How to Change the Seat on a Bugaboo Bassinet? Step by Step Instructions

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To assist you in doing so, this guide will walk you through the process of swapping out the seat of your Bugaboo bassinet. It has a video tutorial and pictures that demonstrate exactly what tools are needed and where to find them. I’m hoping you find this tutorial to be informative.

What Is A Bassinet?

An infant’s first four months of life are spent sleeping in a bassinet. They have the appearance of an oval, are sided with mesh or cloth, and are constructed for portability.

There is a raised platform at the bassinet’s base that brings the mattress to about waist height for an adult. When setting down their infant, many parents have found this taller structure to be helpful.

If you’ve recently had a C-section and can’t bend over easily, a bassinet may be a better alternative than a crib for your newborn infant.

Bassinets can be found in a wide range of styles and hues. Quite a few even include convenient drawers or shelves in the base of the mattress and a frilly, hooded appearance. Bassinets have evolved over time to include several neat extras, such as:

  • Lights
  • Sounds
  • Rocking

A bassinet is no longer a secure resting option after your infant reaches 20 pounds or can turn over on their own. Your baby’s growth and development will tell you when it’s time to move them out of the bassinet, but a good rule of thumb is approximately four months.

How to Change the Seat on a Bugaboo Bassinet: A Guide - Krostrade

Bassinet Pros

  • Reduce the size of your baby’s crib if you have a newborn (transitioning from a tight womb to a small sleeping area rather than a large crib)
  • The baby can be moved around the house with ease.
  • Less than the weight of a standard crib
  • It’s perfect for those who need to share a room.
  • Apt for cramped quarters
  • Affordable alternative to buying a crib
  • The baby can be put down more easily.

Bassinet Cons

  • Potential for tipping due to small size and high center of gravity
  • Used for for a short time (a few of months at most)

Steps on How to Change the Seat on a Bugaboo Bassinet

Step 1: Before inserting the leg, align the seam along the edges if possible. This is optional, but will facilitate matching up the corners of the bassinet’s cover cloth with the base construction piece.

Step 2. When lying flat, make sure the bottom edge of the base is aligned with the bottom edge of the fabric liner, then turn right side out until the top is 12 inches from the floor (seat must be flush against the mattress).

Step 3: Pull up firmly all four sides around the canopy frame to make them equal, then tuck them into pockets or loops inside upper perimeter seams, being careful to keep the shape at the top corners.

Finally, the end folds down for storage when not in use. Align the prongs on each side of the seat with the holes inside the leg panels, then press down until the seat unit is fully fitted. Make sure the underneath snap connectors line up and slip into place easily (if necessary).

How do I store my buggy away when winter is coming up?

Having a Bugaboo Cameleon is like having an endless supply of accessories because it can be used year-round with minimal effort.

How long will it take me before I’m able to use pushchairs out there again after having a baby?

A few days after giving birth, some mothers may feel up to taking a stroll. Some parents may feel more comfortable returning to public after their child has finished receiving his or her first round of vaccinations.

Can a baby sleep in a Bugaboo Fox bassinet overnight?

The Bugaboo Fox bassinet is suitable for nighttime use.

What are the dimensions of the Graco pack ‘n play bassinet?

When unfurled, the Graco Pack ‘N Play Bassinet is 41 by 29 by 34 inches; folding it up takes just a few minutes, so you can store it conveniently in a suitcase.

Steps on How to remove the canopy from my bugaboo bee 5 bassinet

First, slide the canopy into place and press firmly on the top of the frame. It’s heavy and awkward to attach by yourself, so you might want to get some help. However, if you have a friend to help you out, you should be able to get this done in no time at all.

Step 2: Double check that the Velcro straps are tightly fastened around each side hook. Last but not least, make sure no screws or bolts are loose.

Steps on how to Fold up Graco Pack ‘n play bassinet

First, choose a level area on which to unfold and lay your Graco Pack ‘n Play Bassinet.

