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Choosing the right chair from among the several options available might be a challenge these days. This article is for those who are looking for a chair that will be both comfy and easy to maneuver. Five simple actions are all it takes to turn a chair from immobile to swivel.

The Benefits of a Good Office Chair

Create A Professional Image

Employees find attractive, professional chairs create an appealing work environment that boosts productivity and morale, in addition to impressing potential clients or visitors. Maintaining a reasonable level of comfort for employees while they carry out their job obligations is critical to their health and safety. Ergonomic balance that can tolerate a range of weight loads and is free of sharp edges are hallmarks of high-quality office chairs.

Select The Best Office Chair

Various types of sitting materials, such as poly vinyl mesh, vinyl, leather, or polyester textiles, are available for office chairs. A more environmentally friendly dyeing method has been used to color “green” garments derived from recycled plastic bottles. Before making a purchase, check the recycled content to see which models are the most environmentally friendly.

Size Matters

Purchasing an office chair would be a snap if everyone was the same height and weight. For the most part, this is taken into account in the design of most quality office chairs. For guests and clients, the same holds true for office chairs. The seat and back widths, as well as the seat and back heights, vary slightly from chair to chair. Adjustable seats are a necessity, not just a nice-to-have convenience.

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A Chair For Every Office Need

There are certain people who prefer chairs with arm rests, medium-height backs, and movable seats. The type of fabric used for office chairs is influenced by the environment. Choose comfy seats that promote a positive image of the business for the lobby’s guests and clients. When chairs are being used, keep in mind their mobility and the size of the desk area that surrounds them. Executive chairs, on the other hand, necessitate a greater space than a receptionist’s job chair or stool. Another option is a chair with a swivel or a tilt. Keep an eye out for the designated areas for your feet at the base of the chair.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is a top-of-the-line ergonomic office chair. Constructed using premium materials In addition to being attractive, the Herman Miller Aeron chair is built to last and can be used for many years.

Steps on Converting a Stationary Chair into a Swivel Chair

To begin, use a screwdriver to remove all of the screws holding the chair’s back in place.

A swivel wheel from an old office chair or other stationary furniture can be used in Step Two. Use this piece as a guide to see how it will fit against the edge and how you will need to drill holes for additional hardware if necessary. To be safe, a drill press might be a good idea for you.

Using an electric drill and the proper bit size, drill the holes for your new hardware, as well as pre-drilling holes if necessary dependent on the size of your screws. Before moving on to step four, put in all of the bolts and nuts one by one, ensuring that everything is secure.

Step Four: Put back together – now that we have drilled our hole, it should be pretty easy to reattach the back of your chair by simply screwing in each bolt until they reach their original position (or close enough). There should be no slack or holes between these pieces when they are attached! Using a wrench is also recommended for this procedure.

Your new swivel chair is now ready for use! At this point, you can relish in how much more comfortable moving around in the room feels now that the motion has been introduced.

How Does a Swivel Fitting Work?

Furniture may be rotated 360 degrees with the help of a swivel fitting that connects to the bottoms of the pieces. When used on multiple-legged goods (such as picture frames), these clamps are commonly found on chairs, tables, shelves, workbenches, and other furniture.

Swivel fittings make it considerably easier for staff to shift their desks around for meetings in a workplace.

What is the Function of Swivel Chair?

If you work from home, a swivel chair is ideal since it allows you to pivot and face the direction that is most comfortable for you.

Many swivel chairs come equipped with an adjustment feature that allows the user to place their laptop or other stationary device on their lap while sitting in the chair. For those who work from a seated position, this assists with posture and back support.

Consider one of these mobile solutions if you’re a working professional and it’s possible… It’s absolutely worth the money!

How do you Make a Swivel?

A swivel chair can be achieved in a number of various ways! Velcro is the best option if you have an upholstered or fabric-covered seat. Any local office supply store should carry it, and you can customize the width of the seat and the width of the bottom by cutting two strips of velcro (one for each side). Attach this to the chair’s bottom and use velcro to keep it in place without making a sound.

If you don’t want to deal with fabric, you may simply install casters or wheels to your chair.

Using a screwdriver, screw the casters into the base of each chair leg. If they’re not too tight, the casters should come out easily. A smooth and quiet ride is essential when it comes to the casters and wheels used in your vehicle. You may need to re-attach screws if either of these things occurs!

Just in case Velcro or attachments don’t work, you may always use a different chair instead.

