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It’s possible that you’ll have to shift your entire office to a new location. Large, bulky chairs might be tough to load into your vehicle or trailer, especially if they don’t fit. If you want to return an office chair to its original packaging, but don’t know where to begin disassembling it, you’re not alone. In order to disassemble your office chair, there are some considerations, tips and techniques, and different methods of doing so that will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits of a Good Office Chair

Create A Professional Image

In addition to making a good impression on potential clients or guests, attractive, professional chairs offer a pleasant work atmosphere that boosts productivity and morale. Maintaining a reasonable level of comfort for employees while they carry out their job obligations is critical to their health and safety. Ergonomic balance that can tolerate a range of weight loads and is free of sharp edges are hallmarks of high-quality office chairs.

Select The Best Office Chair

Poly vinyl mesh, vinyl, leather, and polyester textiles are some of the materials available for office chairs. “Green” materials produced from recycled plastic bottles coloured with an environmentally friendly solution are also available. Check the recycled content before purchase to see which models are the most environmentally beneficial.

How To Disassemble Office Chairs

Size Matters

Purchasing an office chair would be much easier if everyone’s stature and weight were uniform. It’s a good thing that most nice workplace chairs are designed this way. For guests and clients, the same holds true for office chairs. Seats, backs, and seat height ranges are all slightly different. A chair that can be adjusted is vital, not just a luxury.

A Chair For Every Office Need

Chairs with arm rests, medium-height backs, and adjustable seats are preferred by some employees. Employee chair upholstery depends on the working environment. Choose comfy seats that promote a positive image of the business for the lobby’s guests and clients. Chair mobility and desk area size should be taken into account while deciding on a workspace. In most cases, executive chairs necessitate more space than a receptionist’s work chair or stool. Another option to consider is a swivel or tilting office chair. Pay attention to the areas designated for the feet at the chair’s base.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is a top-of-the-line ergonomic office chair. Built with the best materials available The Herman Miller Aeron chair, which is available for free on the internet, is both beautiful and durable.

Disassembling an Office Chair

No matter why you’re taking apart your office chair, you must take care not to damage it. As previously said, if your chair arrived with instructions, follow them. To assist you in disassembling your chair, I will disassemble an office chair component by part and show you how to do it. In some cases, you may not be possible to remove some elements of a chair if the frame already has them attached. If you have any queries or concerns about disassembling your office chair, you should contact the chair’s manufacturer.

1. How To Disassemble Office Chair Headrest

Most office chair headrests are fastened to the chair with a few screws. Find out if you need to remove any covers or tabs to remove the headrest from your chair. With an Allen wrench or screwdriver, remove all of the headrest bolts. After removing the headrest, reinstall the cover plate or tabs. Keep all small, loose parts in a bag for your own safety.

2. How To Disassemble Office Chair Backrest

You should be able to quickly remove the backrest from most office chairs because they are joined to the back of the chair with bolts. The backrest of some chairs, such as the Steelcase Leap, cannot be removed since it is linked to the frame. To remove the backrest, use an Allen wrench or screwdriver to remove the bolts that keep the backrest in place underneath the chair. Afterwards, put the chair’s screws and washers in a plastic bag and store it with the chair.

3. How To Disassemble Office Chair Armrests

Armrests should only be removed if they are absolutely necessary. It’s best to recall which components of the armrest you’re removing from the chair in which sequence. Start by loosening the chair’s fasteners with an Allen wrench or screwdriver, then remove the seat. Removing any washers or plates is the next step. Keep all of the chair’s hardware in a bag. Pulling the armrests out of the slot underneath the chair while pressing the adjustment lever is an easy way to remove the armrests from some chairs.

4. How To Disassemble Office Chair Cylinder and Base

Before attempting to remove the cylinder, keep in mind that it is vulnerable to being damaged during the process of extraction. A big pipe wrench is required to remove the cylinder. Be sure to cover the table and the floor with drop cloths or other protective coverings before you begin. Add duct tape to the pipe wrench’s teeth for better grip and cylinder protection.

Assemble the mechanism by placing your hands on the bottom cylinder and tightening the pipe wrench. Using a pipe wrench, loosen the cylinder by turning it a quarter turn or until it is free. Because cylinders are not screwed into place, you must first loosen them enough to remove them from the mechanism.

You’ll need a rubber mallet to pry the cylinder free of the foundation. Invert the foundation so it’s on its side. Be sure to cover your table and floor with drop cloths. Keep a safe distance between your feet and the cylinder. In order to remove the cylinder, use a rubber mallet. Tap the sides of the cylinder if it’s actually tethered to the wall.

