How to Dissasemble Simlicity Bassinet for Washing? A Step-by Step Learning Guide

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All pregnant parents can benefit from Simlicity’s versatile bassinet. There’s nothing this bassinet doesn’t have. We’ll go over how to dismantle the simlicity bassinet for cleaning in this post.

What Is A Bassinet?

A bassinet is a crib for newborns that can be used for up to four months. Typically, they are oval in shape, feature mesh or cloth sides, and are designed to be easily portable.

When the bassinet is attached to the bed, it raises the mattress to the height of an adult’s hips. Many parents have found this taller structure to be beneficial in laying their infant to sleep. ”

To put your baby down and get them up from the crib may be difficult if you’ve had a C-section, so a bassinet may be a better option.

They come in a wide range of colors and designs. Some even have ruffled edges, hoods, and hidden compartments beneath the mattress. Bassinets have gained a variety of new features over the years, such as:

  • Lights
  • Sounds
  • Rocking

A bassinet is no longer a secure place for your baby to sleep after they are able to roll over on their own or weigh more than 20 pounds. When your baby is four months old, it’s time to transition them out of the bassinet.

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The Advantages of Bassinets for Baby Sleep

Space Saver Bassinet

For a newborn’s sleeping quarters, a bassinet is an excellent option because of its portability and moderate weight. Having it near the parents’ bed makes it simple to keep an eye on and comfort the baby at night. Vibration units that attach to the bassinet and help calm the infant are available.

Bassinets save Lives

Bassinets are designed for premature infants to rest comfortably. Small, lightweight bassinets are an excellent choice for babies because they are easy to transport. This allows parents to keep an eye on their infant while they sleep, making it easier for them to soothe them. In addition, fewer babies die from SIDS in bassinets than in other kinds of cribs. SIDS is a sudden, unexplained death of an infant younger than one year. Babies who are less than one year old are more likely to die from this condition. Numerous newborns have slept peacefully in a bassinet over the years. Everyone should leave the hospital in one, we believe.

Bassinets as the best baby crib for parents and child

In order to keep an eye on their infant as they sleep, many new parents prefer to have a baby monitor nearby. A safety precaution may be the case, but others say that this is simply a means for parents to comfort their children and assure that they are safe and secure. It doesn’t matter what the reason for installing a baby monitor near the parents’ bed is, there are numerous advantages to doing so.

For many parents, a baby monitor near the parent’s bed provides a convenient way to hear and see their child if they start crying at night. Parents who are having difficulty sleeping due to the presence of a newborn may find this to be especially beneficial. Baby monitors that include cameras allow parents to keep an eye on their children while they sleep, giving parents who are concerned about SIDS or other health issues some much-needed peace of mind.

Having a baby monitor next to the parents’ bed can also assist alleviate their children’s anxieties. Let’s say your child wakes up in the night and starts wailing. Being able to see and hear their parent right away can help soothe them and get them back to sleep faster.

Sleep Vibes with bassinets

The ability to attach a vibration unit to most bassinets is a feature that can be found on all of them, regardless of size or design. Babies who are still getting adjusted to life outside of the womb may benefit notably from the use of this vibrating device to aid in their sleep.

Bassinets can be fitted with a variety of vibration devices. Others utilize vibrating balls that travel back and forth to provide a moderate shaking action while others employ motors. The speed and intensity of the vibrations may usually be adjusted by parents, regardless of the sort of vibration machine they employ.

The use of a vibrating device can help many parents to get their babies to sleep faster and keep them asleep for extended periods of time. Babies who have trouble sleeping or are cranky at night may benefit greatly from this method. Additionally, if your baby is suffering from colic or gas problems, employing a vibrating machine may help relax and comfort him.

You can help your baby get the rest they need in their first months by using a bassinet with a connected vibrating machine. It’s critical that you get something for your baby so that he can sleep soundly at night.

Steps on How to Dissasemble Simlicity Bassinet

Taking the cover off of your bassinet and washing it in a gentle cycle with cold water is the first step. As usual, wash and dry the clothes.

