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Air mattresses can serve a variety of purposes, from accommodating a last-minute house guest to accommodating a family camping trip in the mountains for a long weekend.

The Coleman Double High Support Rest air mattress does not necessitate a choice between indoor and outdoor use, unlike most other air mattresses. When the in-laws come to visit, you may use an inflatable mattress to keep the rocks from hurting campers’ backs.

Our study of the Coleman Double High Support Rest air mattress will focus on its design, personal experience, and who might be a suitable fit.

What is an Air Mattress Made of?

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is the most prevalent material used in air mattresses. It’s a lot more comfy than a standard PVC pipe. Rubber or a particular type of urethane plastic, which is more elastic and less brittle than conventional plastic, have been used more recently to produce air mattresses.

What Goes into an Air Mattress?

Air is the straightforward solution to this question. However, the method by which the air mattress is filled differs.

Fortunately, you won’t have to buy an air pump and exhaust yourself attempting to inflate an air mattress before going to sleep. Putting together an air mattress from scratch is an option, but there are quicker and less messy methods available.

How To Inflate Coleman Air Mattress In 2 Easy Steps - Krostrade

Coleman Air Mattress Overview

From lanterns and sleeping bags to camp stoves and lanterns, Coleman has been synonymous with camping since it was formed in 1900. Air mattresses are a big part of their product line, and they have types ranging from the smallest for tiny campers to the largest for long-term indoor use.

An in-betweener, the Coleman Double High Support Rest has been designed for use both indoors and out. It’s a nice mattress for a guest room because of its higher profile, but because of its thick PVC, it’s also suitable for a tent.

Who Might Like The Coleman Air Mattress

  • Those in need of a portable air mattress that may be used indoors and out
  • Anyone on a budget who wants a high-quality air mattress should consider this option.
  • A more supportive air mattress for larger persons who don’t want their mattress to sag too much while they sleep.

Who Might Not Like The Coleman Air Mattress

  • If you’re in the market for a high-quality, long-lasting air mattress, this is the best option for you!
  • A pump that comes with or is included in the purchase of an air mattress is an option for those customers.
  • It may be too big and heavy for small children to handle.

Coleman Air Mattress Video Review

Get a look at our impressions of the Coleman Double High Support Rest air mattress. See how well this air mattress performed for us in our in-depth video review!

Coleman Air Mattress Performance

Consider how the Coleman Double High Support Rest air mattress fared during our tests. Discussing how the mattress felt to sleep on, as well as the process of blowing up the mattress.


When putting an air mattress to the test, the first thing we look at is how quickly and easily it inflates. When inflating the Coleman Double High Support Rest, a 120V or rechargeable pump is recommended by the manufacturer, but an external pump is not provided in the box.

We were forced to use a rechargeable pump because we didn’t have a huge pump on hand. As a result of the mattress’s increased height and heft, it took over 20 minutes to fully inflate, and the pump needed to be recharged half way through the process.

Sleeping On The Coleman Air Mattress

In the first place, the raised edges of the air mattress provide us a sense of security as we sleep. The Coleman Double High Support Rest did not cause us to roll off the mattress, which is a regular concern for some people.

When we’re lying on our backs, the Coleman supports us well and doesn’t appear to dip too much in the middle. We can also feel the internal support mechanisms as they hold our bodies up. Even Marten, a 250-pound man, had no trouble getting a good night’s sleep on his back on the Coleman air mattress.

Of course, the shoulders and hips will be strained if you lie on your side on the Coleman air mattress. With that considered, side sleeping on the Coleman isn’t a terrible experience if you’ve got some fluffy bedding or a sleeping bag on hand.

There are support mechanisms inside the Coleman mattress, but we can still feel our hips bending into it while we sleep on our stomachs.


During our time with the Coleman, we encountered no problems with air leaking. It’s worth noting, though, that several customers reported that the mattress began to leak air after only a few weeks of use.

Warranty Info

A one-year limited guarantee is included with the Coleman Double High Support Rest air mattress.