How to Clean and Maintain an Office Chair

Vacuum Dust and Debris

Use a vacuum wand attachment to clean your office chair every few weeks. You shouldn’t have any problems cleaning your office chair as long as the wand attachment has a smooth surface. To clean the seat, backrest, and armrests, simply set the vacuum cleaner to “low suction” and use the wand attachment.

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It doesn’t matter what kind of office chair you have; frequent vacuuming will help it last longer. In order to prevent your office chair from succumbing to deterioration and an early death, use the wand attachment.

Look for an Upholstery Tag

If you haven’t already, check your office chair for an upholstery tag. It’s not uncommon for office chairs to be marked with an upholstery tag. If you want to know how to clean your chair, go no further than this care tag or care label from the manufacturer. So check the upholstery tag before you begin cleaning your office chairs, as different textiles require different cleaning methods.

Underneath the seat of an office chair, you’ll typically discover the upholstery tag. Look for a cleaning code on it once you’ve found it. One or two letters are used to indicate how best to clean the office chair’s fabric, based on the type of material it is.

The following is a list of the many cleaning codes found on upholstery tags, along with the associated definitions:

  • W: Water or a water-based product should be used to clean the office chair, which is the most prevalent cleaning code on upholstery tags.
  • Using a water-free solvent to clean your office chair is required if the upholstery tag has the S cleaning code. Organic textiles like cotton, wool, and rayon, which are commonly used to make office chairs, can become damaged if they are washed with water.
  • Office chairs marked with the W/S cleaning code can be cleaned with either water-based or solvent-based products, as you might have predicted.
  • X: Lastly, the X cleaning code indicates that only vacuuming or brushing should be used to clean the office chair. If your office chair has this cleaning code, using a water-based cleaning product or a solvent could harm it.

To learn how to clean your office chair if it doesn’t have an upholstery tag, consult your chair’s owner’s manual. There should be a cleaning and care guide included with the chair if it does not have an upholstery tag.

Spot Clean Using Soap and Warm Water

Soap and warm water are all you need to spot clean an office chair unless otherwise specified on the upholstery tag or in the owner’s handbook. Using a damp washcloth and a tiny bit of liquid soap, dab the soiled area on your office chair until it is completely clean.

Cleaning your office chair doesn’t necessitate the use of any specific soap. Using a mild dish soap will do. Place a few drops of dish soap on a clean washcloth after it has been run through the washing machine or dishwasher. Next, use a clean rag to gently wipe any spills on your office chair rather than scrubbing them. Because it removes the stain-causing chemicals from the fabric, blotting is essential. To make matters worse, vigorously scrubbing the stain may introduce more stain-causing substances into the cloth. So, if you spot clean your office chair, make sure to use a blotting technique.

Test Stain-Removing Products in a Discreet Area

Soap and warm water will quickly remove superficial stains from an office chair, but you’ll need a stronger cleaning solution for more tenacious stains to get them clean. Many stain removers on the market contain potent cleaning ingredients that are designed to get rid of tough stains. However, if you’re considering using one of these devices, it’s best to test it out in a private area of your house first.

Don’t just slather the stain remover all over your chair. Instead, try it out in a hidden spot where it won’t be noticed. Allows you to view how the product impacts your chair. For example, you can try a stain-removing product under the seat of your office chair. Even if the product does leave a permanent stain, it won’t be noticeable. Hopefully, this does not happen.

If you’re going to use a store-bought stain remover or a natural stain remover like vinegar on your office chair, make a test patch first. If the product doesn’t permanently affect the fabric, you can use it elsewhere on your chair.

Apply Conditioner to Leather

To keep your leather office chair from cracking and flaking, give it a good conditioning treatment on a regular basis. Full grain, rectified grain, and split leather are just a few of the varieties available. In terms of quality, full-grain leather is the best, while rectified grain is the best. Natural leather, on the other hand, has a porous surface that is capable of absorbing and retaining water.

Natural leather has several holes visible when examined under a microscope. There are little holes in the leather that allow water to seep in. To keep a leather office chair from drying out, it is necessary to allow moisture to penetrate the leather. Moisture, on the other hand, will gradually evaporate from the pores over time. Eventually, the leather will peel or even crack open if it isn’t handled.

Applying a conditioner to your leather office chair might help prevent it from deteriorating. Mink oil and saddle soap, two common leather conditioners, are intended to moisturize leather. Hydration and protection from dryness are the goals of these products, which include water and other substances. You can keep your leather office chair from drying out by applying a conditioner to it.

