How To Clean Pack And Play Mattress? Tips to consider

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Any suggestions for cleaning a pack and play mattress? The answer is as easy as pie. When a new baby is on the way, most parents begin their search for the right baby mattress.

It’s common for new parents to include a pack n play on their list of must-haves. It’s great to have around the house and on the road.

There are many different ways to refer to the foldable crib-like infant object known as the pack-n-play, such as playard, playpen, and a slew of others.

With so many uses, these pack-n-plays can easily decompose into something unappealing.

A lot of these pack-n-plays are meant to be easily cleaned and sanitized, but it’s up to you to figure out how to do it correctly in order to ensure the health and safety of your child.

If you’re unsure about which pack n play to buy, this is a great resource to use.

To understand how to properly clean a pack n’ play mattress and the entire unit, continue reading this article.

These are all wonderful strategies to guarantee that your child’s play area is well cleaned and sanitized.

If you use your pack n play on a daily basis, you should give it a complete deep clean once a month, and less frequently if you don’t. In order to keep it safe and clean for your infant, it’s best to give it a thorough wipe down every day.

What is a Pack and Play?

Playards or pack and plays are portable cribs for newborns and babies to play or sleep in while on the go.

It’s square in shape with wheels that lift the mesh side slightly off the floor.

For the safety of children, the walls are made of mesh so that infants can breathe freely, preventing them from suffocating while sleeping and thereby lowering the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

For parents who want to raise or lower the equipment to suit their child’s needs, pack and play wheels are available for free.

How to Clean a Pack N Play Mat ...Without Ruining It Forever!

When the babies are not using them, they can be folded or transferred to a different location depending on the activities or chores that the parents are engaged in at the time.

For the sake of the infant, the pack and play includes extras such a change station that can be removed, a crib, and dangling toys.

The rest of the arrangement is composed of vinyl, a material that can be readily folded.

In comparison to bassinets, most pack and plays are broader and higher, allowing for more room for diapering and toy stashing.

Tips to consider when choosing a pack and play

When shopping for a pack ‘n’ play or a playpen, parents should keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Safety

When it comes to their children, parents should never overlook the need of keeping them secure.

When purchasing a playpen or a pack and play, people should research the product’s rules and regulations and the opinions of other parents and professionals before making a final decision.

Also keep an eye out for recalled products, as they may pose a danger to your health.

Their babies will be safe and secure at all times if they buy a product that has good evaluations.

  • Size

Size is another issue to take into account while deciding between the two. It is important for parents to recognize that the two items differ in size.

Consider the playpen for those with larger homes or older children and the pack-and-play for those with young children or infants under one year old.

Traveling parents can choose between the two options.

  • Function

Pack ‘n’ Plays and playpens are both designed specifically for infants and babies to have fun in.

Sleeping is possible in the enclosed areas as well.

A playpen is a good option for busy parents who want to keep their children safe while they play, while a pack and play is a better option for those who want a more versatile item.

  • Portability

Both a playpen and a pack-and-play can be chosen because they are both easy to transport.

Parents who enjoy spending time with their children and books in the park or outdoors, for example, may want to consider any.

Both will be useful in protecting their children, and they may be folded for convenient traveling.

  • Storage

The playpen, in contrast to other pack and plays, does not provide additional storage space.

For parents who require additional storage room for diapers, feeding bottles, or extra clothing, a pack and play is the best option.

  • Entertainment

In today’s pack and plays, children can play with toys that dangle from the ceiling and listen to music.

For parents of infants to six-month-old babies, a pack and play is a good investment, while a playpen is more ideal for parents of older children.

Benefits of pack and play


When it comes to children, safety is of the utmost importance. As a parent, you want to know that your child is safe when left alone. A pack and play is the safest option for your child when they are playing and moving around. The baby has plenty of room to run around and explore without fear of tripping or getting hurt. As a mom, this is reassuring.

Pack N Play Cleaning Tutorial - YouTube


In a pack and play, this is one of the most significant aspects. You can take it with you everywhere you go because it’s so light. Folding is also possible. This means that you can bring it along with you whether you visit family or go on a trip. Because it can be folded, it takes up only a small amount of room. You can take your kid with you wherever you go with a pack and play.


Every parent wishes for the best for their infant. In order to keep your infant comfortable, a pack and play is made of a soft fabric. The textiles are also safe for the baby and won’t cause any issues for them. Because of this, your child will have a great time playing.

Multiple uses

You don’t have to worry about where your baby sleeps if you have a pack and play. It’s the perfect place for your infant to rest peacefully and safely. As a bonus, you may bring it along whether you’re staying in a hotel for the weekend or spending the night with friends. It will be used as a crib for your infant.

Your baby’s play and pack can also double as a playground. For parents who are constantly on the lookout for their children, quality family time is especially important. In contrast, if your baby is playing in a play and pack, you won’t have to keep a close eye on him. It’s completely risk-free and relaxing. Playing in it will not cause any harm to your child.