It’s time to get down to the business of cleaning the mattress. Before putting your Graco pack n play in any other washer or dryer for sanitizing, take apart all of the plastic parts. Taking the fabric from the frame isn’t necessary, but you can do so if you want to make sure every piece is thoroughly cleaned.

Mold can grow on damp fabric, which is dangerous for babies, especially those under six months old who are more sensitive to respiratory diseases caused by moulds. Only reassemble these pieces after they have been fully cleaned and dried.


When washing and drying your pack n play pieces, do not use bleach or fabric softener. Step by step instructions for a thorough cleaning of the Graco Pack N Play may be found here.

The first step is to remove all of the plastic components that aren’t attached to the bassinet or changing table.

It is preferable to remove any toys that could fall into an infant’s mouth if left unattended for too long, even if they are made of non-toxic plastics, because there is always a chance that something could break off and pose a threat even if eaten by a child who is being closely monitored.

Steps on how to make the Simmons kid’s bassinet rocker mobile

To begin, you will need to remove the three major parts of your mobile stand base. Then, using the two screws given in the instruction booklet, reassemble the bracket by screwing it into place with a wrench.

Attach any desired mobiles and turn them on for the infant to enjoy while they rock in the second step. Step 2. At long last, double-check to see if all of the screws are securely fastened. If not, the crib could collapse or topple over, resulting in harm to your child.

What is a Removable Full-Size Bassinet?

A portable full-size bassinet allows parents to keep their newborns in one location during naps without having to shift them every time they wake up from slumber.

This is especially helpful for new mothers who are still healing after childbirth, as well as those who find it difficult to multitask on a daily basis.

Babies can also stretch out more comfortably at night instead of being limited to the little spaces that come standard with today’s pack n plays.

Steps on How to Reupholster a Wickershay Bassinet

Remove the wicker bassinet from the crib and begin the process of dismantling it. If you want to get rid of the entire piece, you can disassemble it one component at a time or just cut out the cloth with a pair of scissors.

Next, you need to cover the metal frame with the thick cotton material known as batting, which is used to provide a more pleasant sleeping environment for the child who will be sleeping in the finished product. In the event that you are on a budget and don’t want to acquire materials online, you can find this at any craft store or even WalMart!

How to Clean a Bassinet (6 Simple Steps) - MomLovesBest

Step 3: Before putting down your first layer of muslin cloth, cover each slat with batting to prevent any gaps from forming (or any cloth you want).

Adding six inches on each side of your cloth when cutting is a good idea because the muslin will shrink considerably after sewing.

Even if you decide to trim it down later, there is no going back after it has been sewed together! In order to make a bassinet mattress that can be removed, all you have to do is sew along all four edges. To avoid seeming sloppy, I recommend ironing the material before placing anything on top of it, just like you would with any other piece of fabric (such as drapes).

How To Attach The Pack N’ Play Bassinet Mattress?

Begin by pressing on one side and then drawing outwards from each corner toward yourself until they snap into place.

As a final step, slip the porta crib bottom panel beneath your mattress and align all four corners with the corresponding holes on either side of the porta crib bottom panel (there should be about two inches). Next, firmly press around each opening until it is pushed through.

How do you release the top rails on a Graco Pack and Play?

Step one is to remove the napper from its storage compartment and open it to release the top rails.

Next, lift one corner of the bassinet to separate the two sides of the bassinet. Remove the bassinet completely.

Step 3: Gently take the mattress and Napper from the container by lifting them from the two corners.

Re-zip both sides of your pack-n-play before putting it away for storage, then place your mattress on top of your changing table or dresser.

The 7 Best Bassinets

Best Overall: HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series


  • a sturdy four-legged foundation
  • a swivel that rotates in all directions
  • For the benefit of nursing mothers and fathers.


  • Heavy
  • Requires effort to move
  • Bulky

The HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series is our top option for a newborn bassinet since it has several features that parents and caregivers will appreciate as well. Your baby may rest comfortably in this bassinet, which includes a nightlight and floor lamp, a sound machine with volume control and two levels of vibration to help soothe him. You can easily approach your baby without disturbing them thanks to the 360-degree rotation of the bassinet bed.