5. How To Disassemble Office Chair Casters

The majority of office chair casters are simply pushed into the chair’s base. Casters should only be removed if they need to be replaced or returned. Place the base upside-down with the casters facing up to remove them. Remove the casters by pulling up on them.

7 Things To Consider When Disassembling An Office Chair

Remember How The Chair Came

It’s a good idea to think back to how your office chair was delivered before you start disassembling it. If your office chair is made of numerous pieces, you can probably disassemble it in the opposite direction of how it was put together. For some chairs, all that’s required is a cylinder and a base; the chair comes ready to go. In order to disassemble the chair, you will likely need to remove it from the cylinder. It’s important to know what parts you can and can’t remove from your chair if it arrives pre-assembled. When disassembling your chair, you may find it beneficial to consult the disassembly instructions provided by the chair’s manufacturer.

Try Not To Disassemble What’s Not Necessary

Take a step back and consider why you need to disassemble your office chair. It’s best to avoid removing unnecessary elements of the chair when dismantling it. With some chairs, you may not even need to remove the backrest from its cylinder. To avoid any harm to your chair, try to disassemble it as little as possible. Contacting the chair’s manufacturer will let you know which parts to remove and which not to remove during disassembly. Mechanics should not be dismantled.

How Things Connect and Disconnect

You should be able to identify if parts of your office chair can be removed by looking at it. If you used screws to assemble the chair, you should be able to remove those parts. The parts of your office chair that are attached to each other by screws are the easiest to remove. Parts like a headrest, backrest, or armrests are common.

It may be more difficult to remove parts that are attached to the mechanism without screws. It can be difficult to remove a cylinder from a mechanism, especially if the chair has been used for years. The only thing holding the cylinder together is tension, therefore letting go of that tension can be difficult. The Herman Miller Aeron and the majority of other Herman Miller office chairs should not be removed from the cylinder.

Things You Can’t Or Shouldn’t Remove

It’s possible to harm your office chair if you remove certain parts, so be careful. The back and arms of a chair like the Steelcase Leap, for example, are integrated into the frame and cannot be removed. We strongly advise against removing the mechanism from your chair. Dismantling the system could lead to problems.

Some office chairs, such as the Herman Miller Aeron, should not have the cylinder removed. There’s a good chance your chair arrived completely constructed for a purpose. It’s possible that disassembling a chair that was delivered completely assembled will permanently harm the chair. When removing the cylinder, there is a risk of damaging it.

Ruining The Cylinder: Is It Worth It?

Remove the cylinder from the mechanism and/or base while dismantling most office chairs. It’s a common misconception that if you’ve sat in your office chair for a while, the cylinder will be harder to remove. Typically, the base of an office chair is inserted into the cylinder of the chair, and then the chair is placed on the cylinder. The cylinder is held in place by tension, and it is not always simple to release this tension.

To remove the cylinder from the mechanism, you’ll typically need a pipe wrench or other tool that can break the strain. Pipe wrenches are the quickest and most convenient way to remove your cylinder, but they can also damage the cylinder. If you intend to keep your cylinder, you should take care not to damage it with the pipe wrench teeth. When you reassemble the chair and depress the seat height lever to lower it, metal shavings and scratches from your cylinder’s teeth will find their way into the cylinder’s housing. You will most likely be unable to adjust the height of your chair because of these scratch marks. You may require a new cylinder as a result of your cylinder being damaged.

You may need to remove your cylinder from the base once it’s out of the mechanism. Your cylinder can also be damaged by this. To remove the cylinder from the base, you’ll need to pound it with a rubber hammer. In order to avoid damaging the cylinder’s top, be sure to set it on a soft surface.

The most important consideration is whether or not removing your cylinder is worth the risk of damaging it. Removing your cylinder may do more harm than good, even if you take precautions. If you intend to replace the cylinder, you won’t have to worry about damaging it when you remove it from the chair.

The Tools Required For Disassembling

For the most part, you’ll need to use tools before you start disassembling your office chair. To remove the cylinder from the chair, you’ll need a pipe wrench and a rubber mallet. In order to remove the arms, backrest, or seat, you’ll likely need an Allen wrench or screwdriver as too. Make sure you have all the equipment you need to dismantle your office chair before you begin.

Things to Consider When Disassembling the Office Chair

Whatever your reason for dismantling your chair, you must continue with caution to avoid injuring the piece you’re working on. When disassembling an office chair or a computer chair, keep this information in mind.

