How To Clean Toiletry Bag? Comprehensive Guide

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When you’re not traveling, or in between excursions, you can use the time to research and plan for upcoming vacations, from shopping for must-see sites to, well, cleaning up after yourself. Cleaning your toiletries bag and giving it a once-over is the perfect moment to replenish, reorganize and rejuvenate your supplies.

I always have a pre-packed toiletry kit on hand, and you should do the same. When a trip abroad presents itself, no one wants to rush around putting up a travel kit. Neither do I. Then anybody else? Taking a careful check at your gear during downtime between excursions is a great idea. Possibly it’s gotten bloated from a few extra hotel samples, something leaked, or you used up your emergency bandages and haven’t repurchased them yet. Take care of everything now so that you’ll be ready for your next trip!

instead, here are a few simple solutions to cleaning your travel gear.

To begin, take your luggage out of the closet and wipe it off with an antiseptic wipe after you’ve emptied all pockets and compartments. 60 minutes of full sun exposure are required for the drying/airing process to be completed.

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A dryer sheet or bamboo charcoal bag may be added for freshness (dryer sheets also deter small animals). and put it away, fresh and ready for your next family trip!

Finally, add a dryer sheet or bamboo charcoal bag to freshen things up (dryer sheets help keep small animals away, fyi!). and store it in a cool, dry place for your next family vacation!!!

Bag-Cleaning Basics

The type of material your bag is constructed of has a significant impact on how it should be cleaned. If the bag is made of cotton or cloth-like material, washing it from top to bottom is an option. Hand-washing your luggage with a mild dishwashing detergent is the safest option in most circumstances.

Zippers or Velcro® can be protected by placing the bag in a mesh bag and washing it in the gentle cycle of a washing machine. To avoid the damaging high heat of a dryer, it’s always better to let your bag air dry.

Plastic or plastic-like materials can be cleaned by wiping them down. Use a waterproof makeup remover and a cotton pad or soft cloth to get off of thick eye makeup the same way you would on your face. Long-wearing foundation and other makeup that has gotten adhered to hands can be easily removed using this method.

Using an alcohol-based cleansing wipe or spray-on disinfectant is a good way to ensure that your bag is thoroughly cleansed.

What to Keep and What to Toss

It’s nice to clean your makeup bag, but it’s also crucial to make sure that the makeup you keep inside is still in good condition! There is a “best by” date on all makeup items, which is the date by which you should utilize or discard the product. Temperature and storage circumstances can have an effect, but here are some general timelines to keep in mind (Tip: Use a permanent ink pen to mark the date you opened it right on the product itself).

  • 3 to 6 months for all forms of mascara and eyeliner.
  • It can last for up to a year using a stick or liquid foundation or concealer.
  • A powder-based product has a shelf life of two to three years.
  • Two to three years for lip products like lipstick, gloss, and pencils.
  • One year of lip balm.

Look and sniff at your stuff as well. If the texture or color has changed, or if the scent has changed, it’s time to throw it out!

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It’s also critical to keep your makeup brushes clean, and doing so isn’t as difficult as you would believe. If you’re short on time, we’ve got some terrific brush cleaning advice, including a time-saving shortcut from the pros!

5 Tips to Make Cleaning Your Travel Toiletry Bag Easy

Use the greatest travel toiletry bag you can afford. It’s a need. Take a few minutes to look over all of your possibilities and see if there is a better fit for your situation. Having a well-stocked travel toiletry bag is one of my favorite ways to ensure a stress-free trip, and the correct travel gear helps!

Empty all of your travel toiletry bag’s pockets and mesh sections. Dispose of it in the open air to clear away any clogged particles. Take an antibacterial wipe and place the item in direct sunlight for 60 minutes to disinfect and dry.

All liquids, tablets, and creams should be checked for expiration dates. Once a year, I take a few minutes to complete this task. I trash anything that has expired and make a list of what has to be replaced. I’ll buy new ones when I go to the drugstore next time.

Wipe out any travel bottles or products that haven’t expired using an antibacterial wipe. For the next 60 minutes, let the air dry on your counter top.

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If you run out of shampoo, conditioner, or lotion, simply restock the supply. Get your travel toiletry bag restocked the next time you visit the drugstore and put everything back into your bag for your next family trip.

Done! Your luggage is now spotless and ready for an exciting trip!

Many studies have shown that the more organized you are, the more productive you are and the happier you are. Maintaining a good cleanliness level is essential. You’ll get more use out of your travel gear if you keep it clean, and you’ll be happier if you go on a trip!


As soon as you’ve cleaned and dried your travel kit, organize its items in a way that is easy to find in a pinch. Use pockets and compartments to organize your belongings according to their intended use. Another piece of advice: whenever possible, get rid of smudges right away. It is easier to remove fresh stains than stains that have been there for a long time since they haven’t had time to dry out.



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