How to Disassemble a Reclining Loveseat? Step-By-Step Guide

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Recliner loveseats are heavy, so don’t worry if you have to move them about in tight spaces. It is easy to disassemble most reclining loveseats, couches, and the like and take them along with you. We’ll show you how to take apart a reclining loveseat in this article.

Locking mechanisms are used to keep the seatbacks in place on many models. When you pull the back fabric panel or feel between the seats, the levers should be released and the chairs should be removed.

Additional disassembly is possible with the addition of base-mounted removable bars. When dismantling particular pieces of furniture, take photos, store your hardware in plastic bags, and label the dismantled components so that reassembling it is easier.

We’ll go over all of the many ways to take apart a reclining loveseat one at a time.

How to Disassemble a Reclining Loveseat

Method#1: Releasing Locking Levers

Start by rearranging your living room by repositioning your sofa so that its back is looking up into the sky. Removable back covers on upholstered loveseats allow you to see the frame underneath the cushion.

Before removing the upholstered panel, look for and unfasten any velcro or snaps holding it to the frame’s base. On either side of the loveseat’s seats, look for the levers that lock the seats in place.

Each side of the loveseat’s main body should have a metal lever pointing downward, roughly where the tops of the arm and back meet. Look for levers on the frame between the seats if your loveseat has a central console.

For loveseats that don’t have removable fabric parts, you can check the construction by inserting a hand through the back seams on the left and right sides. Examine the center console and seats for any seams. Look for the downward-pointing locking lever within the seams.

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Use a flathead screwdriver or, in a pinch, your fingertips to loosen and elevate each lever and remove the seatbacks. After releasing the levers, carefully remove the back of the loveseat from the frame.

If your loveseat has two seats divided by a central console, lift each seat and console back out of its casing.

Method#2: Removing Bolted Bars

It’s best to lift the sofa on its front side and face it directly toward the ceiling. If the foundation bars are missing, check underneath the loveseat. A loveseat should have at least two or three bars that are twisted or fastened from end to end if they exist.

In order to make sure that the baselines are secure, check the screw heads or bolt heads. Use a drill with the correct bit to remove all of the screws and bolts from the base bars. Since base bars are typically fastened with square Robertson screws, you’ll probably require Robertson bit drivers.

Helping someone remove the basic bars of a couch, especially the last bar, is the best way to remove it. After removing the final bar, you can easily separate the various chairs and consoles. Stabilizing the sofa’s components will help prevent them from rolling out of the sofa, causing damage to other items, or causing damage to the sofa itself.

Method#3: Making Reassembly Easier

While raising the loveseat’s back upholstery panel, photograph its structure, base, and other vital components.. In this way, when it’s time to rebuild the couch, you’ll know exactly what it should look like.

If you aren’t sure of your mechanical abilities, you can use images to guide you through the reassembly process.

Store screws and nuts in plastic bags or other tiny containers until you’re ready to remove them. After removing your hardware, put it in a bag for safekeeping. It’s much easier to find what you’re looking for if you keep the hardware for each base bar in its own bag.

Label the dismantled parts, such as “left seatback” and “top base bar,” so that you know where to put them back in place. The components of the foundation should be arranged so that their backs are facing the ceiling. Locate the pre-drilled holes on the top base bar where the screws or bolts are to be inserted. ‘

When you’re done, make sure to place the bar into each of the matching holes on the base of the sofa. Replacing each loveseat part one screw at a time will take some time. Start with the center screws on the top bar and work your way outward.

Rebuild the loveseat’s foundation by screwing all of the sections back together after attaching the top bar.

When reassembled, the recliners do not recline anymore. What is wrong?

Your chair may have an issue with the cable after you reassembled the piece. You should be able to recline your loveseat with the help of a cable attached to the handle.

