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Care for your baby includes cleaning the Chicco Next To Me Magic Bassinet mattress. Cleaning your Chicco Next To Me Magic Bassinet mattress cover will be dependent on how often you use it and what kind of material it is made of.

What Is A Bassinet?

A bassinet is a crib for newborns that can be used until the baby is roughly four months old. Typically, they are oval-shaped, have mesh or cloth sides, and are designed to be easily transported.

When the bassinet’s base is fully extended, it raises the bed to a comfortable height for an adult’s midriff. Many parents have found this taller structure to be beneficial in laying their baby down.

To put your baby down and get them up from the crib may be difficult if you’ve had a C-section, so a bassinet may be a better option.

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They come in a wide range of colors and designs. Even the beds have ruffled edges, hoods, and hidden compartments. To make bassinets more useful over time, the following characteristics have been incorporated:

  • Lights
  • Sounds
  • Rocking

Your infant should no longer be kept in a bassinet as soon as they are able to turn over on their own. Your baby’s growth and development will dictate when it’s time to graduate from the bassinet.

Benefits Of Using A Bassinet

This is a moment you’ll cherish forever: taking your newborn home from the hospital! As soon as you arrive back to your house, they’ll need a place to rest their heads. You can choose between a bassinet and a crib.

Our Bassinet vs. Crib: What’s the Difference and Which One Is Best for Your Baby? is a good place to start. an in-depth analysis of the two can be found in this article.

Why should you use a bassinet for your newborn? ‘

Ease Of Access

Small and portable, a bassinet can be placed next to your bed. You should never sleep with your baby next to you, but having them nearby makes it easier to get to them if they wake up in the middle of the night and need your attention.


In comparison to cribs, bassinets are more portable. It’s also easier to move the bed when you need to because bassinets are lighter.

Make sure you lock the wheels when you’re done moving the bassinet and never move it while your infant is sleeping inside.

Lower Price Tag

When it comes time to set up the nursery, a bassinet might be a more affordable alternative to a crib.

The main consideration is that your baby will outgrow their bassinet before you realize it, necessitating the purchase of a crib. When making decisions, keep this in mind.

Saving Space

For the first few months of a baby’s life, most parents choose for a bassinet over a crib in order to conserve room.

It’s recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that you and your infant share a room, but not the same bed. Until your child is at least six months old, they advise you to adhere to this regulation.

In the absence of a lot of room in your bedroom for a full-sized crib, the bassinet is a good space-saving solution.

Another alternative is a micro crib, which is larger than a bassinet but smaller than a full-sized crib.

Another Option: The Mini Crib

A 52-inch-long by 28-inch-wide conventional crib will comfortably fit your child for several years. A convertible crib, for example, may be transformed into a toddler bed, ensuring that your child has a peaceful night’s sleep at every stage of their development.

A standard-sized crib may not be the ideal choice if you plan to keep your baby in your bedroom.

In comparison to most bassinets, the 24 by 38-inch dimensions of a micro crib make it ideal for sharing a room or for small nurseries.

A small crib may allow you to retain your newborn in your room for the time being as they grow into a bigger bed around (or before) their second birthday.

What are your mattress alternatives if you go with this style of crib? Crib Mattresses exist in normal and tiny sizes, which we recommend.

Because it is 100 percent breathable, your baby will be able to get enough air if they decide to sleep on their stomach at any point during the night. Your kid won’t wake up with a sweaty back thanks to the breathable fabric’s capacity to circulate air.

In addition to being devoid of foam, glue, latex, and springs, this mattress can be washed from top to bottom and is machine washable.

It’s up to you whether or not a bassinet is the best solution for you and your family. It’s important that you read our guide to buying a bassinet before making any judgments about which one to buy.

Let’s talk about bassinet mattresses at this point.

When To Purchase A Bassinet Mattress

As soon as you arrive home from the hospital, your new baby will be in desperate need of a safe place to sleep. Your infant will be more comfortable in a bassinet if you have it set up well in advance of either your due date or the day you plan to bring your adopted child into the house.

There is usually a mattress included in most bassinets. A mattress is required if your bassinet doesn’t include one or if you don’t like the one that comes with it.

Consider replacing your bassinet mattress as soon as possible if it is worn out. Even though the mattress may be easily washed, you can tell if it needs a new one by looking at how unclean it appears.

Even when your kid is lying down, he or she may spit up quite a bit during the newborn era. If you don’t clean up after your baby’s accidents on their bedding, it could lead to an unsafe sleeping environment for your child.

