How To Cover Up An Ugly Loveseat? Complete Guide

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Helen Skeates
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When your guest arrives to your home, what will they see first? Of course, they’ll see your loveseat because they’ll be sitting on it, but what if it’s gross? So, how do you hide an unappealing loveseat?

Fortunately for you, we have your back! If you follow these simple instructions, you can change your old couch into a whole new one. If you’re still unsure of what a loveseat is, we’ll begin with the most basic definition.

What is a Loveseat?

Who knew loveseats had been around since the seventeenth century? Over the years, it has hosted innumerable romantic date evenings for couples from all over the country and the world. They’re also popular because of their small size, which is designed to accommodate just two people.

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The outcome is a private seating arrangement for two. As soon as you sit down, you’ll notice that it’s considerably more intimate than a conventional sofa. It’s a little couch that might fit two people.

The appropriate choice when space is at a premium and a large sofa is out of the question. Because a loveseat is smaller, it can work well with a sofa that is a little larger. Loveseats can also be used as extra seating in the bedroom by certain persons.

How to Cover Up an Ugly Loveseat?

Let’s get to the meat of the matter now that we’ve defined what a loveseat is. For example, how can you disguise an unsightly loveseat? Makeover your sofa with these easy tips.

Put on Some Throw Pillows

Pillows can be purchased to distract viewers from the show. Throw pillows may cost a lot, but a new sofa is a lot more expensive. For the final touch, decorative pillows have become an absolute must in any home.

Additionally, furniture and home décor stores may have extra options for you to choose from. Cushions, for example, come in a variety of styles and materials. Couches can be decorated in a nautical style or in a floral and vibrant color scheme.

Animal-themed pillows or geometric designs both work well. In order to make an impression, you must use enough. Making pillows from any material is an option for those who can’t afford to buy them.

Your Cushion Covers Need a Makeover

Reupholstering an old sofa can be expensive, so consider making your own cushion coverings instead. If you don’t know someone who can sew, you may want to buy some fabric together. Cushions are a great way to divert attention away from the rest of the sofa.

Textiles and Throw Pillows

You may jazz up your couch with an afghan, a throw, or even a blanket from India or Mexico. These accents will add a splash of color to the room while drawing the eye away from the couch’s dominating position. Decorate the rest of your home with ethnic patterns as a last touch.

Take Advantage of Slipcovers

Slipcovers are a great way to hide the flaws of a couch. No one will be able to glimpse the tragedy that lays beyond them because of their vast coverage. Slipcovers may be found in a wide range of materials and designs, so they can go with any type of interior design or color scheme.

There are one-piece couch coverings as well as multi-piece slipcovers. Before you buy a blanket, make sure to have the dimensions of your couch measured. You may find yourself returning slipcovers after a few usage because they don’t always fit properly.

Recycle It

So, if there’s any wood in your couch, get out a paintbrush and start painting. Slipcovers can be made at a minimal cost to give the furniture a new look. Alternatively, you can follow the advice of an expert and get some upholstery paint to paint the material on your own.

Upholstery Paint

If color is important to you, then go with a different option. As an illustration, instead of painting your couch green, try black paint and some eye-catching throw cushions. Spray paint for upholstery can also be used to entirely change the appearance of your couch.

The paint will be pliable and non-removable after 72 hours. A hidden spot may be a better place to test the spray’s effectiveness before spraying your sofa. If you’re an artist, you might want to consider painting your sofa instead of using a solid color with graphics or motifs.


There are times when you can’t hide a sofa, so it’s best to focus attention elsewhere. An antique or vintage object might serve as a focal point instead of a couch. Instead of your sofa, focus your guests’ attention on these items.

It doesn’t matter if none of these options can hide your couch. Make it less noticeable by drawing guests’ attention away from it. Another feature in the room could serve as the focal point.

Decorate the mantle if you have a fireplace to bring attention to it. It’s possible to accentuate the fireplace by hanging a huge piece of art over it and lighting it with accent lights. If your room lacks a central point, you can easily build one on the wall.

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How Can I Make My Ugly Couch Look Better?

  • A paintbrush is in order!!
  • It’s also possible to cover it in some kind of dye.
  • Warping a sagging sofa is the third option.
  • Solution #4 for a Makeshift Slipcover: Tuck it in.
  • The sixth option is to use Fringe to solve it.
  • Spray-dye it to get to solution number six.
  • Poly-fiber is the seventh option for making it more plump.

How Do You Save An Ugly Couch?

  • Slipcovers can be used. Save. Make an estimate and send it in.
  • Cover it with a blanket if possible. With a Chesterfield sofa, you may create a retro living room.
  • Put a few brightly colored pillows on top of it. Make sure to preserve your upholstery.
  • Invest in new cushion covers to save money.
  • It’s time to decorate. Invest your money wisely.

How Can I Cover My Ugly Couch?

  • Slipcovers are great for hiding the flaws of an unsightly couch.
  • Spending a lot of money on multiple throw pillows will bring attention to your ugly ones.
  • Throws and textiles are a part of the fine arts.
  • High-quality materials are used to make the new pillows.
  • Upholstery can be painted.

What Kind Of Paint Can I Use On Upholstery?

Do not wait until the fabric is completely dry to begin painting. You can keep the fabric supple by painting repeated applications of diluted paint. The Sherwin Williams acrylic latex paint was diluted with a ratio of 3 cups of paint to 2 cups of water.

Does Fabric Paint Wash Off?

Do you know how to remove fabric paint from clothing and carpet? When wet paint comes into contact with fabric or carpet, it is extremely difficult to remove. These paints are used to create a long-lasting paint. If the paint is still wet, it can be removed with soap and water.

What Fabrics Can You Use Fabric Paint On?

Textile paint can be applied to cotton, denim, and silk, among other natural fibers. Cotton and polyester can also be used together to create new fabrics. White cloth is the best choice if you want to see the genuine color of the fabric paint. The color of the paint can be altered, or it can simply be obscured entirely.

How Can I Make My Couch Look Better?

  • Replace worn-out cushions with new ones made of throw pillows. Aside from being more comfortable, throw pillows serve two purposes if your existing back cushions are beyond their prime: Make it appear fresh again, or at least hide unattractive, old cushions from view.
  • It needs to be painted.

cover that ugly sofa!

How Do You Distract An Ugly Couch?

To cover your unwanted couch or bed, use a lot of vibrant and bold accent pillows — the more of them you have, better. Distracting patterns on the throw pillows will be amplified if the couch is a solid color. For patterned sofas, monochromatic colors are preferred. Distracting patterns on the throw pillows will be amplified if the couch is a solid color. Geometric patterns can be a nuisance, so it’s nice to have something else to focus on.

How Can I Cover My Couch I Hate?

With a few of your favorite throw pillows, you can hide a sofa that you don’t like by covering it up. One of the most effective ways to hide your sofa without making your home look cluttered is to use a set of uniform or monochromatic pillows.

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