Flip the chair around to see the cable underneath if you’re having trouble. Once you find it, put it back in its place.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Reclining Loveseats

Choosing a reclining loveseat is a substantial investment, so it’s crucial to know which option is best. Recliner loveseats come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide range of functions, so it’s important to know what to look for when purchasing one.

Types of Reclining Loveseats

It’s easy to overlook the fact that regular reclining loveseats can recline independently so that you can have a lie-down seat when they’re upright. Reclining loveseats are larger than typical loveseats but smaller than a sofa or sectional, but they still provide a recliner’s level of comfort and support.

A wall-hugger recliner loveseat (also known as a “zero clearance recliner” or “zero wall clearance reclining loveseat”) is an option for individuals with limited space. In order to save room, these wall-hugger loveseat recliners extend out in front of themselves rather than behind them. When not reclined, they nestle snugly against the wall, allowing for a greater amount of space in front of the chair.


It is possible to find a love seat in a number of styles and sizes. Smaller rooms can benefit from slim or standard alternatives, which have a contemporary style and feel, rather than overstuffed recliners, which tend to be larger and have a more warm feel and aesthetic.

It’s important to take into account how the reclining loveseat will fit into the room’s overall dimensions when you’re purchasing. The reclined footprint should be taken into mind so that it doesn’t impede anything when reclining.

Additionally, taller and heavier users may want to compare the recliner’s seat and back heights to chairs they know to be comfortable. There are a wide variety of types and sizes of extra-large reclining loveseats to choose from.

Reclining Mechanism

A manual reclining mechanism or a motorized system can be used to recline reclining loveseats, depending on the model. The power buttons, lever or tab pull handle, or a remote control can all be used to operate the recliner.

Manual recliners tend to be more cost-effective and long-lasting because of their simple design. A variety of appealing styles are available and may be used anywhere in the room without needing an outlet.

Pushing a button on a power recliner allows for a more comfortable recline with less effort on the part of the user. While they can be a wonderful option for folks who are concerned about their mobility, keep in mind that they are often larger and require a nearby outlet (or battery pack) to operate.


Partial or total recline is an option with reclining loveseats. All of the chairs have either a reclining footrest or backrest, whereas some simply have a reclining footrest. Depending on the backrest configuration, the loveseat can recline anywhere from 120 to 180 degrees. One of the advantages of a reclining loveseat is that it includes controls on both the sitting and reclining sides.

Recliner loveseats, whether manually operated or motorized, may have a single fixed or adjustable reclining position, as well as a backrest and leg rest that can be controlled independently.

Upholstery and Cushions

Upholstery options for reclining loveseats include fabric, leather, imitation leather, and even vinyl. Consider the material’s comfort, style, breathability, and simplicity of washing before making a purchase.

Cotton, polyester, and microfiber are common materials for furniture upholstery and cushions. Colors and textures are available in a variety of options. There are a few drawbacks to using a fabric loveseat, including the fact that it can absorb spills and stains.

You can choose a vinyl, leather or faux-leather loveseat chair that is easy to care for and easy to clean. Even though leather reclining loveseats aren’t as comfortable or breathable as ones made of cloth, they are upholstered in a variety of colors and have a sleek, modern style.


The frame of a reclining sofa is made to endure daily use and the direct weight of a person. With a sturdy metal or wood structure, reclining loveseats are capable of holding two or more people and can be used for a variety of purposes.

It’s advisable to look at the weight capacity of the frame, which can range from 300 to 700 pounds, in order to determine how sturdy it is. The weight capacity of most reclining loveseats is advertised.

Additional Features

It is possible to enhance the comfort of a reclining loveseat with additional features. Taller users will appreciate the added convenience of a removable or adjustable headrest. Drinks can be stored safely and conveniently in cupholders. Storage cubbies in the arm or pockets on the side of some loveseats can be used to put remotes, books, and tablets close at hand.

A console in the middle of some reclining loveseats allows for a more typical single-recliner experience. Storage space, cupholders, and even USB outlets for charging gadgets may be found in the center console.