Second, locate the black tab at the base of each leg on both sides of the frame. The legs need to be protruding like in the first picture (below). Fold it out by first grabbing both tabs and pushing them down toward the floor until they lock into place.

Third, place the folded bassinet on its side with the handle pointing toward you. Try to find

Next, fold the black velcro strap in half, working from the top down. Next, take hold of the round knob on the bassinet’s front frame.

How long can my baby stay in the UPPAbaby Bassinet Swivel Sleeper?

The recommended use time for the UPPAbaby Bassinet is from the time of purchase until your kid can push up on hands and knees, roll over, or sit unsupported. This could be months or weeks.

What size is a Chicco next to me mattress?

Chicco’s mattress next to me is 36 inches by 28.75 inches. Your baby can stay in the bassinet up until they reach 25 pounds, so don’t worry if they start to move about and grow.

I also appreciate how simple it is to disinfect the pad. Just use some gentle soap and water (no scrubbing or strong chemicals) to clean it, but if you notice any hard patches, it could be a sign of a defective product and you should contact Chicco about it.

Steps on How to fold up a Graco Pack N Play bassinet

First, fold down the four corners of your Graco pack and tuck them against the underside of the base of the unit. To make the next step, lifting both sides at once, easier, this step is performed.

The second step is to push two diagonally opposing corner buttons at the same time until they click into position. When you’ve done this for each pair of sections with one face up and the other down, proceed on to the third step. It’s possible that you’d enjoy it, too.

How long can you use the UPPAbaby bassinet?

Babies can utilize bassinets until they learn to crawl.

The UPPAbaby bassinet is compatible with the Vista, Cruz and Cameleon strollers. The Bassinest should not be used on other types of strollers or for purposes other than its intended purpose as a bedside sleeper.

The 7 Best Bassinets

Best Overall: HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series

Bassinets from UPPAbaby can be used with the Vista, Cruz, and Cameleon strollers. The Bassinest is designed to be used only with the accompanying stroller, and only for napping in bed.

  • A solid foundation built on four pillars
  • Full rotation in all directions
  • It’s a breeze for nursing mothers


  • Heavy
  • Tough to maneuver
  • Bulky

We recommend the HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series to new parents since it has so many convenient features for both the infant and the adults caring for him or her. This bassinet not only provides a comfortable place for your baby to sleep, but also a nightlight, a floor light, a sound machine (with adjustable volume), and two vibration settings to help calm your baby. You can get to your baby without waking them up thanks to the bassinet’s 360-degree swivel design.

bugaboo cameleon³ demo – convert from bassinet to seat - YouTube

Included fitted sheet and two storage pockets accommodate all your sleeping essentials. Babies as little as a few hours old can use it safely, and the maximum weight is 20 pounds. It’s important to remember that this bassinet does not have wheels, which can make it difficult to silently get your baby out of bed in the middle of the night.

Weight: 30 pounds | Length: 36 inches | Width: 45 inches | Depth: 45 inches | Maximum Weight: 20 pounds

Best Budget: Dream On Me Karley Bassinet


  • Compact and simple to transport
  • Adjustable double canopy offers protection against insects.
  • The ability to fold down to a compact size makes it convenient to store away.


  • There is no way to alter the height.
  • The cover for the mattress is available for purchase separately.
  • Canopy zippers seem to get stuck frequently.

This lightweight and foldable bassinet comes in a variety of colors and features a double sleeping canopy with mesh panels that allow parents to keep an eye on their baby while providing some shade and protection. The bassinet’s luxurious mattress, sturdy metal frame, and weight limit of 25 pounds ensure that baby will always be comfortable and secure in this sleeping arrangement.

The maximum weight for this item is 25 pounds, and its dimensions are 33 by 19.5 by 37 inches.

Best Splurge: Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet


  • Portable app for monitoring and managing children’s devices from afar
  • A baby’s responsive technology can automatically change to their comfort level.
  • Style typical of the mid-century era


  • One may only adjust the bassinet’s speed using the accompanying app.
  • There is no way to alter the height.
  • On occasion, the app may have connection issues.

