How to Decorate a Small Living Room with Too Big of Couch and Loveseat?

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Small quarters don’t necessitate tiny furnishings, as many people assume. While it’s important to keep size in mind while decorating a tiny space, a big couch and loveseat are the perfect addition. As a result, how do you furnish a living room with an excessively large couch and loveseat?

No one enjoys going to a friend’s house only to be forced to sit awkwardly on a tiny piece of furniture or stand around because there is no place to sit.

To make the most of a small space, you need a couch and loveseat that are both functional and visually appealing.

What is a loveseat?

Loveseats are much more compact couches that can only accommodate two people at a time. Loveseats are often used as a finishing touch to a room. They are especially useful in small spaces, when a large sofa might be too much for the space.

During the early 1800s, love seats were first introduced to the market. Due to the huge gowns worn by fashionable women in the 1700s, the wide upholstered seats for one were popular.

The word “loveseat” comes from the idea that it can be used by two individuals who prefer to sit close together.

What is a Couch?

There are a wide variety of couches and sofas to choose from, with the three-cushion seat being the most popular.

Couches are more suited for resting and socializing because they are more significant. You could, for example, curl up on the couch with a bunch of pals to talk or watch a film.

Many people have couches in their living room, family room or den. Non-residential venues like hotels, commercial office lobbies, waiting spaces and bars are also good places to see them. Sofas come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

My client wants to keep this oversized sofa in this tiny living room

If you have a small living room, you’ll soon learn how to arrange it with a couch and loveseat that are too big. What are we waiting for?

Select the Proper Location

With a big couch and loveseat, finding a spot to put it is the most difficult part of planning. As a result, the size of your couch and loveseat will naturally limit your alternatives. However, you should keep traffic flow in mind when deciding where to place them.

You don’t want your guests to feel like they have to crawl through a maze in order to get in or out of the room.

The ideal alternative is to arrange a huge sofa and loveseat against a wall to free up space in the middle of the room; set it in front of a fireplace, a picture window, a wide-screen television, or other focal points.

In a corner against two walls, a large sectional layout is ideal for making the most of available space. Make sure to leave at least one side of your couch and loveseat free of obstructions so that people can easily enter and exit your home.

Consider going light.

With a large sofa and loveseat as the centerpiece, a room can soon feel cluttered and small. However, painting the walls a light color will make the room appear larger.

To make a room appear lighter and more open, choose pale colors rather than dark ones. To soften the look of a room, consider using cream, ivory or beige as an alternative to white.

You can also use a darker shade of tan, gray, sky, butter, or peach if you’d prefer.

Choosing a homogenous color palette for the sofa, walls, and floor is another way to make your home feel as large as possible with an oversized couch and loveseat. Space appears to be greater because there are no substantial regional variances.

Instead of using dark brown or black, opt for lighter shades of the same color as your couch and loveseat.

Take Note of the Scale

Consider the room’s dimensions while making your selections for the rest of the decor. Because the sofa and loveseat are so large, you may think it’s best to choose small, delicate items that don’t take up too much space.

In spite of the fact that you shouldn’t match your couch and loveseat with similarly large furniture, a coffee table and end tables that are too small may make it appear heavy and out of place in the room.

In place of a large couch and loveseat, opt for a pair of modest, mid-sized pieces with clean lines.

Maintain Simplicity

Don’t try to overpower an extra-large sofa and loveseat with other dramatic design elements because it is likely to be the focal point of your room. You can avoid this by keeping the look of your room simple and unobtrusive.

Outdated Rules You Can Break When Decorating Small Spaces

Scale Down Your Furniture

Small spaces can benefit from a single piece of heavy furniture.

The small nook depicted here would be made to appear claustrophobic if it were filled with the small-scale furnishings seen here.

However, a wide sectional sofa fills up the majority of the room, making this small living room feel much more welcoming.

More Is More

More is more for French blogger Éléonore Bridge when it came to decorating her 377-square-foot crash pad.

What tricks did she use to put this ensemble together? Her brightly colored wall art, curios, and home accessories are the perfect backdrop for her softly colored walls and furniture.

Paint Ceilings a Light Color

A tiny, bright room with white walls might benefit from the depth created by a low, dark ceiling. Use a semi-gloss or satin paint that reflects light to make this work. A shine will keep your environment seeming brighter than a flat dark tone.

