How To Decorate Wall Behind Sofa? Comprehensive Guide

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There are five ways to design the wall behind your sofa. Pictures and artwork are timeless, but we’ll also look at some innovative alternatives like boards and shelves. By the end of this essay, you’ll be inspired to decorate your living room in a whole new way!

Another object can be tucked away in the gap between the sofa and the wall behind it. To complete the look, why not purchase and decorate a console table? For those of you who are interested, we’ve also written on how to arrange a sofa table hidden behind the couch.

What can I put on the wall above my couch?

Before you do anything else, consider which art pieces would look best on the wall directly above your couch. Before you begin searching for certain items, you should be aware of this information. For this reason, you should begin by looking at the following:

  • Or a collection of large mirrors.
  • A huge painting or a grid wall art
  • varying-sized prints
  • Shelves that float
  • Fixtures for lighting
  • Treatments for windows
  • Sculptures that are affixed to walls
  • Icons for maps

How To Decorate Wall Behind Sofa Perfectly

This list of the easiest ways to add a thematic and lively look to your room’s over-the-sofa wall decor includes everything from mirrors to an entire art gallery.

So, without further ado, here are 40 over the sofa wall decor ideas that you can use as a starting point for your own design projects.

How To Decorate The Wall Behind Your Sofa? - HomeTriangle

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are one of the most common ornamental elements in a living room, particularly over a sofa or couch.

Even in a small living room, large mirrors not only create the illusion of more space, but they also add drama and elegance.

Natural light from this large mirror unifies this living room’s various patterns, hues, and prints.

If there aren’t any windows in the room, consider using window mirrors to reflect light onto the otherwise-neutral walls.

Using these panes of glass strategically over the sofa is a classic wall decoration.

This sofa’s striking mirror tiles are complemented by the correct lighting sconces.

It is moody, structured and symmetrical making the room more ambient and very light. It’s all about the grouping of the furniture, rug, accent pieces, and wall paint.

Grids and prints

The purpose of lining up wall art in grids is to create a sense of balance and symmetry in a room.

Grid prints provide living spaces and bedrooms a polished and coherent appearance thanks to their organized appearance.

Using four of them in a group over the sofa creates harmony and a logical focus point, as shown here.

An additional way to infuse a room with a warm and inviting atmosphere is to arrange photos of family members in symmetrical grids.

Using a grid of six like this one, you may easily include your own photography or portraiture preferences. This living room’s color harmony is likewise unmatched.

You may always add more grids if you need to cover a larger area above the sofa, such as six or twelve in this case.

Asymmetrical grids

This is a whole other level of prints and grids, but it is one of the best things to put over the sofa wall if you want to go for a gallery style or add dynamism to your home or produce a visual distraction in a confined space.

For starters, this asymmetrical grid provided an unexpected visual delight in the form of variously sized wall arts spaced at random intervals.

This asymmetrical arrangement of art works, complete with bookshelves standing over the sofa, adds a whole new depth to ‘chaotic beauty.’ That color and print combination is really appealing to us.

A worn wood frame with moody, winter-themed wall art is a great choice if you’re looking for something rustic.

For a log cabin living room or bedroom, it adds drama, ruggedness, and comfort.

While we’re on the subject of photography and scenic views, you can still create an organized aesthetic by framing your images in various shapes.

Keep it black and white and you’ll have a classic appearance that won’t fail like this one.

Solitary, oversized paintings

Aside from the ease of just hanging one wall art over the sofa, having one focal point gives the room its most coveted thematic look.

Having a single piece of art hanging above the sofa creates the room’s most sought-after theme.

It’s hard to go wrong with floral paintings. They can be found in the most basic of living rooms all the way up to grandiose Victorian mansions.

It strikes a good balance between realism and abstraction in the living area, highlighting the navy-blue sofa while also adding a splash of color.

For a modern, dainty look, this large artwork here is not just gorgeous but also saves you all the hustle and bustle of coordinating accent pieces together to give this living room a cohesive look.

In order to give this living space a modern and delicate appearance, this enormous artwork is not only stunning but it also saves you from having to coordinate individual accent pieces.

Floating shelves and contemporary art? As a rich ornamental combination above the sofa, you can rely on this combination to be the room’s focus point.

The gritty texture of the canvas and the color details in the modern art create a three-dimensional draw away from the geometric patterns on the sofa’s throw cushions.

Standing shelves/cabinets

When you have a large living room, there is a lot of room to fill. This elegant, standing bookshelf is employed as the backdrop for this simple sitting arrangement in this quiet and tidy room.

The openness of the area around the chairs creates a sense of spaciousness, while the furnishings, such as the bookshelf at the back, help to create an intimate atmosphere.

