How To Do Playpen With Arms Reach Co Sleeper? A Must Read Guide

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Cosleepers and bassinets from Arm’s Reach Concepts are likely to be on your shopping list. There are many options to choose from when it comes to co-sleepers and bassinets, ranging in price and features, and they do a great job of offering the perfect co-sleeper for everyone. The Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet is one of the top models, so I choose to review it. If you’d like to learn more about some of their other top models, please feel free to peruse the following sections.

A Safer Alternative to Bed Sharing

Having a baby in the same bed as you can be dangerous, as you may have learned the hard way. Many factors necessitate that both you and your child sleep in separate beds. With the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet, you may either have your kid in the same room as you or have them sleep in their co-sleeper, which is attached to your bed, whichever you want. Each of you will be able to obtain a decent night’s rest by having your own room.

A co-sleeper is especially useful for moms who feed their babies in the middle of the night. Before they get too fussy, you can quickly reach over and pick up your young one. Rapid response could make feeding easier and more comfortable for everyone.

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Parents who are concerned about SIDS should also consider using co-sleepers. In my experience, SIDS frightened me when I had my first child. My anxiousness was so bad that it kept me up at night. In contrast, with a co-sleeper in your room, you may rest easily knowing that your child is safe.

Their Mattress Is Level with Yours

It’s a nice perk that not all co-sleepers have. The co-sleeper bassinet’s legs can be adjusted to be level with your mattress with the Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet. Most (but not all) mattresses can be used with this method. Make sure this function is compatible with your mattress by reading the Technical Information below.

Great for After a C-Section

Co-sleepers are perfect for new mums recovering from a C-section due to the baby’s bed being at your level. Having your kid right near you means you only have to lift them a few inches rather than walking over to them and reaching down into their cot. As a result, you are spared the inconvenience of bending and lifting when your body isn’t quite ready.

Wheels for Easy Movement

Your co-sleeper can move everywhere you do because it has wheels. To watch over your child during the day, you may either leave it in your room or bring it with you everywhere you go. Cosleepers should not be rolled while your infant is inside of them. Co-sleepers come with wheel locks to guarantee that your baby isn’t accidentally moved while you’re putting it together.

Adjustable Leg Height

Simply raise or lower the legs of your Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet to the desired height. Two inches separate each of the four height settings. It is possible to purchase leg extenders from their website if the legs don’t raise the co-sleeper to your desired height. The leg extenders aren’t necessary for most people.

Adjustable Side

It’s possible to lock one side of the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet in place or lower it. Sleeping with your child close by is possible when the divider is reduced so that you both have enough room to feel secure.

Again, this is a model-specific feature. The sides of not all co-sleepers can be either full or lowered. In addition, you can have your baby very next to you with only a little safety barrier because of the adjustable legs.

Decorative Wooden Ends

This is some substantial timber, to put it mildly. It’s not plastic that has a wood-like appearance; this is real wood in its natural state. Just as important as the endurance is the beauty of this product. This co-sleeper looks like a piece of furniture to me because of the wood trim pieces.

Mesh Surrounding

The co-sleeper is completely encased in mesh. This not only makes it easier for air to circulate around your baby, but it also gives you a better view of what your infant is up to.

Convenient Storage

The Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet from Arm’s Reach Concepts has a storage pocket on top and storage underneath the co-sleeper. This is a great way to always have diapers, wipes, extra sheets, and other baby essentials close at hand.

Click here to see why this co-sleeper bassinet made our list of the best bassinets.

The Cons

There are a lot of advantages to this co-sleeper that I’ve outlined above. In my opinion, Arm’s Reach Concepts does not have a better one than this. There are, however, a few problems.

The Mattress!

The mattress, it seems, is abysmal. No matter how much you love the co-slepter, you’ll notice that the mattress is made of cheap plastic. Many folks, however, have given up their mattress in favor of a hard king-sized cushion.

It’s Only Kind of a Co-Sleeper

The Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet does serve as a co-sleeper, and that’s exactly what it is. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for bed linens, this isn’t quite accurate.

Mini co-sleeper sheets are essential when you’re looking for bedding (as opposed to regular co-sleeper sheets). A king-size pillowcase can be used instead of a fitted sheet because the mattress is the same size as a king-size pillow.

Technical Information

  • Product Weight: 28.6 lbs.
  • Its dimensions are: 31 x 20 x 34 inches in length.
  • Mattress Height: From the floor to the top of the adult mattress for bed heights ranging from 24′′ to 30′′.
  • The recommended age for use is between the ages of birth and 5 months, or when the kid is able to stand on their hands and knees.


