the number of seats you need to begin, sectionals come in a variety of configurations (anywhere between three seats and a chaise to eight seats for a u-shape configuration.)

Allform’s assembly couldn’t be simpler for those of you who have been to IKEA before. Putting together furniture has always been a challenge for me, but this was by far the most straightforward experience I’ve had to far. It took me approximately 45 minutes to put the frame together and add the seat cushions, but it would go much faster if you had someone helping you.

Overall, it’s hard to realize that this is a brand new sectional sofa. Like other reviewers, I found the medium-firm cushions to be very comfortable, even after sitting on them for a few days. Nothing moved at all, not even the robust frame made of kiln-drying laminated maple and poplar woods.

Allform offers a 100-day home trial and a lifetime warranty on their kiln-dried maple and poplar frames, which I found to be extraordinarily generous in terms of customer service. If their furniture isn’t right for you, you can return it for a full refund. Allform, on the other hand, is a company whose products I know you’ll adore for years to come.

What I Didn’t Love

Even though assembling furniture isn’t something I mind doing, a few buyers were turned off by the prospect. When it comes to self-assembly, however, the process here is far more efficient and straightforward than other manufacturers.

2. Best Small Space & Apartment Sectional: Issa Sofette Sectional by Inside Weather

  • the starting price is $1,699
  • It has the following measurements: 56″ wide, 53″ deep, and 22″ deep at the seat, with a 34″ high overall.
  • The height of the arm is 24 inches.
  • Seven-inch-tall legs
  • Solid kiln-dried ash wood for the frame.
  • There are 40+ upholstery and fabric options, including pet-friendly and commercial-grade selections.

Those adept at cramming a large piece of furniture into an urban dwelling can benefit greatly from Inside Weather’s expertise in designing furniture that maximizes available square footage. Living room, bedroom, and office furnishings are among the items available from the brand. Inside Weather’s sofas, on the other hand, are the real star of the show.

What I Loved About this Inside Weather Sectional

It’s one of the most affordable apartment sectionals I’ve found when shopping online, and you’d be hard-pressed to find another one that’s so well-designed and adaptable that it could fit in a wide variety of studios, one-bedrooms, or home offices. It has two seats, one of which is a 53-inch chaise (the other is a 22-inch regular-depth seat). Sectionals from the mid-century style are always in style, and this one is no exception.

Inside Weather, like Allform, is a newer company that places a strong emphasis on internet shopping. However, when presented with so many upholstered possibilities, my vision began to blur. Inside Weather offered about every color I could imagine in their swatch books, as well as a wide choice of seasonal designs and special materials like micro-fiber, pet-friendly, and even commercial-grade possibilities. This was a welcome sight.

In terms of personalization, I chose untufted foam cushions (although tufting is still an option), a certain armrest shape, and mid-century dowel legs in a dark brown “espresso” veneer.

Inside Weather packed the sectional in boxes, which made shipping and delivery a breeze. Despite the sectional being smaller and containing less components, assembly took around an hour and was more challenging than with Allform.

In terms of upholstery and personalization choices, I was blown away by how precise the real-world results were compared to the online design experience. Despite the fact that it’s not the largest sectional in my test, this one would be ideal for a tiny city apartment or workplace, and it made me wonder where such possibilities were when I was scrounging by on a $150 futon in college.

What I Didn’t Love

There were a lot of personalization options on the site to wade through, as I previously stated. From the armrests to the cushion style, there are eight different customization options. For those who despise the idea of furniture shopping, let alone having to make a few choices, this couch might not be the best choice for you.

More than one Inside Weather customer complained about receiving wrong designs, therefore I consider myself really fortunate in this regard (i.e. a customer ordered a tufted seat back but the cushion they got was plain and untufted.)

3. Best U-Shaped Sectional Sofa: Big Sur Square Arm Chaise Sectional by Pottery Barn

  • a price of $4,497 is typical.
  • Height: 37″ Seat Depth: 50″ Chaise Depth: 68″ Seat Height: 37.5″
  • 21 inches in arm length
  • Two and a half inches
  • A strong wood frame with mortise and tenon construction and steel sinous springs.
  • 30+ fabric and upholstery possibilities

While the sofette sectional from Inside Weather and the 4-seater from Allform were ideal for my one-bedroom city apartment, the Big Sur Chaise sectional from Pottery Barn is one I’ll keep my eye out for when I move into a house with a lot of space.

What I Loved About this Pottery Barn Sectional

There are a few things I’d want to point out about my evaluation of Big Sur. To get the full-width version, as well as any more personalization or add-ons, it can easily cost up to $9,000.

