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Is Reddit a good place to ask questions about where to buy a mattress? You only need to remember three things, which I’ll go through in detail as you read.

The impact a mattress has on your life is unmatched by anything else you own.

At work and in your personal life, the quality of your night’s sleep can have a significant impact.

If you can afford it, it’s a good idea to choose a mattress that provides support while still being comfortable.

A thousand-dollar mattress is well worth the investment since, in addition to providing superior comfort, they also tend to endure longer than their less expensive counterparts.

I don’t see why people are afraid to spend a lot of money on a mattress when they can afford a smartphone.

How to Choose a Mattress - Guide to Your Best Night's Sleep

Always keep in mind that your mattress is where you rest your head at night. About one-third of a person’s time is spent in bed.

However, how do you go about purchasing a mattress?

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll provide a response to your query.

How Can Reddit Help Me Choose a Mattress?

Reddit reviews, which are written by genuine people with a wealth of first-hand knowledge of the difficulties of physical exertion, are a gold mine of information. It’s possible that you’re bothered by joint discomfort or just want a little more give in your mattress. Pressure points can be found in articles written by persons already dealing with joint pain.

Aside from medical doctors, mattress designers, and bed vendors, you can also get further information. Those who’ve found solutions to better manage their physical issues when they’re not in bed may also leave comments.

Reddit is a massive online community where actual people discuss real-world issues. When it comes to purchasing a bed, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Reddit is a good place to gather information before making a purchase.

Reddit is, of course, an open forum. Comments may not all be useful. In addition, your physical concerns may differ from those of the other Reddit reviewers. Take a spin on your new mattress whenever it arrives.

After a while, you’ll begin to feel new discomforts as your body begins to relax and adapt to the new environment. Try out your new mattress for as long as the manufacturer allows, and if you still don’t feel better, you can return it. New mattresses come with the option to return them after 100 days or 365 days. Make the most of it!

What Are the Advantages of Using a Mattress Topper?

Bring New Life to Your Old Mattress

The comfort level of a mattress might decrease over time if it flattens out. You may not remember how cozy it used to be because you’ve become accustomed to waking up to a smaller and smaller hole in your mattress with each passing night. Over time, it may become uneven and compacted more in some parts than others (especially if it is not rotated or flipped frequently). When it comes to your health, you may even be at danger of getting back aches over time (especially if you have chronic back pain, then you may want to consider changing your mattress completely).

A mattress topper is an excellent purchase because it may improve or even restore the comfort level of your old mattress for a small fraction of its original cost..

Adjust Support and Firmness to Your Needs

If you have an old mattress, you may not always want to add a mattress topper in order to improve its comfort. You may also find yourself in a situation where you’ve purchased a new mattress, only to discover that it doesn’t fit you because it’s too firm, or because you’ve gained or lost weight, or because you simply want to try something new.

If you’re in this predicament, a mattress topper can help you find the perfect combination of firmness and comfort on the top layer.

As an illustration, memory foam and latex mattress toppers can significantly improve firmness, whereas fetherbeds provide a considerably softer feel. As a result of this basic consequence, a wide range of discomforts and pains can ultimately be reduced.

Customized for Varying Levels of Comfort

Having a mattress topper allows you to change the firmness of your mattress for two persons sleeping on the same bed. Adding a topper to just one side of the mattress will do this. The advantage of having a memory foam topper is that to an extent, you can limit any disturbance caused by the motion of one person as the movement will be restricted to that side only.

3 Helpful Tips To Buy A Mattress Reddit

Reddit’s mattress buying guide

When shopping for a mattress, keep the following pointers in mind.

It will be much easier for you to make a decision if you keep these things in mind.

Tip #1. Working with the salesperson

Choosing the proper mattress is becoming increasingly difficult due to the rapid evolution of mattress features and technologies.

In addition, most people only buy a mattress once every 15 years.

As a result, consulting with a professional is a must.. Ask a salesperson for further information about the product.

Best Bed Cooling Systems - SleepGadgets.io

Tip #2. When to compare prices

The cost of a mattress is difficult to ascertain.

There are many various ways to label the same merchandise at different merchants.

In addition, the pricing can vary greatly from one auction to the next.

To put it another way, let’s put it this way: You’d like to purchase a pair of Nike sneakers.

Air Max is the name given to it by one dealership, while Air VaporMax is the name given to it by another. It’s also known as Air VaporMax 90 in some retailers.

As a result of the different names, the prices are also diverse. Mattresses follow the same pattern.

Buying a mattress should not be based solely on price, as many individuals do.