  • is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars based on 43 reviews.
  • It’s 5 out of 5 stars with just one review.
  • There are 8 reviews on with a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Another Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeping Option

The Arm’s Reach The Versatile Co-Sleeper for Baby is a second alternative for parents looking for a co-sleeper. This bassinet can be used as a baby bassinet that can be adjusted in one-inch increments, or as an independent tiny crib that can be moved about simply. Parents can always keep an eye on their child thanks to mesh sides.

Bright Starts Jazzy Bay Playard Crib

Infants should not share a bed with their parents, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. For the first few months, parents need a good night’s sleep so they can bond with their infant, feed him or her, and change his or her diapers. This co-sleeper is best suited for newborns to about five months old.

As well as a crib mattress, the Versatile Co-Sleeper comes with a mobile that plays four songs. Reviewers gushed about the product’s ease of use, security features, and ability to keep a newborn close at hand.

5 Tips to Using the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet For Maximum Sleep

Choosing the Type of Sheets for your Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet

Your baby will be more comfortable in the bassinet if your aroma is transferred to their Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper linens while you sleep. As long as your infant is able to detect your scent, they may sleep for extended periods of time. Additionally, if you want even more comfort, you could wish to use a soft sheet. Plush sheets can help you and your family get a better night’s sleep by making the Arm’s Reach mattress more bearable for some babies.

White Noise

Babies who make a lot of noise as they sleep may not actually be asleep. The proximity of your infant to your head as you sleep can cause you to be awakened by any noise the baby makes. Either you’re startled awake, believing something’s wrong, or your sleep is disturbed and you wake up drowsier than you were when you went to bed. As a result, excessive attention to your baby’s whimpering can lead to more sleepless nights for your child in the future.

Turning on white noise throughout the night can help both you and your baby get a good night’s sleep. The volume of white noise should be comparable to the sound of a running shower. White noise can mask some of the non-critical noises in the room, such as your or your partner’s snoring, so that the infant isn’t disturbed. If your infant starts wailing or the smoke alarm goes off, you will still wake up.

Which Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper to Choose

We have a variety of sizes and options for the Arm’s Reach, including a small and Clear-Vue versions. It’s a wonderful idea to get the Clear-Vue because you can see the baby from all angles. As a new mom, you’re more likely to worry about missing something wrong, so having a resource like this is invaluable. Fortunately, the legs can be adjusted in two-inch increments between 24″ and 30″ so that you don’t need to purchase a leg extension kit like some of the other models.

Of course, if you follow the instructions exactly, I doubt you’ll go wrong with any of the choices. The products are likely to be excellent because they have been tested for safety. If you’d want to use it as a play area, the 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 can be converted into play yards!

When Baby Won’t Sleep in the Co-Sleeper

No matter how many items we purchase for our infants, we can never be certain that they will actually be used. My point is, how many well-intentioned gifts do you have languishing in your attic, closet, or garage? Even with white noise and comfortable blankets, some babies, like you, will simply not enjoy it and refuse to sleep in a bassinet or co-sleeper. Even if you have the baby in a co-sleeper with you, some babies prefer the intimacy of your body to that of the co-sleeper. Babies who suffer from reflux may benefit from having the bed tilt. How can you know which product (if any) your kid is going to like the most?

You can tell if your baby doesn’t enjoy the bassinet if he or she won’t sleep there at all. When I tried to place my infant in a borrowed bassinet, he cried. I don’t know what it was about the bassinet that he didn’t like, but he wouldn’t sleep in it for more than a few minutes. Of course, I no longer use it. However, if your baby is able to sleep some of the time in the co-sleeper, you may be able to find a solution to the issue.

Even if your baby is already sleeping, you may not be able to put them down in the bassinet because the movement of putting them down or the difference in how your arms/chest feel versus the mattress may be too great. It’s better to put your baby to sleep in the bassinet when they’re still awake, and then gently rock or jiggle the bassinet as you sing or pat their tummies, etc. As a result, they are likely to be able to fall back to sleep on their own after an hour or two, and they will be more likely to be able to do so.

Prepare for the Transition to Crib

In response to a common question, the manufacturer claims that the Arm’s Reach can be used until your baby is 5 months old or when they can push themselves up on their hands and knees without assistance (whichever comes first). Because 5 months isn’t a long time, you may not be ready to stop cosleeping and move your kid to a crib by then. This bassinet, on the other hand, does not allow for the mattress to be lowered like a typical crib does. There may be some value in the five months of easy access to your child, though! Preparing for the transition to a new sleep environment can be easier if you know this in advance. You can begin the procedure as early as 4 months old to ensure a smooth transition and the best possible sleep for your child.