A fitted sheet is included, and there are two storage compartments for any other essentials. With a weight limit of 20 pounds, it’s suitable for babies to sleep in just after birth. One drawback of this bassinet is that it does not have wheels, making it difficult to silently slide out of bed.

30 pounds; 36 x 45 x 45 inches; weight limit of 20 pounds per unit

Best Budget: Dream On Me Karley Bassinet


  • Lightweight and simple to transport
  • Bugs are kept at bay by an adjustable double canopy.
  • Allows for convenient storage in limited locations because to its compact folding design


  • The height cannot be altered.
  • There is a separate mattress cover available for purchase.
  • The canopy’s zipper is prone to becoming snagged.

This bassinet is lightweight, folds down, and includes a double sleeping canopy with mesh panels so that parents can keep check on their baby while also providing their child with some extra shade and protection while they sleep. With a 25-pound weight capacity and a sturdy metal frame, this bassinet is ideal for keeping your baby comfortable and protected while they sleep.

12.4 lbs. | 33 x 19.5 x 37 in. | Weight Capacity: 25 lbs. / kg

Best Splurge: Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet


  • Tracking and remote parental controls for smartphones and tablets.
  • Soothing your baby has never been easier with responsive technology.
  • Stylish, mid-century modern style


  • Only an app can regulate the bassinet’s speed.
  • The height cannot be altered.
  • Occasionally, the app may not be able to connect.

It’s impossible to beat the SNOO if you’re looking for the best invention in a mid-century modern design for your bassinet. If you have a newborn, this bassinet can tell when he or she is grunting or merely screaming. While gently rocking the infant, the bassinet also plays white noise to further soothe him.

The SNOO is equipped with easy-to-use parental controls, which allow parents to alter the sensitivity of their infant’s cry, sound, and movement from their tablet or smartphone. To help parents keep an eye on their child, the app records their sleep patterns and alerts them if they need extra care. SNOO’s hefty price is due in part to all of its innovative features, although it also offer a leasing option to make it more reasonable for parents.

Product Dimensions: 30 x 16 x 32 inches | Product Weight: 25 pounds

Best Compact: Fisher-Price Soothing View Bassinet


  • Super-thin folds
  • An ultra-thin frame
  • It’s possible to move it around or lock it in place.


  • There are no pockets for storing things.
  • Rocking must be done manually.
  • There is no background music or sound.

If you’re looking for a tiny bassinet, Fisher-Price has the best option. The Soothing View Bassinet folds down to a four-inch width when not in use. This takes very little room when it’s not folded up.

The bassinet can be gently moved to comfort the infant with a simple turn of a button. You can turn the bassinet to stationary mode if you don’t want to use the rocking mode.

A 13-pound product | With a weight of 22.4 pounds, it is the second-heaviest weightlifting machine in the world. a maximum of twenty pounds

Best for Soothing: 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet


  • Adjustable height
  • Remote motion and sound control through smartphone app
  • No tools are needed for assembly.


  • Costly
  • Heavy
  • Occasionally, the app may not be able to connect.

When it comes to providing a safe place for your baby to sleep until they are 25 pounds, you can’t go wrong with the 4moms mamaRoo. Among the features of the bassinet is a sound machine, which can be activated by pressing a button. In addition, it has a built-in timer that may be used by parents to establish a nighttime ritual for their child.

There is a 25-pound weight limit for this product, which weighs 30 pounds.

Best Stroller-Compatible: UPPAbaby Stroller Bassinet


  • The UPF 50+ sun parasol is expandable.
  • A insect shield is included.
  • A mattress with perforations and a ventilated foundation promotes proper airflow.


  • The bassinet stand is offered separately.
  • Only UPPAbaby strollers are compatible.
  • Bassinet stands can be somewhat pricey

An excellent alternative for parents who need a bassinet that they can use both while they’re at home and while they’re on the go, this bassinet is compatible with the popular Uppababy Cruz stroller (and is also available for purchase alone). With a UPF 50+ sunshade and canopy that unzips for increased airflow, this bassinet is ideal for babies weighing up to 25 pounds. With the Uppababy Bassinet Stand (available separately), the bassinet can be elevated on a flat, steady surface, or simply attached to the stroller for naps on the go.