Easy reach to the baby

There are infants who require constant supervision. You may not be able to do this because of other obligations you may have. This is something that a pack and play will take care of for you. You can readily attend to the baby’s requirements whenever he or she screams or asks for your attention. You can have your baby close to you at all times, but you don’t have to keep an eye on them all the time. You may feel assured that your kid is safe when he is in the pack and play.

Swift and easy learning

With a pack and play, you’ll have a lot of room to hang your baby’s favorite toys for them to play with. You may encourage your kid to learn early on by keeping these instructive and amusing toys close to him or her. It will even help the infant learn and improve his gripping ability early on.


There are instances when it’s impossible for a mother to be with her child at all times. You’ve got a lot of cleaning to do, on top of caring for your newborn. This is when a pack and play comes in very handy. You may do everything of your housework while your baby is in it, such as cooking and laundry.

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Pack n Play

Cleaning infant toys on a regular basis is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to remove dirt and bacteria. Cleaning your child’s toys on a daily or even weekly basis isn’t a must in the same way you would clean a high chair. That being said, the same may be said about a pack-and-play

In order to keep your child’s pack and play free of mold and mildew, employ one or more of these cleaning methods on a regular basis.

If your pack and play isn’t cleaned properly, mold might build over time. Discoloration can also occur if you don’t clean up after your infant. Keep your playpen clean to extend its lifespan.

Maintaining spot cleaning on a regular basis is difficult, but it is necessary to avoid future worries about the cleanliness of your play yard, which could lead to the yard’s complete removal.

How Often Should I Clean My Graco Pack N Play Mattress?

A secure haven for your child should be their play mattress. Washing your Pack N Play Mattress on a regular basis is a good idea, but how often? Two times a week, you should wash the linens in your baby’s crib mattress.

Make sure to keep in mind that this is where saliva, perspiration, milk, and food spills congregate. Blankets and comforters should be washed every two uses. I recommend using hypoallergenic detergent to wash them in a machine.

In addition, you should change your baby’s pillowcase every week. Their cushions can also be cleaned once a month to keep dirt and grime at away.

Check Your Owner’s Manual

Consult the owner’s handbook for the recommended cleansers before cleaning your travel crib, pack ‘n play, or play yard to see if there are any particular instructions. Instead of using bleach, you can use soap and water to clean your Graco.

Graco suggests air drying the pack ‘n play, but the carrying bag can be washed in the washing machine. Using lukewarm water and no detergent, dry the bag on a clothesline.

Make sure you remove all the sand from your pack ‘n play with extra care after a day at the beach. Sand can easily scratch the top rail and the lock. In addition, if you’ve misplaced or forgotten your pack ‘n play’s manual, you can look for cleaning instructions on the company’s website or download a copy.

To be safe, do not submerge the mattresses in pack ‘n’ plays, travel cribs, or play yards if possible. With a moist towel or a waterproof mattress cover manufactured specifically for your model, you can keep them clean and dry.

How To Clean A Pack And Play Mattress: A Complete Guide

Follow these three procedures to disinfect and sanitize your pack and play. It’s entirely up to you whether you choose to stick with one method or switch between them, but having options is always a plus.

Wipe Down

A wipe-down procedure is a wonderful way to keep your pack n’ play clean from spit-up messes and stains. Use a vinegar-water solution to spritz directly over the mattress, then dry with a dry rag to complete the cleaning and drying process. If vinegar isn’t your thing, try a natural cleaning solution that’s safe for babies instead. For tasks like these, I turn to the Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner by Simple Solutions.

To begin, fill your spray bottle with a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 1 part water. Use this to clean up some of the stains that are inevitable when you have children.

Then, when your child gets older, keep an eye out for stains in the Pack and Play.

After scrubbing the area, spritz the white vinegar and water solution over the area.

Allow it to soak for a few minutes before re-dabbing. You could also use a baby-safe cleaning solution. Allow it to dry completely in the open air.


It’s a good idea to take the complete unit outside or into your bathtub so that you can thoroughly clean it. Most playpen mattresses come with removable coverings that may be laundered along with the rest of the bedding. Remove the mattress and place it in the bathtub to clean the rest of the unit. Use a brush to scrub the mattress with a solution of water and baby-safe laundry detergent. Ensure that you rinse it thoroughly before allowing it to dry. When drying, it’s preferable to keep it out in the open air, although a bathroom will serve just as well.

Deep Clean

If you’ve had your pack ‘n play for a long time or it’s particularly dirty (like, covered in peanut butter and jelly disgusting), you can properly clean it. But keep in mind that the manufacturer’s instructions don’t cover this method of cleaning. As a result, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Following this cleaning method, take sure to dry it well and inspect all moving parts and locking mechanisms in order to assure their proper operation.

Here’s how you may clean your pack ‘n play thoroughly:

Fold up the play yard and remove the mattress pad. A half-full tub of warm water should be filled with the following:

  • This is your favorite nontoxic baby-friendly laundry detergent, so use a full 12 ounces.
  • 1/8 cup white vinegar
  • a quarter of a cup of baking powder

For one hour, carefully submerge your folded pack ‘n’ play, travel crib, or play yard in warm water once the tub is full and the ingredients are well-mixed. It is important to ensure that the mattress or mat is not submerged. Spot cleaning will be necessary on a regular basis with this item. It will decay and become harmful for your kid if submerged in water.