Here are a few more pointers on how to keep a leather office chair in good condition:

  • To protect your leather office chair, exercise caution when drinking or using other liquids.
  • Keep the relative humidity in your office between 40% and 55%. Your leather office chair may dry out if the relative humidity is less than 40%. However, if the percentage is greater than 55 percent, the soil may become overly wet.
  • Leather office chairs should only be treated once every few months at most. Adding too much moisture to leather will cause it to shrink.
  • Make use of a leather-protection product if necessary. Protectants are different from conditioners in that they are designed to offer a layer of protection to the leather’s surface.
  • Place your leather office chair away from heaters and vents.

Clean and Lubricate Casters

Cleaning and lubricating the casters on your office chair is a must if you want to keep it moving smoothly. The wheels of an office chair are mounted on casters, which are the housing pieces on which they are mounted. Plastic, rubber, steel, aluminum, cast iron, and polyurethane are just a few of the materials used to construct the wheels. When compared to this, the housing units are nearly typically manufactured from some sort of metal material.

When it comes to new office chairs, you may expect them to glide along with little to no friction. However, if you’ve been using the same chair for more than a year, the casters may become clogged with dust and other dirt.

Flip your chair over and remove any lint, hair, or dirt from the wheel housing units by pulling them out from the bottom. As an alternative, you can use a vacuum cleaner or bottled air to remove any remaining debris from the casters.

Apply WD-40 to your office chair’s casters after you’ve cleaned them well. The chair will roll more easily if you apply a tiny amount of lubrication to each housing unit. Every six months, you should give your office chair’s casters a good cleaning and lubrication.

Tighten Fasteners

The fasteners on your office chair should also be checked and tightened. If you don’t adjust your office chair’s screws and bolts on a regular basis, they may fall loose. Also, if a fastening on your office chair comes free, your chair will wobble.

To locate all of the fasteners, consult your owner’s manual. Depending on the model, some office chairs have just a few fasteners, while others have dozens. Use a screwdriver to tighten the chair’s fasteners when you’ve located them.

Turn the screwdriver to the right to tighten a fastening. On the other hand, you can loosen a fastener by twisting it to the left. “Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey” is a good technique to remember which way to turn a fastener.

Replace Gas Cylinder

When you raise your chair, does it immediately sink back to the floor? If this is the case, you may need to replace the gas cylinder.. It is common for adjustable-height office chairs to have a gas cylinder that provides pneumatic lift. Pressurized nitrogen gas is housed inside this cylinder and is capable of lifting and holding an office chair at a raised height.

You won’t be able to elevate your office chair if the gas cylinder is leaking or otherwise malfunctioning. Most gas cylinders may be replaced with ease. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the present gas cylinder from your office chair, and replace it with an identical gas cylinder of the same size and type. Once the new gas cylinder is placed, raise your office chair to see if it works.

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Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Avoid placing your office chair in direct sunlight if at all possible. Fabrics and materials used in the manufacture of office chairs can be damaged by ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Nothing happens in an instant. Office chairs, on the other hand, can fade and dry out if they are left in full sunlight for an extended amount of time.

Sun-damaged office chairs don’t require you to operate in a darkened room. Choose a location where you can sit most of the day in the shade instead. Adjust the blinds or curtains so that they are only partially closed, limiting the amount of sunshine your office chair is exposed to. Your office chair won’t fade or dry out from exposure to the sun if you follow these basic precautions.

Replace When Necessary

Even if you clean and maintain your office chair on a regular basis, you may eventually need to replace it. An office chair’s lifespan can range from seven to fifteen years, according to one study. Replacing a worn-out office chair is the best course of action if the damage is beyond repair.

A guarantee should be included with a high-quality office chair manufactured by a reputed company. The manufacturer will cover the cost of repairs or replacements if any of the components fail during the warranty period. When shopping for an office chair, search for one that comes with a warranty, as this shows that the manufacturer is confidence in the product.

However, once you’ve made the investment in a new office chair, remember to keep it clean by following these simple guidelines. If you do this, it will assist to prevent it from failing early on. A well-maintained office chair, on the other hand, will keep you more comfortably seated as you work.


It was explained in the preceding paragraphs how office chairs can be transformed into swivel chairs and how to keep them in good condition. Let us know what you think by checking it out!