How To Decorate A Baby Shower Wicker Chair? Comprehensive Guide

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To create a stunning baby shower wicker chair centerpiece, we’ve provided three easy-to-follow DIY instructions. These techniques and ideas for decorating can let your wicker chair stand out from the crowd.

Baby showers are regarded as one of a family’s most treasured recollections. As a result, it must be extremely valuable; as a result, let us now enter the world of decoration.

What Is The Theme Of The Baby Shower?

A themed baby shower requires careful planning to ensure that all aspects of the event are in harmony. Furniture, including the mother’s chair, will be affected.

Decorate with leaves, flowers, and other natural fibers if you’re going for a nature-themed look.

If your baby shower has a color theme, make sure the baby shower chair complements this color scheme.” You should stick with the primary color scheme and add a secondary color to enhance it.

As a result, the aesthetic is elevated and a level of design complexity is added that otherwise would not be present.

Picking The Chair

The majority of the time, baby showers are thrown in the later stages of a woman’s pregnancy. However, this is a great idea, but it does necessitate that the pregnant woman be substantially pregnant, which can lead to discomfort.

Decorated wicker baby shower chair By Vivian Lopez … | Baby shower chair, Girl baby shower decorations, Baby shower princess

Make sure the chair she chooses has a fair amount of back support so that she doesn’t have to strain her back while sitting in it.

To make sitting more comfortable, the majority of people choose a chair with a lot of cushioning.

Rattan and wicker chairs may look really aesthetic, but who actually finds them comfortable? Although many people care about their appearance, personal well-being always takes precedence.

Because there are fewer places to attach decorations to a chair with a lot of cushioning, it can be more difficult to dress it up.

If you’re using your own chair, you can always use a staple gun to attach decorations.

Rocking chairs are also popular. This allows the mother-to-be to move in a way that isn’t possible with stationary chairs, which can greatly improve her level of comfort.

A love seat or small couch may be used by some to provide the parents-to-be the opportunity to sit together at the celebration.

Using Tulle

When it comes to party decor, tulle is a great choice because it is inexpensive and lightweight. It is available in a wide range of hues, making it simple to choose the ideal match for your chosen color scheme.

You can use tulle to embellish your baby shower chair in between one and three colors, depending on how much tulle you have.

Using different colors from the theme is the best option. If your theme revolves around a single hue, we recommend using three different shades of that color.

All of the photos from the baby shower will have a wonderful ombre effect thanks to this simple trick:

Using tulle to dress up a chair is an extremely versatile option. Each tulle strip must be at least ten feet long to cover a chair of this size.

The strips of tulle should be gathered at the ends and fastened to the chair. Take hold of the central axis as well, and be sure to secure it.

Tulle can also be decorated by twisting or braiding the individual strips. Before fastening the tulle to your chair, experiment with a few different styles.

You can then decorate the chair with fabric bows and ribbons.

To fluff out the tulle, gently pull on the portions in between where the fabric has been fastened. The chair now has a more refined and refined appearance.

Alternatively, you can wrap the tulle around the back of the chair a few times and tie it in a giant knot or bow behind the chair’s behind. Simple to make and comfy to sit on, this creates an attractive tiered effect.

Using Fabric

Tulle-like strips of fabric are frequently utilized in the same way. If your chair isn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing to begin with, this is a terrific alternative for you.

In order to cover a larger area with more opacity, fabric is the best option. This implies that blemishes like stains, dents, and other defects can be easily concealed.

To cover the entire chair, you can alternatively use a huge piece of fabric. If you’re looking to change the color of your chair, this is a perfect option.

Extra fabric can be tucked into chair gaps and seams. Wrap the tulle around the back of the chair to complete the effect.

This will also keep the fabric sheet in place while the chair is in use.

Adding Some Comfort

Sewing or knitting projects for the grandparents-to-be are great ideas for the baby shower chair decorations.

You might begin making a quilt or blanket for the expecting lady and her unborn child a few months before the shower.

You’ll have plenty of time to finish the project before the baby shower, thanks to this arrangement.. If the shower is taking place in a cooler month, the mother-to-be can use the quilt as a blanket.

The chair can be decorated with a blanket or quilt if it’s a little cooler outside.

This is a thoughtful gift that will serve as a treasured memento of the shower in addition to being helpful. In this way, the mother’s pregnancy and postpartum journey might be aided.