The Best Reclining Loveseats

Red Barrel Studio Edgar 61” Reclining Loveseat

Rely on this reclining loveseat for some rest and relaxation. The antique design of this couch is paired with modern comfort to create a stunning loveseat.

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For two, this loveseat may be the most comfortable in the home thanks to its cushioned back, pillow-top shape, and medium firmness. Vinyl faux-leather upholstery in dark brown gives it a sophisticated style that works well in various family rooms.. Each seat has its own manual lever for reclining it.

Product Details

  • Leather-like synthetic material
  • Inches, inches, and centimeters: 38, 61, 38.5
  • Capacity: 600 pounds


  • Aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity.
  • Supportive cushions that are medium-firm
  • Cushions topped with pillows


  • Major assembly is necessary.

Lark Manor Grigor 57” Wide Home Theater Loveseat

Comfortable cushions are wrapped in a microfiber fabric that is easy to clean in this theater-style loveseat’s upright form. Seats can be reclined manually for a more comfortable viewing experience.

This reclining loveseat is reasonably priced at less than $1,000, and it comes with a number of appealing features that make it worth the money. Because to its wall-hugger loveseat form, it is ideal for apartments with little space. For convenience, there is a built-in cupholder and storage box on each cushioned side of the couch. The seat is simple to assemble and doesn’t require any special tools.

Product Specs

  • Microfiber is the primary material.
  • 37.5 inches by 38.5 inches by 37.6.
  • Capacity: 600 pounds


  • a design that hugs the wall
  • a cupholder and a storage compartment are both included.
  • Assembled with ease
  • A variety of hues are available.


  • May be too small for some users

Flash Furniture Harmony Series Microfiber Loveseat

Product Specs

  • Some users may find it uncomfortable because of its little size.
  • the item’s overall dimensions are 35.56.38.
  • 300 pound weight capacity


  • Perfect for confined spaces
  • Effortless style
  • More than enough padding


  • a small amount of weight

Red Barrel Studio Edgar Faux Leather Reclining Sofa

With its fold-down center console, this spacious reclining loveseat may accommodate two or three people as a multipurpose couch. It’s possible to separate the sofa and the loveseat when it’s folded down, and the center console has a flat surface and built-in cupholders for snacks and drinks. Turn the loveseat into a sofa by putting the console to the upright position.

Not only is this loveseat functional, but it also looks great in both contemporary and traditional settings. Cushioning is generous but not bloated, thanks to vinyl faux-leather upholstery. The rich brown color makes it an attractive choice for many households.

Product Specs

  • Leather-like synthetic material
  • Inches, inches, and centimeters: 38, 81, 38.5
  • 750 lb. weight capacity


  • Seats a maximum of three persons.
  • The center console is optional.
  • Aesthetic appeal


  • There is no reclining in the middle seat.

Signature Design by Ashley Game Zone Reclining

Signature Design by Ashley Game Zone reclining loveseat is a high-end piece of furniture with a sumptuous design and one-touch power controls. In addition to motorized reclining and powered headrests, the loveseat offers a built-in USB port for charging devices while it is in use.

Additionally, it has an optional center console that can either be folded down to serve as additional storage space or raised to serve as a seat for a third passenger. Even more convenience is provided with built-in cupholders and storage areas.

With its synthetic leather upholstery in polyester polyurethane and nailhead trim, this loveseat can be considered either transitional or contemporary. The seats are large and well-cushioned, making them a pleasure to sit in.

Product Specs

  • Leather-like synthetic material
  • Inches, centimeters, and centimeters
  • Capacity to Support: Unknown


  • Reclining with the assistance of a motor
  • Power-adjustable headrests.
  • A built-in USB port for recharging your device


  • An unspecified weight limit
  • The footprint is quite large.