  • Don’t dismantle anything that isn’t needed: Some office chairs may be dismantled in the same way they were put together, allowing you to reassemble them in a new way. However, if you don’t remove everything at once, you’ll be better off. The mesh bottom of the office chair must not be unscrewed.
  • To avoid damaging your chair, you’ll need to know how many parts you can and cannot replace. The disassembly instructions provided by some manufacturers can be helpful while disassembling your chair.
  • You can’t or shouldn’t get rid of something like this: Most chairs may not even necessitate the removal of the backrest or even the barrel of the backrest. Attempt to dismantle your chair as little as possible to avoid foreseeable damage. Following the manufacturer’s handbook will help you determine which parts can be removed during disassembly. You shouldn’t dismantle the system’s components.
  • If you’re dismantling an office chair, you’ll almost probably need to use some kind of tool. A perforated pipe screw and a latex hammer will be needed if the barrel is to be removed from the chair. Additional parts, such as armrests, seats, or cushions, may necessitate the use of a screwdriver driver or hex tool. Check to see that you have all the tools necessary to disassemble the chairs.
  • Dismantling the cylinder isn’t necessarily a quick process: Take care when dismantling chairs to avoid injuring any of its parts. You can never go wrong with an office chair that has been well cleaned. If you don’t need to, don’t divide the chair into sections. Because each chair has its unique set of instructions, it’s best to start at the top and work your way down.

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Tips and Tricks For Disassembling An Office Chair

Consider these suggestions and tactics before dismantling an office chair, following all of your prior knowledge. These will help ensure you disassemble your office chair without damaging or losing any parts of your chair.

  • These tips and tactics can help you disassemble an office chair after you’ve considered all of the considerations. When dismantling your office chair, it’s important to follow these steps to avoid damage or losing any parts.
  • When disassembling the chair, take care not to scratch or damage the area on which you are working. Make use of a leftover blanket or cardboard. Protecting your surfaces as well as the chair is made easier by this.
  • Refer to the assembly instructions if you’re experiencing trouble disassembling your chair. Depending on the maker, you may be able to locate them online. After that, go through the steps in the opposite sequence.
  • Make sure you don’t delete anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Exactly the right amount of room for the chair.
  • Never attempt to disassemble the mechanism of your chair if you want to keep it in working order.
  • Removing the cylinder from the base is easy and only requires the use of a rubber mallet. Tap the cylinder’s sides to assist loosen it from the base if it won’t come out.

The Best Office Chairs To Make Your WFH Situation More Comfortable

Hon Ignition 2.0 Mesh Back Task Chair

  • Approximately 28.5, 27.5, and 44.5″ across
  • Choices include black and fog.
  • Swivel is the base movement.

The Ignition 2.0 is a reasonably priced high-end office chair with all the functionality you need. A contoured seat cushion and a stretchy mesh frame provide all-day comfort, and the chair can be adjusted in a variety of ways to suit your preferences.

A synchro-tilt system, pneumatic seat height adjustment, tension control, and a synchro-tilt mechanism are also included. Additional personalization options include a variant with a slidable seat. Lumbar support can help keep your back in an ergonomic position, and the five-star base features casters that allow you can easily move around your office.


  • Quite a few handy features that can be changed
  • Seats that can be slid back and forth.
  • For a limited period of time


  • Only a few shades are available.

Nobelwell Office Chair

  • 21.2 x 18.9 x 45.3 inches in size
  • Options for color:
  • Swivel is the base movement.

This Noblewell chair is one of the most economical solutions for great ergonomics you can find. For suffocating environments, the chair’s high mesh back and adjustable headrest make it ideal.

You may adjust the lumbar support, armrests, seat height, and waist height of this chair to fit your demands and provide long-term comfort. The backrest may be tilted from 90 to 135 degrees, and the casters move quietly while yet providing a high level of stability..


  • Budget-friendly
  • Design elements that can be altered
  • Headrest with built-in support


  • There is no guarantee of any kind listed on this page.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 23.66 x 76.25 inches
  • Options for color:
  • Swivel is the base movement.

The Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair’s lumbar support can be moved in two directions, making it ideal for maintaining your spine and neck in optimal alignment all day. You may adjust the piece’s height and depth using dials on the chair’s back. This allows you to find the most comfortable posture for your body.

