How To Clean Urine From Mattress With A Pillow Top? Step-By-Step Process

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Three simple steps are all you need to know to remove pee from a mattress with a pillow top. To begin, make sure you can quickly and easily recover your dirty bed to prevent any damage to its components. To manage urine odor and stains on a pillow top mattress, we’ll also talk about numerous techniques of cleaning.

If you have a pillow top mattress, here’s a step-by-step instruction to repairing it. Having this information on hand will help you if you ever need to repair your pillow top mattress.

How Do You Clean Urine Out Of A Pillow Top Mattress?

Step 1. Blot off the excess urine

The first step is to remove all of your bed’s covers and accessories to expose the mattress. To get rid of the urine odor and stains, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing the bedding. Prepare a towel and dab the urine off the mattress.

Avoid pressing or rubbing the pee since it will transfer it to other areas of the mattress or cause the liquid to become soaked deeper into the mattress. Instead, let the pee soak up a towel or many paper towels. This will aid in the eradication of stains and odors.

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Step 2. Treat the urine stains

Prepare a hydrogen peroxide solution with baking soda and a few drops of dish soap to remove the pee stains from the pillow top mattress. Hydrogen peroxide should be mixed with three tablespoons of baking soda and a teaspoon of liquid dish soap for every one cup of the solution. Use a spray bottle to apply the solution to the urine-soaked regions, being careful not to oversaturate them.

Using a circular motion, remove the solution from the mattress after about 20 minutes of sitting. The soapy residue on the bed will be removed by scrubbing off the surplus liquid. Spray vinegar on the treated area, but don’t saturate the pillow top.

Make sure to test any cleaning solution on an unnoticeable area of your pillow top mattress before using it on the rest of the mattress. Staining and other problems will be avoided. See this entire guide to pillow-top mattresses for more information on how to clean them properly.

Step 3. Allow the pillow top mattress to dry

Make sure to lay the mattress where it can get plenty of fresh air once you’ve cleaned it of pee. You may also place it outside or use a fan to speed up the drying process. You can also use your blow dryer’s heatless setting if you like.

In order to further deodorize your bed, sprinkle baking soda all over the surface. To guarantee that the pillow top dries out completely and does not form mold, use baking soda to absorb any remaining moisture. The next day, vacuum the baking soda from the surface.

Is the musty stink of pee still there in your mattress? To get rid of the pee smell on your bed, you can use baking soda or vinegar to repeat the operation.

How Do You Dry Urine Out Of A Pillow Top Mattress Fast?

When urine dries on a mattress, its constituents contribute to the musty smell and stains that result. As a result, washing a plush pillow top of pee from a bed is going to take some time. In addition, make sure the components in your pillow top are suitable with the cleaning solutions you want to employ.

  1. Cover the dried urine with a solution made of cold water, vinegar, and a small amount of mild detergent.
  2. After soaking the urine stain for one to two days, apply a vinegar solution to the soaked area.
  3. Repeat until you can remove the discoloration from the mattress’s pillow-top layer with a damp cloth.
  4. Use water to wash away any vinegar residue from the mattress.
  5. If the dried pee stain is very difficult to remove, such as if it is from a pet, an enzyme cleaning should be used.
  6. The instructions on the label of the cleaner should be followed to the letter.

Does The Smell Of Urine Go Away?

If you clean the mattress thoroughly and there are no more stains, you can remove the urine odor. You can use baking soda to get rid of the smell of urine because it is a basic substance. Because of this, it can be used to mask the smell of urine.

  1. Spray the mattress with baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes.
  2. More baking soda should be applied to the treated regions where urine has been removed.
  3. Vacuum the powder the next day after it’s been let to sit for the night.
  4. After neutralizing the scent, you can reapply baking soda with a few drops of essential oil to freshen your mattress even more.

Does Vinegar Remove Urine Odor?

White vinegar, in particular, can be used to remove the smell of urine. It’s because vinegar is able to break down the chemicals that give urine its musty smell. However, hydrogen peroxide, liquid detergent, and baking soda can all be used in place of vinegar to remove pee stains from a mattress.

Other Tips For Cleaning Urine From a Pillow Top Mattress

You should now have a spotless pillow top mattress after following the above instructions. We’ve also included a list of other ideas and tactics for pee elimination in the event that our procedure doesn’t work.

The hydrogen peroxide solution isn’t necessary for treating the pee stain, according to tip no. 1. You can also use diluted upholstery shampoo on a pillow top mattress, for example. To avoid over-saturating the stain, use a small amount of shampoo and a gentle brush to apply it. Apply sparingly, as the mattress must dry fast to avoid the growth of harmful mold spores.

