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There is a lot of interest in finding out how to charge a power recliner. This information can be found on a wide variety of websites, but not all of them are credible or accurate.

If you’re looking for the finest ways to charge a power recliner, keep reading!

What Is a Power Recliner?

There are many reasons why manual recliners are still popular in today’s homes, but there are also many reasons why they aren’t the best option for those who have physical restrictions.

It is now possible to sit back and rest in your preferred position and angle with the push of a button in a power recliner, which uses the same comfort technology as a regular recliner but requires no physical effort on your part.

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There are three buttons on the armrest of current power recliners that control back, foot, and headrest positions. These buttons can be activated by either a battery pack or an electrical wire.

Power Recliner vs. Manual

A power recliner is powered by either electricity or a rechargeable battery. (Electric and battery options are available in some designs.) If you’re looking for an old-fashioned chair that doesn’t require electricity or battery power, a manual recliner is the best option (by exerting force with your hand).

How to Manually Move a Power Recliner

It’s not uncommon for a power source to prove unreliable at times. A power outage or a dead battery will immediately teach you that your power chair isn’t going to work. Even if your power recliner has broken down, you still have the option of using it in the way you’re accustomed to!

Using the product manual is the first step in moving a power recliner in the manual mode. Manual overrides may require a set of instructions particular to your model of recliner. Among the universally applicable tips are the following:

  • Unplugging. Recliners can be “rebooted” by unplugging and re-plugging the power cord.
  • I’m doing a quick block check. There are times when an object has somehow found its way into the mechanism of the recliner. Check for broken or missing parts by disassembling the recliner.
  • Lubrication. Gears might stiffen up over time. Disassembling the chair and lubricating any stuck or stubborn parts may help if you’ve checked the handbook and tried the steps described above.

Do Power Recliners Have to Be Plugged In?

When it comes to power recliners, it all depends on the model: some require a socket, while others don’t. The recliner’s power connection necessitates that it be placed near a wall outlet. Recliners powered solely by batteries can be placed virtually anywhere and still function as intended.

Do Power Recliners Have a Manual Override?

It’s possible that your motorized recliner has a manual mode. In the event that you’re unsure, consult the owner’s manual before attempting to manually recline the chair. It’s best to be safe than sorry. Make sure you know how your power recliner works so that you can avoid any technical issues down the road.

Steps on How to Charge Power Recliner Chair

A power recliner chair with an AC adapter is likely to have a chord extending from the bottom of the seat that connects to a wall socket. Charging your chair is as simple as plugging it in and watching for the charger’s light to become green.

You can also use a different type of charger if you don’t want to use the AC adapter or it’s broken. Step 2. The chair is powered simply plugging in a USB cord to any available port on a power source.

Due to the fact that not all chargers are capable of providing enough electricity to charge fully in one go, this method may take some time.

Alternatively, you can charge your chair using batteries that are either put in the back of the seat or on the remote. Replacements are required, however the lack of a cord means that these can be used on the go!

You can also utilize a USB-powered external charger, which plugs into a standard wall socket and includes connections that attach to the bottom of your chair. Step 4. Because there are no cords to worry about, this is a perfect solution for folks who use their recliners in different rooms.

Charging Methods for Power Recliner

Using an AC converter or rechargeable batteries, you can power your device via USB.

For charging your chair, you can use the batteries that are either built into the seat’s rear or attached to the chair’s remote. However, they do allow for mobility because there is no cable required.

Your chair’s base serves as the connecting point for the AC adapter, which plugs into a wall outlet through a power cable.

Do Flexsteel Power Recliners Have Battery Backup?

It is possible to extend the battery life of the Flexsteel Power Recliner for up to four hours in the event of a power loss. Even after you buy your chair, it’s never too late to add this item!

What are the Advantages of Power Recliner Chairs?

There are no wires to worry about, which is the most obvious benefit. Having a cordless chair keeps your room clear and protects your pets from chomping on an exposed cable! – Plugging directly into the wall, the power reclining chair doesn’t require any other equipment (such extension cords).

This chair may be moved anywhere in your house because of its portability and lack of dependence on the placement of an outlet or even which side the plug faces. To make things even more convenient, the chair may be unplugged so that you can carry out other duties while seated, such as folding laundry or cooking.