Tips For Choosing The Right Bassinet Mattress

There are a few considerations to bear in mind while looking for a new bassinet mattress for your child. Please have a look at this page to ensure that your infant is secure while they sleep.

1) Put Safety First


In the case of a newborn, one of your primary worries is the security of their sleeping environment. Make sure your baby’s mattress is firm to keep them safe while they sleep.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that your baby’s mattress be both firm and soft. The suffocation risk is reduced by the solid surface. It’s possible that a baby’s bassinet mattress that’s overly soft will cause harm.

Check to see whether your baby’s head makes an indentation in the bassinet mattress to evaluate if it is safe or not. When your child lies on the mattress, you may detect an indentation because the mattress is overly soft.

Mattresses should not be so rough that your baby has difficulty falling and staying asleep, but they should be firm enough.


Another danger of suffocation is a mattress that is too thick for your baby’s bassinet. You don’t want it to be too thin, because your baby will find it uncomfortable. For both safety and comfort, the correct thickness is critical.

Bassinet mattresses should be no more than one and a half inches thick. The thicker the material, the greater the risk.


Traditional rectangular or oval bassinets are 15 to 18 inches broad and 30 to 33 inches long. While some bassinets come in a variety of sizes, some have their own specifications.

The form and size of your baby’s bassinet should be taken into consideration while deciding on the best bassinet mattress. The mattress must fit tightly inside the bassinet in order to create the safest sleep environment.

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This will not be possible if the dimensions are incorrect. Make careful to measure your baby’s bassinet before you begin your search.

2) Consider Your Baby’s Comfort


For your baby’s comfort, look for a mattress cover for the bassinet.

Some mattresses might cause your baby’s skin to itch, resulting in considerable discomfort for your child. When this happens, your infant will not be able to sleep effectively at night or during naps.

It’s also a good idea to check over the mattress of your infant to see if it’s causing them any discomfort if they’ve been sleeping soundly for a long period of time.


Choosing a mattress that supports the growth and development of your baby’s head and body is essential to helping them reach all of their developmental milestones.


When your kid is 28 to 32 weeks pregnant, he or she will begin to show signs of the Moro Reaction, a natural reflex that disappears between the ages of three and six months.

As a result of a sudden loss of support, your baby’s reaction is to spread out their arms, then pull them back in, and then wail.

Your baby’s sleep will be disrupted as a result of this reaction, which will continue for the first few months of his or her existence. Certain materials used to cover the mattress of a bassinet might produce a lot of noise as the baby moves around.

(We’ve found that plastic-coated mattresses impair your baby’s sleep the most in terms of noise).

As a result, if your infant is not correctly swaddled, the Moro Reflex may prevent them from having a good night’s sleep. During the night, your baby should be snuggled up in a warm, safe place with you. Moro Reflexes, or the sounds their mattress creates as a result, can wake them up if they aren’t careful.

If you want your baby to sleep soundly at night, Newton Baby’s Organic Cotton Swaddles are a great option.

Organic muslin cotton certified to the Global Organic Textile Standards is used to make these hypoallergenic swaddle blankets. In order to keep your infant comfortable and minimize overheating, the soft fabric is entirely breathable.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your baby warm while they sleep, our Organic Cotton Swaddles are a great option!

3) Choose A Bassinet Mattress That’s Built To Last


A long-lasting bassinet mattress should not exhibit any indications of wear after a few months of use. If your baby’s mattress degrades after only a few uses, he or she may not receive enough sleep.

How can you tell if the mattress you’re looking at is long-lasting?” Take note of how well it’s made.

You may notice lumps and bumps in a cheap bassinet mattress, for example. In addition to being uncomfortable for your kid, this surface is also dangerous.

Waterproof, Washable Cover

Your baby’s bassinet mattress needs to be waterproof in order to survive a long time. Why? Because your baby will spit up and pee on the floor at some point. It can’t be avoided.

However, it is possible to stay away from a harmful sleeping environment. To prevent the growth of mold and mildew on your baby’s bassinet mattress, use a waterproof, washable mattress cover.

When your child is old enough to sleep in a crib, you may upgrade to our Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad, which is suitable for both twin beds and cribs.

A thin layer of air sits between the waterproof outer shell and the water-resistant, breathable cloth interior. This mattress pad provides an additional 3/8″ of air circulation on the mattress surface, making any crib mattress safer. It can also be cleaned in the washing machine if an accident occurs.

