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The printer stops working when the toner runs out. It’s high time for new ones to be made. Keep track of your toner levels so you can order replacements in advance. When they run out, you may easily replenish or replace them.

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A waste toner container is included with each toner cartridge. So there’s no need to clean the toner container when you throw it out with an empty cartridge.

Toner waste containers, if your printer has one, should be cleaned on a regular basis. Refillable toner cartridges are also available for some models of copiers. Toner waste containers can be a pain to get rid of, but this article will show you how to do it in no time.

One – Remove the waste toner cartridge

The first step is to properly remove the waste toner cartridge from your printer. Your printer will have an access door you may use. The toner cartridges you use to print as well as the waste toner collection cartridge are both hidden behind this door. Use caution when dismantling this toner cartridge.

Two – Place your waste toner cartridge directly into your bag

Place the used toner cartridge inside the plastic bag you just made. You’ll need to remove the waste toner plug once you’ve got it out of the way. The plug can be removed either with your hands or with a pair of pliers while wearing gloves.

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Three – Temporarily seal your collection bag

The bag in which your used toner cartridge is being emptied should be temporarily sealed after the plug has been removed. An up-turning waste cartridge and cautious emptying of toner into the bag will allow for more freedom in your work environment.

Four – Return your waste cartridge to your printer

Once the waste cartridge has been emptied and placed in the bag, you can proceed. Replace the discarded toner cartridge plug in your bag with care. Inspect the outside of your container for any remaining toner and restore it to your printer. Seal the plastic garbage bag with your gloves inside, and you’re done!

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Peel back the transparent plastic square with the razor blade.

Toner may spill and cause a smear if you’re not careful. Even worse, if you do not seal the waste toner container back correctly before reinstall, the toner may spill inside the machine. I’m afraid this would cause a lot of damage.

Empty Your Xerox Waste Toner Container on a Versalink | USA Copier Lease

Underneath, remove any toner that may have accumulated.

Use a towel to wipe the clear plastic square clean.

To keep the square in place, either use super glue or masking tape to re-insert it.

After cleaning the waste toner container, insert the Versalink into the printer again and it should work.


Having learnt the simple method for cleaning the waste toner canister, you won’t have to worry the next time a warning appears on your screen. Clean and well-maintained machines last for a long time with little maintenance requirements. Get rid of the clutter, and your prints will be of excellent quality in no time!