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It’s best to use white vinegar to remove the stain and odor, as well as any residue left behind. Baking soda has a better chance of neutralizing odors when it is combined with white vinegar. It also prevents the affected area from becoming discolored.

If you’re looking to get your pillow top mattress clean, steam cleaning is a fantastic option. The white vinegar solution is more effective than baking soda, but only if you already have a steam cleaner.

Tip #4: We recommend mixing baking soda with water before applying it to the mattress. Using this method, you will be able to spread a baking soda paste over the stain more easily. So no worries about the paste contributing to mattress moisture volume because baking soda will dry when the mattress air dries.

5. If the pee stain was caused by a pet, your primary focus should be on addressing the odor problem. After cleaning the mattress, if the smell persists, the pet will return to the same location to relieve himself. Use an enzymatic cleanser to remove any remaining stink. To get rid of stains and smells quickly, use an enzyme-based cleaning.

The sixth and final piece of advice is to invest in a water-proof mattress pad. Not only will this mattress pad keep your mattress free of liquid spills and bed bugs, but it will also offer a layer of comfort to your sleeping experience. For the same reasons, you can also use a washable or disposable mattress pad.

If you’re using upholstery wash to remove the urine stain, be sure to use a soft brush and move it in a circular motion while you clean the pillow top mattress (tip no. 7).

8th tip – There is no shame in asking for help from professionals, even if it isn’t much of a tip. When everything else fails to save your pillow top mattress, a professional mattress cleaning service is a lifesaver. It’s true that these services are more expensive than baking soda or dishwashers. Not only will these methods save you money over buying a new mattress, they’re also more likely to work.

If the pee stain is the consequence of a pet mishap, check to see if your pet is alright before proceeding with the cleaning process. The fact that they pee on the bed indicates that something is amiss if they normally pee outside or in their own bathroom. If your pet continues to have urinary accidents, pay attention to their behavior and take them to the vet.

Cleaning a bed may appear simple to someone who has never done it before. Many elements and considerations go into determining the final quote that the pros will provide you, such as:

  • Dimensions of a bed. The size of your mattress can have a significant impact on the total cost of your rental. Single and double mattress treatments, for example, are considerably less expensive than queen- and king-sized models.
  • Methods of cleaning. Your trained mattress cleaner will perform either a hot water extraction cleaning or a dry cleaning depending on the type of your mattress.
  • Comprehensiveness. Cleaning simply the top of the mattress, or opting for a more labor-intensive and expensive double-side treatment, depends on your budget.
  • The kind of stain it is. Depending on the type of stain, it may be easier or more difficult to remove. When it comes to common food and drink stains (coffee, fruit, red wine and chocolate), Fantastic Services charges less than competing companies, but it charges more to remove tougher stains like vomit and pee.
  • The day of the appointment has finally arrived. If you schedule a service on a short notice (same-day, next-day), for weekends, or for official holidays, certain companies will raise the price of your service.
  • Additional services. A number of professional cleaning services can provide additional services, such as odour removal or stain protection sprays, depending on your specific needs.

You may get a free estimate for your mattress cleaning service from Fantastic Services at any time. To get a free, personalized quote, simply provide as much information as possible about your mattress and choose a date and time that works for you.

What is the average cost for professional mattress cleaning?

Mattresses can be cleaned at one of the following rates: Any mattress (single, double, king size) can be cleaned for as little as £26 using hot water extraction (steam), which includes free stain protection, or as much as £36 using dry cleaning and any mattress type. If you’d like to see the latest mattress cleaning price list, please click here:

Mattress cleaning methods and how they work

Hot water extraction (HWE) and dry cleaning are two of the most common methods used by mattress cleaning firms to remove practically any form of stain from a mattress (using powder or foam).

The HWE mattress cleaning method (Steam cleaning)

To remove stains from nearly any source (sweat included), the hot water extraction method is an excellent choice. Pretreatment with an appropriate detergent is performed prior to steam cleaning to assess the type of stain and to prepare the mattress for the treatment.

Your mattress will be filled with a mixture of hot water and detergents by a professional machine. After that, the dirt and liquid will be returned to their proper places. Mattresses of all kinds can benefit from this highly effective approach, including:

  • Mattresses made of visco-elastic, latex, or polyurethane foam that can be stretched;
  • Bedspreads made of polyester (usually), cotton (usually), or wool
  • Mattresses and mattress toppers with a nonwoven fiber pad.

How much does it cost to steam clean your mattress?