Because cordless recliners don’t have wires, you don’t have to worry about any potential safety issues when moving the furniture around. In most cases, power recliners’ charging cords are buried in the legs, so they pose no risk.

As an added bonus, motorized recliners are more likely to survive their corded counterparts. With a rechargeable battery, you won’t have to worry about it dying out any time soon. Additionally, since there are no exposed wires or plugs to worry about, you’ll be on your way to a more stress-free living scenario.

The lack of an electrical cord may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience given the numerous benefits that come with owning a power reclining chair. Before you can sit down again, you won’t have to get up and plug in anything. You won’t have to worry about someone unplugging your chair by accident.

How do You Fix a Recliner That Won’t Lock?

Tip 1: Start by examining the footrest of the recliner. There could be a problem with your chair’s plug or even a frayed power cord if it’s all the way down and won’t budge when you try to reposition it. Before moving on, make sure that this isn’t the problem.

As a second step in this process, try to lock your chair by pressing down on one of its arms while simultaneously raising the footrest. There may be a problem with how tightly or loosely the screws are screwed into either side of the chair if this fails to function.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Power Recliners

A power recliner might be a great choice for a relaxing experience. It’s important to think about and evaluate some of the most important aspects of a reclining chair before making a purchase. Regardless of style, size, or material, all power recliners necessitate a nearby electrical outlet in order to function. Consequently, they’ll need to be located close to a wall with a convenient power source.

Types of Power Recliners

A wide variety of power recliners are available to suit a variety of preferences and ergonomic needs. When there is a power outage, some power recliners have a battery pack that may be used to keep them running until the power is restored.

It’s possible to get chairs that rock or swivel, depending on the user’s preference or size. A lift chair recliner tilts its seat to make it easier for the user to get up or sit down in the chair, which is very helpful for elderly or those with limited mobility. It is possible to find a chair that can be used by everyone in the family, including the grandparents, if you choose a recliner couch or seat-and-a-half power recliner.

Reclining Options

More possibilities are available than with a standard manual recliner chair because of the motor (or set of motors) used to power the recliner. The head, neck, and back postures, as well as the leg and foot positions, can often be modified.

Users of power recliners are not restricted to a predetermined number of positions because the adjustments are accomplished via electronic controls. They may usually be customized in a variety of ways to suit the preferences of the particular user. The head and lumbar support of some electric recliners can be adjusted. It is possible to recline back into a supported and comfortable position with the greatest motorized recliners.

Some power recliners provide motorized adjustments in addition to the usual characteristics of a chair. Some are characterized to as “wall huggers” or “wall recliners” because of their unique design. The chair reclines forward rather than backward, allowing it to be placed closer to the wall.


In terms of space, a power recliner is just like a regular recliner or stuffed armchair. Before looking for a new power recliner, it’s crucial to know who will be using it, where it will be put, and how much space is available.

A user’s height and weight can both influence the ideal size options. “Big and tall” power recliners can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, with more padding for heavier or taller customers.

Power recliners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including those that can be folded up and stored in tighter places. If you need to move the chair via a tiny hallway or stairwell, these electric recliners for compact areas can be a lifesaver. Before making a final decision on a power recliner, make sure to carefully measure the planned space, as well as any essential entry doors, corridors, or stairwells.


One of the most important aspects of a motorized recliner, aside from cost and design, is the amount of room it takes up. You can narrow down the possibilities by measuring the intended spot and comparing it to chair measurements. The majority of recliners fall into one of three sizes and require the following amount of room:.

  • To accommodate a small power recliner that is 30 inches broad, the space needed is 35 inches wide.
  • Power reclining chairs that are 32 to 38 inches wide often require a width of 40 to 45 inches.
  • Large power recliners, which are typically 40 to 44 inches wide, require at least 50 inches of space.

All chairs require 5 inches of head clearance between the top of the chair when fully reclined and the wall or any neighboring furniture. Remember to measure the doorway’s width as well, as chairs need to be delivered in a certain amount of room.