For them, it might make things even more difficult during the selecting process.

Mattresses are available in a variety of styles and sizes in each store. In some cases, a single item may be less expensive in a different retailer.

As a result, if you compare pricing, you may find that each line is less expensive elsewhere.

In order to make an informed decision, you must first select a mattress you enjoy. Isn’t it simpler, then?

Tip #3. Getting acquainted with services

The significance of services is frequently understated. This is especially true when making a large purchase.

Purchasing a mattress necessitates familiarizing yourself with the return procedures of the various retailers.

That’s due to the fact that policies might differ greatly from place to place.

Make sure to inquire about delivery prices, trial periods, wait times, warranty handling, and return or exchange policies.

All of this information is vital, and having it handy before making a purchase might be beneficial.

Choosing A New Mattress

When shopping for a new mattress, keep these two points in mind. You should think about your sleeping position, for starters.

Before making a purchase, keep in mind the product’s weight.

We’ll go into more detail about the two in the next paragraphs.

Factor #1. Sleeping position

The first step in figuring out what kind of mattress you need is figuring out what kind of sleeper you are.

All of us have a preferred sleeping position.

Additional support is needed for the various sleeping postures.

Choosing the best mattress for you depends on whether you sleep on your stomach or back, side, or combination.

Firmer mattresses are typically preferred by back and stomach sleepers, who are more likely to suffer from back and neck pains.

Side sleepers benefit most from mattresses that conform to their curves and are softer to the touch.

Factor #2. Weight

People who are heavier sink deeper into softer beds than those who are lighter.

Therefore, those who prefer softer beds are more likely to be light sleepers. Heavy sleepers, on the other hand, tend to obtain firmer mattresses.

Heavy sleepers frequently opt for mattresses that are less conforming and supportive, such as hybrid and innerspring options.

It doesn’t matter what mattress type you choose, if it doesn’t provide enough support for your weight, don’t buy it!

Pressure points can be avoided by selecting a mattress made of foam or latex for heavier side sleepers.

In any case, I’ve found something that you might like reading.

Nothing more.

7 Best Mattresses Reviews According to Reddit

1. Top pick: Saatva Classic

This mattress has a 15-year warranty and a 180-night trial period. The high level of satisfaction with this mattress among its customers speaks volumes about its long-term dependability and quality.

After a year of use, an author, despite his size, has not detected any softening of his mattress. Consider the total height of the mattress you’re contemplating, as well as any foundation you’re considering purchasing.

When the entire bed is put together, these mattresses can be fairly high. A step stool may be necessary for shorter humans, pets, and children to get onto the bed, but if you’re tall, it’s not an issue.

There is a foam rail on the outer border of this finest online mattress Reddit recommends to provide assistance when getting out of bed. As a result, it may be a good option for the elderly.


  • You can keep cool while sleeping on memory foam if you’ve ever become hot because of the springs.
  • Depending on where you live, getting rid of your old mattress for free can save you a lot of money on disposal fees.
  • Having a mattress that is a little lower to the ground can benefit greatly from the foam support on the outer rail.


  • In terms of firmness, the Classic is a luxury firm, which might make it uncomfortable for side sleepers or too plush for stomach sleepers.
  • It’s possible that the soft cover will cause you to wake up covered in perspiration if you are a hot sleeper.
  • If you need a lot of storage space, you may need a different bed platform than the Saatva platform.

Saatva Classic

  • It is included in the price of the Saatva Classic mattress delivery and removal service.
  • You’ll appreciate the comfort of the tufted top.
  • Larger people will appreciate the sturdy foundation provided by the coils, which are manufactured from reclaimed carbon steel.

2. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt

Pressure-relieving TEMPUR-Proadapt foam and comfort layers are combined in this mattress. With a deep foam base, this mattress is as durable as any other from Tempur-Pedic.

People who find it difficult to sleep on typical memory foam mattresses might consider a hybrid alternative that allows more air and allows for greater freedom of movement.

The majority of Tempur-Pedic mattresses, as well as many others in our assessment, are hefty. Take use of the delivery service to ease your mind.

This mattress has a layer of motion transfer prevention that covers every square inch of it. If you’re a night owl who frequently wakes up your mate, this could be the solution! Reddit’s top mattress choices are a long-term commitment to both your well-being and the health of those around you.


  • The Tempur-Pedic label is well-deserved given the quality and long-lasting nature of these mattresses.
  • To ease concerns, the ten-year warranty is available.
  • This mattress can be used either flat or on a swiveling frame.