Use a Single Area Rug to Anchor a Room

Rugs can help divide a small space into distinct areas if they are placed strategically. Rugs define the living room and the home office in this 100-square-foot room.

Paint Walls White

When coupled with light-colored accents, dark walls can provide architectural interest to a tiny area.

The stark white of the kitchen’s ceiling and cabinets contrast nicely with the room’s black walls. The white paint on the door and walls gives the impression of molding.

Dining Furniture Should Match

An all-matching table and chairs set is a nice touch. Mismatched sets, like the one displayed, are great for making a striking fashion statement, but they may also be difficult to put together.

Choosing chairs that are the perfect height for your table is essential to achieving this effect.

Use a variety of chairs to create a bohemian feel, as demonstrated below. Keep all of the chairs in the same style, but in a different color, for a clean and contemporary aesthetic.

Recessed Lighting Make Small Spaces Appear Bigger

Compact areas benefit from the added light provided by recessed ceiling lighting, which don’t take up any valuable floor or ceiling space. However, layering your lighting will allow you to add design and brilliance where you need it.

A large pendant shade illuminates the coffee table in this small living room while creating a wonderful focal point. For reading, use the floor lamp to the right. Small table lights in the centre of the room add a decorative glow to the otherwise drab space.

How To Choose A Loveseat

In terms of design, style, and construction, the greatest loveseat is one that meets your needs and desires. Decide if you want comfort over aesthetics, or if you want the best of both worlds. A durable and easy-to-clean product may be what you are looking for. An extremely durable material is essential for households with children and/or pets.

It’s possible you’re looking for a smaller loveseat due to a shortage of floor space, or you desire a larger loveseat without making a long-term commitment. What’s your financial plan? Does the loveseat come with free delivery, or do you have to have someone help you bring it into your house?

Before you buy a loveseat for your little home, you should think about these factors.

Other Uses and Places for a Loveseat

A loveseat is a compact sofa that is perfect for a living room. However, the living room isn’t the only area where a small loveseat may be placed, so let’s have a look at some of the alternatives.

Loveseats, rather than more compact options, are a popular choice among those looking to spruce up the look and feel of their living rooms. Loveseats are often sold as part of larger living room sets that include sofas and other furniture. They’re perfect for relaxing with a loved one or a book.

The foot of the bed, hugging an adjacent wall, or creating a tiny lounging space in your bedroom are all viable options for a small loveseat as an excellent bedroom seating piece.

Even in public parks, couples can enjoy a romantic tête-à-tête while admiring the scenery and taking in the fresh air.

Cool Loveseat Ideas To Bring Them Home

Rolled Arm Settee

Despite its simplistic and contemporary form, the Davenport Settee exudes a sophisticated and refined air. It’s small enough to fit in even the tiniest of living rooms. Adding a small side table or bookshelf to this cozy sofa may turn it into the perfect reading hideaway.


  • Design that is both simple and contemporary
  • Discreetly sized
  • The arms are curved.


  • Only two people are allowed to sit at a time.

Dejon Modern Fabric Loveseat

If your goal is to keep your home looking light and airy, this loveseat’s lack of armrests will help you achieve that goal. It also provides a greater degree of flexibility. The frame of the loveseat is strong, and the seat and backrest are very comfy. For a more informal look, you can choose to cover the loveseat in fabric, which adds color and contrasts with its surroundings or blends in with other decor pieces. You may find it on


  • The lines are neat and tidy.
  • Padded back


  • There aren’t any arms here.

Modway Remark Mid-Century Modern Loveseat

This loveseat’s mid-century modern design is stunning. As an alternative to a sofa in a tiny living room, or in a large bedroom with space for a lounge corner, this exquisite piece is ideal. The tufted backrest and padded cushions create a classic design. To add a dash of color and pattern, add additional pillows. Amazon has more information about this couch.


  • You can put this in your living room or your bedroom, depending on your preference
  • Arms and back are padded.
  • We need four robust wooden legs to hold everything up.


  • Only one color is available.

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Pulaski Marcella Settees

In addition, this is a really elegant loveseat. Wooden legs in a black finish contrast with the cloth upholstery, which is light in color, on this piece. The loveseat’s front legs are elegantly slim and have a lovely appearance. Both the cloth design and the spacious passing make the chair quite comfy. Find this item on


  • You can put this in your living room or your bedroom, depending on your preference
  • Arms and back are padded.
  • We need four robust wooden legs to hold everything up.