The sleek and polished symmetry of a whole shelving system, however, provides a rich and full look to this living room if you wish to take up all that space.

You can still go behind the sofa and around the living room’s perimeter with this mounting type.

To give this white sofa an old-fashioned, stylish, and suburban look, this white shelf runner with a selection of colorful books is a must-have. Elegant and refined, it has a calming effect, but also a lot of personality.

The floating shelves in this living room are built from salvaged wood for a more rustic aesthetic.

Decorated with photos of loved ones, this unique take on a sofa wall decoration creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This reclaimed wood floating shelf runner in a pool of sultry neutrals is really sophisticated and offers this room a highly polished and organic appearance if you want clean lines and symmetry. Let this concept speak for itself.

Art collage

The grouping of over-the-sofa wall decors is critical to the success of the many themes we’ve discussed.

Is there a better method to convey a topic than by arranging related objects together in an art collage on the sofa wall?

Because of this clever, down-to-earth art collage, you’d be able to tell even without the beach home sign that this one is all about the seashore!

To give your beach home living room a more elaborate coastal look, use this more involved collage technique. In comparison to the previous appearance, this one is less ornamental and more themed.

This Tennessee homeowner pays honor to his ancestors by collaging old images of his grandparents’ college days to create an archaic, retro look for his living room. This modest living room is made cozier with this unique take on the over-the-sofa wall décor.

8 Extraordinary Ways to Decorate the Wall Behind a Sofa

A touch of minimalism

When it comes to a well-angled living room, less can be more. In this living room, for example, the sofa’s plains and prints are enough to make this room stand out, so all that’s needed is a simple, all-season wreath atop the sofa wall.

Yes, that’s correct. A simple black trim on an industrial-style mirror focal point gives this suburban contemporary elegant living room a clean elegance that belongs in the category of mirrors.

Even if you aren’t looking for a rustic aesthetic, this simple wicker basket arrangement in this bright, neutral wall adds texture and interest to the area, especially if you aren’t.

Ceramic or porcelain plates painted with geometric, baroque, or ethnic patterns can be hung above a sofa wall decoration that adds a lot of dramatic lines and dynamics to a living room like this one.

Over the sofa wall decors, panel art is also one of the most minimalist. Even though the art’s abstracted consistency is so simple, the colors it uses have the power to fill a room from behind a sofa.

Adding a strong, tonal contrast to the sofa wall decor also adds a lot of minimalism to the space.

Black and white is great, but adding a black-and-red play opens up a whole new variety of emotional possibilities, from the romantic to the intimidating to the warm and confident. The opulence of this one speaks for itself.

Rustic decorative pieces

A well-designed rustic style living room exudes warmth and coziness, creating a simple but pleasant and welcoming appearance.

Let us start with this faux animal mount. This stainless-steel rustic item provides a departure from the wood and cuddly animals in this living area.

The unexpected addition of accent items over the sofa wall creates an organic, homey atmosphere in the area.

There is a chalkboard put over the sofa at this St. Edward’s cottage style vacation house, which serves as a countertop for family photos.

And if you’re looking for a single piece to hang over your couch, take a cue from this faded clock display. This old wall clock’s weathered appearance also shouts rustic.

Novel accent pieces

We may use this café-style montage board as a sofa wall decoration and as a backsplash wall at the same time if we want a more current chalkboard look.

Bold letterings are a simple, yet timeless, way to decorate the wall over a sofa. Because they are already ambient, you can choose not to garnish them with backlighting. You don’t need anything more than this to feel at home in your living area.

It’s one thing to put shelves and racks on top of a sofa and use them as wall decor, but putting a bicycle rack on top and using your old, beloved bike as a piece of art is both industrial and personal. What about the color cerulean blue? So cool, aggressive, and macho in its design.

A large wall mural, like this one, can be installed just behind the couch if you want to take advantage of the endless possibilities for over the sofa wall décor. This one here is textured and vibrant, and it really makes this living space stand out.

Boho look

What about repurposing a window treatment into a piece of art for the wall? For starters, this macrame valance complements the stark contrast between the beige and white color scheme in the space. This one wall decoration, despite its simplicity, adds a ton of bohemian style to the space.

A modern boho aesthetic can also be achieved by hanging an Aztec print over the sofa as wall decor. If you’re looking to add some texture and color to your living room, this is a terrific way to go about it.

Incorporating repurposed tapestries as wall decor over the sofa not only embodies the bohemian aesthetic, but it also creates an eye-catching gradient effect in the space. Small, retro-style sofa gets some fun and nostalgic vibes from this enormous tapestry.