The SNOO is the cutting edge of bassinet technology (and it comes in a sleek mid-century modern appearance, to boot). This bassinet can detect when a newborn is producing sounds, such as grunting or crying. The bassinet will then swing and rock the infant gently, all while playing calming white noise.

The SNOO’s motion, sound, and cry sensitivity may all be customized by parents from afar using a mobile app. The software monitors baby’s sleep patterns and notifies parents when their child has awoken too early. All of these high-tech additions do add up to a hefty price tag, but parents should take note that SNOO also provides a rental scheme to help spread out the cost.

The maximum weight for this item is 25 pounds, and its dimensions are 30 by 16 by 32 inches.

What Our Editors Say

My newborn was nice and cozy for three months of uninterrupted slumber. She did OK without the swaying motion of the crib. It’s great that there’s a white noise generator included, and the swaddles worked well (velcro). The app can also monitor their nighttime routines. This is a brilliant piece of engineering. Verywell Family Editorial Director Lauren Levinson

Best Compact: Fisher-Price Soothing View Bassinet


  • Slim-folding design
  • Lightweight frame

Lightweight frame

  • Low-weight construction
  • Must be rocked by hand
  • There is silence and no music.

This bassinet from Fisher-Price is the most space-efficient option for a newborn. The folded width of the Soothing View Bassinet is only four inches, making it extremely portable. It doesn’t take up much room even when it’s not folded up.

Baby can be comforted by gently pushing on the bassinet with the click of a button. The bassinet can be utilized in a stationary position when the rocking option is not needed.

Weight of Item: 13 Pounds | Physical Measurements: (inches) 22.44 x 33.07 x 24.41 There is a 20-pound weight restriction.

Best for Soothing: 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet


  • The height can be altered as needed.
  • Use a smartphone app to trigger and silence alarms from afar.
  • Easy, no-tool assembly is guaranteed.


  • Costly
  • Heavy
  • On occasion, the app may have connection issues.

The 4moms mamaRoo is intended to provide a secure sleeping environment for your baby up to the weight of 25 pounds while also calming him or her for improved sleep. The bassinet can be rocked or swayed at one of five different speeds, and there’s also a lullaby machine to help the baby go off to sleep. In addition, it has a timer function that parents can use to establish a bedtime routine for their infants and monitor remotely from their own smartphones.

Product Dimensions and Weight (inches): 24 x 34 x 39 Maximum Weight: 25

Best Stroller-Compatible: UPPAbaby Stroller Bassinet


  • Shade canopies with a UPF of 50+ are available.
  • Bug net included.
  • The mattress and foundation are perforated and ventilated to improve airflow.


  • The bassinet is not included in the purchase of the stand.
  • All other strollers are incompatible.
  • A bassinet stand might add hundreds to your budget.

This portable bassinet is an excellent alternative for parents who need something they can use at home and on the move, as it is compatible with the best-selling Uppababy Cruz stroller (and comes bundled with the Uppababy Vista stroller). This bassinet has a UPF 50+ sunshade and canopy that unzips for increased airflow and a vented base and mattress, making it suitable for infants up to 25 pounds. The Uppababy bassinet may be clicked onto the stroller frame for on-the-go napping, or it can be positioned on any flat, sturdy surface with the addition of the Uppababy Bassinet Stand (available separately).

The maximum weight for this item is 25 pounds, and its dimensions are 30.25 inches by 16.6 inches by 24.75 inches.

Best Play Yard: Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard


  • Simple folding construction allows for convenient storage and transport
  • The base has wheels, making it mobile.
  • Visual stimulation toy bar that can be removed


  • There is no way to alter the height.
  • Assembly may prove challenging for some.
  • Lacking a convenient carrying handle

The Pack ‘n Play by Graco is a well-liked portable playpen due to its convenience in assembly and disassembly. This design is suitable for use from birth up until the infant reaches 15 pounds thanks to the included bassinet insert. Your infant will get some additional visual stimulation from the detachable toy bar.