  • Only one color is available.

US Pride Furniture Fabric Modern Style Loveseat

A gorgeous and fashionable loveseat was created to complement your home’s decor. There are a range of hues to choose from, both neutral and flamboyant, so you can find one that complements your home’s decor. Fabric-covered cushy foam seat cushions rest on a wood frame with tapering legs. You may find it on


  • Classic and light-weight.
  • Colors to pick from in a wide range
  • Legs with a tapered shape


  • Is not equipped with arms.

Modway Makeshift Upholstered Loveseat in Black Gray

It would appear that loveseats in the mid-century modern style are fairly popular. More ash wood and another two-seater with two minor but distinct grooves in the single-piece construction may be seen in this example. The work is available on Amazon.


  • The look and feel of the 1950s
  • A sturdy framework
  • There is enough room for two people to sit here.


  • There isn’t much padding in the cushions.

Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Loveseat

In some cases, loveseats look more like sofas than in others. This is an excellent illustration. The Rivet Revolve loveseat features a contemporary design with classic elements woven into it. Frame and tapered legs are made of genuine beech wood.


  • Effortless style and craftsmanship.
  • Legs made of wood, solid and sturdy
  • The backrest is padded.


  • Some people may find it a little too square.

ZINUS Jackie Loveseat Sofa

There’s a bit of mid-century flair to this loveseat thanks to the flared arms. Foam padding and a wood frame combine to make this sofa incredibly comfy and inviting. You may find it on


  • Effortless style and craftsmanship.
  • Legs made of wood, solid and sturdy
  • The backrest is padded.


  • Some people may find it a little too square.

Jasper Mid Century Modern Fabric Loveseat

Loveseats like this one provide cozy seating without taking up a lot of area, making them an excellent choice when space is at a premium. Fabric upholstery with light-colored birch wood legs and the general shape of the loveseat produces a modern and stylish yet casual style that is both sophisticated and comfortable. Amazon has more information.


  • This is an excellent solution for a tiny area.
  • Upholstery made of fabric for simple cleaning
  • Modern architecture and design


  • There aren’t any arms here.

Christopher Knight Home Sullivan Fabric Loveseat

A loveseat is essentially a smaller version of a couch, which implies that its design is also very similar. Like a sofa, a loveseat may be dressed up with similar ease. Play with color, texture, and pattern on your accent pillows to make them more inviting. On Amazon, you may buy this particular couch.


  • A rustic style has been adopted for this project.
  • Area with too many people sitting down
  • Compact


  • Back and seat cushions are more heavily cushioned.

BELLEZE Modern Button Tufted Settee

An sophisticated library, a chic office, a sumptuous bedroom, or maybe even a small living room might have a couch like this. Because of its compact size and adaptability to a wide range of settings and decors, it’s ideal for confined quarters. The loveseat’s high back provides it a distinctive appearance while also lending a sophisticated feel to the overall design. You may find it on


  • A rustic style has been adopted for this project.
  • Area with too many people sitting down
  • Compact


  • Back and seat cushions are more heavily cushioned.

Lifestyle Solutions Arlington Loveseat

With regards to loveseats, there isn’t an exact standard when it comes to size. The smallest are around the size of a coffee table, while the largest are more in the range of a sectional. Small and compact, this is a classic loveseat with a rather traditional design. This item is available for purchase through Amazon.


  • Scale and proportions are typical of traditional designs.
  • Style-enhancing button accents
  • Seats, backs, and arms are all padded.


  • There is a lot of weight in the frame

Container Furniture Direct Orion Mid Century Modern

An example of a loveseat of the same size as a sofa may be found here. Despite only having two seats, it’s very roomy. If you don’t have a lot of space in your living room and want to make the most of it, you can use this to reimagine the area’s layout. For additional information, see Amazon.compage. .’s


  • Faux leather is easy to clean


  • Sizeable compared to the majority of loveseats

Mid-Century Modern Loveseat

This loveseat, which is small and stylish but also adaptable to a range of settings, would look great in a variety of rooms, including the living room. Fabric upholstery and birch wood legs in a variety of finishes adorn this little loveseat, making it both elegant and comfy. Amazon has more information about it.


  • Retro aesthetics and a sense of humor
  • Legs come in a variety of colors and styles.
  • The back is supported by a mid-height.


  • A single cushion for sitting.

