How To Decorate A Chair For A Bridal Shower? Easy Step-by-step Guide

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Organizing a bridal shower for your best friend can take up a significant amount of your free time. If you’re planning a bridal shower, you may be wondering how to decorate a chair.

Decor can be as simple or as elaborate as you like in this scenario, so spend some time talking to the bride about her vision for her bridal shower and don’t be afraid to solicit assistance from the rest of the wedding party. In the end, you all want the bride to enjoy her final days as a single woman.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the bridal chair. For starters, you can utilize a chair from your dining room and a few affordable components to transform it into a unique piece of art.

Materials Needed

  • A chair that can withstand a lot of weight.
  • The tulle is 150 feet long.
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons
  • Stickpins
  • Spectacular blooms (optional)

Step-by-step instructions on how to decorate the bridal shower chair:

Step-by-Step Guide In Decorating A Bridal Shower Chair

Cut your tulle into equal pieces on a clean chair. It is up to you how long you want the tulle pieces to be. You can begin with roughly fifteen sections of the 10-foot-long train as a beginning point.

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Step #2: Gather tulle pieces together to create the fullness you wish, then drape them over the chair’s back. The tulle should be tied in a knot to ensure that the train is equal on both sides.

Tulle can be secured in a variety of ways, including crumpled up or spread out. You can experiment with the design until you discover the one that appears best to you.

Using all of the tulle, repeat step 2 until it is gone. With the tulle, you may tie it in different directions on the back of the chair so that it doesn’t look too bulky. Tightening the knots will prevent you from spreading the tulle to cover the chair’s back properly.

The tulle can be embellished with ribbons and other embellishments, like as flowers or fairy lights, if you are satisfied with the results. Using two stick pins, create a bow on the chair’s back and secure the ear decorations in place. This will give the chair a gentle and charming appeal by tying a bow around it.

Step #5: Use accent ribbons or flowers in accordance with the party’s color scheme. In between the bow and the chair, spray roses and baby’s breath can be tucked into place.

More stick pins can be used to tighten the arrangement if necessary. If you’re concerned about wilting, you can utilize alternatives to fresh flowers.

Other Tips for Decorating A Bridal Shower Chair

Tip #1. Select a theme

Nowadays, it’s common to host a themed wedding shower. Get some input from the bride so you know what she expects or wants before throwing her a surprise shower, unless that’s the whole point. For example, you may ask for her opinion on the color scheme so that you can better adorn the bridal shower chair and the venue.

Tip #2. Choose the right color scheme

For a more formal appearance, go with white tulle. Colorful choices, on the other hand, are ideal for the less traditional bride.

Craft and fabric stores carry white tulle in abundance. Flowers, ribbons, and diamonds are all simple ways to dress it up. Chairs in the wedding colors can offer a dash of excitement and help to unify the celebrations.

Tip #3. Buying tulle

Keep in mind that the length of the train and the size of the chair both factor into the amount of tulle required. So, 150 feet can either be too much or not enough for your project. Tulle demands can be estimated based on how the chair is to be decorated.

Tip #4. Adorn the space thoughtfully

Choose a mood or ambiance based on the wedding shower theme. You don’t need to go overboard with the decor.

If you want to draw attention to the bride sitting in her wedding shower chair, consider using more subdued decorations. You may easily inject some personality into the space by using lighting and sheer fabrics or images that relate to the theme.

Tip #5. Make use of functional space

The area around the bridal chair can also be used for other purposes as well as aesthetic ones as well. As an example, make sure that the bride-to-be has practical goods such as scissors to assist her open gifts, a trash bag for the discarded wrapping paper and tissues, as well as a notebook and pen so that she may write thank you letters later.

Do Bridal Showers Need to Have a Theme?

A theme gives the party a focus.

As a result, hosts save a great deal of time and effort. They can identify good possible purchases that fit their theme while examining the décor at their local party store. If it’s Caribbean, they won’t waste their time gazing at flowered tablecloths.

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A theme personalizes the party.

There is no such thing as just one bridal shower. Wrong. Everyone will be reminded of the bride’s love for horses by having an equestrian theme during her wedding. A book-themed party will be a hit with the recipient’s family and friends. Neither of these themes would be appropriate for the other’s setting. It’s the power of personalisation that makes it so effective..

Remember that a theme can be anything you want.

Make a list of the things that the bride is passionate about, like as a movie, place, animal, pastime, or even a luxurious material like lace or an event like the Kentucky Derby, and brainstorm with the other wedding hosts.

Having one perks up everything.

It’s impossible to run out of ideas for a theme when you’re celebrating with so many other women. You’ll want to think of everything from the invites to the linens to the centerpieces to the cuisine to the dessert to the gifts to the games to the music.

The Bridal Shower Checklist Every Host Needs

Are you putting together a wedding shower for a close friend or family member and need some pointers on what to include on the list? We’ll take care of you! Setting a date, assembling a guest list, deciding on a theme, and procuring refreshments are just a few of the many tasks involved in putting together the perfect bridal shower. Fortunately, the process is rather simple, and you may easily delegate these chores if you arrange the shower with other bridesmaids, bridal party members, and/or relatives of the guest of honor. Check out this handy bridal shower planning checklist for all the details you’ll need to get the ball rolling on a memorable event for the bride-to-be!

