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Using rubber gloves is a must when cleaning the house. Rubber gloves protect your hands against germs and bacteria, cleaning products, and mishaps, no matter where you use them. You’ll learn how to clean reusable rubber gloves in this post so that you may keep using them for a long time. In addition, we’ll go through how to properly take care of your reusable rubber gloves.

Preparations Before Using Your Reusable Rubber Gloves

Before putting on a reusable rubber glove, be sure there are no tears. If you see a tear in the rubber glove, it is best to throw it away. Reusable rubber gloves with a tear will not shield you from skin-damaging germs and bacteria. Before using the gloves, wash your hands to remove any dirt or grease that may have accumulated on them. Your gloves are now ready to be used.

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Rinse the Outside of Your Rubber Gloves off Thoroughly

Your gloves are covered in the same things you’re trying to keep out of your hands. Rinse them thoroughly at the end of a task, even if it takes just a few minutes. Avoid getting water and residue on your hands by doing this in your underwear. Let them dry out entirely. After the outside has dried, it’s a good idea to turn them inside out so that both sides can dry. Putting your hands back into wet gloves for another job might be a real pain.

Protect Your Housekeeping Gloves During Storage

When not in use, keep your gloves out of direct sunlight and heat. Neither a hot storage room nor a window sill in direct sunshine are suitable locations. Everyone dreads the thought of melting household gloves. Avoid storing gloves with knives, shears, or other sharp things to keep them safe from being punctured. The next time you wash dishes, a puncture wound in your gloves can come as a surprise.

How to Clean Rubber Gloves

Despite what you may think, your dishwashing gloves need to be washed. Because you’ll be handling them, you’ll want to make sure they’re clean. When it comes to bacteria, the inside of a glove is both warm and humid, which makes it an ideal growing environment.

If only rubber glove cleaning were as easy as it is! Fortunately! Dishwashing liquid is all you’ll need for this.

  1. Rinse the gloves with water after you’ve finished cleaning the dishes or doing any other household chores to eliminate any remaining cleaning solutions.
  2. Rinse the gloves with dish soap and dry them.
  3. Rinse your gloves a second time to eliminate soap scum from the surface.
  4. Let them dry naturally.
  5. When the gloves are dry on the exterior, turn them inside out and repeat the first four procedures.

For rubber or latex unlined gloves, follow the steps outlined above. Before cleaning fabric or lined gloves, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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How to Get Rid of That Latex Smell

Rubber gloves are frequently criticized for leaving a bad odor on the wearer’s hands. Dishwashing gloves have been around for decades, so people have had plenty of time to come up with creative solutions to the problem of the rubbery smell they leave behind.

In the case of stinky gloves, we’ve put up a list of solutions that can come in handy:

  • One of the best ways to get rid of bad smells in the house is to sprinkle baking soda all over the place. Sprinkle some on the insides of dry gloves before you begin cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the baking soda can enhance the results.
  • Lubricate your hands with a pleasant-smelling lotion before and after you put on your rubber gloves. In order to hide the latex aroma and keep your skin hydrated, you can apply lotion to the inside of your gloved hands.
  • Another fantastic technique to get rid of the latex smell is to use scented soap. Use an antibacterial soap to clean your gloves. If necessary, you can repeat this procedure multiple times. Wait until they are completely dry before putting them back on.

Other Ways to Combat Smelly Gloves

Naturally, you won’t have to worry about your hands smelling like rubber if your gloves don’t stink in the first place. Due to the latex rubber glove’s renowned stink, a number of gloves have been developed to combat the problem.

  • Options that are devoid of latex
  • Vanilla, chamomile, lavender, and more scented gloves are on the market.
  • Foam or cotton-lined dishwashing gloves

It’s possible that you’ll be interested in other ways to keep your home smelling fresh, now that you’ve learned how to deal with stinky gloves. Learn how to clean with lemon and how to get rid of cooking odors by reading this article.

Cleaning Reusable Gloves

Keep in mind the manufacturer’s packing when using nitrile gloves for cleaning purposes. Based on the industry and the purpose of the gloves, cleaning procedures for this type of personal protective equipment (PPE) vary. Get the most out of reusable gloves by following these general guidelines:

  1. To keep your hands clean, put on gloves.
  2. After rinsing the gloves with hot water, use liquid soap to remove any remaining filth.
  3. Before continuing, remove the gloves and wash your hands.
  4. Then immerse them in warm soapy water for several minutes, with the gloves turned inside out.
  5. Dry the reusable gloves in a safe location.
  6. Use a disinfectant to clean the glove’s cleaning side. Make sure you don’t touch this at all.
  7. Make sure the gloves are stored in a dry location.
  8. For your own protection, wash your hands.

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Using gloves when completing household chores may be an extra step or expense, but you’re protecting yourself in the process. By using sunscreen, you protect yourself from skin infections, as well. Wearing gloves is always recommended. Your cleaning partner’s lifespan will be extended indefinitely, thanks to our tutorial on how to properly clean reusable rubber gloves.