Product Dimensions: 30.25 x 16.6 x 24.75 inches | Product Weight: 8.8 lbs | Maximum User Weight: 25 lbs

Best Play Yard: Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard


  • Design for portability with ease of packing and storing in mind
  • The base has wheels for easy mobility.
  • Stimulating toy bar that can be taken out and replaced.


  • The height cannot be altered.
  • Hard to put together for some people.
  • There is no way to carry this.

Because it is so easy to set up, take down, and carry, Graco’s Pack ‘n Play is one of the most popular collapsible play yards on the market. From the time your baby is born until he or she reaches 15 pounds, you can safely and comfortably utilize this form of bassinet. Your baby will benefit from the added visual stimulation provided by the detachable toy bar.

22.9 pounds; Product Dimensions: 40×28.5×29; Weight Capacity: 15 pounds

What to Look for in a Baby Bassinet


Although most infant bassinets are smaller than a regular crib, you should still consider the size of the bassinet before choosing. Consider where you’ll put the bassinet when you buy it, whether it’s before or after the birth of your child. When shopping for a bassinet, make sure to take dimensions of the area in which you intend to place it.

Some bassinets, like the Graco Pack n Play On the Go Playard, are foldable, portable, and collapsible (view on Amazon). Though not ideal, if you’re short on room, you may simply set up the Pack’n Play or another bassinet where you need it for naps and nights and then put it away when necessary. This isn’t the best solution. This is because if your bed gets too soft and your pillows or blankets slip off in the middle of the night, baby could get hurt.

Added Features

In this day and age, a bassinet can be so much more than a place for babies to sleep. A canopy, play yard, stroller attachments, and music are among the various options. Even if you can live without these additional functions, you should think about whether or not you really need them when traveling or when attempting to put your child down for a nap at home.

As an illustration, the UPPAbaby Stroller Bassinet (see on Amazon) comes equipped with a sunshade, can be attached to a stroller, and even has a bug shield attached. The insect shield and sunshade on this particular bassinet make it ideal for families that enjoy spending time outside, since they will keep the infant cool on a hot summer day. Alternatively, it can be used at home for naps and nighttime.

Cleaning a Graco Bassinet Attachment: A Comprehensive Guide - Krostrade


Many parents and caregivers assume that a bassinet’s primary function is to provide a place for a baby to sleep, but this is not always the case, and it can save you money in the long run. There are a variety of bassinets, some of which are best suited for travel, while others are designed to resemble co-sleeping but in a safer fashion than bedsharing, which the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against for all babies. 2

You can zip down one side of the bassinets designed to keep you close to your baby for diaper changes, feedings, or even playing. Make sure your kid is safe and sound while he or she sleeps. Babies can be soothed to sleep in a bassinet that rocks or vibrates.

So, while putting safety first, think about how you’ll utilize the bassinet and whether or not it can be put to other uses outside sleeping. Consider travel-friendly bassinets if you and your family frequently go on vacation.


How long can my baby sleep in a bassinet?

When it comes to how long your baby can sleep in a bassinet, there are a number of variables that come into play. The age and weight restrictions for bassinets should always be followed. If your child is over the weight and age limit and has hit specific milestones, going beyond the manufacturer’s guidelines could result in damage.

If you don’t comprehend the instructions in your bassinet’s instruction manual, don’t use it. If your baby begins to roll over, which can happen as soon as a few hours after birth for some babies, you may want to stop using the bassinet.

Can my baby just skip the bassinet and go straight to a crib?

Yes, in a nutshell. You don’t have to utilize a bassinet if you don’t want to. Some parents and caregivers rely on the extra features and benefits of these strollers because of their portability and space-saving benefits. It is possible for newborns to begin sleeping in a crib as soon as they are born. You’ll need to consider your lifestyle and the needs of your family before making a decision. Until you have the room for a crib, a bassinet can serve as a safe sleeping environment for your baby.

When should my baby go from the bassinet to a crib?

Check the weight and age requirements of your bassinet, but keep in mind that your baby may begin rolling or sitting up before they do. You should keep an eye on them and see whether they’re ready to move into a crib sooner than the manufacturer recommends.

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