  • This mattress brand is not suitable for use on the floor or on a platform bed.
  • Side sleepers may find this mattress too firm for their liking.
  • Measure your current bed frame, as well as all of your access points, before purchasing a new mattress.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt

  • No flipping or rotating is required with this mattress. Don’t think about it again!
  • You may try this mattress for 90 days risk-free with free delivery and pick-up. Renting someone to remove and dispose of your old mattress will add to the cost of an Amazon Reddit mattress, even if it’s cheaper.
  • It’s not cheap, but you can put it on your credit card and not pay interest for three years. The greatest online mattress Reddit recommends for individuals who seek comfort but don’t like the “quicksand” feel of memory foam is worth the investment.

3. Purple Mattress

Over 1,400 air passages have been incorporated into the design of your Purple Mattress. In the past, you may have shunned the comfort and convenience of foam mattresses since they made you sweat and smell bad in the morning.

Acquire a thick mattress instead of the thinner one; this is typically supplied only for children; alternatively, get a thick mattress for yourself, your children, and your guests. The Purple Mattress is also available in a hybrid version, which is ideal for both back and side sleepers.

Reddit users who suffer from back discomfort recommend this internet mattress. It grows stronger as you go down. With a cushion, you don’t have to worry about being suffocated by your bed.

Unlike other mattresses, Purple mattresses don’t emit a strong stench when they’re unwrapped from the box.

However, unlike some foam mattresses, the “foamy” smell does not seem to stay.


  • This mattress’s grids and gel foam layers are excellent at wicking away heat from your body.
  • On a flexible frame, you can use either a Purple hybrid or a foam mattress if you need to raise your head or feet.
  • Under the super-stretch cover, you won’t be able to feel the grid, but it will keep air moving directly beneath you.


  • Purple’s foam will stretch, but it will sink slowly. For those who want to cuddle, you may not feel fully at ease.
  • Purple’s firmness is ideal for stomach sleepers, but back and side sleepers may find it difficult.
  • Slatted, sturdy frames are required; this can’t be placed on a box spring or the floor.

Purple Mattress

  • This mattress has extra spring in it if you don’t like the quicksand feel of memory foam.
  • The shoulders and hips are well-protected by this mattress’s extra padding.
  • The hybrid mattress has coils that are individually wrapped to lessen the likelihood of motion transfer.

4. Best Memory Foam Mattress: Zoma Mattress

The Zoma Mattress may be a good choice if your job or gym routine leaves you aching and sore.

Full foam or hybrid options are available for this best online mattress Reddit. Stretching out on a cooling cover from the top down is an option here. For those who like to sleep on their side, there is a layer of soft padding beneath that.

The reactive foam beneath that provides support for your hips and shoulders, which is the next layer of cushioning.

As you fall further into your slumber, you’ll need a base made of either solid foam or individually wrapped coils.

Your body will be protected from movement or bounce by both the foam and the innerspring hybrid mattress combination. It’s ideal for couples who like to work hard and have fun, but one of you is a light sleeper, so you won’t be disturbed by a neighbor’s snoring.

A Complete Guide to Mattress Foundations | Casper

In the past, a firm mattress meant a bouncing night for sleepers of restless couples, but the motion-protection elements make a tremendous difference for today’s active sleepers.


  • Shipping and return fees are waived following a 100-night trial period.
  • This bed is perfect if you prefer to float on top of your mattress rather than sink into it.
  • This mattress is supported by an adjustable frame that may be set to raise or lower the head or feet to meet your specific requirements..


  • As with any foam mattress, the “new bed smell” can take some time to remove from this mattress.
  • If you plan to use your box spring, you’ll need a bunkie board.
  • If you’re a snuggly side sleeper, this bed may be too firm for you.

Zoma Mattress

  • The AirCloth cover is designed to remove heat and moisture before it has a chance to accumulate.
  • You’ll stay cool and comfortable thanks to the perforated gel on the top layer of foam.
  • Adding a second layer of ReactivTM foam reduces the chance of feeling like you’re stuck in quicksand.

5. Bear Hybrid Mattress

The Bear Hybrid Mattress may be just what you need if you’re having trouble sleeping because of pain or an injury.

Reddit experts say this mattress is softer than most firm foam mattresses, and that it feels like you’re both sleeping on and in it. The innerspring coils are well-protected and well-supported by the sturdy foam base.

For those in need of additional support, a responsive foam is positioned over the first layer. Above this is a copper-infused foam layer that acts as a barrier against the growth of microorganisms.

Finally, a moisture-wicking cover will keep you cool and comfortable as you rest. When it’s time to get out of bed, the extra support from the coils around the edges will come in handy.

