How to Convert a Baby Trend Hybrid Into A Booster? A Must Read Guide

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We’ll teach you how to convert a baby trend hybrid into a booster seat in this blog post. When your child has outgrown their infant seat but still needs a little additional support in the car, this is the perfect solution.

Overview Of The Baby Trend Hybrid 3 In 1 Combination Booster Car Seat

It’s no secret that Baby Trend has been innovating baby items for the last three decades in order to make parenting easier. Some of the company’s best-known offerings include:

  • Playpens
  • Strollers
  • Child car seats that convert to adult seats

To create a safe, economical, and reliable booster seat that can grow with your child, Baby Trend launched the Hybrid 3 in 1 Combination Booster Seat that has been a huge hit ever since its release.

There are three stages to the Baby Trend Hybrid Booster 3 in 1: forward-facing, booster, and car seat.

Stage 1

In the first stage, your child’s weight ranges from 22 to 50 pounds and their height ranges from 29 to 48 inches. It contains a 5-point safety harness and a one-hand front harness adjuster for your baby’s protection.

How to Convert a Baby Trend Hybrid Into A Booster - Krostrade

The six-position head support and body insert for developing youngsters are also noteworthy features. Two drink holders of various sizes are included as an added bonus for your comfort.

Stage 2

The second stage is the high back booster mode, with a weight range of between 40-100 lbs and a height recommendation of between 38-50 inches. Superior side impact protection is provided via the six-position head support.

This stage does away with the harness in favor of a soft seat pad and padded armrests for additional comfort. In addition, two cup and snack holders of various sizes are provided.

Stage 3

The backless booster mode is the last and last step of the Baby Trend Hybrid 3 in 1 Combination Booster Seat.

For children weighing between 40 and 100 pounds, or between 42 and 57 inches in height, this stage is appropriate.

For your developing child’s safety, its most remarkable feature is a lap-to-shoulder seat belt path. At this point, the two different-sized drink holders, as well as the comfortable seat and removable arm pads, are all that’s required.

Detailed Analysis Of The Features

Three Distinctive Stages

It’s designed to last through your child’s entire life, which is why it’s called the Hybrid 3 in 1.

From the stage where they are harnessed to the stage where they are sitting backless with a seatbelt going across, by their side, each of the three phases can accommodate up to two children.

To ensure your child’s safety, you should only use this booster seat once they’ve reached the age of two.

This car seat is likely to be the last one you’ll ever need to buy for your child because of its hybrid features. The Baby Trend toddler car seat can be used in place of the infant car seat, so you have everything you need in one place!

Six Positions Headrest

The six-position headrest ensures that your youngster may slumber peacefully in the car without their head dangling forwards at all times during long travels.

Depending on the height of your child, the adjustable headrest can be raised to accommodate them.

To set the headrest for the first time, you must first loosen the lever on the back of the headrest. As soon as that happens, you’ll have the ability to move it up and down as you see fit.

Side Impact Protection

In addition to offering comfort, the six-position head rest also protects the user from side impacts.

In the event of an unexpected accident, your child will be safe thanks to the protection that is both reliable and long-lasting.

Stage 3 requires the removal of the head rest, thus you can no longer use this feature once your child is old enough.

Comfortable Padding

The Hybrid 3 in 1’s finest feature? Due to sitting uncomfortable, there will be no more red patches on the skin!

The armrests, the harness, and the actual seating area of the Baby Trend 3 in 1 car seat are all padded! Isn’t that amazing?

This means that even if you’re driving for a couple of hours nonstop during a family vacation, your child will be fine in the backseat.

An added benefit of the safety harness is that it is cushioned on the shoulder and chest areas, preventing any discomfort for your infant.

The insert that sits on top of the seats for babies is extremely well-padded, which we simply love!

Compact and Lightweight

When you read about the Baby Trend Hybrid’s vast features, you have to assume that it will be rather heavy given all it has to offer.

When it comes to weight, it is far lighter than its major and close competitors.

It’s not only little, but it’s also light! As a result, your entire backseat isn’t taken up by it, but there’s still enough room for everyone else.