Compared to Inside Weather, I found Pottery Barn’s customizing options to be more intuitive. There are three options to choose from if you’re on the Big Sur product page: 146,” 154,” and 170.” You can also choose a cushion type (multi-seat or bench) and upholstery option. Compared to the eight-stage design process for Inside Weather, this takes just three steps.

The sectional arrived, and I can only use the word “stately” to describe how it looks. It’s a sectional sofa that would look great in a large family house, as well. However, I strongly advise you to check your door frames to ensure that it will pass through, as this caused some concern during delivery.

“It’s like you’re floating on a cloud,” one client said after experiencing the “behemoth” in the foyer of a highrise building.

What I Didn’t Love

In spite of the sectional’s 45 percent feather-down padding, getting up from this sofa proved to be tough, which concerned me because I’m 31 and my knees are in wonderful health to the best of my knowledge. However, I measured and found that the Big Sur is four inches lower than the Inside Weather sofette and Allform’s sectional.

You’ll love this sectional if you’ve got an enormous living room, a family that enjoys long stretches of couch time, and if you’ve got super-strong knees.

4. Best Sectional With a Recliner: Artemis 5-Piece Sectional by Raymour & Flanigan

  • how much does it cost?
  • The chair’s dimensions are 150″ wide x 138″ deep x 35″ high
  • Height of the arm: 18.5′′
  • Removable feet allow for a custom leg height.
  • kiln-dried solid wood frame with a sinuous coil spring system
  • There are 48 possibilities for upholstery and fabric.

What I  Loved About this Raymour & Flanigan Sectional

No, Raymour & Flanigan does not have Pottery Barn’s luxurious cache, nor does it have Allform’s or Inside Weather’s trendy direct-to-consumer innovation, but it is a company that simply manufactures long-lasting furniture. It’s also a good idea to pick with a brand that emphasizes strong design rather than fads or aesthetics when it comes to sectionals with recliners.

In terms of pricing, the Artemis L-Shape Reclining Sectional from Pottery Barn is comparable to Big Sur from the same brand. Since my Pottery Barn experience, I took sure to measure and compare the dimensions of the boxes to the dimensions of the doorways well in advance.

The Raymour & Flanigan website won’t be receiving any design prizes anytime soon, at least not in the near future. However, given how simple it was to shop, learn about the sectional, tweak a few settings, and check out, they don’t really need to.

There are a number of 4 and 5-star reviews that I can agree with. When the Artemis arrived, I was relieved to see that it was packaged in three boxes, making it easier for the delivery men to assemble. While the Big Sur sofa from Pottery Barn may be more luxurious, this one is much more functional and even has re-fillable down back cushions.

With the sectional parts, I was pleased to see that they were tightly-hinged and that there were no awkward gaps, a problem that I noted with Pottery Barn and even Inside Weather’s sofette after a few uses.

Raymour & Flanigan has clearly spent decades perfecting the art of the perfect recliner, as the reclining mechanism worked flawlessly. Overall, the Artemis sectional isn’t the most fashionable on the market, but it doesn’t need to prove anything with its comfortable sitting and near-perfect build quality.

What I Didn’t Like

Several consumers complained about their lengthy shipping windows, but I never had to deal with anything like that (up to 4-6 weeks compared to just 18-20 days for direct-to-consumer brands like Inside Weather and Allform.)

5. Best Leather Sectional: Adams Chaise Sectional by Castlery

  • the starting price is $2,249
  • The sofa is 102.4 inches wide x 65 inches deep x 35 inches deep x 33 inches high.
  • A 17-inch arm span
  • Six-inch-high thighs
  • Solid wood and plywood make up the frame.
  • fabric and upholstery: full-grain leather

It is a direct-to-consumer brand’s claim that it can “create and produce furniture with exceptional aesthetics at a competitive price point, without compromising on quality.

What I  Loved About this Castlery Sectional

It is not uncommon for me to visit high-end furniture showrooms, where everything is made in Italy and costs more than the price of my automobile. It’s a bit pricy, but this modern sectional from Castlery really does look and feel like a designer sofa that would be created to order and supplied three to four months after purchase.

That quality and attention to form are two factors that make Castlery a favorite among those who are design-conscious comes as no surprise. When it comes to designing its leather sofa collection, the brand works in conjunction with well-known furniture design firms in Italy, Spain, and Australia.

It was a breeze to browse and buy online, and I enjoyed the shipping estimate even before I completed the purchase.

I was blown away by how silky and supple the leather was when it arrived constructed. Having said that, I put this sofa through its paces for a few days and found the cushions to be really durable. “It’s deceptively comfortable,” a customer review sums it up for me.

What I Didn’t Love

As a lesser brand, I’ll put it down to Castlery, but in evaluating sectionals, this is one of the few instances when order fulfillment was a problem for me. The actual delivery was two days late, which was a pain in the ass. As several reviewers have remarked, Castlery’s customer service crew could not have been more pleasant in addressing my call.