Additionally, this chair offers a slew of handy functions. Cushioned seats and a variety of customizable features make this chair comfortable to sit in (via tilt). It’s also covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


  • Lumbar support with a two-way ratchet mechanism
  • Multiple features that can be adjusted
  • A five-year guarantee


  • There aren’t any caster wheels.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

  • 24.5 x 26.5 x 40.75 inches
  • Options include black, fog, crepe, and a variety of seat and frame colors.
  • Swivel is the base movement.

For those looking for a chair that’s both stylish and comfortable, Herman Miller’s Sayl Chair is a great option! Your spine is kept in optimal ergonomic alignment thanks to the chair’s flexible elastomer back. Adjustable lumbar support can also be used to alleviate back pain. Armrests and seats can be adjusted in a variety of ways, but these options aren’t included in the base price.

The Sayl Chair can also be customized to meet the look and feel of your room. The seat can be upholstered in a variety of materials and colors, depending on the base color selected. In addition, it’s available with carpet or hard floor caster wheels.


  • Customization possibilities abound.
  • Supporting the spine in the correct manner
  • Design with a twist


  • Features that can be adjusted for an additional fee

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

  • 16.75″ x 27″ x 41″
  • Black, graphite, polished metal, and more colors are available.
  • Swivel is the base movement.

Herman Miller’s Aeron office chair is an excellent investment for anyone who work eight or more hours a day seated in a chair. A mesh back, a strong base, and three various sizes to pick from ensure that you’ll be comfy throughout the day with this chair’s ergonomic design.

In addition, there are numerous ways to customize the chair. In addition to the tilt and seat angle adjustments, the arms are fully adjustable, and a lumbar pad may be added for additional support if desired. To top it all off, a 12-year warranty ensures that your money is well-protected.


  • Design that can be completely altered according to individual preferences
  • a wide range of customizable options
  • One-decade limited warranty


  • Expensive

Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair

  • 6 feet 6 inches by 6 feet 6 inches by 53 inches
  • Color possibilities include black, burgundy, gray, and many others.
  • Swivel is the base movement.

It’s a good idea to use mesh office chairs on hot summer days because they are incredibly breathable and don’t absorb heat. The flexibility of the Oline ErgoPro makes it a top pick in this category for maximum comfort. With a variety of hues to choose from, it’s sure to fit your decor.

The headrest, armrests, height, knee tilt, and tilt tension can all be adjusted independently on this chair. The chair has a 5-year warranty and a dynamic lumbar support that adjusts to the amount of pressure applied to it.


  • Mesh structure that doesn’t impede airflow
  • Multiple shades are on hand.
  • Support for the lower back that changes as you move


  • A maximum weight of 275 pounds

X-Chair X4 Leather Home Office Chair With Memory Foam

  • 26.50 x 26.50 cm / 8.2 inch × 8.2 inch
  • Options for color:
  • Swivel is the base movement.

Leather office chairs might be hard to come by, but the X-Chair X4 is a great option for those looking for both comfort and ergonomic support. The leather upholstery on this sleek, modern chair provides a sumptuous feel, and it still has various adjustment options.

Furthermore, this chair includes reclining seats that can be adjusted for height, depth of the seat, width and angle of the arms. In order to customize the seating comfort, a seat slider on the back of the chair provides an easy way to change the depth.


  • Leather with a natural finish
  • Slider for the chair’s seat
  • Numerous options for customizing


  • Expensive

Laura Davidson Furniture Soho Soft Pad Management Chair

  • Inches: 25 by 25 by 37
  • Dark gray, brown, blue, and many more colors are available.
  • Swivel is the base movement.

Make sure to check out Laura Davidson Furniture’s Soho Soft Pad Management Chair, which is both stylish and functional. This Eames-style chair is available in a variety of colors and features a durable leatherette seating surface and a sturdy steel frame..

Not only is the chair stunning, but it also appears to be really comfortable. The chair contains foam back and seat cushions to keep you comfortable throughout long meetings. There are height, seat tilt, and swivel settings.


  • Stylish mid-century modern architecture.
  • Back and seat cushions are made of foam.
  • Multi-colored options are available.


  • There is no way to alter the length of the arms.

Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair With Headrest

  • This item’s measurements are: 23 x 23 x 40
  • Blue jay, canary, grey, and more colors are available.
  • Swivel is the base movement.

With a 400-pound weight capacity, the Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair is a perfect choice for tall persons. To accommodate a variety of sitting positions, the chair features an adjustable headrest and high-tech armrests that move in tandem with your arms. In addition to a range of color options, this chair’s seat cushion is more flexible than others, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable no matter how you sit.


