How to Find the Best Kneeling Chair for Your Office Needs? Best Guide

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Are you looking for a Kneeling Chair with a Back Rest? To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top Kneeling chairs for the workplace! Lower back pain and increased output are two benefits of using a kneeling chair.

In this article, we’ll talk about what to look for in a Kneeling Chair with Back Support and how to find it. There will also be five of the best Kneeling Chairs reviewed!

What is Kneeling Chair With Back Support?

With the adjustable backrest of the Kneeling Chair with Back Support, you can get the best possible lumbar support. Kneeling chairs are designed to relieve lower back discomfort while also gently urging you to activate your postural muscles.

Kneeling Chairs including Variable - Back in Action

Kneeling Chair Design

In the beginning, the kneeling chair was built of wood by a Norwegian. Today’s kneeling chairs are almost exclusively made of metal, however the Varier Balans offers a design that more closely reflects the original. In order to improve user comfort, several kneeling chairs have added features such arm rests.

In order to redistribute your weight forward and relieve your lower back and bottom when you sit, most kneeling chairs have a design identical to the original. There are many advantages to such a design, but there are also some disadvantages.

Pros of Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs provide the following advantages:

  • As the pelvis is shifted forward using kneeling chairs, the spine is aligned in the ideal position. The benefits of opening the pelvis go well beyond only regaining proper spinal alignment and posture; they also include better breathing and digestion. When the pelvis is in an open position, the internal organs of the abdomen do not have to fight with as much compression.
  • Core and back muscles become stronger with regular use of a kneeling chair. In the absence of a back rest, you are using your back and abdominal muscles to support yourself.
  • In comparison to a standard chair, kneeling chairs provide a 110° trunk/thigh angle compared to the 90° trunk/thigh angle that is typical. When you sit down, this can considerably alleviate the pressure on your spine’s discs.
  • Sitting in a kneeling chair allows your hips to move forward, which is good for your back, neck, and shoulders because your weight is spread more evenly. This lowers tension on the lower back and alleviates compression of the spinal column.
  • Kneeling chairs often have height and slope adjustments, so you may customize your comfort level. It’s possible to regulate the amount of shin pressure this way.
  • You can’t concentrate at work if you’re in pain. Blood flows more freely through your body and brain while you’re sitting in a kneeling chair with an upright spinal column. You’ll feel energetic as your core muscles are working better.
  • It is possible to utilize a kneeling chair in conjunction with a regular chair. By switching between a standard office chair and various office chair alternatives such as a kneeling chair during the day, you may practice active sitting and drastically lessen these ailments such as poor posture, poor circulation, and back pain.

Cons of Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs provide a number of advantages, but they also have some drawbacks:

  • When you’re sat in a kneeling chair, your leg mobility is restricted.
  • A long-term buildup of pressure on the shins might result in pain.
  • With long-term use, it can cause a reduction in blood flow to the legs.
  • Getting up and down from a chair might be a challenge.

Kneeling chairs have some drawbacks, but they shouldn’t be your only option for sitting. To reap the most benefits, switch between a standard chair and a kneeling chair.

Kneeling chairs that have a backrest are available. Having a back rest is regarded to be unnecessary because the chair’s primary function is to slant you forward. A rocker base is available for those who want movement while working, allowing the chair to rock back and forth with your body as you lean forward and forward again.

Kneeling chairs should have an elevation of at least 20–30 degrees so that it is difficult to lean back and slump while sitting in them. The seat pan should be adjustable in height. It’s possible to move the lumbar support cushion in most chairs in order to get the perfect position for your lower back shape.

Kneeling chairs, in general, are small and portable, making it easy to transport them from one location to another. Because they’re on wheels, you can easily move them about the office. With varying degrees of adjustment, each user can customize their chair to fit their own unique sitting style.

Kneeling Chairs versus Yoga Ball Chairs

The use of exercise balls in physical therapy has been around for a long time. A base is attached to an exercise ball chair, allowing you to sit on the ball like a chair. Active sitting and micro-movements of your muscles are encouraged when you sit on a surface that is unstable.

Ideal for Physical Therapy but Not for the Office

To keep exercise ball chairs from rolling, they are attached to chair frames that have back support. The idea behind the ball chair was to take a device that had previously been effectively utilized in rehabilitation and adapt it for usage in an office setting as well. Despite the fact that a ball may be useful in physical treatment, it cannot be compared to an ergonomic chair for long-term sitting.

There are disadvantages to using a chair with a yoga ball. When you sit on a ball for lengthy periods of time, you are increasing the stress on your lower back, which can cause bad posture. Because most ball chairs do not have a height adjustment, they can only be used with desks that do not have a height adjustment. Deflated balls might make it difficult to maintain proper balance and posture while playing.

A kneeling chair, on the other hand, is more stable and may be used for a longer period of time than an exercise ball chair. However, neither should be your only chair. Even a standard office chair falls into this category. According to Conwell University studies, the optimum strategy is to alternate between active sitting and diversified standing throughout the day.

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What  can Kneeling Chairs be used for?

  • There are kneeling chairs that can assist alleviate back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and hip pain.
  • Using a Kneeling Chair to Treat Knee Pain!
  • When seated in a Kneeling Chair, you won’t need a footrest. With a Knee Pad, a kneeling chair can be even more comfortable!
  • If you suffer from back problems or aching knees, or if you’re just seeking for a different way to sit at work, a kneeling chair is a great option.
  • On carpets, kneeling chair mats should be installed. In addition to Walmart and Amazon, you can now find Kneeling Chair Mats online.
  • Knee Pillows can also be used to make a Kneeling Chair more comfortable for extended periods of time.