When the infant is old enough, it can even be passed down to it.

Using Balloons

Inflated balloons all over the place scream “celebration!” Balloons, despite their aesthetic appeal, have a negative impact on the environment.

It’s unlikely that a balloon arch or chair will please the mother-to-be. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional latex balloons, Amazon has you covered.

These are a great way to maintain your personal style while also benefiting the world you’re bringing a new baby into.

DIY Steps For Baby Shower Wicker Chair Decoration

The baby shower’s theme should be reflected in the centerpiece’s design, which should be a wicker chair. For a boy or a girl baby shower, there are two major themes to choose from. So the piece of decor you choose must meet these two requirements.

Step #1. Planning

Everything must be planned out before you do anything else. To ensure a better baby shower, this must be done. To ensure that your child’s birthday party goes off without a hitch, the first step is to pick a color scheme that complements the theme.

Choosing pastel colors for a baby shower is a good idea because it conveys a sense of innocence. The colors of your theme must be based on lighter hues.

There are many different shades of blue that can be used in a color scheme for a boy’s baby shower, but the most popular are light blues with white borders and deeper blues. Pink and light red shades are ideal for a baby shower theme for a girl.

The base must have a more delicate tone to match the boy’s color scheme. Consider a baby pink with darker tones and a white background as an example. Yellow and green are also good options if you don’t want to offend the expectant mother, because they are both gender-neutral.

Pick a chair that is both attractive to look at and comfy to sit on for the wicker chair. The chair must be comfortable enough for the mother-to-be to sit in.

Step #2. Decoration ideation

After deciding on a color palette, we’ll begin brainstorming ideas for the rest of the room’s decor. Because it’s the most important part of the room, we’ll concentrate on the wicker chair centerpiece.

In order to convey a sense of purity, the decor of our wicker chairs must be spare. Choose decorations that will go well with your chosen color scheme. Don’t go overboard with the wicker chair’s decoration.

Step #3. Decorate

Decorating a wicker chair from the top down is our primary goal now that you have a notion of how to go about it. Your baby shower’s color palette should be outlined on the wicker chair.

Ribbons can be tied to the chair’s back and the chair’s very top. Decorate and comfort the mother-to-be with the addition of two pillows and a plush animal. The back of the chair can also be decorated with helium-filled balloons, which don’t take up a lot of space.

Make sure your decorations are positioned correctly. Over-decorating the chair could be uncomfortable for the expectant mother to sit in it. Because the focus is on the mother’s comfort, simple decor is ideal for these types of celebrations.

Place the rattan chair in a well-lit area. It’s a good idea because the mother may supervise the event and put the gifts near the guest’s chair. As a bonus, these items can be used to decorate your home.

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Best decoration ideas for baby shower wicker chair

The best baby shower decoration ideas there are Of course, wicker chairs are the most appropriate for your baby shower’s theme and the expectant mother’s input. Because this is a baby shower for the expectant mother, you should think about how you may combine her favorite design elements into your chair.

In addition, there are a number of common decorations. The ones with ribbons and frills are the most popular. It may be monotonous, but the overall effect is lovely.

It’s ideal to place a large ribbon in the middle of the chair, with smaller ones surrounding it. Pillows and stuffed animals can also be used. Not only does it look good, but it also feels good on the pregnant woman.

Are baby shower wicker chair decorations costly?

Baby shower wicker chair decorations don’t have to be expensive. The primary purpose of utilizing a wicker chair is to make the room more comfortable for the expectant mother so that the decor may be kept as basic as possible.

To make the wicker chair stand out, add some ribbons, balloons, and a few throw cushions to the mix. If you’re intending to use a lot of pricey decorations, the cost will be higher.

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Provenance Rentals tops the list because of its stylish, comfy, and one-of-a-kind seats, as well as its high level of customer service. Accent elements for your baby shower are available in a broad variety of styles, including some of the most eye-catching centerpiece chairs, rugs, and pillows in the industry. The company says it will work with you outside of California if that is possible. In addition to being featured in Vogue, Provenance Rentals’ work is guaranteed to be spoken about.