A warm, moist cloth can be used to remove any remaining water off your back in play after it is removed from the water. Make a point of drying out the hinges and locks thoroughly before using them. The pack ‘n play can then be taken outside and dried in the sun.

Another option is to find a sunny position in your home where it can dry completely by air, if you don’t have access to a sunny area outside. Before putting your pack ‘n play to use, double-check that all of the locks and hinges are still in good working order.

Extra Tips

  • Make sure you know what’s in your mattress pad before you buy it. It’s not a good idea to submerge anything made of wood or cardboard in water since it could distort.
  • If you want to avoid the growth of mold, be sure to set everything out on a flat surface.
  • You can use a washcloth or a soft brush to clean the mattress, but be careful not to scrape it too hard otherwise the material will be damaged or the mesh ripped.
  • So, if there are any bacteria left after your deep clean, you can use direct sunlight to assist eliminate the rest of them.
  • You should try to avoid using bleach on your baby’s mattress because it’s a place where they sleep, and bleach isn’t good for their health.

Why You Need To Clean Your Pack N Play

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should clean anything that your baby consistently comes into contact with on a regular basis. It’s critical that you clean your baby’s room on a daily basis to eliminate germs and remove any dirt that could harm your child. Toys and bottles can benefit from this, but so can sleeping areas like the pack n play. To keep your baby’s safe sleep area free of mildew and mold, employ the measures outlined above to keep the area clean and safe for him or her.

In order to preserve your baby’s safe place free of chemicals, you need thoroughly clean and sterilize your pack-n-play. Keep an eye on baby mishaps such as spit up and spills so that you can clean up the pack n play as soon as possible.

How to Clean Your Pack n Play

You never know what kind of horrible bacteria your pack n play will harbor even after a thorough cleaning, so if it gets flooded while being kept, I recommend tossing it out immediately away.

If you buy a used pack n play, I recommend thoroughly cleaning it before putting your kid in it.

Your Pack and Play is susceptible to dirt buildup in certain spots. This includes the mattress. Your children will be exposed to dirt and germs no matter how hard I try, and I accept this.

Toys and baby equipment, such as a pack and play mattress, can be protected against germs by routine cleaning.


Can washing make the pack n play warp or change shape

You may be able to damage and distort the unit depending on your pack-n-play. Before putting your pack n play in the water, make sure to read the care instructions. Deep cleaning is not recommended for pack n plays that contain cardboard; instead, use a spot cleaning method.

How do I get the stains out of the pack n play mattress?

Use 1/4 cup baby laundry detergent mixed with 2 tablespoons baking soda and some water, and then rub the solution on the stain to remove it from the pack-n-play mattress. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes before wiping it off with a damp cloth.

What if I do not have a bathtub and cannot wash your playard outside?

When in doubt, use your shower to clean the device. In the shower, you can scrub it down and wash the soap off, but you won’t be able to soak it.

How often should I wash the pack n play?

How often do you use your pack n play will have an impact on how much maintenance it need. It’s best to wash your pack n’ play more frequently if it’s being used daily; but, if it’s not being used, you may get away with a quick wipe down every now and then.

How to clean a pack n play in winter?

Use a bathtub to clean your pack n play during the cold months. Rinse the unit with the showerhead after soaking it in the tub for an hour.

My Favorite Pack N Plays

As a precautionary measure, here are some of my favorite pack-n-plays.

Baby Trend Trend-E Nursery Center

As a convenient pack n play, this nursery center includes everything you need for a new baby. This area can be used to bathe, dress, and soothe a young child. In addition, it contains a handy organizer for storing all of your baby’s essentials.

For Twins: Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center

There’s no better place for parents of twins than this nursery! It offers a sleeping option for newborns that can be removed, and then the babies can sleep on the mattress of the playard when they are a little older.

Final Thoughts On How To Clean Pack N Play Mattress

When it comes to keeping your baby’s nanny’s pack n play clean and germ-free, there’s no better time than the present to get the job done. In order to avoid mold growth and to make cleaning up after a baby’s spit up more difficult, it is always a good idea to wipe the mattress down on a regular basis.

Frequent spot cleaning will keep your pack ‘n play looking new and fresh while also reducing the amount of germs in it, whether it is brand new or has already seen a few children. Depending on how dirty your play area becomes, you may want to scrape it down or even use a complete cleaning strategy.

Using a Pack and Play gives new parents the freedom to move about with their kid while also providing them with a secure haven for their infant. Keep in mind, however, that your child will spend the majority of his or her time on the pack-and-play mattress, and understanding how to clean it properly is crucial to protecting your baby from disease.

Use a pack n play that is both safe and clean for your kid!

Thank you for stopping by the cleaning mother to learn how to clean pack n play mattresses! I’m glad you found my site interesting.



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