Removable Body Insert

It’s possible that the seat’s depth might not be ideal for your child when they are still very young. The Baby Trend Hybrid car seat has a padded and removable body insert for all of these conditions.

The replaceable body insert can also be unlatched by simply removing it from the connectors on the interior of the seat latch mechanism. If you do this, you can keep your youngster on the ride for a longer period of time.

Until your infant is able to sit in the seat without the insert, you can use it. Using the reversible insert, you don’t have to worry about them getting filthy. Consequently, it is ideal for those on the go snacking and potty training situations.

Easy On The Pocket

Considering the Baby Trend Hybrid Booster’s plethora of functions, you’d expect it to set you back a few hundred dollars. However, this is far from the truth.

In terms of value for money, this seat is the best option because it lasts a long time and is reasonably priced for what you get.

It is one of the most cost-effective alternatives now available, making it the greatest choice for those who need something long-lasting yet are on a tight budget..

Removable Fabric

Booster’s greatest strength? The seat pad and all of the fabric can be washed separately.

Since accidents like throwing up or potty training will inevitably happen when traveling, you won’t have to worry about having to change the fabric.

Integrated Cup Holders

Water bottles, sippy cups, and even food can be stored in the seat’s two built-in drink holders, which come in a variety of sizes.

Baby Trend Hybrid 3-in-1 Combination Booster Seat - Diesel Gray : Target

This means that there will be less to clean up in the backseat. Your child can now get their sippy cup and snacks on their own, so you’ll no longer have to worry about them while you’re driving.

Snack times are less messy with the built-in cup holders on both sides. In this case, Tiendamia

Impressive Design Patterns

If there is one thing that attracts every baby in the world, it is colors! The more brilliant and colorful something is, the more appealing it will be to your younger children.

If there is one thing that attracts every baby in the world, it is colors! The more brilliant and colorful something is, the more appealing it will be to your younger children.

Almost every newborn on the planet is fascinated by colors. When it comes to younger children, the more brilliant and colorful something is, the more appealing it will be.

  • Ozone
  • The Full Moon in a Blue Moon
  • Pinks of the desert.
  • The color of the desert sky.
  • The Rock of the Moon
  • The color of Diesel Grey is

The Baby Trend pink car seat is clearly a best-seller, as evidenced by the aforementioned color options. The Desert Blue and Ozone hues are very popular among the world of little hands!

What We Liked And Disliked

The Hybrid 3 in 1 Car Seat has all of the above-mentioned attributes that make it convenient, sturdy, and economical.

Although it isn’t perfect in every regard, it isn’t the worst thing that might happen. Some of its notable advantages and disadvantages include:


  • It can be used as a harness, a booster, or a backless booster, depending on your preference.
  • Side impact protection is enhanced by using a head restraint.
  • Small children will appreciate the removable insert’s attention to detail in ensuring a suitable fit.
  • Has no need for a base for the seat.
  • Increased comfort is provided with padded strap coverings and armrests.
  • For your convenience, washable covers are available.


  • The lower seat belt route is too short.
  • Multiple recline positions aren’t supported.
  • Instead of automatic buttons, anchor points are standard manual clip types.
  • It is possible that the crotch buckle is irritating.

Is The Baby Trend Hybrid 3 In 1 Right For You?

As a versatile booster, the Baby Trend Hybrid Booster is a great option if you’re searching for a car seat that will endure for years.

You don’t have to worry about always searching for new and improved car seats as your baby grows up.

A backless booster seat, a high back booster seat, and a harness mode are all options for parents who don’t want to spend the money on three separate car seats.

This one product covers all three modes, as moving between them isn’t necessary on a daily basis.

While in harness mode for tiny children, the seat is also approved for usage on flights. This makes it easy to travel with, as you don’t have to worry about bringing along a car seat that is safe and secure.

Steps on How to Convert a Baby Trend Hybrid Into A Booster

Use a flat surface like a table to put the car’s back seat down. Remove the child restraint bar’s two side-impact padding (lower level). Two pillows should be placed under your baby’s head, while another should be placed under their shoulders for additional support.