4) Check The Labels


After you buy a goods, it is common for it to emit a noxious odor.

A product’s aroma may or may not be released into the air as a result of this process. Because packaging has stifled the flow of fresh air, the chemicals have been forced to the surface.

If you’re concerned about off-gassing, check the mattress labels on your baby’s bassinet. Always check the bassinet mattress materials label if you have any doubts.

Keep seeking for a new bassinet mattress if you find anything that might be harmful to your infant.

Fire Resistance

It was mandated in 2007 that all mattresses must have enough Fire Retardant Chemicals to resist a two foot flame for 70 seconds.

Due to their low cost, extremely contentious fire retardants are used in about 92% of the market (or by the majority of large sleep-product firms). Look for a GREENGUARD Gold certification on your baby’s mattress to see if the fire retardants used are safe for your child.

Underwriters Laboratory (ULGREENGUARD )’s Gold program, which is the most stringent certification available, identifies products as being suitable for children’s use.

A GREENGUARD Certified product has been evaluated for over 10,000 chemicals and emissions and passed the test, satisfying high standards for low emissions levels and ensuring that your indoor air quality is safe and clean.

One step further, the GREENGUARD Gold Certification requires reduced overall VOC emission levels and ensures that goods are suitable for use in schools, nurseries and healthcare facilities.

Newton Baby’s cribs, mattresses, and mattress pads have all earned the GREENGUARD Gold Seal of Approval.

Steps on How to Clean Baby’s Chicco Next To Me Magic Bassinet Mattress

Step 1: Lift the lower frame of the bassinet to reveal it. In a matter of seconds, the mattress will unfold and lock into place.

A finished product is required for this step. To avoid damaging the product, do not machine or boil clean when washing in cold water with mild soap.

Step 3: Using strong chemicals may shorten the lifespan of your products, so use warm water and let them air dry instead. Before returning the pad to the bedside caddy, wipe out any spills that may have occurred on top of it. Following these instructions, you should be able to use a bassinet again!

How to Disassemble Chicco Next to me Magic Bassinet

Unzipping the mattress pad and liner from both sides is the first step. In order to make reassembly more difficult, the zip ties holding these things together can be snipped rather than undone.

Disassembling the bassinet is as simple as pushing the pieces together; no screws or bolts are used in this process. After that, fold down the headboard/canopy portion over the top of the bassinet canopy by lifting each clip one at a time.

The bassinet bumper bar may be too long for the space between the slats, so before releasing the Velcro and pulling it through, try folding the bar lengthwise first.

Make sure you remember how many slats are on each side so that you know how far apart to place the two side pieces when putting them together!

Using a broad elastic strap, the upper half of the crib is attached to all four posts and secures tightly, but is easily undone by adults if necessary. If you fail to attach both sides of this section at the same time, your bassinet will not stand straight.

Finally, attach the wheels (if present) by aligning holes in one component with pegs poking out of another; they should snap into place naturally, like jigsaw pieces. Step 5: Attach the wheels. You should now have a finished bassinet after putting feet pads where necessary!

How to take the cover off a Maclaren stroller

Lift the lower frame-up of the bassinet to open it. In a matter of seconds, the mattress will unfold and lock into place.

Your Triumph Stroller’s cloth seat covers should be taken off: Vacuuming with a soft brush attachment is the best method for removing surface debris and dust.

Do not wash in a machine, since this could cause damage; instead, use warm water and a little detergent to wipe the surface if necessary (less than 110 degrees). Tumble dry for 20 minutes on low heat, then hang to dry in the shade.

How do I clean my Inglesina stroller?

The seat of a fabric-covered stroller can be washed with a sponge and a bucket of warm water. If your stroller is clean, all it needs is a dry wipedown with an all-purpose cleaning.

Steps on How to Fold up Chicco Next to Me Playard Bassinet

Press the two release buttons on the toy bar’s front legs to separate it from the frame. Before folding flat, remove any mattress pad or sheet that could be in your nightstand caddy.

Starting with one corner, fold inwards and repeat for the rest of the corners in the same manner as stated above.

How to Wash Chicco NextToMe Bassinet Mattress

The best way to clean it is to turn it inside out and use a light detergent in lukewarm water around 40oC (104°F). In order to get a good lather when cleaning your mattress, be sure to use a sufficient amount of detergent.