Weight: 22.9 oz. | Size: 40 x 28.5 x 29 in. | Max. Weight: 15 lb.

Any bassinet that can keep a newborn asleep for more than an hour at a time is a good investment. To get started, have a look at the HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series (view on Amazon). There’s a calming light for the night, illumination for the floor, an adjustable volume sound machine, and two vibration settings. The SNOO Smart Baby Bassinet (see on Amazon) is another option; it detects when the baby is upset and begins rocking.

What to Look for in a Baby Bassinet


The size of the bassinet is an important consideration, even though it may be smaller than a regular crib. Think carefully about where you want to put the bassinet, whether you’re buying it before or after the baby arrives. Take some measures to avoid buying a bassinet that won’t fit in the room.

Like the Graco Pack’n Play On the Go Playard, certain bassinets are collapsible, lightweight, and easy to transport (view on Amazon). If you’re short on storage space but still need a place for baby to sleep during the day and at night, a Pack ‘n Play or similar bassinet may be easily set up wherever it’s needed. If you have any pillows or blankets that tend to roll off the bed during the night, you probably don’t want the bassinet too close to the bed.

Added Features

Modern designs and extra functions have made the bassinet useful for more than just putting the baby to bed. A canopies, play yard, stroller attachments, and music speakers are some of the supplementary features. You should think about whether you can live without these extra features or whether you will find them very vital, as they will come in useful whether you are traveling or trying to get baby to sleep at home.

For instance, the UPPAbaby Stroller Bassinet (see on Amazon) is equipped with a sunshade, can be fastened to a stroller, a bassinet stand, and a mosquito cover. The bassinet’s sunshade and bug cover are particularly useful for families that spend a lot of time outside, as they protect infant from the sun and insects. Alternative uses include napping and sleeping at home.


While it may seem obvious that a bassinet is designed for a baby to sleep in, many parents and caregivers don’t realize that thinking about the bassinet’s intended use will help them get the most use out of it. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding bedsharing for newborns of any age, however some bassinets have rocking capabilities or are meant to simulate co-sleeping in a safer way than sharing a bed. 2

To facilitate diaper changes, feedings, and even playtime, some bassinets have a removable panel that can be unzipped from one side. It’s important to keep the baby’s head up on all sides as they sleep. To assist soothe a baby to sleep, manufacturers have created bassinets that rock or vibrate.

How to Remove the Seat Elements from a Bugaboo Fox - YouTube

In light of the importance of healthy sleep, you should also think about your lifestyle and whether or not the bassinet can be used for other purposes. There are bassinets that are designed to be easily folded and transported, which is something to keep in mind if your family enjoys taking trips.


How long can my baby sleep in a bassinet?

There are several criteria, including your child’s age, weight, and developmental milestones, that will determine how long they can sleep in a bassinet. For safety reasons, many bassinets contain limits on the age and weight of their users. If your child has reached a specific weight or age and has outgrown the manufacturer’s guidelines, he or she is at risk of damage.

To be safe, it’s advisable to study the bassinet’s instructions cover to cover to make sure you grasp every nuance. Some newborns learn to roll over fairly soon after birth, prompting the recommendation that their parents and caregivers stop using the bassinet.

Can my baby just skip the bassinet and go straight to a crib?

For the most part, that is correct. It is not necessary to utilize a bassinet. The extra functions are a requirement for some parents and caregivers, and they are easy to transport and take up little room. However, infants may begin using a crib for sleep as soon as they arrive in the world. Consider your way of life and the needs of your family as you make your decision. A bassinet is a great alternative to a crib if you don’t yet have the room for a crib.

When should my baby go from the bassinet to a crib?

Your baby may start rolling over or sitting up before they reach the weight or age recommendations for your bassinet. Keep a close eye on them; you may need to move them to the crib earlier than the manufacturer of their bassinet recommends.

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