How to Disassemble Chicco Next2Me Magic Bassinet? Step by Step Instructions

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One of the first brands that springs to mind when thinking about bedside cribs is Chicco, a well-known brand with over 50 years in the business. The brand has, over the last few years, developed its well-known Next2Me range to make nighttime a little bit easier for parents. In comparison to other cribs on the market, the Next2Me Magic has a somewhat higher price point of £239.99 because of its many additional features.

This well-known firm has been in the market for more than 50 years and is often the first company that springs to mind when considering a bedside crib. The brand’s well-known Next2Me line has been created over the previous few years to make evening a little simpler for parents to cope with. Although the pricing of the regular Next2Me crib is in the same ballpark as many other cribs available on the market, the Next2Me Magic is significantly more expensive because of its many additional features.

There are other things to consider, such as how simple it is to maintain and how portable it is, as well as whether or not it can be rocked.


What were your first impressions of the Chicco Next2Me Magic?

Initially, I was pleased with the mattress’s comfort and breathability, as well as its ability to mix in with the rest of our decor. Furthermore, the controls appeared to be large enough to operate with one hand.

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How is the Chicco Next2Me Magic different from the other Next2Me models?

The Magic is a vast improvement over the Chicco Next2Me crib that I had previously used. As a result, it was considerably more user-friendly and had additional features, like a one-touch sliding side panel. There are retractable feet, as well as the biggest adjustment range, on this chair. Instead, the Next2Me Air crib features four sides of mesh paneling to keep newborns cool.

What age is the Chicco Next2Me Magic suitable for?

For babies up to six months old, or until they are able to stand on their own, this is a good option.

Do you prefer this to a Moses basket? Why?

Compared to a Moses basket, the Chicco Next2Me Magic has a longer lifespan. Infants outgrow Moses baskets rapidly, but their current crib can be used until they are old enough to go into their own room.

“My son is now two months old and still has plenty of room to develop, while he will soon be growing out of his Moses basket which he slept in prior to acquiring this crib,” said MFM Awards judge Louise. Because of this crib, my kid will be able to sleep in our room for longer without needing a full-size crib, which we don’t have place for in our bedroom.”

As a Moses basket would have, the Next2Me Magic crib has retractable legs and four wheels that make moving it around the house simple, however doing so is tedious and especially tough if you need to carry it up or down stairs.

How easy is it to see your baby when they’re in the crib?

The ventilated mesh panels on either side of the cot allow you to see your baby clearly.

How easy is it to access your baby when they’re asleep?

I was most impressed by how simple it was to use the Chicco Next2Me Magic. Using only one hand, you can raise and lower the side of the cot’s mattress. Using this method, you won’t disturb a sleeping infant by moving them in and out of their cot. In stand-alone mode, the side must be placed back up; however, if the crib is properly attached to the bed at the correct level, you can leave the side down.

Although some of our MFM Awards testers had difficulty with this feature, such as Nikki, who claimed that the sliding side was not very smooth and frequently caused her baby to wake up when she slid it back down.

How portable is the Chicco Next2Me Magic? Is it easy to move around your home once assembled?

When it comes to convenience, this cot’s selling feature is that it’s easy to transport thanks to the swiveling legs that can fit through doorways and the completely spinning wheels with brakes. Nevertheless, because the Chicco Next2Me is a large cot, moving it down the stairs, for example, can be difficult if you live on one floor.

How does it fit onto the bed – how does it attach?

For side-sleeping mode, you must attach the crib securely to your bed using the provided harnesses, which are fastened with clips.. Because of the numerous height adjustments and the extending feet, it may be used with a wide range of beds, including divans. It “attaches incredibly well to the bed so I felt absolutely safe using it for my daughter over night,” stated MFM home tester Zara.

How do you lower the side for night-time feeds, and how easy is it to do?

You can lower the entire side of the crib by pressing a button on the side with one hand. It’s a breeze to do, and it makes feedings at night much easier.

Can the Chicco Next2Me Magic be used as standalone as well as for co-sleeping?

I used it as a stand-alone cot, but it may also be used for co-sleeping. I was worried at first about using it as a standalone cot, but once it was put together, I could see that it was sturdy and didn’t need to be strapped to the bed to feel safe.

How many height positions are there?

There are two ways you can use it: either as a stand-alone cot or a co-sleeper. After putting it together, I realized how robust it was and that it didn’t need to be attached to the bed in order to be secure for my baby.

What are the dimensions of the Chicco Next2Me Magic and what do you think of the size of the crib?

The dimensions appear to be just right. The crib’s dimensions are H66.5-82.4cm x W73cm x L99.5cm, so your kid will have plenty of room to grow into it till they’re 6 months old.

How comfy is it for your little one?

There is a nice amount of firmness to the mattress, and it has a soft cover that is both breathable and warm. The crib is spacious without feeling too large for small babies, and the double mesh windows ensure good air flow inside the crib.

Is there an incline/tilt option and if so, what did you think of it?

Although the mattress is firm, the soft cover allowed for plenty of airflow and kept me toasty warm during the winter. Although the crib has a lot of room, it doesn’t feel overwhelming for young babies, thanks to the two mesh windows.

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Steps on How to disassemble Chicco Next to me Magic Bassinet

It’s possible that the Chicco Next-to-Me Magic Bassinet will be just what you need if you want to keep your baby close at hand. The bassinet has a base that can be placed on either side of the bed and fastened to an adult mattress using straps. Learn how to disassemble the Chicco Next2Me Magic Bassinet by reading this page.