Christopher Knight Home Darcy Loveseat

Despite their rarity, leather loveseats look more upscale and sophisticated than their counterparts made of other materials. Even though it’s a rather simple design, this model has a lot of personality. The dark brown hue of the leather complements the wooden frame, and the absence of armrests gives a more refined appearance. – Visit Amazon to see this item.


  • Stylish and contemporary
  • Lines that are neat and tidy
  • Because of its resemblance to real leather, faux leather can be easily cleaned.


  • There aren’t any arms here.

Loveseat Materials to Consider


A variety of leather grades are available, with genuine leather being the most expensive and highest quality. A good investment item if you have the money for it.

Superior leathers are incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and develop character over time. Direct sunlight fading and damage from sharp items (including a cat’s claws) are the only things to be concerned about.

Leather only has to be wiped clean with a cloth and doesn’t require any special cleaning solutions or detergents. You won’t have to worry about stains or spills because the material is water-resistant and extremely shiny.


In couch construction, this is one of the most commonly utilized synthetic materials. In terms of cost, it’s a viable option that offers a wide range of advantages. Families with children and pets will appreciate its wrinkle resistance, long life, and ease of maintenance. In spite of the fact that polyester sofas are commonly regarded as being of low quality due to their low cost, they can actually be rather stylish.

Polyester cleaning isn’t as simple as leather cleaning, but it’s also not as difficult as leather cleaning. While polyester has many advantages, it also has the potential to be damaged and soiled.

If the fabric of your tiny loveseat has become discolored, it may be restored to its gorgeous, like-new appearance with a few simple cleaning techniques. The best way to clean polyester depends on the brand.

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Pet owners will love this sofa fabric because it is pet-friendly. Fibers made of microfiber, a form of polyester, are ultra-thin. It is soft, durable, and easy to maintain. Pet hair can’t get lodged in the sofa fabric because of the fabric’s tight weave, making cleaning a snap.

When it comes to cleaning, microfiber has a distinct advantage over other expensive fabrics. If something is spilled on microfiber furniture, it may be washed and dried in a matter of hours. Microfiber may last for years if properly cleaned.


Despite its delicate appearance, chenille is one of the most durable fabrics available. Using tufted threads, either synthetic or natural, gives the cloth a velvety, almost fuzzy quality.

Although this sofa fabric is able to resist a lot of wear and tear, it requires a lot of upkeep. Vacuuming chenille loveseats on a regular basis is recommended to keep them dust-free. You should be aware that any liquid spills require professional cleaning. The cloth can be grabbed by pets with claws because of the tufted nature of the threads.


However, this natural fabric is less resistant to wrinkling, soiling, and burning than synthetic fabrics. The weave count of a piece of cotton upholstery determines how long it will last. Higher-quality cloth is made with finer weaves. Although damask and canvas weaves are visually appealing, they wear out more quickly and are more difficult to clean than other weaves.

Unlike animal or synthetic textiles, cotton loveseat upholstery is hypoallergenic and naturally breathable. To eliminate dust or pet hair or to deal with food stains, cotton couches need to be cleaned on a regular basis like any other sofa material.

The delicate state of the cotton fabric can be maintained with regular care, such as dusting. Depending on the situation, you may need to do more or less cleaning, such as removing pet hair or chewing gum from a cushion that your child left there when you weren’t looking.


Why are loveseats called loveseats?

The term “loveseat” is derived from the fact that it is designed to accommodate two people in close proximity. The most recent iteration of the loveseat was both practical and aesthetically pleasing, but it still had a romantic vibe. As a sign of social status, they were commonly found in British families’ dressing rooms and hallways.

What is the average price of a love seat?

If you want to discover how much a loveseat will cost, you should pay attention to the design and the materials it is made of. Leather loveseats cost about $2,300, but fabric loveseats cost about $1,800, for example. Obviously, you may discover lower-priced loveseats, but some of them may be of questionable quality.

What is the standard size of a loveseat?

In recent years, the loveseat has evolved into a tiny sofa with a range of sizes ranging from 40 to 70 inches. The length of a sofa is defined as 70 inches or more, whereas the length of a chair is defined as 40 inches or less.


Let’s sum up our discussion of the challenges presented by a living room with an overstuffed couch and loveseat. A large sofa and loveseat in a small living room may seem absurd, but it actually makes sense. Some of the best selections will be discussed in this post.



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