This is a great bed for people who are becoming older, but if you have hip pain at night, you may want to look elsewhere. When this mattress expands and airs, the foam in it is Greenguard Gold Certified, which means that it has low emissions and low odor.


  • White Glove delivery providers will remove your old mattress, saving you money on dumping charges.
  • If you wish to keep this mattress, you’ll have a full year to do so
  • This mattress does not contain any fiberglass.


  • In order to use this on a box spring, you will need to remove the mattress.
  • As a result, if you don’t enjoy sleeping on top of your mattress, this bed may not be for you.
  • This mattress is hefty. The delivery service can be used.

Bear Hybrid Mattress

  • Copper in the foam layer provides healing and protection against mildew and bacterial growth.
  • This mattress may be utilized on a programmable, adjustable base and it flexes with movement.
  • This is a sturdy, long-lasting mattress that will keep its shape.

6. Tuft and Needle Mattress

The Tuft and Needle Mattress is a great option if you only need a mattress to fit on your current bed frame!

Two layers of foam are sandwiched between two layers of plush cushioning in this basic foam mattress. Tummy and back sleepers will appreciate this. Tuft and Needle’s stronger support is ideal for those who don’t like the feeling of being encased in a foam mattress.

Bounce-back support and pressure adaptation are provided by the top layer of foam; the deeper you sink, the more support you receive. This mattress is much firmer than one with a plush top, so keep that in mind. This one may not be suitable if you have problems with joint pain.

Additional heat-wicking properties are provided by this mattress’s graphite-infused top layer. Mattresses need a sturdy base, and the foam in the bottom layer offers that.


  • 100 nights to decide and free returns are included.
  • Protecting your investment with a 10-year warranty.
  • For those who like a higher bed, this can be used as a platform for a standard box spring.


  • It is not recommended that the cover be removed, although a spot cleaning can be done on it.
  • As a firm mattress, it’s unlikely to be comfortable for those who prefer to sleep on their sides.
  • This mattress’s profile is flat; it resembles a brick.

Tuft and Needle Mattress

  • Foam mattresses can be difficult for people who don’t appreciate the feel of a soft mattress. There will be no sinking sensation with this mattress!
  • Heat is dissipated by the charcoal layer, which is naturally antibacterial.
  • There is a light, elastic cover that acts as both a cushion and a conductor of heat, allowing the user to remain cool.

7. Best Budget: Vaya Mattress

The Vaya Mattress includes a permeable cover that can help keep you cool at night. Side sleepers benefit from the “sinkability” of the mattress’s top layer of foam.

This mattress has a deep foam base that provides some bounce and decreases the possibility of motion transfer. In spite of the fact that it is slightly stiffer than other plush mattresses, this mattress may be used on any type of adjustable bed frame.

These are simple beds that are built in the United States and are reasonably priced. The Vaya mattresses tend to be lighter per size upgrade than many other mattresses in this listing, however delivery is probably not an option for this mattress.

Make a cardboard box mock-up to avoid getting caught in your bedroom’s corners and up the stairs if you’re concerned about access.


  • If you reside within the 48 contiguous states, shipping is on us.
  • You have 100 days to make up your mind.
  • With a pillow in the middle of your new mattress, you aren’t completely swallowed up.


  • If you sleep on your side, you may not be able to rest completely on this mattress.
  • There is no way to remove the cover.
  • This mattress does not have any additional support on the sides, therefore those with joint problems may need a higher base.

Vaya Mattress

  • Light sleepers won’t be disturbed by their partner’s snoring due to the presence of two layers of foam.
  • The cover is airy and easy to clean.
  • A reasonable 19″ by 19″ by 42.5″ box houses each Vaya mattress. They’re not particularly light, but they’ll get the job done in small spaces.

Buying Mattress Tips According to Reddit


A lack of quality sleep can have negative effects on your mind, body, and relationships. The greatest mattress Reddit recommends is meant to keep you comfortable as you relax and sink into the mattress’s surface.

There are stronger options or full-foam mattresses available if sinking is an issue for you.


It’s possible that if you’re a co-sleeper, you’ll need to level up.

  • slumbers in sweltering heat
  • snores
  • is agitated

A larger mattress necessitates a larger room, of course. Storage-style furniture in the bedroom may be limited because of a larger mattress, so consider updating the bed foundation so that you can add rollout drawers underneath.

A relationship can suffer if you push your partner too hard in bed. Even worse than a poor mattress is a partner who can’t get any sleep.