  • Three height options are available.
  • Weight capacity that is over typical
  • Multi-colored options are available.
  • Armrests swivel in response to your arm movements.


  • Expensive
  • Not padded: Armrests

How Do I Choose An Office Chair?

The following are some of the most significant things to keep in mind when comparing various seats. To help you narrow down your options, here are some features to consider.


The greatest office chairs are the ones that can be modified to accommodate your body and work environment. Doctor Shah notes that an ergonomic chair features a back support that can be adjusted to meet the curve of the spine and the neck, as well as lumbar support and adjustable arm rests.

Lumbar Support

An office chair that gives some kind of lumbar support is especially important. Some come with a lower back brace, while others include a pillow. Any way you slice it, this function is critical for keeping your neck and back pain to a minimum all day long. Adjustable lumbar support in a chair is ideal since it allows you to customize the level of support to meet your specific requirements.


The materials used in the construction of office chairs should be taken into account when comparing different models. High-density foam is best, as it will last longer, and certain seats are shaped to accommodate your body better. Generally speaking, chairs with mesh backs are more breathable, while those with upholstered foam backs are more supportive.

Weight Capacity

If you’re a bigger person, it’s crucial to check the weight limit of an office chair before purchasing. There are several desk chairs that can support more or less weight than the standard 300 pounds.


A lumbar pillow, for example, can assist the chair suit the user’s body and support the lower back muscles, says Dr. Shah.


Can I Get Replacement Office Chair Parts?

Your office chair manufacturer has a significant impact on this question’s answer. Some models aren’t supported very well by others. As a result, finding new parts is nearly impossible. There are a few manufacturers who allow you to acquire replacement parts for your chair after disassembly, but this is not always the case.

Do I Damage My Chair by Disassembling It?

When disassembling an office chair, you shouldn’t have any problems unless you apply excessive pressure to the chair’s components. Inserting or removing components from office furniture that is held together by a snap mechanism necessitates using a decent amount of force. It is quite improbable that this will have any negative consequences.

Just make sure you’re using the correct tools if you must. It’s important to keep screws from being stripped or damaged in order to avert a disaster.

Which Chairs Are Best For Your Back?

According to Dr. Shah, “sitting in a comfortable chair helps one to easily hold the head over the pelvis without having the muscles do much more work to bring the head in line over the pelvis. Therefore, chairs with built-in neck and back supports that can be adjusted are a smart place to start, as they help reduce the strain on muscles.

Who Is A Mesh Back Office Chair Good For?

Mesh office chairs have a number of advantages. In addition to being incredibly breathable, mesh chairs keep your back from overheating during the sweltering summer months. In addition to being low-maintenance and long-lasting, the material of these pillows stretches to conform to the shape of your back. However, other people prefer a conventional back because it offers more general support.

Which Office Chairs Are Best For Sitting Long Hours?

Choosing an office chair that prioritizes ergonomics is essential if you spend at least eight hours a day sitting in it. This is when lumbar support and adjustable armrests come in handy. By keeping your body in an ergonomic position, the chair will help to reduce strain on your joints—including your back, neck and wrists—and prevent pain and soreness.

Who Should Have An Office Chair With A Solid Back?

Choosing an office chair that prioritizes ergonomics is essential if you spend at least eight hours a day sitting in it. This is when lumbar support and adjustable armrests come in handy. By keeping your body in an ergonomic position, the chair will help to reduce strain on your joints—including your back, neck and wrists—and prevent pain and soreness.

How To Disassemble An Office Chair in 4 Easy Steps - Home Decor Bliss

Do Office Chairs Need Armrests?

Choosing a chair that prioritizes ergonomics is essential if you spend at least eight hours a day sitting on it.” Anatomical features like lumbar support and movable armrests play a significant role here. Ergonomic chairs help you avoid pain and soreness by reducing the strain on your joints, especially your back, neck, and wrists.

Should My Office Chair Have Wheels?

Many office chairs come with wheels, although this is not always the case. When it comes to moving under and away from your desk without damaging your floorboards, wheels are often a solid solution. The chair’s general ergonomics and capacity to provide you with overall comfort will not be impacted by these minor issues.

Final Thoughts

Always take care when disassembling an office chair to prevent harm to any of the components. If it’s not absolutely required, avoid disassembling the chair’s components. To ensure proper assembly, always start at the beginning of the assembly instructions that came with your office chair. Contact the manufacturer for assistance if you have any concerns about the disassembly procedure. It’s our aim that these instructions and examples will assist you in dismantling your office chair to the extent possible.