Including stain prevention, it will cost you £26 for all sides and any type of mattress

The dry powder mattress cleaning method

In terms of renewing your mattress, dry cleaning is a terrific option, however stain removal is not as successful as HWE. In order to evenly distribute the powder, the technician will utilize a machine with attached micro brushes. The powder is then vacuumed out together with the dirt, dust, and other debris, resulting in a clean, fresh-smelling mattress.

The dry foam mattress cleaning method

Different types of mattresses and upholstery can be cleaned safely and effectively with the dry foam treatment. To begin, a thin layer of foam is put to the mattress with care. The foam hardens in approximately 10 minutes. Then, using a high vacuum, the crystallized foam is removed. The mattress can take up to an hour to dry after being wet.

How much does it cost to have your mattress dry cleaned?

£36 for all four sides and any style of mattress is what you’ll pay.

Some extra services and how they work

UV treatment

This procedure is best suited for mattresses that lack water resistance because it does not require the use of liquids or chemicals. Instead, a licensed technician will use a handheld UV light emitting gadget.

Using a UV light to kill dust mites and other dangerous organisms on your mattress can ensure that it is free of allergens and odours. Your mattress will be protected for 72 hours following the treatment, and you will be able to use it right away.

Bed bug control

From a hotel room or a garage sale item, these small, translucent insects can be transported home. In addition, these pests are extremely tough to get rid of after they’ve entered your mattress because of their excellent resistance to most commercial pesticides.

Pest control experts at Fantastic Services will conduct two separate treatments and use two different products on the affected bed to achieve complete bed bug removal.

Scotchgard stain protection

Most firms will spray your mattress with a preservative if you ask them to do so. Using a chemical called Scotchgard, which we use at Fantastic Services, it normally takes a mattress between 4 and 5 hours to dry completely following treatment. The best thing is that we incorporate stain prevention in our hot water extraction procedure at no extra charge.

Reasons to keep your mattress fresh

It’s important to keep your mattress fresh to avoid unpleasant odors generated by sweat and other human fluids, as well as accidental food and beverage spills. These odors have definitely kept you up at least a few times during the night, if not more.

Another good reason to clean your bed on a regular basis is:

  • A dust mite-free mattress can only be found in a mattress that is thoroughly cleaned. About 10,000 dust mites are estimated to be present in a typical bed. These mites mostly feed on dead skin cells. You can prevent allergic reactions like eczema or asthma by keeping your mattress clean and free of these pests and their excrement.
  • By preventing the formation of bacteria and mold, you’re protecting yourself. A mattress that is covered in mold and bacteria may appear clean from the exterior, but the smell and health risks it poses can be easily remedied by regularly renewing your mattress.
  • You extend the life of your mattress by keeping it clean. Keep your mattress in peak condition to extend its usefulness well beyond its intended lifespan despite the fact that aging is inevitable.


How often should I clean my mattress?

If you want to keep your mattress in peak condition, you should vacuum it at least twice a year, but there is no “golden standard” that you should follow. You may also rotate your mattress on a regular basis to extend the time before it has to be cleaned.

Clean Pee Out of a Mattress with this Easy, 3-Step Trick (That Actually Works)

Can you give me some post-service maintenance advice?

The answer is a resounding yes! Make it a point to vacuum your mattress at least once a week in order to remove organic material like hair and skin flakes. New stains should be blotted right away and treated with a solution of water and laundry detergent.

How quickly will my mattress dry out after a hot water extraction treatment?

In most cases, this process will take anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on the room’s ventilation and temperature. Your technician will place an air mover inside the room for free if you book a treatment with Fantastic Services.

How can I find out which cleaning method is most suitable for my mattress?

Cleaning will be performed immediately following the inspection, so there is no need for you to do anything here. To help you better understand what each cleaning code represents, we’ve put up a list of frequently asked questions: S stands for solvents, X for vacuuming, W for water, and WWS stands for light detergent or dry foam alone.

What if a mattress isn’t cleaned correctly?

Fibers might be permanently damaged if a mattress is cleaned incorrectly. That’s why hiring a cleaning company is the best option. When it comes to cleaning your mattress, it’s best to leave it in the hands of a professional rather than try to tackle the problem yourself.

Remember that you can always get free mattress steam cleaning and dry mattress cleaning cost estimates from us, as well as personalized advice on which service to order.


There you have it! In a matter of minutes, we learnt how to properly remove urine from a pillow top mattress using common home materials. Once the extra urine has been removed, use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap to remove the stains.

Soak the damaged regions in baking soda for at least an hour, and then allow it to dry fully. We hope this guide was helpful to you. You can ask us anything in the comments section.



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