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Is your Maytag washing machine’s filter clogged? Then this is the correct spot for you. We’ll show you how to thoroughly clean your front- and top-loading washing machines of dirt and lint.

Maytag is the second most popular washer brand in the United States, according to a recent survey. All-electric appliances, including washers, are available from the company. Appliances made by this company are of the highest caliber.

As a result, you must clean and repair the devices on a regular basis to ensure their long-term viability. The filter needs to be cleaned and lint-free as the primary focus of maintenance efforts. If you’re using a top-loading washer, it’s likely that it’s accumulated a significant amount of lint from previous loads. Maytag’s top-load washers may be cleaned in two ways. Select the correct one based on the model of your washing machine. More to come, my friends; thus, without further ado, let us begin!!

What is a Washing Machine Filter?

Dryer lint traps are well-known and routinely cleaned by the majority of individuals. Your washing machine also contains a filter that has to be cleaned at the same frequency. Filters in your washing machine collect anything from lint to stray hairs, so make sure you clean them regularly.

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Why is Knowing How to Clean Maytag Washing Machine Filter Important?

Maytag front load washer drain pump filters keep lint and debris from blocking or harming the drain pump when they are operating at their optimal level. However, like most filters, it can become clogged or obstructed by a large object over time or over a long period of time.

When the drain pump filter becomes blocked, the following problems can arise:

  • Problems with draining water
  • The washer tub has a buildup of water.
  • Laundry with a buildup of detergent residue
  • Excess dirt and detergent residue have left a foul scent in the machine.
  • Damage to the drain pump necessitated considerable repair costs.

This can be avoided by learning how to properly clean the Maytag washing machine filter parts. However, we must first determine the position and frequency of cleaning of the filter.

Do Maytag Washing Machines Have Filters?

Filters in modern Maytag washers should be cleaned every three to six months to avoid dangerous lint accumulation or obstructions. Filters are located in the middle of the agitator tube in top-loading machines. Removing the filter is as simple as unscrewing the agitator cap and pulling up on the filter end. Afterward, lint and other debris can be cleaned by hand and the filter replaced.

A dispenser drawer is located on the right-hand side of the front base of front-loading Maytag washers. In this location, the drain pump is better protected from damage. These instructions explain how to quickly and easily clean the Maytag washing machine filter in front-load models.

Step 1: Open Drain Dispenser Drawer

Directly behind the drain dispenser drawer is the drain pump filter. Push down on the right side tab and then up on the left side tab to open the drawer. The drawer should now be able to be removed in its entirety.

Step 2: Drain the Pump Hose

Afterwards, you’ll need to remove the pump hose and clean the drain pump filter Maytag front-load washer.

Draining the pump hose is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Under the drain pump filter, place a shallow container on top of a small towel.
  • It is time to remove the pump hose from the clip.
  • Pull off the hose’s plug and discard it.
  • Drain the hose into a container and flush it out with water.
  • Continually drain the container until it is empty.
  • When the draining process is complete, remove the hose plug and replace it.
  • It is time to secure the drain hose to its clip.

Step 3: Take Out the Drain Pump Filter

Remove the filter and place a towel underneath the housing to catch any water or debris that may leak out. Counter-clockwise rotation loosens and pulls the filter straight out.

Step 4: Remove Lint and Debris

Using your hands, remove large clumps of filter lint and dirt. To remove any remaining residue, run the filter under running water and flush it.

Step 5: Replace the Drain Pump Filter

Replace the filter and turn the handle of the filter clockwise as far as it will go before reinstalling. When the drain pump is in place, the handle should be in a nearly vertical position.

Step 6: Secure the Dispenser Drawer

To put the drawer on its rails, insert both ends of it at once. You should hear a clicking sound when the drawer is correctly positioned on the rails. Before closing the drawer, push it in and pull it out to make sure it opens and closes correctly.

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Ways To Clean The Maytag Front Load Washer Filter

Cleaning the Maytag front-load washer filter can be accomplished in one of several ways:

Method #1. Open the front panel to clean a washer

The filter may be accessed in the newest Maytag front-load washers by opening a panel on the bottom of the machine. If you want to get through this filter, you’ll need to put in less work and time. Using a flathead screwdriver, loosen the two screws on either side of the front panel. Get rid of the panel. You’ll see it there. Make sure the water doesn’t leak by placing a bowl or bucket in front of the filter Rotate the filter cap counterclockwise to remove it. Using a pin or coin, pry the filter out of its housing and clean it well. Re-insert the filtration device. Make sure to tighten it all the way by rotating it counter-clockwise.

Method #2. Detach the rear of the washer

If you have an older Maytag washer, you may not be able to access the filter through the front panel. As a result, you’ll need to access the back of the washing machine.

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Remove the back part of the washer by pulling out the plastic bolt caps. After removing the four caps, open the bolts and put the back panel out. Next, locate the filter and clean it by removing all the lint and objects like coins, pins. Place the filter back and tighten it by rotating it clockwise. You may also be interested to know about how to open a washing machine’s casing.

Cleaning Schedule Of The Lint Filter

In order to remove the washer’s back portion, simply remove the plastic bolt caps. Open the bolts and remove the back panel after removing the four caps. You’ll then need to identify and remove all the lint and other debris from the air filter. Reinstall the filter and tighten it by twisting it counter-clockwise to lock it in place once again. How to open the casing of a washing machine may also be of interest to you.

Few Easy Tips To Keep Washer Filter Clean

  • Fluffy jackets and coats should be brushed before being put in the washing machine to remove lint.
  • Rugs cannot be washed in a washing machine.
  • Empty the pockets and remove all strange objects before starting the laundry.

Where is the Filter on a Washing Machine?