Remove the mattress pad and liner by unzipping them on both sides. Step 1. However, cutting zip ties instead of untying them may make it more difficult to reassemble the pieces in the future.

No screws or bolts are used to assemble the bassinet in this step. Instead, each part is pressed together.

After that, fold down the headboard/canopy portion over the top of the bassinet canopy by lifting each clip one at a time. Before undoing the Velcro and pulling it through, try folding your bassinet’s bumper bar lengthwise if it appears too long for the space between slats.

Make sure you know how many slats are on each side so you can space them apart when attaching! Step 3: Push the two side pieces together.

All four crib posts are connected by a big elastic strap that keeps the top of the crib securely in place, but can be easily undone by an adult. If you don’t attach both sides at the same time when putting this component together, your bassinet will not stand straight.

Finally, the wheels can be linked by aligning holes in one component with pegs protruding from another – they should fit together like puzzle pieces. After placing feet pads where required you should have a finished bassinet!

Does the Chicco Next2Me Magic feel durable?

Finally, the wheels can be linked by aligning holes in one component with pegs that protrude from another – they should snap into place like puzzle pieces. You’re almost done with the bassinet once you’ve included the necessary foot pads.

Is the Chicco Next2Me compact and easy to store when folded?

Even though it may be folded down to a small size for travel, the crib is still fairly substantial and will require some storage space on a regular basis. Storage/travel bag is included.

What’s in the box?

  • Crib
  • Mattress
  • Cover
  • Carry-on case
  • a manual of procedures

Is it easy to put together?

To assemble Chicco Next2Me Magic, you’ll have to rely on your own good judgment. To be honest, I’m not sure how to use the manual because it’s just a bunch of pictures that I can’t make sense of. Even our MFM Awards judges found the directions to be difficult. Since the safety instructions are given, it’s quite self-explanatory.

Who would the product be most useful for?

Regardless of whether you want to use the Chicco Next2Me Magic as a co-sleeper or not, anyone with a baby under the age of six months can use it. If your baby has to be fed frequently during the night while you’re co-sleeping, it could be a lifesaver if you’re breastfeeding.

In fact, even with bottle-fed babies like mine, it makes life easier by making it easier to transfer them back into their cots after feeding, and to soothe them back to sleep if needed.

This is a good-sized, comfortable crib that you may use in your bedroom until your baby is ready to move into a separate room. A Moses basket or a device with a detachable bassinet would be better choices for parents who plan to carry their sleeping infant around the house frequently.

What would you have wanted to know before buying the crib?

When it comes to co-sleeping safety, I wish I had known ahead of time that the rocking feature could not be utilized while the bed was linked, but I assume this is usual.

Are there any design elements you find particularly useful?

The rocking mode was very beneficial for calming a restless baby because it could be operated with with one hand.

What is the price, is it good value for money?

Given that you’ll only be using the Chicco Next2Me Magic bedside crib for six months, the pricing seems a little high. The price of a good night of sleep, as any parent knows, can’t be put a price on, so I think it’s worth the money if it helps you get some shut-eye. MFM tester Zara, on the other hand, said she wouldn’t pay more than £200 for a bedside cot.

How does it compare to similar products?

Can You Wash a Chicco Next to Me?

There are numerous ways to clean a Chicco Next To Me. Some of these methods include spot cleaning by hand or using a soft cycle on a washing machine. To avoid damage, wash the non-fabric parts with warm soapy water and a towel.

The Chicco is easy to clean, but disassembling it for a thorough cleaning will take some time and effort. It is critical to use a gentle soap or cleanser in all of the ways. You must also avoid using bleach on the Chicco Next To Me in any way.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning your Chicco Next To Me with a damp sponge and a little detergent is the quickest and easiest method of cleaning. Spotting stains can be done without having to dismantle the crib.

The spot clean procedure, on the other hand, may not be as comprehensive as dismantling and properly washing it.

Disassemble and Hand Wash

In order to thoroughly clean the Chicco, you can dismantle it and hand wash the fabric and mesh components of the bag. The Chicco Next To Me can be disassembled following the instructions in the manual. Hand wash the lining with mild soap and water and hang it to dry after you remove the zipper and the supporting poles.

Chicco items’ fabric parts should never be dried in a dryer because of the risk of shrinkage. You should avoid using solvents, household cleaners, or bleach on your Chicco Product Care instructions since these can harm the plastic or straps.

Disassemble and Machine Wash

Using the disassembly steps provided above, you can wash the lining in the machine; however, it should be washed on a soft setting or hand wash. Wash with cool water and a light soap. To avoid shrinkage during drying, it’s ideal to lie or hang the item flat.

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What Parts of the Chicco Next to Me Can You Wash?

When it comes to cleaning the Chicco Next To Me’s removable fabric, mesh liner, and mattress cover, you can either do it by hand or use a moderate or hand wash cycle in the washing machine. Use a sponge and mild soap to clean the base, wheels, and any other plastic components, as well.

Cleaning Fabric Portions of the Chicco Next to Me

When it comes to cleaning a crib, the fabric or mesh liner and the mattress cover are the most frequently contaminated surfaces. These parts can be washed using any of the procedures indicated above.

Cleaning the Non-Fabric Portions of the Chicco Next to Me

A sponge and soft soap can be used to clean the plastic parts of the crib, according to the Chicco Product Care guidelines, but household cleaners or chlorine should not be used.

All harness and latch straps should be cleaned with warm water and a light soap without the use of bleach. Warm water and soap should be used to clean the hardware on buckles and latches. These parts can be damaged if soap or lubricants are used on them.


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