Our bassinet mattresses’ breathability and waterproofing qualities may be compromised if you use bleach or fabric softener when washing them.

Rinse and dry the garment on a flat surface away from direct sunlight for 24 hours at room temperature after washing both sides with a gentle cycle in cold water (60-degree Fahrenheit).

How to Fold up Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Bassinet

What is the best way to wash my mattress? Insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, can hurt your infant both while he or she is sleeping and while they are awake if you don’t frequently clean out your baby’s sleeping environment.

How long can a baby sleep in Chicco next to?

Keep your baby in the bassinet for the first 15 pounds of his or her life. Your kid can sleep with you overnight until they are six months old or in cribs if they reach this weight and age (typically three months).

Safe Sleep In A Bassinet

Choosing a secure bassinet and bassinet mattress is an important part of ensuring your baby’s safety at night. Regardless matter whether your baby is sleeping in a bassinet or a crib, make sure to practice safe sleep habits every single day.

Even though we’ve already talked about sharing your room with your infant (but not your bed), we’ll go over a few more safe sleep guidelines here.

1) Keep The Bassinet Bare

The bassinet should be empty when you put your infant to sleep. Only the bassinet mattress, a fitted sheet if necessary, and your child are required for this.

Toys, infant pillows, blankets, crib bumpers, and the like are all choking and suffocation threats, even if they appear cute or comforting. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the fitted sheet on your baby’s bassinet mattress is snugly in place.

You must follow the same procedure for placing your child to sleep in a crib once you have done so. Fitted sheets like our Organic Cotton Sheets are all you need for your baby’s cot! All-around elastic ensures a safe, snug fit on any crib mattress with these extremely soft sheets.

Our muslin sheets are 100% breathable, exactly like our mattresses, so your baby may sleep soundly all night long. To match your nursery decor, you can select from a variety of classic patterns.

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2) Put Your Baby On Their Back

When putting your baby to sleep or to nap in their naked bassinet, remember to place them on their back at all times. Because it’s safer than resting on their back or stomach.

Do you know what to expect when your infant begins to turn over? A baby should be out of a swaddle by the time they learn how to roll about four months old.

In the middle of the night, if they utilize their new skills to roll over, you can let them alone – there is no need to flip them over again. You will still put them to sleep on their back.

3) Give Your Baby Tummy Time

Your baby needs stomach time during the day, even if you constantly put them to sleep on their back! The muscles that allow children to accomplish crucial developmental milestones are strengthened when they spend time face-down.

In order for tummy time to be effective, both you and your baby must be awake and alert. Your baby will appreciate it more if you join them on the floor and bring their favorite toys.

In fact, your infant can begin tummy time as early as the first few hours of his or her existence, although it may take on a different appearance for newborns. For example, think about putting them on your lap or skin-to-skin contact. Here are some additional tummy-time tips.

4) Offer A Pacifier At Bedtime

Giving your baby a pacifier during nap and bedtime is also recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a technique to encourage sound sleep.

After your baby has mastered the art of breastfeeding, you can begin this process (typically a couple of weeks). If you’re not breastfeeding, you can start giving the pacifier sooner.

The “bare bassinet” requirement must be kept in mind here. The pacifier should not have any kind of strap attached to it. It’s fine if your infant doesn’t want to use a pacifier at all. It’s not necessary to exert any pressure on the situation.

5) Care For Yourself And Your Baby

However, there are additional actions you can take to ensure the safety and health of your child while they sleep. Taking care of yourself and your child is an important part of it.

If you breastfeed or use formula, take your child to their doctor’s appointments often to ensure that they are receiving the correct quantity of nutrition. In addition to watching out for the health of your baby, it’s important that you look after your own well-being as well. Smoking and abstaining from alcoholic beverages and other intoxicating substances can help ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for your child.

Find out more about putting your baby to sleep safely by clicking on this link.


Choosing a bassinet mattress should always start with the safety of your child in mind, and that’s exactly what we do at Newton Baby. Make sure your child is comfortable enough to go asleep at night!

Choose a long-lasting mattress for your baby’s bassinet. Choosing a mattress that is both waterproof and long-lasting is essential. Remember to examine the labeling as well!

With these tips, you can ensure that your baby’s sleep is as safe as possible while they are in their bassinet and mattress.

Consider Newton Baby’s breathable crib mattress after your baby has outgrown his or her bassinet and is ready to sleep in a crib. Let us take care of your baby’s essentials for a safe sleep!