How to Estimate Yardage of Fabric to Reupholster Loveseat? A Learning Guide

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Reupholstering antique loveseats, whether from a thrift store or an attic, offers them a fresh lease on life. ” It may be fun to learn how to properly upholster your furniture. However, before you can reupholster a loveseat, you need to learn how to estimate the amount of fabric needed.

A piece of furniture should be covered in enough fabric to avoid any problems. Modify the parameters of your furniture and you may have to start from scratch at some point.

If you buy more than one of the same material, you can get weird cracks in the tapestry where the design doesn’t match. Learn how to calculate upholstery fabric yardage here to avoid these issues.

Let’s go through the essentials first.

What is a Loveseat?

A loveseat is a sofa that is wide enough to comfortably sit two people. The first loveseats debuted in the early 19th century.

Sofas for two people emerged from the wide upholstered chairs for one popular in the 1700s because they could accommodate the enormous gowns worn by fashionable ladies.

The term “loveseat” refers to a piece of furniture designed for two people to sit close together.

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The Many Benefits Of Loveseats

Before you rule out the possibility of purchasing a loveseat, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Better Use of Space

Small, cramped spaces can benefit from a love seat. A loveseat’s small size makes it ideal for filling in an oddly shaped space in your house, or for adding comfort to an otherwise empty room. For example, a couch at the foot of a king-sized bed can make a room feel more opulent. As an alternative, a durable loveseat might be a terrific addition to a small office or reading area that doesn’t have place for a sofa.

Matching Ability for Good Design

Living room sets that contain a couch and loveseat are available from several furniture retailers, including Choosing a loveseat to match a couch is a sensible design step, as indicated by the fact that 60% of those polled claimed they would do so. With a sofa set, you can create an elegant room without the hassle of choosing colors and textures that harmonize. Alternatively, a large ottoman and two identical loveseats can be used to create a striking visual balance in a space.

How Much Fabric to Reupholster a Chair?

Many furniture retailers provide living room sets that contain a loveseat and couch. Given that 60% of those polled stated they planned their living room layout around a sofa, it makes sense to pair a loveseat with the sofa in the space. In order to create an upscale living space, you don’t have to worry about picking colors and textures that go together. Alternatively, a huge ottoman and two identical loveseats would provide a striking visual balance in the area.

3 to 7 yards of fabric should suffice for a broad concept of what you’ll need. If there are more than one chairs, then double the sum by the number of chairs. It’s a good thing that you’ll have a little bit of cloth left over.

However, if you’re also considering doing it yourself, it won’t be much assistance. You need to be as specific as possible when describing your requirements. Make a copy of the old upholstery to serve as a guide for the new work.

How to Determine the Amount of Fabric?

How much fabric do I need to reupholster a chair is a trickier question to answer than you might expect. If you can get an expert’s advice, you’ll be much better off than I was. Before you start measuring, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Fabric Thickness

There was a shortage of information on this topic when I first looked it up on the internet. Getting stranded forced me to acquire new skills. It’s possible that most individuals don’t give it much consideration.

However, I was dissatisfied with the way the cloth masked the color of my sofa and chairs. I was looking for a layer of cloth that would show off the color of the interior as well. In contrast, I couldn’t wear some of the garments since the cloth was too thin.

As a result, it’s important to think about the fabric’s thickness. If you genuinely like the pattern of the fabric, but it’s thinner than you’d like, buy a separate fabric of the same color without the pattern.

Fabric Dimensions

As a result, it’s important to think about the fabric’s thickness. If you genuinely like the pattern of the fabric, but it’s thinner than you’d like, buy a separate fabric of the same color without the pattern.

As a result, paying attention to the fabric’s thickness is a good idea. Even if you love the pattern on the fabric, but find that it’s too thin for your tastes, you may always buy a plain piece in the same color.

Take these factors into consideration, and then use a chart to determine how much material is needed for a given chair.

The varieties of chairs might make things a little easier if you’re in a pinch.

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What Type of Chair Do You Have?

Chairs come in many shapes and sizes. Chairs and sofas that do not meet these standards will be placed in the same category as these ones.

Dining Room Chair

This is the most common type of chair that requires reupholstering. It deteriorates in appearance since it is constantly exposed to food and water.

The structure of most chairs is the same, although the dimensions of the seat and the back can differ slightly. It’s possible to use the chair’s fabric as a template to cut your own fabric from.

Regardless of the type of chair you have, there are also edges and corners to cover.

