How To Clean Mold In Trex Decking? Comprehensive Guide

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You’ll need to discover how to clear mold in trex decking if you want to avoid rotting. You need not be concerned, however, because the procedure is as simple as pie.

What Is a Trex Deck?

Known for its composite decking and fence, Trex uses a wood-plastic composite manufacturing process. Using recycled materials like sawdust and plastic bags, the decks are both gorgeous and environmentally friendly. To minimize rot caused by moisture damage, plastic components are used in conjunction with a wood deck.

What To Do Before Cleaning

To begin with, you should be aware that any mold you come into contact with could be harmful to your health. However, there is a particular sort of mold that homeowners hate.

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The most deadly mold and a safety guide are discussed in this article.

Even if you are an experienced mold remover, there are safety considerations you must take into account. People with impaired immune systems or a history of mold allergies should definitely try this.

Make sure to wear gloves, goggles, and N-95 or P-100 respirator masks to protect oneself from hazardous materials. Mold removal may need donning your old clothes for the duration of the process.

Nevertheless, if you are concerned about your health due to the high level of mold, you should hire a professional mold removal company. Remember that you don’t have to put your health at risk for this cleaning task.

There’s no need to worry if you’ve been diagnosed with a mold illness; this article will show you how to locate nearby specialists who treat mold illness.

How to Clean a Composite Deck

If you want to restore and clean your composite deck in a more natural way, read on. A little care and cleaning may go a long way in keeping your deck looking and working its best.

While commercial composite deck cleaners are available (remember, no bleach!), the actual composite deck cleaning process is basic and straightforward enough that you can maintain it using your own homemade composite deck cleaner.

Use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and filth from your composite deck before cleaning it with a simple solution consisting of soap, water, vinegar, and baking soda (in case of mold). Always keep in mind that a pressure washer’s working pressure should not exceed 3100 pounds per square inch (psi). You can clean your composite deck twice a year to extend its lifespan.

To begin, apply a pre-spray coat to your decking.

With soapy water, scrubbing is the next step

Rinse thoroughly in this step.

Removing mold from your composite decking

Vinegar can be used to clean composite decking to remove mold.

Pre-rinse is the first step.

Step 2: Make a vinegar solution by combining equal parts vinegar and water.

Add baking soda in the third step.

4. Thoroughly wash your hands.

Cleaning Stains From Trex Decking

If soap and water or a light pressure washer doesn’t get the job done, you’ll need to target the specific stains. It’s important to take into consideration how much damage the deck has taken.

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How to Clean Mold and Mildew on a Trex Deck

Trex’s biofilm can become infested with mildew and mold during the spring, when pollen is at its peak. This is why spring cleaning your deck is so critical as the weather warms and the flowers begin to blossom. Mold and mildew removal instructions can be found in a Trex Technical Bulletin, which can be found on the company’s website.

  1. With a broom, remove any loose material.
    1. You can brighten the color of your deck by using a deck wash that contains bleach Depending on how stubborn the mold is, it may take multiple washing to get rid of it completely.
    2. Instead of bleach, UltraMean will do the trick, but be prepared to scrub a little harder.
  2. Do not splash water on the floor. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using this deck wash on a dry deck.

How to Remove Food and Grease From a Trex Deck

It is critical that any food that has been spilled on the Trex deck be removed as soon as possible. Food and grease must be removed from the surface of your deck within seven days or the stain warranty will be voided.

  1. Use hot water to remove the discoloration as quickly as possible.
  2. For older Trex products, apply Pour-N-Restore by following the instructions on the label if the stain persists.
  3. For newer Trex products, use warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove the stain.

How to Clean Shoe Scuffs Off a Trex Deck

For newer Trex products, use warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove the stain.

Trex Decking Cleaning Don’ts

If the stain is on a more recent Trex product, it can be removed with a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water.

  • The sanding of your Trex deck is not recommended. This will affect the appearance of the deck’s surface and void your warranty.
  • Using a pressure washer on Trex’s first generation products is not suggested at all. Additionally, this could void your warranty and cause irreparable damage to your deck..
  • Use a pressure washer with a maximum pressure of 1500 PSI and a minimum distance of 12 inches from the Trex deck surface.
  • Irwin StraitLine Dust-Off Marking Chalk is the only product you should use to remove colored chalk lines.
  • Trex decking should never be snowed on with a metal shovel.
  • Do not use acetone or other solvents Trex Transcend or Trex Select railings.

Transforming Your Trex

If you have Trex Transcend or Trex Select railings, avoid using acetone or any other solvent.

Can You Pressure Wash a Trex Deck?

No problem if you choose to power wash your Trex decking. However, if the decking is damaged due to the pressure washer’s pressure exceeding 3100 psi, the Trex guarantee will be canceled. To use a pressure washer, first apply pressure washer soap to your deck. (Amazon has a good selection.) After that, use a soft-bristle brush to clean each board. Finally, use a pressure washer fan tip that is no closer than eight inches from the surface to completely rinse each board.

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Pressure washing can be a lot of fun, but here are a few things you should never do.

Decks made with Trex products from previous generations should not be pressure cleaned because the decking materials may be damaged. Instead, follow the cleaning instructions above and use warm, soapy water. In the event of a spill, use hot water to clean the area quickly. Pour-N-Restore, a commercial cleanser, should be used to remove any leftover stains.


One cannot avoid searching for instructions on how to remove mold from trex decking. However, you can control the rate at which molds grow.

Use a water-resistant seal if it is difficult to keep your deck dry. On the other side, most composite decks don’t need it.

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule might also help prevent mold. Keeping dust, dirt, and other potential breeding grounds under control requires a thorough cleaning at least twice a year.



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