For motorized recliners, the possibilities for upholstery seem to go on forever. Different types of fabric, such as leather and fabric, as well as synthetic materials, are available, all of which are excellent in repelling liquids. Custom fabric options are available from many brands, making it easy to match a chair to a person’s personal taste or to existing furniture in a home.

The greatest power recliners can be found in a variety of materials, including leather, synthetics, and even sustainable materials. Before settling on a fabric, think about the chair’s intended purpose, the decor of the room, and all of the people who will be using it. Stains and pet messes can be removed more readily with some fabrics, while several fabric treatments offer stain resistance and even antibacterial properties. A furniture dealer can help you choose the best way to clean and repair a certain type of motorized recliner material.

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Advanced Features

In addition to the several reclining positions that can be achieved with the push of a few buttons, there are a slew of other benefits to take into account. The addition of massage and warming functions, as well as built-in cupholders, places to store remote controls or reading materials, are all common features on some power chairs. A power recliner’s configurable features are one of its most appealing aspects.

Power recliners necessitate the usage of electricity, thus many are now equipped with USB ports for charging electronic gadgets like smartphones. Massage and warming features are available as options on these power chairs for the ultimate in comfort. Finally, power recliners can swivel, rock, or tilt and raise to make it easier for a user to sit or stand up.

Our Top Picks

There are a seemingly infinite amount of power recliners to choose from when there are so many options to consider. There’s a motorized recliner to fit almost every room or person’s needs, no matter how large or little. The best power recliners in certain categories may be found among the top picks, which all have powered convenience and customizable comfort.

Cranedall Oversized Power Recliner

The Cranedall enormous power recliner is a budget-friendly option that’s big enough for comfort. In a family area, the chair’s contemporary and overstuffed form provides plenty of comfort. The chair’s Easy View headrest makes it easy to view TV while relaxing.

Because of the high-resiliency foam cushions and the linked back and seat cushions with durable contrast stitching, the youngsters won’t be able to easily damage the chair while vying for the most comfy seat. This wall-saver form requires only three inches of space between the chair’s back and the wall.

Product Specs

  • Inches, centimeters, and centimeters
  • 3 inches of back clearance is required.
  • 280-300 pound weight limit


  • When the USB charger is in operation, it merely draws power.
  • One-button power management
  • The chair’s back is barely 3 inches from the wall when using a wall-saver design.


  • There is only one option for color and material (fake leather).
  • Neither heat nor massage are available.

Mcombo Electric Power Recliner 7050

The motorized recliner positions of the Mcombo Electric Power Recliner 7050 come with a slew of extra features. While seated or lying down in the recliner chair, you can use the massage and heat functions to relieve aching muscles. With two cupholders and two USB ports, you’ll be able to keep your drinks close to hand and your remotes in the front or side storage pockets while charging your smart gadgets. Even though it’s less expensive than the normal power recliner, the chair can only be ordered in polyester, but there are a variety of color possibilities.

Product Specs

  • 41.7 inches by 37 inches by 37.8 inches in length and width
  • 16.5-inch space is required behind the back.
  • Capacity: 320 pounds


  • A damp or dry towel can be used to clean the surface.
  • Assembly is a three-step process
  • A timer and intensity and mode presets are included in the heat and massage controller.
  • Easy-to-use motorized reclining chair with numerous built-in functions


  • Tall users should avoid it; the ideal height range is 5’1″ to 5’9″.
  • The maximum reclining angle is 140 degrees; the chair does not fully recline.

Yandel Power Lift Recliner

The footrest and backrest of this power reclining chair can be independently adjusted for maximum comfort thanks to the chair’s two motors. Those with restricted mobility, such as the elderly or others, will appreciate how comfortable it is to sit in this motorized lift chair recliner. Adjusting the lift chair couldn’t be easier thanks to the chair’s straightforward operation. Seat, footrest, and back adjustments can all be made to suit the user’s particular preference in a power recliner chair.

Powered lift recliners aren’t just for the elderly, who may benefit from having a more reliable means of getting up and down from a soft chair. Additionally, they can be useful in times of recovery from an injury or as an investment in a piece of furniture that can be used for many years to come. In the event of a power outage, the Yandel Power Lift Recliner includes a backup battery system.