Reupholstering two dining chair seats with 3/4 of a yard of 54-inch thick fabric is a good rule of thumb.

Parson’s Chair

The Parson’s chair, a popular dining chair since the 1930s, was designed by Parson himself. It’s a chair without arms. This one features a more linear design and square-shaped legs compared to the previous one.

To reupholster this chair, you’ll need about three yards of cloth. Half a yard more is required for a skirt.

Wing Chair

The Grandpa chair, which is also known as a wing chair, has a long back and a more laid-back style. If you want to redo the upholstery, you’ll need a large amount of cloth. A regular width yardage of 7 yards will suffice if it’s a manageable size.

Chesterfield Chair

Leather was traditionally used as the upholstery for Chesterfield chairs. Later on, it began using cloth to save costs. However, the fabric has been chosen to mimic the look of leather. You’ll require 7 yards of fabric for this chair as well.

Advice from Fellow DIY-er

Buy Extra

As a rule, Chesterfield chairs were covered in leather. After a few years, it started using fabric to save money. Leather-like appearance can still be achieved using this cloth. For this chair, you’ll need 7 yards of cloth as well.

There will be a lot of measuring going on, just like there was for me. If nothing else, you never know what could happen! There is always the possibility of making an error when separating the cloth, or something else could ruin your fabric beyond repair.

Purchase an additional two to three yards of cloth. When all is said and done, it can be put to other good use.

Take Pictures

Be sure to take pictures before you remove the worn-out furniture. In this way, you will be able to tell which piece goes where on the board. It will also make it easier for you to finish the chair’s corners.

How to estimate yardage of fabric to reupholster loveseat?

You should measure the cushions

Make a measurement of the loveseat cushion’s width and length from the seam to seam. Be sure to measure the side panels of the cushion as well.

Assuming a 54-inch width for the fabric, you’ll need about 2 yards each cushion to accommodate the different pieces and 1 inch of seam allowance. You’ll need about 6 yards of fabric for each of your three pillows.

Fabric Selection

A vast variety of fabric sizes, patterns and materials might affect how much you need to purchase.

To maintain a consistent look, you must ensure that the seams of your garments have the same patterns. If the stripes or plaids are small, well-spaced and well-separated, the upholsterer shouldn’t have to worry about much waste. As a result, you don’t need to stockpile additional cloth.

Avoid settling for a subpar cloth because you anticipate going back to the store to pick up more if necessary. This purchase appears to be prudent. Although it isn’t, don’t expect a second time through to be the same.

Measure the Loveseat’s back.

Using a tape measure, measure the length and width of the chair or couch’s back. Increase by one inch for each additional seam. To get the length in yards, multiply the overall measurement by 36 inches.

A 110-inch-long sofa with a 40-inch-tall back is approximately 3 yards long, but you should round it up to 4 yards for safety’s sake.

Re-Upholstery Chart - Fabric Resource

Measure the Loveseat’s front.

From seam to seam, measure the width and length of the sofa’s front and back. Then, for the sides, arms, and seating area, repeat the cushion placement on both the inside and outside.

As long as the width measurements are no more than 54 inches wide, simply add the length dimensions together and divide by 36. For example, a normal three-cushion, 9-foot sofa requires roughly 13 yards of cloth after adding 10% for an error margin.

Include the length and breadth of upholstery fabric needed for the front of the sofa behind the cushions in the total..

Use a sheet of graph paper.

Using graph paper, sketch out the various portions that need to be cut out based on the fabric’s breadth to help visualize the fabric measurements required..

Using the squares on the graph paper, such as one square equals one foot or six inches of cloth, you can determine your scale. As a result, you’ll know exactly how to cut the new material into its component pieces.

Make use of an Upholstery Fabric Calculator.

It’s possible to get a rough idea of how much fabric you need for your sofa or chair using upholstery fabric estimator charts.

Most fabric stores and several sewing websites give this information to help you estimate how much fabric you’ll need.

Most fabric stores and several sewing websites give this information to help you estimate how much fabric you’ll need.

Add piping to the amount if you intend to use it on the couch or chair cushions.

In order to get an idea of how much fabric you’ll need, several fabric retailers and sewing-related websites provide this information.


Finally, to summarize the question of how to estimate yardage of fabric to reupholster loveseat. When reupholstering your loveseat, you may not know how much leather or fabric you’ll need. This article is for you.

Ultimately, to answer the question of how much fabric to buy to reupholster a loveseat, here are some guidelines: There are a few things you should know before purchasing leather or fabric for reupholstering a loveseat.



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