In order to secure the lower body straps, use your other hand to grip each one at the same time with solid pressure, then route the straps over the opposite shoulder. Remove any excess webbing from the harness and attach it with fabric ties, if necessary, to keep the top buckle level with the bottom.

It’s important to make sure the chest clips snap into place before putting them in place.

How to install Baby Trend Push N’ Sit

Installation of the Baby Trend Push N’ Sit is simple, but time-consuming. You’ll need the following items to get it up and running:

A car having an anchor point (a hole in the rear seat for conventional car safety seats) – If you’re looking for a system that uses clips on both sides of your child’s car seat and hooks that are fastened to anchors in your vehicle, LATCH is an option. A reasonable price range is $25 to $30.

Some extra webbing straps may be necessary if you have difficulty threading them through holes in your car because there are none.

A set of LATCH anchors for vehicles. Car seat accessory stores typically sell these for between $25 and $30.

Make use of an Allen wrench to tighten anchor points’ screws to secure them.

Regardless of whether you’ve written down your own instructions or received them from the manufacturer, it’s critical that you read through all of the instructions before beginning any work.

To begin, check to see if there is anything in the way of the straps before they are put in (like an airbag). If this is the case, relocate these devices before going on. Once you’re ready, place a horizontal webbing strap across the back. Using the other webbing strap, attach it vertically to each anchor point.

Attach one of these straps across the top and bottom for a two-point conversion. Depending on your kit, you may need to do this again if you have four or more anchors. Before putting in any straps, check to see if there are any obstructions in the way (like an airbag).

This is the third and last step. If this is the case, relocate these devices first. A horizontal webbing strap can then be attached across the back. Using the other webbing strap, attach it vertically to each anchor point. In order to secure a two-point conversion, attach one of these straps across the top and at least once below it.

The seat should be firmly pushed back in this step. For three-point conversions, connect a strap across the top and two below. Pulling the seat all the way in is a must. Repeat the method if you’ve got more than four anchors.

In order to ensure your safety, you should seek the advice of a professional who has installed these straps before.

Step 6: Tighten the straps using plastic zip ties (or metal wire clamps) by pushing them down until they are snug but not too tight so that the child’s head is restricted in all directions from front to rear and side to side. Each seat belt is held into position by an anchor point in between the armrests.

Anchors for seatbelts are typically located between the armrests of the vehicle. A booster car seat should be used on its own in this case. The back of the passenger side headrest can still be linked to a safety strap.

How to adjust the straps on a Baby Trend car seat

Installing and adjusting a car seat can be difficult. Because of your child’s weight, how they sit in their seat, or because of a wide headrest that needs additional support for safety reasons, the straps may need to be changed. Here are a few pointers on how to tweak things:

Step 1: Remove any belts that are too tight by drawing them out of any loops or rings that are too tight until there is no more strain in the buckle.

Take one strap at a time and slowly pull it away from your body until there is barely an inch of slack remaining before rethreading it through its loop – Step 2. Do not be afraid to tighten the straps a bit more than you think they should be.

As soon as you’ve placed your belt buckle where you want it, tug on each of its rings to tighten the straps. Get it just right, but not too tight!

To convert a baby trend hybrid into a booster seat:

First, remove the headrest if necessary (it takes up space). – Unbuckle both sides such that they are untied from each other but remain attached at the top buckle level.

In order to make it easier to unbuckle the bottom side clips that convert the seat into a booster seat, open the backseat as much as possible without removing its lower frame/arm rests.

As a third step, remove all three bottom clips and arrange them side-by-side on one side of the backseat. Unbuckle the top buckles on both sides of the headrests by reaching up beneath the headrests and releasing the hooks.

When your child is seated between two open seats on the other side, go around and undo each clip at its highest point while softly but forcefully pressing down on him or her with your body weight.

In order to convert the car seat into a booster seat, you will need to relax all of the belt’s tension. Once you’ve completed the tasks outlined here, you’re done. It’s much easier to remove them one by one from their bottom clips now that the tension has been loosened.