Product Specs

  • Inches in length: 44 by 35 by 40 inches
  • 16 inches of back clearance is required.
  • 280-300 pound weight limit


  • Operation with only a single touch
  • A polyester upholstery that is long-lasting and comfortable.
  • Pockets on either side of the chair
  • Batteries for emergency use


  • There is no way to adjust the lumbar or the headrest.
  • There isn’t a flat-bed recliner available.
  • Only one type of upholstery is available.

sumyeg Ergonomic Corduroy Massage Chair Recliner

Sumyeg’s corduroy-upholstered heat and massage recliner feels like you’re reclining in a warm, cozy fall garment. This power recliner chair’s channel-style pillow design cradles the body like an embrace, offering massage functions in four spots (calves, thighs, lower back, and shoulders). Side pockets can be used to store reading material or remote controls.

Power recliners with massage features, like this one with timer-driven heat, are ideal for long periods of relaxation. When it’s time to get up, the motorized lift chair function comes in handy.

Product Specs

  • It has a 40.2-inch x 39.4-inch by 39-inch dimensions.
  • 30 inches of back clearance is required.
  • The maximum weight is 300 pounds.


  • Ten modes and three intensities of kneading massage in four different locations
  • a 15-minute burst of heat applied to the lower back
  • Overstuffed pillows create a warm and inviting atmosphere for rest and recovery.
  • Camel and gray are the two color options available.


  • There are no ports for USB devices, and there are no cupholders.
  • Seats with a lot of depth may be too big for very little people.

Lane Home Furnishings Maximus Power Recliner

This Maximus-style power recliner is part of Lane Home Furnishing’s ComfortKing series and features power reclining options that include fabric selections, including leather. Built on seven-gauge steel mechanisms and drop-in coil seats, this recliner for big and tall people has reinforced arms supported by steel frame supports. These electric recliners are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

With the Maximus, you can choose between power rocker recliner, power wall-saver, and power wall-saver heat and massage. Using a powerful power recliner as the foundation, customers can acquire all of the features they desire. You may rest your entire body in a full-body recline, making it ideal for royalty.

Product Specs

  • It has the following measurements: 45 cm x 42 cm x 48 cm (power wall-saver model)
  • 10 inches of back clearance is required.
  • A 500-pound weight limit


  • Built to withstand the test of time.
  • Customization options are numerous.
  • Mechanism for lying down that is silent and smooth
  • Lie completely flat.


  • Availability may be restricted because of the popularity of a product or service.
  • Adding further features to an already high-priced product increases the overall cost.

Game Zone Power Recliner

The family room may get a new command center in this chair. An adjustable headrest is included as well as cup holders on the armrests. It also features a USB charging outlet. You can watch an entire season of a favorite program, play video games, or catch a full day of playoffs in this power chair thanks to its dramatic nailhead design on durable faux leather upholstery.

The chair may be quickly moved from a sat to a reclined position using the one-touch power controls on the side. Additionally, the footrest may be raised or lowered using motorized controls, allowing for optimal comfort after a hard day at work. With this motorized recliner, acquire one for every person of the family or opt for the sofa or loveseat variants to sit close to each other in the home theater.

Product Specs

  • 42-inch by 39-inch-by-40-inch frame
  • 8.5 inches of back clearance is required.
  • 280-300 pound weight limit


  • Estimated time for assembly is 15 minutes.
  • Both arms have hidden armrest storage for remotes and other small items.
  • In the event of a spill, use a damp or dry cloth to quickly clean up the mess.
  • Durability is ensured by a metal-reinforced seat and a corner-blocked frame.


  • There are no options for reupholstery or color schemes.
  • Does not lay flat

Palliser Zero Gravity Leather Recliner ZG5

Power recliners by Palliser are made of genuine leather, which is both elegant and durable (with partial leather options for the cost conscious). This luxurious power recliner’s upholstery may be customized with a variety of leather grades. For the chair’s primary touchpoints, such as the armrests and seat, you can select a leather blend, and for the chair’s sides and back, you can “color match” leather. Choose between chrome or wooden legs to match your current decor for a really unique look.

