How To Deflate Memory Foam Mattress? Complete Guide

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Memory foam mattresses may be deflated in just two simple steps. When you need to store or travel with your bed, make sure to bookmark this page. To avoid accidently injuring your mattress, make sure you follow the recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

When it comes to inflating and deflating memory foam mattresses, many of us have a tendency to improvise. It’s important to keep an eye on this step because you don’t want to accidently deform the foam. Deflating a memory foam bed might be tricky if you don’t know how to do it right.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

A memory foam mattress combines a layer of memory foam with springs or a layer of other support foam. Memory foam softens and molds to your shape with the help of your body heat. Incredibly, it provides a lot of support and comfort. Memory foam is so named because it has the ability to memorize your body form and the best sleeping position over time once pressure is removed.

In the mid-1960s, NASA developed memory foam, also known as visco-elastic foam. Memory foam, which is made of polyurethane, was designed to alleviate the pressure astronauts felt as they entered and exited Earth’s atmosphere. Memory foam quickly found its way into a variety of different goods, including mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers.

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Our consumers prefer memory foam mattresses because of the numerous advantages they bring. To learn how a memory foam mattress can help you achieve a good night’s sleep, continue reading.

What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses have a number of advantages over other types of beds. Memory foam mattresses are designed to provide you with the greatest in comfort and care while you sleep.

1. Optimal support and comfort

Memory foam conforms to the shape of your body to provide targeted support and ideal spinal alignment. The mattress will feel as if it was designed particularly for you thanks to this level of personalized comfort!

2. Pressure-point relief

Memory foam mattresses distribute the weight of your body more evenly, reducing stress on the sections of your body that bear the most weight. Analgesia is relieved as well as blood circulation is improved by using this method at night.

3. Reduces transfer of movement

Because it conforms to your body, memory foam provides a more comfortable sleeping environment. A memory foam mattress is an excellent choice if you frequently find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because of your partner’s snoring.

4. Dust mite resistant

The visco-elastic structure of a memory foam mattress makes it impenetrable to dust mites. As a result, you’ll have fewer allergic reactions and a better night’s sleep.

How To Deflate A Memory Foam Mattress

Step #1. Preparation

Memory foam mattresses may be deflated quickly and easily. Remove all of your mattress’s accessories first. You’ll also want to lay it out on the ground so that it’s easier to move.

Step #2. Deflation

You should have one person squat down and the other hold the other end of the bed in order to expedite deflation. Roll your mattress to the other end, and you’re done. Finally, use straps to fasten the rolled bed into its container.

Can You Flatten A Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses can be deflated in two simple steps, but if you want a more detailed explanation, you’ll need to use a vacuum cleaner. You could also ask your manufacturer if deflating your product at home is something they advocate, as some memory foam materials can deform throughout the process. You can flatten your memory foam with a vacuum once you’ve been given the all-clear.

How to use a vacuum cleaner to flatten your memory foam mattress

To aid with compression, place your mattress in a zipped bag and tighten the seams with duct tape. Remove the valve from your vacuum bag and set it on the mattress cover. It’s best to cut a hole for the valve and then tape it in place to prevent air leaking, using this as your guidance.

Connect your vacuum cleaner to the valve and follow the second step in the guide above to compress your memory foam mattress. If you want to make sure your mattress flattens, roll it while the vacuum is still running, according to some users. As soon as you’ve rolled up your mattress, secure it with rope or ratcheting straps.

Can you fold a memory foam mattress in half?

A memory foam mattress should be rolled rather than folded, but certain mattresses may enable folding for a brief amount of time. Folding can generate creases in the foam, which might lead to a mattress that doesn’t return to its original form. When deflating an older mattress, it’s better to roll it up rather than fold it to prevent harm from occurring.

If the mattress is able to be bent, why not? If you bend a long memory foam mattress just a little, it will be much easier to get up and down the stairs. However, the thickness of the bed should be taken into account, since some may not be able to be bent or folded.

Does memory foam flatten over time?

Compared to other materials, memory foam lasts longer, especially with using quality ones diligently. However, your mattress can still flatten over time as it gets subjected to heat and pressure constantly. Therefore, memory foam can flatten faster than hybrids or even latex foam.

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Why does my memory foam mattress sink in the middle?

Memory foam lasts longer than other materials, especially if it is used properly and consistently. The persistent heat and pressure your mattress endures might cause it to flatten. As a result, memory foam can flatten more quickly than hybrids or even latex foam.

As long as your bed doesn’t have specified places for the body, you can rotate it as often as you like. These methods, however, should not be used in place of routine mattress maintenance. As a general rule of thumb, memory foam mattresses should be replaced every 10 to 15 years, depending on quality and how frequently they’re used.

How Long Does It Take To Air Out A Memory Foam Mattress?