How Should You Measure a Sectional Sofa?

Measurements include the width and length of your item. Using painter’s tape, mark out where you want your sectional to go on the floor to get a rough sense of how big it will be,” explains Burt. Additionally, the sectional’s ability to pass through doors and elevators is something to keep in mind, says the expert.

For end tables and travel space, you’ll need to add 24-30″ to the measurements, adds Anderson. A sectional and its components are always dropped into a scaled floor plan to ensure that the furniture layout allows for sufficient transit room. This is a fun puzzle to put together using the modular components that are available in different sizes.

Should You Place a Rug Under a Sectional?

“A sectional gets a boost from a rug. As a result, a pleasant nook is created. When it comes to rugs, Burt advises that “larger is better”. “If at all possible, place the sectional’s legs on the rug, as well as the legs of the other pieces of furniture” (chairs, end tables, etc.). Keeping the furniture’s front feet on the rug is a minimum.

Sectionals eat up a lot of room, so Anderson says a rug should be at least as big as the front legs of the couch plus a third of its depth. Consider going up in size if you can.”

What Shape Coffee Table Goes with a Sectional?

It’s preferable to use a round coffee table to offset the straight lines of sectionals. Plus, no one will knock their knees off the edge of the coffee table in such a little area. Burt recommends using a rectangular padded ottoman if you have the space.

Sectional layout determines the shape of a coffee table/ottoman, according to Anderson, who suggests several styles of coffee tables based on your set’s configuration.

  • A round or square corner sectional will do. “A square, on the other hand, works best if the inside corner is 90 degrees,” explains Anderson.
  • A rectangular table or three ottoman cubes should be placed in the middle of an L-shaped sectional.
  • Depending on the shape of the room, Anderson recommends either a square or rectangular table for the sectional with a chaise.

Anderson suggests that you pay equal attention to the size and shape of your table. She recommends placing a coffee table or ottoman 16 inches away from the sectional’s front edge. One of the most common mistakes we encounter is a coffee table or ottoman that is too tiny. Everyone should be able to grab their drink or put their toes on the ottoman,” says the author. ”

Best Sectional Sofas 2022

How Should You Arrange a Sectional in Your Living Room?

As Burt advises, “Don’t be scared of floating the sectional in the middle.” Long lines are excellent at directing traffic, so think about the flow you want and plan appropriately.

According to Anderson, “there are just a few occasions in which it should be the only seating.” A sectional is an enormous piece of furniture.” For example, you’ll need to maintain the scale large on other items such as sofas and end tables. If you don’t, half the room will look like it was shrunk.

“Double measure the room and your selections before ordering,” advises Anderson. To avoid the dreaded ‘it won’t fit’ error, make sure to measure the entrances and narrow hallways before placing your purchase,” she says.

How Do Sectional Sofas Connect?

For the most part, sectionals are made up of discrete pieces or sections that are attached to one another via hooks or clips.

What Should You Look for in A Sectional Sofa Brand?

What’s the quickest way to get the answer? How you value quality, appearance, and physical space is up to you. Investing in a sectional that lasts a decade or more is a good idea. Ideally, if you’re spending thousands of dollars on a piece like that, you should be able to pass it down to future generations.

There is nothing wrong with following your instincts. Many of the consumers who left evaluations for the sofas they purchased said they spent little time researching and were satisfied with their purchases. However, if you’re looking for a long-lasting sofa, you should always start with a high-quality brand.

Whether you prefer the clean lines of an armless modern sofa or the robust, classic look of a tufted Chesterfield, find a company that offers a variety of customization options for you. Shoppers who want for highly customizable brands may even find sectionals with unique features like cup holders and ergonomic headrests that are ideal for spending the entire day in.

What Other Sectional Brands Should I Consider?

In this article, I’ve concentrated on just a handful of businesses and stores, but there are many more out there. Visit Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, or West Elm if you want to sit on a sofa or sectional that looks like it belongs in a genuine home. Joybird, Wayfair, and Amazon’s Rivet home decor brand are all great options if you prefer to avoid the throng.

How Long Should My Sectional Last?

There’s no guarantee that a new sectional sofa will survive more than seven to fifteen years. The lifespan of a sectional sofa is dependent on a number of things, including the frame’s endurance and the upholstery’s durability.


In reality, purchasing a sectional couch is not quite as frightening as it initially appears to be. Learned how to buy a sectional sofa utilizing three elements in this post It’s the sectional’s dimensions, style, and layout.

The best sectional couch may be found by rapidly creating questions or criteria based on these variables. Hopefully, you’ve learnt a lot, and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments!