3 Different Methods on How To Decorate A Candle

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Helen Skeates
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Why not manufacture your own candles if you can’t buy the fancy ones? I’ll show you how to adorn a candle in this article. This is going to be a glow-up, so get your cheap and simple candles ready!

Different Methods on How To Decorate A Candle

Method 1: Decorating with Glitter

Our first approach of decorating a candle is to sprinkle it with glitter. To begin, use paper to cover the sections you do not like to glitter. After that, you can either tape down individual pieces of tissue paper or wrap the candle in strips and knot them.

Decide how you want your candle to look before you start decorating, and then tape the paper in place. Straight strips can be used to make stripes, or you can cut out unique shapes to decorate with glitter. Rubber bands can be used to form designs that are more precise or thin.

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Apply Mod Podge with a brush to the desired locations. Use a paintbrush or a crafts brush to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the candle. In order to get complete coverage, you can paint over the edges of the paper. However, you should avoid completely covering the paper.

Liquid glue can be used in place of Mod Podge, but the glitter won’t remain as long. The candle should be adorned with glitter. Candles benefit from thick layers of glitter since they appear more professional and clean.

The surface of the candle should be completely obscured. If you don’t want glitter all over your work surface, put down some newspaper before you start applying the glitter. Remove any excess glitter by lightly tapping the bottom of the candle on the surface.

Candles and glitter can be matched to the theme of your event, or even the drapes. If you’re decorating for the holidays, use red glitter to decorate a white candle, or black glitter to decorate an orange candle for Halloween. Sealing the candle with Mod Podge requires that it has dried completely.

The candle should be let to dry out on your work surface overnight before using it again the next day. Afterwards, remove the cutouts from the paper. Afterwards, spray the glitter with Mod Podge clear sealant to ensure that it will last longer.

Method 2: Painting Candles

The candle’s surface should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol to remove the remaining traces of dust. Wet a lint-free cloth with rubbing alcohol before using it to clean surfaces. Use it to clean the candle’s surface before painting it.

After applying candle varnish, let your candle to dry overnight. Apply a layer of varnish to a cosmetic sponge, and then rub it in with your hands. Once you’ve applied it evenly, pat it across the surface of the candle.

Allow it to rest for a few hours before serving. Painting a candle requires varnish to keep the paint in place and to protect it from abrasions. You may get the varnish either online or from a craft store.

Mark out the places you don’t want painted with tape or rubber bands. Painter’s tape or elastic bands work well for drawing stripes or designs on the candle without covering the entire surface. To make painting around the candle easier, place paint or rubber bands flat against it.

You should use acrylic paint to color the candle. Apply a thin layer of acrylic paint with a paintbrush to the candle. Paint all of the spots the same color before going on to the next.

You can utilize different hues or brushes if you’re working with a variety of colors. Place a piece of newspaper on your painting surface to keep it clean. Before applying varnish and giving it a shiny sheen, let it cure for at least one night.

A second coat of paint, applied the next day, will allow you to view your candle. Remove the tape only after it has completely dried. To protect the paint from flaking and give the candle a shining appearance, you can apply an equal coat of varnish to the entire candle.

Method 3: Using Cute Items to Embellish Candles

Another option for adorning a candle is to use plastic diamonds. Use super glue to attach rhinestones or plastic gems you buy from a craft store to your candle. Put them in a fun pattern, or sprinkle them in a random fashion on top of the candle.

Use complementary colors on an essential candle for the most dramatic impact. It is possible to buy rhinestones with adhesive backs and stick them straight to the candle. Finally, to give your candle a warm and inviting appearance as well as a mouthwatering aroma, ring it with cinnamon sticks.

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Make sure you get enough to completely fill the jar. A tiny dot of hot glue should be applied to the back of every piece, then pressed down on the wax. The bottom of your wick should be lined with that of the candle’s wick while doing this vertically.

Finish by wrapping a piece of ribbon around the candle. With a ribbon, attach a bouquet of flowers to your candle. For a simple and appealing embellishment, place a genuine or imitation flower to the outside of your candle with matching ribbon.

Additional ribbons can be piled on for a more voluminous effect. Consider removing or shortening the blooms as the fire burns down. Stripe the candle by wrapping a bright thread or cloth around it.

Consider the color of the candle while choosing a ribbon or yarn. Swirl the striped candy cane around the candle to achieve the desired effect. Make your candle look more polished and professional by placing the ribbon on a slightly angled angle across the surface.

Use Mod Podge or hot glue to secure your candle’s ribbon. Trim the wick as you burn the candle to maintain it looking its best. Glue on seashells and sand for a beachy look.

