How To Change Belt On Maytag Washer?

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Helen Skeates
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A Maytag washer’s belt can be changed by following these simple steps. We’ve got just the article for you, since we’ll show you exactly how to accomplish it step-by-step! Having a rudimentary understanding of the components of your appliance can sometimes save you money.

It is possible to inspect the problem yourself and point out the issue, then call the relevant professionals if necessary.

This isn’t true for all appliance issues, but it’s a simple fix that you can perform right at home. You can read about the various parts of the appliance in addition to just one. There’s no guarantee that you’ll need to replace any of these parts in your current washer, but who knows?

Parts Of A Washing Machine

Even if you don’t know how to fix appliances, it is essential to know the parts of your washing machine. There are a number of things you can try in the event of an issue with the appliance. What you need to know will be explained in detail.

Maytag Washer Repair – How to replace the Drive Belt - YouTube

#1. Drum

You’ll find two of these in your washing machine. When you’re done with your washing, the one you can see is the one you will be taking out. The inner drum is what you’ll find here. The inner drum rests inside the outer drum. The outer drum spins and has holes in it so that water can flow through it. The inner drum rests on it, preventing water from leaking into the appliance’s other sections.

#2. Agitator/paddles

This is visible from the inside of the container. This is useful for washing garments. In order for the clothing to be turned, the agitators or paddles must be attached to the motor.

#3. Drainpipe

After you finish washing your clothes, you will have a drum full of dirty or used water. The drain pipe is used to remove the waste from the machine. The water used to clean the load will be emptied from the machine via the drain tube after you’ve finished.

#4. Heater

If you buy a new washing machine, this may change. Depending on the model, some of them may not have this feature built in because they’ll be used more seldom. This is only for individuals who need to heat the water in their machine. Your garments will benefit greatly if they are given this type of extra attention.

#5. Circuit board

Obviously, your washing machine has a circuit board because it is an electric appliance. The circuit boards in different washers are not the same. To make it “smart,” some of them can detect when the load is too heavy or unbalanced, and they will not allow the wash cycle to start until the lid has been put down.

#6. Belt

The drum pulley is connected to the motor by this belt. It is essential to the machine’s ability to work with the device. That explains why the drum continues to spin even after the machine has been shut off and the motor has been turned off. The belt may still be moving with the remaining momentum.

Washing Machine Belt

To begin, we’ll look at how to replace the belt on a Maytag washer in this post. Aside from its obvious function as a means of transport, the belt may be the most overlooked element of the appliance. Here are the methods to repair your belt if you feel it is damaged.

Step #1. Back panel

The machine’s back panel can be found there. To access the appliance’s internals, you must first open this panel. Depending on the model, the belt may be hidden under a lid. Find a top if you don’t see the belt.

Step #2. Remove the belt

Take care when removing the belt from the machine. It’s wrapped around the motor and the drum pulley, as you can see in the picture. To use the belt, simply draw it toward you. Turn the pulley at the same time as you do this to make it easier to remove the belt.

Step #3. Fit the new belt

Keep an eye out for the grooves on your new belt when you’re putting it on. For ease of installation, the belt’s outer edge should wrap around the motor’s spindle. Stretch the waistline till it touches the drum pulley, then tighten it slightly. Using the same method, you may turn the pulley while wrapping the belt around it. A couple rotations should do the trick.

How to Check and Replace Your Maytag Washer’s Drive Belt

A broken drive belt is the most likely culprit if your washing machine’s tub won’t move. A stretched, worn, or ripped item should be avoided at all costs (even shipping). To inspect the belt, complete the first three steps of this procedure and, if necessary, order part number WPW10006384 for a Maytag washer’s drive belt.

  1. Make sure both hot and cold water lines are disconnected from the washing machine. As a result, the risk of electrocution is eliminated and the risk of water damage is reduced.
  2. Tilt the machine so that the front panel is facing up. Tape the machine’s lid shut first, then unhook the water hoses from the machine and untie the drain line from the wall before you transport the machine. Have a towel on hand in case the hoses leak a bit of water.
  3. Remove the appliance’s bottom-mounted protection. The two screws on either side of the larger circle should be loosen. The belt should now be visible.
  4. Remove the belt and remove it from the waistband. To remove the belt from the gears, use a nut driver or flathead screwdriver. Fingers could get caught between the belt and the rotating pulley if you use them.
  5. Replace the old belt with the new one. Make sure it’s on the motor pulley before you begin. The other end should be placed on top of the pulley at this point. Hold it tight and slowly turn the pulley until the rest of the belt pulls into place with a snap. A smooth-rolling track for the belt is essential.
  6. Make sure that the shield is back in place.
  7. Get it up on its feet. Before turning on the water and power, reattach the water lines and check that they are orientated correctly based on temperature. Then, reinstall the drain line in the wall.