A child’s lap should be crossed by this belt with the shoulder strap on the child’s left side. Tighten according to the manufacturer’s instructions. That’s it! Using your baby trend hybrid as a booster seat, you’ve achieved your goal. Enjoy

Alternatives To The Baby Trend Hybrid 3 In 1 Booster Seat

1. Graco Tranzitions SnugLock 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat

Graco vs. Baby Trend is the first question that many parents ask themselves.

Like its Baby Trend sibling, the Graco Tranzitions SnugLock provides support and comfort for your child in distinct stages. Even the height and weight limits are identical for each.

The Graco, on the other hand, is lower in weight, making it a more convenient choice for parents who are constantly on the move. In addition, it has a nine-position headrest, as opposed to the Baby Trend seat’s six-position headrest.

In terms of cost, the Baby Trend Hybrid Booster 3 in 1 is a superior option for families on a tight budget.

2. Safety 1st Grow and Go All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

The Baby Trend Hybrid Booster 3 In 1 Car Seat and the Safety 1st Grow and Go are the most similar in terms of functions and design. Both feature three phases of growth, the same weight and height limits, and are designed to develop with the user.

A 22-pound minimum weight limit for the Baby Trend seat, whereas the Safety 1st seat has a 5-pound minimum weight limit.

It’s also worth noting that the Baby Trend car seat has no recline positions, but the Safety 1st Grow all-in-one car seat has three.

Despite all of this, the Baby Trend car seat is more affordable than the Safety 1st Grow, and it has a backless booster mode that the Safety 1st Grow lacks.

3. Britax One4Life ClickTight All-in-One Car Seat

Finally, the Britax One4Life ClickTight includes three phases, like the Baby Trend Hybrid Booster 3 in 1.

However, Britax One4Life’s last step is a high-back belt-positioning booster, whilst the Baby Trend’s final stage is a backless booster mode. There is also a greater weight and height limit than Baby Trend provides.

In addition, the Britax car seat claims to be by your baby’s side for 10 years, while Baby Trend car seats often last only six years.

Britax’s car seat is about four times more expensive than the Baby Trend car seat, making it the clear winner when it comes to cost.



What is a 3 in 1 Booster car seat?

Rather than purchasing three separate car seats for different phases of your baby’s development, you may get a 3 in 1 booster car seat instead. Backless booster seats and highback booster seats can be replaced by this one in place of the first two.

How do I turn my baby trend hybrid into a booster?

When your baby outgrows the infant seat but still requires some back support, you should convert the Baby Trend Hybrid into a booster seat.

There are a few steps to the process, which are described in detail in the instruction manual. The Krostrade blog post guide is a good place to go for further information.

How do you put a 3 in 1 Hybrid car seat together?

There is some difficulty and effort involved in putting together the new 3 in 1 Hybrid car seat. As a result, the instruction booklet that comes with it provides straightforward and step-by-step guidance.

Every forward-facing harnessed seat should have a top tether as a critical safety feature.

How do you install a Baby Trend car seat without the base?

You must use the ‘European Style Belt Routing’ to install a Baby Trend car seat without the base. Rental cars often have shoulder seat belts that aren’t long enough to loop over the back of an infant seat.

How long are Baby Trend car seats good for?

A car seat’s lifespan is limited to six years after it was manufactured, according to Baby Trend.

On the underside of the car seat or the bottom of its base, there is a date of production that can be used to determine the Baby Trend car seat expiration date.

However, once your child reaches the 29-inch and 100-pound weight limits for the Hybrid 3 in 1 Combination Booster, you should stop using it.


Let’s face it: Having a baby brings with it a slew of unexpected costs.

Along with all of this, I’m assuming, like me, that you don’t want to spend money on three separate car seats for your child.

The Baby Trend Hybrid 3-in-1 Car Seat comes in handy in such a situation because it is long-lasting and durable, and it also offers good value.

What do you think of the Hybrid 3 in 1 if you’ve previously tried it? Do I believe the statements it makes about its usefulness and practicality? If you have any thoughts, please share them in the section below.



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