Using a paintbrush, apply Mod Podge to the bottom half or third of your candle. Set it aside to dry for the night after rolling it through the sand. A shell or rope can be used to secure the shell to the sand when you’re done.

5 DIY candle decorations to inspire your home decor

1. Less is more with pillar candles

First, you can try a basic DIY candle decoration that doesn’t take a lot of materials. With the Langdon series of glass candles, you may begin by placing your white pillar candles within (we used one for a minimal look). This wooden candle holder can be decorated with white sand, seashells, and a few sprigs of frangipani to bring a tropical vibe into your home.

LED candles are a great option if you want a candle decoration you can reuse time and time again. For the duration of the day and night, these candles will remain stunning.

2. Floating candles for triple the tranquillity

Set of three floating candles adds a peaceful effect to any bathroom or guest room, making you feel like you’ve entered a luxurious spa.

You’ll need three hurricane glass candle holders of varying heights and 1-2cm of crushed seashells for this easy-to-make candle decoration. You may alter the amount of seashells you use to achieve varied levels of depth, and then fill the holders 3/4 of the way with water. Before lighting the candles, gently insert a floating candle in each vase.

3. Get creative with pillar candles

When it comes to fashion, sometimes it pays to put in a little extra effort and think outside the box. For this simple candle decoration, use two different-sized pillar candles and a neutral-colored ribbon, such as jute or flax, to create a pleasing contrast in textures and tones.

The larger candles can be accentuated by adding more to them. After that, cut two branches off the coral tree, one somewhat larger than the other, and hot glue them to ribbons. We spray painted the seashells with Design Master in white to complete the effect before hot-gluing a seashell onto each branch.

4. Pillar candles with a modern touch

In this step, we transform a simple notion into a modern and contemporary design. The idea is to hot glue twigs with 2-3 leaves around each pillar candle and add layer upon layer until the entire candle is covered in vegetation. Use various-sized pillar candles (some tiny, some huge) for this project.

Wrap a bow on the front of each leaf and tie a jute ribbon around them to secure them. A beautiful and easy-to-make DIY candle decoration is all you need!

5. Pillar candles of different height

Decorate any area with a seaside vibe by using this beautiful piece. A long rectangular wooden tray — the ideal impromptu wooden candle holder – should be used as a starting point.

Set up seven to nine different-sized candles in any pattern you like (a good rule of thumb is to stick to an odd number). Smaller candles like votives and tealights can also be used in this manner. Afterwards, all that’s left to do is place seashells around the candles. Candles, tropical flowers, and a room are all that’s needed!

Whether you choose the first, the last, or all of these candle decoration ideas, we hope you will be more motivated to use floating and pillar candles to give your home (or wedding decorations) a coastal feel.

Tips to decorate your home with candles:

First and first, safety is the most important consideration. Candles should never be left burning unattended, and they should always be placed on a heat-resistant surface, away from any materials.

2. Scented candles should be handled with caution. To create a unique scent for your home, experiment with a variety of different scented candles. Cinnamon and apples, for example, aren’t overbearing in their scent. Also, avoid lighting scented candles during meals.

For adorning coffee tables, use candles. Make your own coffee table with a few hardcover books, a few small pots of flowers, and voilà!

A fireplace would be ideal, but it’s not required. Using a slew of pillar candles, you may achieve a unique lighting effect.

Create a candle-centered centerpiece for your dining room table as another way to incorporate candles into your home decor. The eclectic look of combining different candelabras and candlestick holders can be achieved by mixing and matching.

DIY candle holders are a great way to express your artistic side. Make new candle holders out of old glass cups that are heat-resistant by filling them with tealight candles.

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How to get candle wax off clothes?

Allow the wax to cure before you begin. Then, using a blunt knife, scrape away the wax. Another option is to press a clean, wet cloth against the wax stain before ironing it. You can keep repeating this process until you’ve removed all of the wax from the cloths and into the towel.

How to make a glitter jar for candles?

Apply glue to the inside of the jar to the point where you want the glitter to reach. Then, inside the jar, add a few drops of your favorite glitter color. Make it stick by rolling it this way and that. Allow the glitter to dry before putting the candle inside.

How to use floating candles?

Before you begin floating your candles, gather them all together at the desired area so that you can light them all at once. These candles are made to float on water without any assistance. Floating candles Place a candle in the water as soon as it’s lit. Continue until all of them are afloat. Using this method, they may burn for roughly the same period of time for showing purposes.


Here are three alternative approaches to adorning a candle that you might want to try. You may design your basic candles for your wedding, too! The decision is entirely up to you.

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