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How To Replace A Belt On A Maytag/ Whirlpool Washer - YouTube

How to Change a Belt on a Maytag SAV365AWW Washer

Top-loading washing machines like the Maytag SAV365AWW are common. The engine of this Maytag washer is driven by two belts. The gearbox is driven by one belt, while the washer tub is driven by the other. Both are connected to a water pump. Both of these belts must be replaced if they are damaged. The stench of burned rubber, the inability to fill or empty the machine, and the inability to spin are all signs that one or more belts need to be replaced.

  1. Turn off the washing machine’s power supply. The water supply valves must be shut off. A pair of adjustable pliers can be used to unscrew water lines from the machine’s water inlet valve.
  2. Lay the washer on its back on top of an old blanket after tipping it backward. Pump and small pulley are on the right side of the machine when you look at it from below. The motor’s pulley may be found in the upper left hand corner. The transmission uses the huge pulley at the bottom center.
  3. Remove the screws that hold the bottom of the front panel in place. ” Pull the panel away from the machine by lifting it up from the bottom. Remove the panel from the wall and set it aside.
  4. With a nut driver, loosen the three pump adjustment screws. Activate the pump by pushing it inward. Rotate the belts off the pulleys with your hands.
  5. It is necessary to put in place an inner and outer belt for transmission, which are both on the transmission pulley. Set up the pump belt by attaching it to the pump pulley and to the motor pulley’s outside groove.
  6. To keep the pump in place, tighten one of the pump screws after pushing it outward to remove any slack from the pump belt.
  7. Hold the motor with one hand while loosening the pump pulley screw with the other. Taking up the slack in the transmission belt will be done by the motor, which will travel outward. The pump’s three screws should be tightened.
  8. Test the right tension of each belt by squeezing it at its middle point. If you apply mild pressure on the belt, it should almost touch in the middle.
  9. Stand the machine upright after reinstalling the front panel. Push the washing machine back into place once you’ve reinstalled the hot and cold water supply lines. Run a wash cycle to make sure the machine is working properly.


How much is a belt for a Maytag washer?

Washer main drive belt, $40.73. Washer, $40.73.

How many belts are on a Maytag washing machine?

In a Maytag washing machine, there are two belts: one for the main pulley and one for the water pump. The V-shaped drive and pump belts are both included in the belt kit. When the tub basket spins, a belt drives the driving system.

How do I know if my washing machine belt is broken?

You should have your washer repaired as soon as it begins to squeal during the wash and spin cycles because the problem will only get worse until the belt breaks. When the belt fails, your washer’s basket may start spinning erratically or perhaps stop spinning completely.

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Do new Maytag washers have belts?

Belts for Maytag washing machines. The V-shaped drive and pump belts are both included in this set. These belts may be worn or stretched out if your washer does not throw, spin, or drain water properly. Taking off the old belt and reinstalling it is as simple as doing so.

What size belt does a Maytag washer take?

The 42-inch-long drive belt has a 1/2-inch-wide profile. At 3/8 of an inch wide, the pump belt is 41 1/2 inches long.

Are washer belts Universal?

It depends on the model and make of your washer; you’ll find the model entire model number on an ID label inside the door.

Why is my Maytag washer not spinning out?

Uneven or stuck clothing is one of the most prevalent causes of a Maytag top-load washer’s inability to spin. Try redistributing the load or removing a few items of clothes and running the spin cycle on your washing machine again. If it doesn’t work, look for and remove any clothing that has become stuck outside the washer drum.

How much does it cost to replace a washing machine belt?

The cost of replacing a washing machine belt is between $120 and $175. The spin cycle in a washing machine is the work of the machine’s belts.

How many years does a washing machine last?

It’s normal for a washing machine to last between 10 and 13 years. As a general rule, top-loading washers survive longer than their front-loading counterparts. A stacked washer/dryer combo may need to be replaced if one of them breaks down.

It’s A Wrap!

The Maytag washer’s belt can now be replaced, but remember to keep your safety in mind when working with any appliance. Take care with your hands and make sure it’s unplugged. We hope you’ll put this information to good use, and you may even be able to aid others who might benefit from it. Thanks for reading! How to use a washer and how to reset a Maytag washer are also things I learned from this article.

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