Coleman Air Mattress Construction

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Coleman Double High Support Rest model and how it’s built. What makes it so remarkable and unique is going to be examined from both an external and an internal perspective.


PVC, which is used in air mattresses, is used in the construction of this Coleman. The manufacturer claims that it has been thoroughly tested in a laboratory to ensure that it is leak-free.


There are ridges on the side of the Coleman Double High Support Rest that are designed to help keep fitted sheets in place as you sleep. Soft flocking on top of the PVC prevents the mattress from squeaking excessively when sleepers shift positions.

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Internal Construction

Throughout the air mattress, there is a support mechanism known as the “Support Lock System” that ensures the air mattress does not dip too low in any one spot.

Air Valve

The Double Lock Valve at the far end of the Coleman Double High Support Rest air mattress is a Coleman exclusive. In order to inflate or deflate the Coleman, sleepers must first remove the two-stage valve and then remove the stopper from the valve.


Unlike other Coleman air mattresses, the Double High Support Rest does not have a built-in pump. Air mattresses should be inflated with a 120V or rechargeable air pump, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Coleman Air Mattress Size Options And Price

The Coleman air mattress comes in a variety of sizes and price points, so check out the chart below for the most current information.

How to Inflate an Air Mattress:

  • Utilize an air compressor. Wait for the air mattress to fill up by putting the air compressor hose in the hole and turning the switch on. The procedure of attaching airbeds to a mattress can be made simpler by using attachments.
  • Make use of an electric pump. An electric pump can be used to inflate your air mattress if you are not camping and have access to energy. It will naturally fill up. Electric pumps, on the other hand, may be quite noisy, and many people find them unappealing.
  • Use a pump to inflate an air mattress. Some air mattresses come with built-in pumping systems. Unscrewing the cap and pressing the “inflate” button are typically all that’s required.
  • Consider using a natural cure. There are cheaper alternatives if you don’t want to buy a pump. Using a hair dryer to blow up a mattress, or even using a garbage bag to fill one, may be seen in numerous web guides. These, on the other hand, will require more time and effort. However, you’ll be the talk of the town if you use a rubbish bag instead.

How To Deflate Coleman Air Mattress With And Without A Pump

We have two methods for you to learn how to deflate a Coleman air mattress! You can save this page now to refer back to when you need to deflate your air mattress. If you have a Coleman air bed, you should always check the directions that come with it.

Inflating an air mattress is similar in that you must follow all brand instructions, if any. Opening the valve is usually all it takes. Below, you can find out more about it:

With a pump

Before doing anything else, always consult the instruction handbook for the individual Coleman air bed you own. For your comfort, know that you won’t mistakenly harm the mattress by using unsuitable treatments. How do you deflate an air mattress with a pump?

Inflation of an air mattress isn’t the sole use for an air pump. Alternatively, you can use it to deflate the balloon. As a result, opening the valve and connecting the pump nozzle to it would be the same procedure.

Because air mattresses deflate when the valve is opened, you may also hear this sound. When operating the pump, you can speed up deflation by pressing on the surface. You may be able to manually step on the pump or make adjustments to the settings based on the sort of pump you have.

Without a pump

An air mattress can still be deflated without a pump. When you open the airbed’s valve and apply pressure to it at the same time, you’ll be able to release more of the air. If you don’t have a pump, you’ll have to wait longer for the mattress to deflate using this method.

Deflating an air mattress should take no longer than 10 minutes for most models. You must, however, be certain that the mattress has been completely deflated and that no additional air is present. Using your hands and knees, press down on the surface as much as possible to release any trapped air.

Additional reminders from Coleman

If you want to store your air mattress more compactly, simply open the Quick Release valve. When you discover the dial, turn it to the Deflate setting as rapidly as you possibly can. Immediately after the air is expelled, Coleman advises shutting down the device.

Make sure your mattress is completely dry and clean before deflating it. The material can be damaged by liquids and moisture. Make sure the area where you intend to deflate the mattress is free of any sharp objects, as this could result in holes and injuries.