The Basics

There are many similarities between bridal shower preparation and wedding planning when it comes to figuring out who is hosting (read: paying), what the budget is, and who is on the guest list. Most often the wedding shower is hosted by the maid of honor and her bridal party, but close family and friends may also want to step in. There was a time when a bridal shower was only held by the bride’s mother or the prospective mother-in-law, but that’s no longer true. If it’s a couple shower, the organizing team should talk to the guests of honor to cut down the guest list and select a few dates and times for the big day. The search for a venue can then begin! At a restaurant, country club, or other type of event location, some bridal showers take place while others are held in the host’s house. There are advantages and disadvantages to each sort of location, and it all comes down to personal preference and budget.

The Bridal Shower Theme

Consider the interests of the guest of honor when selecting a theme for the bridal shower. Yes, a tea party-themed baby shower may be appealing to some, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new, such as a cooking lesson, a pool party, a picnic in the park, or a drunken brunch. With the theme chosen, you’ll have a better idea of what decorations, food, and invitations you’ll need.

Bridal Shower Checklist

Is there anything more I need to know about hosting a party? The following is a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need to know about planning a wedding shower.


While some brides-to-be choose to do the majority of the work themselves, we do suggest that you consider hiring a few professionals to help make the occasion a success. Booking a caterer or baker for the cuisine is just one example of how you can make your special day truly memorable. While doing it yourself can save you money, the peace of mind that comes with working with pros far outweighs any savings.

Bridal Shower Invitations

E-mail or printed bridal shower invites are available at this location. Sending them out four to six weeks prior to the event is a good rule of thumb. In addition to the guest of honor’s wedding register information, you may also like to include the wedding website address on the invites to the shower. This is OK. Let your attendees know the best manner to RSVP, along with a deadline so that you can finalize the guest count a week or so prior to the event.

Floral Arrangements and Decorations

Decorations should match your theme, regardless of where the shower will be held, whether it is at a friend’s house or a public space. A florist could be able to help you with this, and you may want to think about hiring one for flower table centerpieces. Garlands, amusing backgrounds, signs and balloons are just a few examples of different bridal shower decor that you can choose from.

Food and Drink

A bridal shower isn’t complete without food and drink, so it’s crucial to plan ahead to ensure there’s enough to go around. A complete brunch, afternoon tea, a Mexican-themed meal, or only cake and dessert can be served depending on the time of day and the subject of the event. Your event space or restaurant’s catering staff will help you arrange the food if you’re having the bridal shower there. Other options include hiring a caterer or ordering takeout from a favorite restaurant. It’s possible for the hosts to cook and deliver the beverages, but it’s also time-consuming and stressful. Don’t ask your wedding shower guests to bring a potluck-style dish—they should be able to focus on having fun, not worrying over what to make.

Tables, Chairs, and Other Rentals

Everything from tables to chairs to drinking glasses, forks, knives…the list goes on and on is sometimes overlooked on a wedding shower checklist. When holding a bridal shower at a restaurant or other venue, or if you’re working with a caterer, the rentals are likely to be provided. For example, if you’re holding the bridal shower at a friend’s house, you’ll need to procure these goods from the host. Check to see if you have enough tables and chairs to accommodate all of your guests as well as serving utensils and napkins. A particular chair for the guest of honor to sit on while unwrapping gifts shouldn’t be overlooked.


There are a lot of variables to consider while choosing music for an event. Have a member of your bridal party put together a playlist based on ours, or make your own. Think about incorporating songs that relate to the subject of your baby shower into your playlist (French tunes for a Paris-themed celebration). For an extra unique touch, you can even hire live musicians to perform during the event.

Bridal Shower Games and Activities

You should prepare some games and activities for your guests, even if you don’t have a lot of time to do so. You can always go with the classic toilet paper wedding dress competition if you can’t find any fun and economical printable games for your bridal shower. The shoe game is also a great alternative if you’re holding a pair shower or if the guest of honor’s future spouse will be joining the party.

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Special Gifts and Speeches

In the spirit of celebrating the bride-to-be (and indulging her), a bridal shower can be enhanced by inviting friends and family to make a group gift or provide a speech. For a group present, consider a cookbook compiled from recipes submitted in advance by family and friends, a collage of images or a slideshow, or a customized album filled with words and photos that reflect the recipient’s personality.

Gift List and Ribbon Bouquet Attendants

A simple addition to a bridal shower checklist is to designate a person to keep track of the gifts received so that the guest of honor may simply compose thank-you notes later on.. One such entertaining wedding custom is the ribbon bouquet, in which one of the bridal party members or a member of the couple’s immediate family or circle of friends makes an elaborate hat or bouquet out of the ribbon and bows amassed during the gift-opening festivities. The base of the hat/bouquet is traditionally made from a paper plate, and scissors and tape are needed to put it together. In addition to serving as a hilarious hat for the bride during the bridal shower, the design can double as a bouquet for the rehearsal dinner.

Party Favors

There are a plethora of choices for bridal shower favors. Cookies, chocolates, and mints are all culinary options, of course. Toss in a few on-theme accents like mugs for a winter shower, measuring spoons for a kitchen theme, or nail polish for a spa shower for a unique touch.


Don’t let the bridal shower get the best of you. Make use of the help of the bride’s friends and family or even her input if you have no idea how to adorn a bridal shower chair! Having a nice time is the most important thing.



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