Chevron panel art isn’t just for rustic tones; it’s also ideal for a boho appearance.

Minimalist geometric art in this room’s chevron pattern is offset by the clean tones and light accents in this room’s sofa, like these wicker touches in the corners of this room’s ceiling.

Should A Sofa Go Against The Wall?

If you don’t want your sofa to be against the wall, there’s no need to worry about it. However, if you have a large room, it’s best to keep it at least a few feet away from the wall. People who have limited space have no alternative but to put the sofa against the wall to maximize their available area.

Having a large room doesn’t necessitate that you avoid placing your sofa towards the wall. It’s best to place the couch in the middle of the room so that everyone can easily converse with each other. Additionally, an open floor plan layout will help generate a sense of unity in the room.

Where to Place Your Sofa for Ideal Functionality

Consider Balance

You need to think about balance whenever you’re arranging furniture. When there are too many visually weighty items on one side of the room, the entire room appears out of balance. To keep a room looking balanced, a giant sofa needs an equal-but-opposite-weight piece of furniture across from it. As a result, it is common to see a sofa flanked by two chairs. The sofa’s weight is evenly distributed among the chairs.

Consider Traffic Patterns

Because of their size, sofas can have a significant impact on the movement of people through a space. To get across a room, people should not be forced to awkwardly step around objects. Tripping hazards should be avoided at all costs. The distance between the coffee table and the sofa, and between the sofa and any chairs, is critical. Make a straight line from one end of the room to the other so that no one has to stutter.

Breathing Room

Sofas tend to be pushed up against the wall in many homes. This may be necessary owing to space constraints in some rooms, but in the vast majority of them, the sofa can be pulled away from the wall. Take a shot at it if this is the situation in your house. It’s remarkable how much better the sofa feels when there’s more room to move around.

Ideal Placement

All of the ideas listed here are worth a second thought.

In Front of a Window

Although you should never set a sofa in front of a window, if the back of the sofa is low enough, it can look excellent. Just remember to leave a 10 to 12-inch space between the artwork and the window coverings to allow it some breathing room.

Across From a Window

To take use of the fantastic view and natural architectural element, try positioning your sofa across from a large window at each end of the room.

Facing the Mantel

The mantel is the centerpiece of most rooms with a fireplace. To ensure that the furniture is constantly facing the focal point. The ideal location for a sofa is directly across from a fireplace mantel.

Across From Another Sofa

There is no better spot to set a sofa than facing another sofa, preferably matching, because visual equilibrium is very vital. This may not be feasible in a tiny area, but in a larger one, it’s a design option worth considering.

In Front of a Door

This sofa arrangement isn’t for the uninitiated in design. Sofas should never be placed in front of a door since you don’t want people to walk right into the back of the couch. The back of the sofa should have good upholstery, so this style might work quite well provided there is enough room. To ensure a smooth flow of traffic, however, there must be sufficient room. You’ll also want to keep visual impediments to a minimum. Don’t do anything if you have any doubts.

In the Middle of the Room

Another one for the pros and the risk-takers in the field of design. A chaise or a sofa without a back is ideal for creating seating spaces in large rooms.

About Sectionals

There are instances when sectional sofas can be difficult. Sticking them in corners is easy due to their form. If you’re able to move the sectionals a few feet away from the walls, the results can be stunning. If you don’t have a lot of other furniture in the room, you can play about with the chairs because they provide a lot of seats. As a result, give them some area to breathe and leave room behind you when you’re walking. Some sectionals can also be used as room dividers, with one side providing visible separation between the two rooms. So, don’t let the sectional’s shape limit your options; instead, customize it to fit your living area.

8 Extraordinary Ways to Decorate the Wall Behind a Sofa


Should I put a mirror above my couch?

More light and an air of spaciousness and elegance can be achieved by placing a mirror over the couch, whether for aesthetic or functional reasons. You’ll never run out of options when it comes to mirrors and trims, no matter what kind of couch you have.

How big should artwork be above a couch?

Wall art above a couch must be at least 60 inches from the middle of the couch to the floor to be viewed from an eye-level perspective. The space above the couch should be 2/3 the width of the furniture, with a height of 4-6 inches.


Decorating the sofa and the rest of the room are two independent topics that need to be discussed separately. We’ve covered five different ways to spruce up the wall behind your sofa in this article. Shelves, frames, artwork, murals, and even boards are all included in this category.

Selecting one of these options will be influenced by the existing dcor and/or room layout of the space. To ensure that everything looks cohesive, you will also consider the sofa’s color and size. We’d love to hear how your decorating went after reading this post, so please do!



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