Zero-gravity power recliners, named for their resemblance to the position astronauts take in space, are the best option when it comes to relaxing in your chair. Those with sore or swollen feet, ankles, or legs swear by zero-gravity seats. Circulation, lymphatic drainage, and even anxiety reduction have all been linked to zero gravity, according to research. You may fine-tune the seat’s reclining angle using the power recline feature’s one-touch operation and an adjustable headrest pillow.

Product Specs

  • Inches, centimeters, and centimeters
  • a minimum of 20 inches of back clearance is required
  • The maximum weight is 300 pounds.


  • Numerous leather color and texture choices are available
  • Comfy seating in the form of a full chaise lounge
  • Reclining in a weightless state
  • On the interior of the arm is a one-touch control panel.


  • The cost of high-quality materials is clearly evident.
  • Delivery times are pushed back due to the custom manufacturing procedure.

Carson Carrington Wall Hugger Recliner with USB Port

Consider a “wall hugger” chair that doesn’t require a lot of space behind it if you’re looking for maximum comfort in a compact space. It’s not necessary for motorized recliners to be the room’s largest item. It’s easy to move the chair around inside, build it in 15 minutes, and then put your feet up.

This power recliner has a seat width of just 22 inches, making it excellent for smaller people, according to its specifications. When reclined, the footrest features a chaise pad for further comfort. The one-touch controls on the inside of the arm rest next to the USB charger allow you to power recline.

Product Specs

  • 41.5 inches by 29 inches by 33 inches in size.
  • At least 4 inches of room is needed in the back
  • The maximum weight is 300 pounds.


  • Several color options
  • Deliveries can be ordered online.
  • Clean-up-friendly polyester
  • Cushions made of high-density foam.


  • Not intended for users who are particularly large or hefty in stature.

How We Chose the Best Power Recliners

The first thing that comes to mind while evaluating the greatest power recliners is its overall size. Power recliners on the market have a wide range of this feature. It’s a good idea to measure a lot before buying a power recliner, from the width of the seat to the breadth of the chair that affects delivery.

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We also took into account the cost of a power recliner, which might easily cost more than a standard couch. How important is it, then, to be able to rely on a product for an extended period of time? The higher the price, the more likely it is that the upholstery material (such as leather) has a longer guarantee and repair contract with the manufacturer.

It was our goal to choose a selection of power recliner chairs that would stand the test of time. Models ranging from the traditional to the sleek and futuristic are included. This list includes a wide range of sizes because recliners must fit the user and one chair does not fit all.


Q. What is a power lift recliner?

If you’re looking for a chair that can help you get in and out of it, a motorized lift chair is what you need.

Q. How long should a power recliner last?

Power recliners, when properly cared for and maintained, can outlast manual counterparts. Properly maintaining and preventing chair overheating is made easier by performing routine cleaning of the chair’s frame, including the base and beneath. In addition, to guarantee optimal performance, make sure the chair is kept in a warm, dry place, avoid damaging the power cord, and plug it directly into a power source. Regular cleaning and maintenance requirements can be found in the chair’s individual manufacturer’s instructions. Depending on use and maintenance, a good power recliner can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Q. Can power recliners be operated manually?

It is necessary for a power recliner to be plugged into an outlet or have a backup battery pack in order to function (for temporary use during power outages).

Q. Is it OK to sleep on a recliner?

In order to avoid blood clots, it is best to avoid sleeping in a recliner that isn’t completely horizontal (i.e., not totally reclined).

Q. Why do I sleep better in a recliner than in a bed?

Recliner chairs can help alleviate back pain, increase blood flow, and aid digestion and respiration when used in a totally horizontal position.

Q. How much does a good recliner cost?

Between $800 and $2,000 or more is the price range for a high-quality recliner, which includes luxury materials like leather upholstery and sturdy metal motor mechanics and frames.

Our Verdict

Even though the needs of power recliner users can vary, the Cranedall Oversized Power Recliner is a good option for most normal users in average-sized houses despite this. In the winter, this chair will keep you warm and cozy for a lengthy period of time. An cheap power recliner for tiny areas and apartments, the Carson Carrington Wall Hugger Recliner with USB Port may be worth your consideration.