How To Do Playpen With Arms Reach Co Sleeper

Folding a WowWee Pop Up Playpen is made simple with the help of this guide. The procedures are straightforward and easy to follow.

The playpen may be folded to make it easy to store and transport. Begin by opening the pop-up panel and sliding your hand underneath until you discover two buttons on either side of where the legs come together at the top of it (they should be white).

Firmly squeeze the buttons while simultaneously drawing the material toward you.

As soon as you’ve made an opening large enough for both arms to fit through, grip each leg with your hands and pull it apart from the other as far as you’d like to.

There will be a little metal rod attached via string under each of your legs when the harness is removed. Each string should be unhooked from its metal rod and the leg should be totally detachable, folding in half if at all possible.

Next, tightly roll both ends until there is no room left for your hands to fit when viewed from either end (or just take one side or corner and fold upwards).

After reattaching each hook to its respective hole on opposite ends of where they were initially attached/detached, hang onto both rods with one hand and pull hard enough so that the hooks slip off once again. Then rewrap the thread around itself.

After you’ve attached them firmly, repeat this process two more times. Your storage bag should now be full of a small-sized item.

Is Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper safe?

When it comes to baby safety and security, Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper is the best choice. Because of the mesh sides, you won’t have to get out of bed to monitor or feed your baby while they sleep.

Even when attached to the adult bed, the legs have been designed to enclose the mattress, making it easy to move around. We’ve looked into this and seen what other parents have to say about their long-term experience with the Arm’s Reach newborn sleeper.

Here are just a few of the many glowing recommendations we’ve received from happy customers: “At first, I was concerned that my Co-Sleeper might get in the way.” There are no issues with changing diapers or feeding my baby while he is inside his Co-Sleeper because of how easy it is to lift him in and out.

How do I lock my Cosco play yard?

To prevent your youngster from rolling out of it, place a piece of plywood under the legs.

Because it’s easier to get into and the door locks are more secure when the play yard is built low to the ground.

Even if you’re a little apprehensive at first, lifting up on the release handle with one hand while holding onto your infant with the other should make this task manageable. As shown in our video lesson, attach the four corner straps as soon as the bag is open.

This will keep everything in place and safe! Locking mechanisms can be linked with additional caster wheels to make moving around easier for customers who don’t like having to pick things back up.

How do you break down an Eddie Bauer Pack N Play?

Toddlers under the age of five years old should not use Eddie Bauer’s Pack N Play infant car seat. Metal bars spaced three inches apart protect your youngster from crawling through or tumbling out of the padded, tight mesh sides.

Playards with mesh allow parents to keep an eye on their children while also allowing for maximum airflow. As far as safety standards are concerned, the bottom has been constructed from a sturdy fabric that can stand up to wear and tear.

A quilted mattress pad provides comfort while being removable so you can clean it easily between uses! You’ll love knowing the Eddie Bauer Pack N Play Portable Baby Playset will provide hours upon hours of entertainment for years on end!

How do you assemble a baby play yard?

A quilted mattress pad gives comfort while being removable so you can clean it quickly between usage! Knowing that your little one will have hours of fun with the Eddie Bauer Pack N Play Portable Baby Playset is a wonderful feeling.

Having a quilted mattress pad that can be simply removed and washed between uses is a great benefit! The Eddie Bauer Pack N Play Portable Baby Playset will keep your little one occupied for years to come, and that’s something you can count on.

How do you set up a Eddie Bauer playpen?

A Eddie Bauer playpen requires you to put together the top and bottom panels. To assemble the panels, the metal bars on each panel simply slip into place between the legs. After putting the panels together, use the side clips to secure them in place.

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Attach two leg assemblies by inserting a clip into one of the holes at the base of each and pulling it down until it clicks into place. Use an adjacent set of holes on either side as a starting point for another clip.

You should now have connected all four pairs of legs together and connected any remaining elements such as wheels or storage trays according to the product specifications listed in the user manuals for each piece.

My Recommendation

With no doubt, the best bassinet from Arm’s Reach Concepts is the Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet. The wood trim and the ability to change the legs and side panels are two of my favorite features. My furniture needs to look like true furniture to me, and wood trim gives it that aspect.

I’d also prefer my child to be level with my mattress if I’m going to utilize a co-sleeper. Having adjustable legs increases the likelihood of this happening, or at least getting close enough.

Finally, the adjustable side is a big plus for me. There were moments when I couldn’t bend over and lift my children because of the C-sections I had with them. As a new mother, it can be difficult to bend and scoop something so small and wriggly off a crib mattress when you are still recovering from surgery.

My favorite aspect of this device is that it allows you to adjust the height of the co-sleeper to match either your bed or your C-section scar.



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