How Do You Fold Up A Coleman Air Mattress?


The original AeroBed must be kept clean and dry before folding up for storage if you’re using this model. Let the mattress air dry after using mild dish soap to clean the sides and bottom. The cover is washed in the machine using mild detergent and warm water in accordance with the tag’s directions.

After that, you can either air dry the cover or put it in the dryer on low heat. To avoid destroying the mattress, avoid using aggressive chemicals and cleaners. Also, avoid using direct heat to dry the air mattress.

Folding and rolling

Make it easier to move by folding or rolling the mattress after cleaning. To prevent it from twirling around, roll the power wire. Then, make sure the mattress’s sides meet in the middle along its length before you begin rolling the mattress.

Before storing the air mattress, be sure to place it in its original carry bag. To keep your mattress in peak condition, you should keep the temperature in that area above 50°F. For future use, make sure the bed is at room temperature before re-inflating.


Maintaining a dry environment is essential, but never fold your air mattress into roll-aways. If you’re looking to reduce space, this can seem like a good alternative, however the mattress material is not safe here. Before putting the bed away for the winter, remove the duvet and store it separately.

Should You Deflate An Air Mattress?

An air mattress can be deflated for storage or transport with no issues. The fact is, it’s a huge advantage to sleep on a memory foam mattress over a more traditional one. Keep your air bed inflated while not in use and don’t deflate it all the time.

Constantly deflating your air mattress puts stress on the seams, increasing the likelihood of a leak. And did you know that during a deflation you can be engaging in dangerous behaviors? The time it takes for a mattress to deflate can frustrate some individuals.

If you open the mattress valve, you may find yourself tempted to roll the mattress. Please quit stretching the seams if you are one of such people. Once the air bed has completely deflated, you may begin packing it up.

What Types of Air Mattresses Are Available?

As with conventional beds, air mattresses can be found in a variety of sizes that range from twin to king.

When it comes to air mattresses, there are a variety of options to choose from. As much as 25 inches high, some mattresses are double-height, making them excellent for those terrified of spiders and other creepy-crawlies on the floor.

Other mattresses are equipped with features that enhance the quality of sleep. Some mattresses, for example, allow you to adjust the firmness or softness of the bed with the push of a button. Several mattresses come with built-in pillows.

How can I Repair an Air Mattress?

It is common for air mattresses to develop holes, allowing air to escape and causing the mattress to deflate. It is possible to fix a hole in an air mattress with a repair kit that includes rubber cement.

Guerilla tape and other adhesives are commonly used to repair holes in air mattresses. There are also cloth patches available.

How Much Does an Air Mattress Cost?

Variables affecting the price of an air mattress include its size and brand as well as any additional features or pumps it may come with. Between $50 and $450 is the price range.

Pumps are not included in all air mattresses. Between $10 to $20 is the average price for a single pump, but certain pumps are more expensive depending on their intricacy and the sort of pump they are. Electric pumps are typically more expensive than hand pumps.


Some frequently asked questions regarding the Coleman air mattress are now being answered.

Is Coleman a good air mattress brand?

Coleman, in our opinion, is a good producer of high-quality air mattresses. They aren’t as high-tech as some of the more expensive ones, but they’re less expensive, making them an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

QuickBed® Plus Single High Airbed with Pump, Full | Coleman

Does the Coleman air mattress come with a pump?

When it comes to Coleman air mattresses, there are some that come with a pump and others that don’t.

What are the Coleman air mattresses made of?

PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is the primary material used in Coleman air mattresses because it is both durable and flexible, making them less likely to pop or leak air.


When it comes to storage and transportation, air beds are versatile. Do you, on the other hand, know how to correctly deflate a Coleman air mattress? Simply open the valve and connect the air pump, and you’re done!

Watch as your pump takes care of the deflation process for you. It’s possible to lose the pump even if you don’t have any at the time. However, because of the larger size of the mattress, it will take longer.