To clean the filter in your washing machine, you must first locate it. Your machine’s owner’s manual is the best source of information for finding the filter. Here are a couple places to seek for the filter if you no longer have access to the owner’s manual:

  • Behind a little hatch up front is where you’ll find it.
  • Drainage hose at the end.
  • Your center agitator’s cover.
  • A few inches from the top of the drum.

Is there anything else I can do? There’s a chance your washing machine is completely devoid of any sort of filter. A self-cleaning filter in the pump of most contemporary, high-efficiency washers eliminates the need for you to maintain them.

5 Maytag Washer Features That Will Change Your Life

A device that may make you feel helpless if it isn’t around is something you don’t see every day. Maytag washers are in full swing if you happen to wander by a row of them. Epic appliances are equipped with handy features that will transform your life for the better. These Maytag washing machines include some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technology:

PowerWash Cycle

The PowerWash Cycle comes in handy when you’ve got a lot of laundry that needs a lot of effort. With this function, you can get rid of anything from stubborn stains to lingering odors. It uses hot water and completely rinses to remove all traces of dirt and filth. Use this feature if you have a large amount of dirty laundry to deal with.” You won’t be dissatisfied.

Optimal Dispensers

Do you ever get stuck trying to figure out how much detergent to use in a load of laundry? Your Maytag Washer will release detergent automatically and know exactly how much is needed for each load to get the laundry clean, so you don’t have to worry about guesswork. For up to a dozen loads of washing, it has enough detergent in it! Stop wasting detergent on single loads and welcome the money you’ll save by not doing so in future. Your pocketbook will thank you for it, we promise.

Sanitize Cycle

Washing garments in the washing machine doesn’t necessarily remove all of the dirt and grime from them, as many people believe. It’s difficult to guarantee that all of your clothes will be germ-free if you wash them in cold water, use a shorter cycle, or don’t use bleach.

The Sanitize Cycle on your Maytag Washer, on the other hand, uses extra hot water to eradicate 99.9% of household bacteria. To ensure your safety, turn to this feature when you suspect things could use a little extra pep.

Rapid Wash Cycle

In a hurry, do your kids ever bring home their gym and sports gear, hoping that you’ll wash them with a magic washing wand? When all you want is a washing machine that can rapidly remove your kids’ grass stains so they can make more, that’s all you need.

It’s a good thing that Maytag washers have the Rapid Wash Cycle feature! By reducing the wash and spin time and increasing the motion and temperature, this excellent feature allows loads to be washed faster without sacrificing cleanliness.

Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle

What if you need to wash and dry your clothing, but you’re too exhausted to wait for them to finish washing before switching them to the dryer? Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle from Maytag means that your clothing will be ready for you the next morning! While your clothing are still tumbling in the washer, fresh air is circulating through the rest of the load.

You’re still not persuaded? Please come in and see our Maytag washers and the features that make them indispensable to our daily routines!

How to Start a Maytag Washer & Dryer

Maytag washers and dryers are available in a wide variety of models. When it comes to washing machines, Maytag has both front- and top-loading options. Depending on the sort of clothing you’re washing or drying, you may select from a variety of cycles on both the Maytag washer and dryer. Starting the washer or dryer is easy when you’re ready to start the wash or dry cycle.

Step 1

Wash or dry the clothing as instructed.

Step 2

Dryer sheets can be added to the dryer, or detergent can be added to the detergent cup.

Step 3

Close the door firmly. If the door to the washer or dryer is open, you cannot start it.

Step 4

The “Power” button on some models can be used to turn on the device. The “Power” button is located to the left of the cycle dial and can be accessed by pressing it.

Step 5

You can select a cycle by turning the dial on the cycle selector.

Step 6

To begin, simply press the “Start” button on your keyboard. Your washer’s cycle selection dial must be pulled straight back to start its wash cycle in case it doesn’t have a “start” button on it.

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Where is the filter on a Maytag top load washer?

Filters are located in the middle of the agitator tube in top-loading machines. Removing the filter is as simple as unscrewing the agitator cap and pulling up on the filter end. Afterward, lint and other debris can be cleaned by hand and the filter replaced.

Where is the drain filter on a Maytag front load washer?

Pull the handle at the bottom of the washer to open the dispenser drawer. The drain pump filter will now be visible. Release the tabs on either side of the drawer to remove it. Push the tab on the right side of the drawer down and the tab on the left side of the drawer up with your finger.

How do I clean sludge out of my top loader washing machine?

Baked soda can be added to the mixture by sprinkling in 34 cup. Allow the hot water, vinegar, and baking soda solution to sit while you clean the upper interior of the unit with a scrub brush and toothbrush. Dip your scrubbing implements into the mixture first.

How do you clean the lint filter on a top loader washing machine?

Remove the lint filter from the washing machine and place it in a sink full of hot, soapy water to clean it thoroughly. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before removing the filter from the water. Remove the filter from the water and use a soft brush to gently scrub it.

Why does my Maytag top load washer smell?

Maytag washer tubs might become clogged with mildew if they begin to smell like rotten eggs. Every 30 wash cycles, or once a month, is a good rule of thumb for cleaning the tub. The tub of some washers can be cleaned during the Clean Washer cycle.

It’s A Wrap!

Even in this chaotic environment, it’s possible that your life is in shambles. On the other hand, your clothes do not. You should also clean your washing machine’s filter on a regular basis to maintain your clothing looking their best. You can perform better and wow others with your entire appearance if you have a positive outlook on your physical appearance. Clean clothes are essential for a formal appearance, and a freshly cleaned washing machine’s filter is the key to this. Is there anything more you want to do? Locate the filter in your Maytag washing machine and wash it. You’ve learned how to clean the Maytag washer filter. It’s not clear how to reset or dismantle a Maytag washer.