There are tufted loveseats, wicker peacock chairs, mod accent chairs, and even vintage high chairs in the chair selections. Long tables and accent tables can also be rented, and the decor can even be customized according to your specifications. Customers get a free initial meeting with a designer, but further meetings and site visits cost money. For an extra price, they will transport, put up, style, and take down everything you hire. You can get a free estimate by calling or filling out an online form. Provenance’s mission is to ensure that your baby shower goes off without a hitch and that you don’t have to lift a finger to make it feel unique.

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Themed lounge packages are available from an all-inclusive event rental firm in sites all around Western Washington.

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Casual and eclectic yet sophisticated decor is what Wander Event Rental does best. Your guests will be wowed. This woman-owned event rental organization prides itself on making beautiful yet useful decor that can be delivered to any place in Western and some Eastern Washington. Pre-designed furniture and decor packages are available if putting together a “look” or a décor theme is too much work for you.

Mid-century, farmhouse chic, victorian boho, Palm Springs, and Miami Vice are just a few of the furniture package styles. You don’t have to worry about striking a cheesy note because the packages are entertaining and vibrant but not overtly tacky.

You may browse their collection, add and change your rental list as you go, and reserve anything whenever you like using their online portal. Wander’s website is just as relaxing as the decor it offers. A design consultant is available if you prefer to book goods via phone or email.

Wander’s inventory and the ease with which they may be worked with by event planners appear to be popular. Anyone whose shower plans haven’t been finalized should be aware that a 50% non-refundable fee is requested up ahead. Additional expenses will cover everything from delivery to set up to dismantling.

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  • There is no mention of a damage waiver on the website.


When celebrating a mom-to-be who likes to feel like royalty, a throne is the best way to go. You can also count on Elevate Your Party if you live in the Mid-Atlantic region. They have a wide selection of thrones to choose from, but they also have a wide variety of other decor to choose from. Everything from the table settings to the candelabras to the red carpet is provided in order to make guests feel like movie stars.

Increase the Elegance of Your Event Despite the fact that they claim to be a one-stop shop for all your party needs, they don’t appear to rent out tableware such plates and cutlery when they deliver to the neighboring areas of D.C., VA, MD. It costs an extra price for drop-off and set-up services; 50% of the booking fee is nonrefundable. If you call or fill out an online form to get a price, someone will contact you to set up an appointment.


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Because of this, A La Crate refers to itself as “your friend with cool taste.” For an event rental site that has some of the trendiest and most unique items of furniture, serveware, glassware, and decor, this is the place to go. Catalogues like this one in New York City’s upscale boutiques are hard to beat. There are few wicker chairs in existence that are this gorgeous. Because they look like they were created for strutting their stuff, these chairs are known as peacock chairs. With that in mind, they’ve got you covered with two additional subtle options for wicker chairs.

In addition to Event Essentials, A La Crate is the sister company of Event Essentials, an event company that truly has it all. More than 50 years old, they’ve been providing everything from tents to linens for weddings and events to food preparation and service. You can expect the same high-quality service you’ve come to expect from a seasoned organization, but with a more personalized touch. In addition to the wicker chairs, A La Crate provides everything you could possibly need to complete the boho-chic vibe, including ancient wooden bird cages.

If you prefer, you can get in touch with them by phone or by filling out an online form. It costs extra to have your event delivered, setup, taken down, and picked up by the provider, and a 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Small quantities of damage can be waived with the purchase of an optional damage waiver.


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When planning a baby shower, a lot of selections need to be made, which can be stressful. You can save money and time by renting a bundle that includes an unique baby shower chair for the mom-to-be. This is why Rent For Event NYC offers an all-inclusive baby shower package that includes a luxury baroque throne chair, a giant decorative mirror, LED floor lamps, a letter table that spells out “LOVE” or “BABY,” cocktail tables, and bar stools. This is a wonderful alternative for a nighttime shower because several of the furniture items have lights that turn on and off automatically.

Rent for a Party Despite the name “New York City,” there is a NYC location in Florida that provides delivery throughout the Sunshine State. Rental services are available across New York and the surrounding area, including all of Long Island and New Jersey. Using a remote, you may adjust the color of the LED furniture to match your party’s theme. If you want your shower to feel like a scene from “Saturday Night Fever,” they offer fantastic LED dance floors. In addition, if you’d like, you can check out the fantastic glassware for rent.

If you’d prefer to have your order delivered, put up, and removed from your location, Rent for Event will accommodate your request for an additional cost. There is a non-refundable 25% deposit and a minimum of a week’s notice required for booking.