RecPro Charles 58″ Double Recliner Loveseat

Loveseats with wall-hugging recliners can be placed almost flush against the wall without restricting their reclining range. In comparison to standard reclining loveseats, these seats only require around a few inches of clearance. With only three inches of back clearance needed to recline, this compact loveseat from RecPro is perfect for RVs and other tight quarters.

This polyurethane faux leather loveseat is available in a variety of neutral colors to go with any decor. The couch has a manual lever that converts it from a loveseat to a reclining chair.

Product Specs

  • Leather-like synthetic material
  • 30.25 inches by 58 inches by 38 inches in length and width
  • 355 lb. weight capacity


  • 3 inches of back clearance is all that is needed.
  • Assembled with ease
  • Simple to clean


  • a small amount of weight

Lark Manor Ermera 76” Pillow Top Reclining Loveseat

Reclining loveseats can benefit from additional features like cupholders, storage compartments, additional seating, or even a flat surface to put snacks. Separating the seats also provides greater room to spread out. In addition to the two cupholders on the console, this Lark Manor manual reclining loveseat also has a secret storage box.

Relieve your stress with padded seats and bolstered head and neck rest. There is a mix of microfiber and faux-leather upholstery on this sofa. A variety of two-toned hues are available to provide visual interest and comfort to the couch.

Product Specs

  • Microfiber and imitation leather are used in the construction of this item.
  • Inches, centimeters, and centimeters
  • Capacity: 600 pounds


  • Integral cupholders
  • A secret chamber for storing things
  • Coil-spring seat cushions for added comfort


  • Some users may find the center console to be too stiff.

Red Barrel Studio Aum 60” Reclining Loveseat

This Red Barrel Studio reclining loveseat features a traditional loveseat form and a compact size. In place of overstuffed cushions, it features contemporary-shaped padded backs and arms to go with modern decor.

This loveseat can recline and rest thanks to a simple manual lever on the side. Upholstered in microfiber fabric, this sofa has an airy feel and a luxurious feel to it. With its petite dimensions and subdued color options it may easily fit in a small apartment, living room, or even bedroom.

Product Specs

  • Microfiber is the primary material.
  • Inches, centimeters, and centimeters
  • 500 lb. weight capacity


  • The modern persona
  • Microfiber upholstery that is quite comfortable to sit on.
  • Multiple shades of gray are available.


  • Lacks amenities like cupholders or storage space.

How We Chose the Best Reclining Loveseats

Recliner loveseats are more compact and cost less than standard sofas and recliners, therefore we considered these factors when selecting the best. Loveseats of all shapes and sizes can be found on the list at reasonable costs. For a wider spectrum of customers, we also included some larger alternatives and luxury picks such power reclining possibilities.

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We looked for a few essential characteristics in every recliner, regardless of price or style. All the recliners on our list appear comfy and have earned excellent evaluations for their comfort. High-quality materials are used to create visually appealing designs. Optional extras like center consoles, additional seating, storage compartments, and cupholders are also included.


A reclining loveseat is a great option if you’re searching for extra-comfortable seating for two. Compact couches have a smaller footprint and recline, making them ideal for smaller spaces. Here are some frequently asked questions concerning reclining loveseats, and the solutions you’ll find below.

Q: Where should I place my reclining loveseat?

Make sure there is adequate area for the backrest and footrest of a reclining loveseat to recline.

Q: Are electric reclining loveseats available?

The reclining mechanism of motorized reclining loveseats is powered by electricity.

Q: How wide are reclining loveseats?

The width varies according to the style. The average width of a reclining loveseat is from 54 to 72 inches.

Q: How do I clean my reclining loveseat?

Cleaning a reclining loveseat varies on the material, but most may be cleaned with a damp cloth and a few spots. Before attempting to clean the material, make sure to check the preferred procedure.


A reclining loveseat can be dismantled in many ways. Reassembling it should go smoothly if you’ve followed the instructions step by step. Make use of the photography tip. This will serve as a reference for reassembling and reassembling the device.



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