It is recommended that you unroll your new memory foam mattress for one to two days when it arrives in the mail. As a result, the chemical scent will be extinguished. In addition to allowing the mattress to air, giving it 24 to 48 hours will allow the foam to expand to its full potential.

A memory foam mattress can still be used while it is still expanding, but there are a few downsides you should know about. You may notice a chemical smell, and the foam may not have its proper height and compression features yet. The memory foam’s conforming and responsive properties can only be felt once it has expanded.

Does a memory foam mattress get warm?

There are a few drawbacks to using a memory foam mattress before it has fully inflated. You may notice a chemical odor, and the foam may not yet have the right height and compression qualities. When the memory foam has expanded, you’ll be able to feel its conforming and responsive properties for yourself.

You may also feel overheated in bed due to factors such as the temperature of your room and the thickness of your duvet. The following considerations can help you decide if you should buy a memory foam mattress.

How to make your memory foam mattress softer

Your new mattress may feel a little firmer than you prefer when compared to your previous one. Due to its age and inability to provide the proper support, your old mattress certainly wasn’t up to par.

Give your new memory foam mattress some time to adjust to its new home. It may take a few weeks for your body to adjust to the increased support. In addition, your mattress will naturally become softer over time if you sleep on it on a consistent basis.

You can use a mattress topper to soften your mattress if it’s still too stiff for you. Mattress toppers, which come in a variety of firmness levels and depths, can add a little extra comfort and soften your mattress. However, if you like a firmer mattress topper, you can always choose for a thicker topper.

Does a memory foam mattress smell?

The safety of each and every one of our mattresses is a top priority for us here at Mattress Online. When it comes to the BS7177: 2008 standard for home use, we ensure that our memory foam mattresses have been treated with fire retardant and certified as ‘low danger’

In the case of vacuum-packed mattresses, the use of this fire retardant may cause a minor scent to develop in your memory foam mattress upon delivery. Leaving your mattress to air out in a well-ventilated area for 24 to 48 hours will help remove any odor.

How can I sleep on a memory foam mattress?

Whether you choose to sleep on your back, side, or front, a memory foam mattress has you covered. In addition, it’s crucial to choose a mattress firmness level that is appropriate for your sleeping posture. Weight and comfort preferences are other important considerations for determining the optimal stiffness grade for you.

For each sleeping position, memory foam mattresses offer the following advantages:

Those who sleep on their backs


Forehead restraint

How long does a memory foam mattress last?

Quality of memory foam utilized and how well you care for your mattress can affect a memory foam mattress’s longevity. A memory foam mattress can outlast the National Bed Federation’s seven-year lifespan in terms of support and durability.

To keep your memory foam mattress fresh, we recommend replacing it every seven years. Over a seven-year period, dust mites will build up on the surface of your mattress, despite the fact that memory foam mattresses are impermeable. Maintaining a fresh, clean, and hygienic sleeping environment is as simple as replacing your mattress every seven years.

We recommend using a mattress protector to help extend the life of your mattress and keep dust mites at bay. Visit our guidance page on how to clean a mattress for more information on how to maintain your mattress in fantastic shape for longer.

How much does a memory foam mattress cost?

Because of the advanced manufacturing techniques used to make memory foam mattresses, their price tags tend to be a little more than those of other mattress varieties. But this does not mean that you cannot afford a memory foam mattress. The price of these mattresses has decreased in recent years, making them a more accessible option.

Memory foam mattresses are available in a wide range of price points. Why not have a look at some of our memory foam mattresses, which start at just £149.95?

Memory foam mattresses: best sellers

Confused about the different types of memory foam mattresses? Here are five of our most popular memory foam mattresses, all of which may be delivered to your door for free the next day!

1. Silentnight Essentials Memory Mirapocket 1000 Mattress

  • 1000 pocket springs and memory foam
  • Supportive and resolute.
  • As low as £249.95

2. Viscoflex Memory Mattress

  • Two layers of memory foam and two layers of springs
  • Intense but not overbearing hardness.
  • For as low as £154.95,

3. Memory Zone Pocket 2000 Mattress

  • More than 2,000 springs and foams in pocket
  • Intense but not overbearing hardness.
  • Starting at just 279.95 GBP

4. Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 1000 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress

  • 1000 pocket springs and memory foam
  • Firm but not too firm support
  • Starting at only £319.95

5. Romantica Bamboo Memory Mattress

  • Two layers of memory foam and two layers of springs
  • a firmness level of medium-soft
  • Starting at only £149.95

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If you’re storing or moving your mattress, you’ll want to know how to properly box it. Deflating a memory foam mattress at home is much easier if you know how to do it yourself. Begin by dismantling and laying out your mattress, making sure to remove all of your bedding.

Roll the foam and fasten it with a tie afterward. Memory foam mattresses can easily be deflated by following our tutorial on how to deflate them.



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