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Doing both sides simultaneously. That’s the reason for Wool presser mats. They are popular due to the fact that people believe that they can save time when ironing. However, getting them clean is a different issue.

In contrast to wool mats made of real wool, cleaning your wool presser mat won’t require much effort and a large amount of detergent. It doesn’t even require a lot of time. Two simple actions are the only ones you have to do to clean your wool pressing mat in good condition

For more information about the care of your wool presser mat simply read on to our post. It’s packed with tips on cleaning and additional information to assist you in finding and using the ideal mat for your needs.

Can You Wash a Wool Pressing Mat?


The most effective solution we can get is that it’s possible to clean the wool mat. However, since wool is known to retain moisture, it’s ideal to wash it with your hands, rather than letting the washing machine take care of the job.

Another seasoned wool presser mat user suggests only washing the mat before letting the mat air dry. This could be the most effective advice available. Wool is a difficult material to handle and it is recommended that you don’t spray any starch directly on the mat.

The reason behind this is that wool fibers absorb water. Spraying your ironing board prior to spraying using starch will be the most effective method to utilize the ironing additive.

Can You Use Steam on a Wool Pressing Mat?


It isn’t an ideal idea for you to utilize a wool pressing mat when you intend in the process of steaming another item. The reason this is not true is the fact that steam will pass through the wool fibers and then soak the fabric beneath.

This means that your ironing or cutting board could get wet throughout the process. Another issue is heated, and which could penetrate the wool fibers, causing little harm to the mat that is beneath the mat.

A mat made of wool that is thicker than about 1/2 inch or more, could prevent these issues from occurring. Other methods to prevent steaming through the mat are to use misters and spray some water on your fabric prior to you ironing it.

If you’d like to utilize the steam function, you can put an extra towel under the mat in order to prevent the steam and heat from harming any other objects the mat rests on.

The Characteristics of a Wool Presser Mat

It’s certain that wool presser mats are one of the most simple laundry equipment or accessories you’ll ever need. All you need to do is remove it out of the packaging and place it on your ironing board and get started with the ironing. With certain mats, you can utilize the steam function on your iron without a problem.

There are other aspects you could expect to observe and experience when you iron with these mats while ironing. Here are some examples:

  • There is a distinct smell that has a smell that is similar to that of steamed wool. However, some people might not like it. The good thing is that the smell is likely to disappear particularly when you become used to it.
  • The mat isn’t able to move It appears to grip the fabric and hold it tightly. It isn’t necessary to be concerned about the movement of fabric when you iron. It is much easier to line up edges because you are confident that the edges will not move.
  • I hold the heat L and that’s the reason why so many women choose to use wool presser mats. It is possible to use the mat to iron the two sides and not turn the fabric over. Its heat retention capacity is fantastic. The only thing to be aware of is that heat and steam travel across the fibers of wool before they reach whatever lies beneath them.
  • Pins are also possible and the wool presser mat isn’t only an ordinary mat. It is possible to use pins to attach your blocks and fabrics directly to the mat, without damaging the mat. Your fabric will not move as you press.
  • It’s all wool unlike the majority of laundry items, the wool mats are created of 100% wool. There aren’t any contaminants or impure materials that can weaken the construction and strength of this mat.

Using a Wool Presser Mat

There are many various ways to arrange an ironing mat made of wool in order to assist you in ironing. This is a simple method that could be the best for you to consider:

  • 1. Utilizing a long-arm machine, put a long wooden board over the bars and then span the poles. It should be in the proper height to iron.
  • 2. Then, you need to get an ironing mat and place it on top of the wood board. The mat doesn’t have to be very thick.
  • 3. Then, put your wool presser mat on your iron mat on top.

Three layers are the only thing you require to make sure your ironing runs without an issue.

Some Final Words

You can clearly see that the wool presser mats are not an issue to use. It’s simple to maneuver and set up and isn’t that difficult to adjust. It also doesn’t require much cleaning to wash presser mats.

Although you could utilize your washing machine, this is not the most effective method to select. Wool presser mats retain moisture and take an extended time to dry if saturated in water.

If you’re planning to wash your mat, hand washing is equally effortless and does not take long. A thorough rinse could be all the washing you need to do to prepare your mat for the next ironing job.