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Floral arrangements or custom design elements can provide a personal touch to well-chosen vacation homes.

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Is there something special about a baby shower that makes it memorable? Beautiful arrangements of flowers. Then Boxwood Event Rentals may be just what you’re searching for, as they don’t charge a fortune. Aside from the fact that they have a wide variety of antique and modern rentals that are appropriate for any bridal shower style, they’re also more than pleased to help you decorate the furniture, especially the mother of the bride.

With everything from tables and chairs to beautiful vintage tableware and precisely chosen carpets and pillows, they’ve got you covered for your baby shower! You can look through their selection and make a wish list, or you can take advantage of their free design advice service if you prefer. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all of your floral needs, Boxwood is your best option. It’s hard to find a negative review concerning the service, employees, or merchandise.

Founded by a husband and wife duo while putting together their own wedding, this company knows a thing or two about making things happen. To get in touch with them, dial their number or use their website’s form.

Compare the Best Baby Shower Chair Rentals

Rentals by Provenance

Event Rentals by Wander

Increase the Elegance of Your Event

At Crates

Organize an event by renting it

Boxwood Rentals & Productions

Guide for Choosing the Best Baby Shower Chair Rentals

Are Baby Shower Chair Rentals Worth It?

Consider your goals, the amount of guests you plan to invite, and whether or not the prospective expense of baby shower chair rentals is worth it before making a final decision. If you only require the centerpiece chair, you may be able to rent it for the mother-to-be.

Rental baby shower chairs might be a nice addition to your celebration, but they aren’t required for a successful event.

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Comparing Baby Shower Chair Rentals

When looking for a baby shower chair rental provider, there are a number of important things to keep in mind. There are a few things you may use to compare the firms after knowing the size and location of the event:

  • When you request a quote, you’ll have a better idea of the cost.
  • Tables, dinnerware, serving ware, and other decor are all items to keep in mind, as well as the centerpiece chair.
  • If they are not available on the date of your event, this could be a deal-breaker.
  • Renter’s deposits are normally calculated as a percentage of the entire amount due.
  • Most firms have a minimum order amount that you must meet in order to place an order.
  • A deposit may be required for a quote or consultation.
  • Rentals might last anything from a few hours to a few weeks.
  • Outside of the company’s website, are there any positive reviews to be found?
  • It’s important to know how long the company has been in operation.

Choosing Baby Shower Chair Rentals

Rental chairs for a baby shower may make it a genuinely memorable occasion for everyone, including the mother-to-be. Rentals are less expensive than buying goods, but having someone else transport, set up, break down, and remove all of your party materials may be the most useful benefit of renting rather than buying.

If there will be a large number of children there who could damage or stain the items, renting them for a baby shower is also a good idea. You won’t have to be concerned about tiny mishaps if you rent from an event rental company that offers a damage waiver. With the help of a baby shower chair rental company, you can make your shower feel genuinely one-of-a-kind. Because they specialize in such events, their customer care representatives are well-versed in the ins and outs of the planning process and are available to answer any questions you may have.


Are Baby Shower Chair Rentals Customizable?

Baby shower chair rentals can be customized in many circumstances, but the level of personalization you receive will be determined by the firm you select. There are some companies that will decorate chairs with flowers or garlands if requested, while others will simply say that you can modify the chair yourself so long as you return it to its original condition.

Do Baby Shower Chair Rentals Offer Only Thrones and Wicker Chairs?

Because most event rental companies don’t specialize in baby showers, they’ll likely offer a wide variety of chair options for you to choose from. As an illustration, several event rental businesses include options in their lounge furniture collections for expectant mothers who prefer mid-century modern loveseats rather than thrones or wicker chairs.

How Much Do Baby Shower Chair Rentals Cost?

The price of baby shower chair rentals vary greatly based on the company and the location of the event. To put it another way, you might pay $94 for a wicker chair rental in the Midwest, but only $50 in the Southeast for the same chair at a newer rental firm.


Be mindful of the fact that these types of celebrations are necessities in life, and they don’t have to be prohibitively expensive as you discover how to design a baby shower wicker chair. “Simplicity may be beautiful,” as the saying goes. With any luck, you were able to create a baby shower-worthy wicker chair using these simple instructions.



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