This type of spring mattress offered a lot of support on the sides.

In this review, some mattresses have side support while others don’t. In the event that you frequently need to get out of bed in the middle of the night but your mattress doesn’t have a built-in side rail, consider purchasing a taller platform bed.

Your new mattress platform can even provide ambient light to brighten the room when you first wake up in it!


The cost of a brand-new mattress may come as a surprise.

Poor sleep, on the other hand, costs money. To avoid pain and tiredness, one of the mattresses indicated above can be adapted to your sleeping style.

Financing at 0% for up to 36 months is available on many of the mattresses listed below. The flexibility built into modern mattresses is built into their price, and you should take use of it if you need to.

The cost of hauling away your old mattress to the landfill could be as expensive as hiring a delivery team from White Glove, so be sure to weigh your options. Several of the mattresses on this page come with a complimentary White Glove delivery service!

Heat Management

In order to store heat, older foam mattress designs are still being employed. The sleeper would sink in a little, generate heat, and warm the foam, which would lead to the sleeper becoming hot and uncomfortable.

That was a completely different experience thanks to new foam and cover technologies. Consider the Purple mattress if you’ve had a bad experience with a first-generation foam mattress. Make sure that your new mattress is not on a box spring and that there are plenty of airflows beneath it.

Those who are prone to overheating when sleeping on foam often express their displeasure by stating that they prefer to sleep on the mattress rather than in it. Try a fan under the mattress to keep the heat out and consider a hybrid mattress with innerspring support if you can’t get cool.

The spring pockets allow air to flow more freely than the dense foam layer.

Pressure Relief

Foam mattresses are being pushed to their limits by athletes. The Zoma is the top-rated mattress on Reddit for people who put their bodies through a lot of stress on a regular basis.

The more you sink into this mattress, the more pressure you’ll feel relieved from. A plush top, like the Saatva, may provide extra comfort if you suffer from joint pain. The more you sink, the more heat is going to be absorbed; this is something to keep in mind.

A layer of copper foam helps many people who suffer from joint pain. Consider the Bear mattress if you suffer from nighttime aches and pains.


Mattresses made of layers of foam are extremely durable. You need to make sure they’re on a solid foundation. When you place your new foam mattress on a box spring, you run the risk of shortening its lifespan since a less-than-stable box spring can separate the layers of foam.

Moisture buildup is another threat to the longevity of your mattress. Your mattress should be raised and well-ventilated in order to avoid long-term damage. Consider a platform with wire drawers or bins that aren’t so high that they completely obstruct the space under the bed.

Get a mattress with a removable and washable cover if you frequently eat or drink in bed, have small children, or do any of these things. Make sure your mattress cover is breathable if you decide to use a mattress protector.


The weight of a brand-new mattress will be considerable. In order to make sure that your new mattress will fit in your house, carefully measure the dimensions of the mattress and the shipping box to ensure that you can handle any tight corners, narrow passageways or short stairwell bends.

Be prepared to engage the White Glove service if the weight appears to be too much for you to handle on your own.

Don’t overlook the fact that many new mattresses don’t need to be flipped or rotated, which can save you some time and effort.

The Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online 2022 | The Strategist


What’s the best mattress, according to Reddit?

According to the Reddit review, the Saatva Classic mattress is the greatest.

What is the best mattress firmness according to Reddit?

Reddit users suggest a mattress that is medium firm yet has a cushy top layer.

How much should I spend on a new mattress?

Your new mattress will set you back roughly $1,000.

How long do memory foam mattresses last?

There is a ten-year warranty on the majority of the mattresses on this list. If you eliminate box springs and keep air moving around the mattress, you may expect it to last at least that long.

Why are mattresses so expensive?

Foam technology has improved dramatically over the years, and the combination of foam and coils raises the price of the finished product.

Are more expensive mattresses worth it?

Insufficient sleep can lower your life expectancy by as much as a decade. The quality of your life will be greatly influenced by the quality of your mattress.

How thick should my mattress be?

The thicker the mattress, the more likely it is to function with a box spring. A taller frame may be your best bet if you’re looking to gain some more height.

How to make a mattress firmer?

A high density foam mattress topper might help firm up a soft mattress top if your current one is too stiff. Couples who have varying tolerances for softness may find this to be a great solution.

It’s A Wrap!

Reddit’s mattress buying guide

I’d want to leave you with one final bit of advise after all the information in this book.

You should only buy a mattress if it meets your specific needs. Concentrate your efforts on the most important aspects.

While the procedure can be a bit overwhelming, once you know what to look for, it will be a cinch!