Features of Kneeling Chair With Back

Kneelers should not be more than 17 inches (43 cm) above the ground.#1. Ideally, the Kneeling Chair with Back Support should be at a height that is comfortable for you to kneel on while maintaining an upright posture without slouching or curving your back.

Knee pads should extend beyond the seat so that your knees can be kept in a natural position. To accommodate a wide range of customer preferences and sizes, adjustable kneeling chairs are available.

When seated in a kneeling chair, look for ones with grooved and contoured knee pads to make the experience more comfortable, especially if you plan on kneeling for an extended period of time.

This is especially crucial if you spend a lot of time on your knees throughout the day. Knee pads alleviate pressure from lengthy hours of sitting on hard surfaces.

It’s important that kneeling chairs come with knee pads that are designed to keep you safe and comfortable for long amounts of time while kneeling. Kneading chairs with adjustable heights allow you to adapt them to fit your personal height more comfortably.

Kneading chairs with changeable pad heights allow you to customize your comfort level based on how often and for how long you plan to kneel in each session.

Keeping in mind that the knees are extremely delicate and that improper care can result in irritation, stiffness, and pain, it is important that the knee pads on a chair that uses a kneeling position be made with this in mind.

In order to avoid discomfort while kneeling for long periods of time, kneeling chairs with changeable pad heights are a great option. It is possible to prevent Knee Osteoarthritis by using Knee Pads that are designed to keep the knee from flexing excessively.

Is Kneeling Better than Sitting for Your Back?

Improve your posture and ease stress on your spine by using a Kneeling Chair with Back Support. Kneeling chairs are also useful for persons who have back problems that prevent them from comfortably sitting in a standard chair for lengthy periods of time.

Kneading chairs are height and weight adjustable, making them suitable for persons of all sizes. Additionally, kneading chairs are ideal for those who need to take regular breaks from sitting, as they can either sit or kneel in the chair.

What’s the point of Kneeling Chairs?

Kneading Chairs Are Beneficial for Back Health.

How to care for Kneeling Chairs

They’re built to last a long time, but kneeling chairs do require a little TLC. How to do it is as follows:

  • After each usage, clean down your Kneeling Chair with a moist towel.
  • Knee pads do wear out over time, so be sure to get new ones! The Kneeling Chair Knee Pad Covers are no different.
  • With a Kneeler Mat, Kneeling Chairs can be even more comfortable!
  • In general, you should avoid applying any oil or wax on your Kneeling Chair because it will alter the fabric’s appearance. Silicone spray and furniture polish are included.

The 9 Best Kneeling Chairs

Best Overall: Dragonn Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Ergonomic chairs are designed to reduce the strain on your lower back that comes from sitting on a normal chair. The kneepads help Dragonn’s 90-degree seating posture protect you from leaning too far forward while you work in ergonomic comfort.

In addition, the padding is 3 inches thick, which is significantly thicker than other kneeling chairs on the market. It’s also made of mesh, which makes it breathable. Heavy-duty metal makes up the base, which can support up to 250 pounds of weight. It’s height-adjustable from 21 to 28 inches, and two of the caster wheels may be locked for further security.

Best for Tall People: Sleekform Posture Corrective Seat

It is possible to modify the Sleekform kneeling chair’s height from 21 to 28 inches with an easy-to-reach dial located under the seat. Up to 50 pounds more weight can be comfortably supported by the chair than some of its competitors.

Black faux mesh leather upholstery and double-thick padding make up the frame. This also makes it a suitable option for taller persons who, if they use a kneeling chair, will have to put a little more weight on their knees. At a comfortable 90 degrees, the seat cushion is inclined. The padding in your laptop also helps the environment because it is made from recycled materials.

Best for Storage: Flash Furniture Wooden Office Chair

When you’re not using the Flash Furniture wooden chair for IT activities or other business projects, or if you need to travel it between your home and office, one of the best things about it is how effortlessly it folds flat for compact storage. Despite this, it has all the features seen in the majority of other kneeling chairs.

The chair boasts dual-wheel casters for easy mobility and is height-adjustable and ergonomic. As an added bonus, it has a single kneepad instead of two separate ones so that you may find the most comfortable position for your body. It has a wonderful wooden frame, too.

Best for Durability: Boss Office Products Kneeling Stool

For a chair with some elements that you might expect to break down or wear out after prolonged usage, as in a home office, the Boss Office Products kneeling stool has a reputation for lasting far longer than other chairs. You may modify your height and comfort level with the press of a button thanks to a pneumatic airlift.

The steel framework measures 26 inches in height and is built to last. The chair is made of black cloth, and it has an ergonomic design that pushes your hips forward to improve posture. It’s also one of the more affordable kneeling chairs available, which is fantastic given everything you get for the price.

Best for Comfort: Office Star Knee Chair

A knee chair from Office Star provides the best of both worlds: comfort and support for your posture. For all-day comfort, the thick, padded memory foam seat cushion and kneepads are available. Additionally, the chair’s height may be manually adjusted up to 25 inches, allowing you to line it with your workstation. The dual-wheel carpet casters on the wood chair also make it easy to maneuver around the office. It can hold up to 200 pounds, so keep that in mind.

Best Splurge: Varier Variable Balans Original

Varier, the firm that started it all, has one of the greatest kneeling chairs for the workplace. The Variable Balans chair, invented by Peter Opsvik in 1979, is said to be the first kneeling chair. This Norweigan-designed chair, which is made of high-quality, long-lasting wood, is both attractive and functional. You can use it to keep your body in a natural upright position while activating your muscles and exerting minimal strain on the discs in your spinal column. Despite its high price, the chair comes with free soft tape to protect your flooring from scratches (a $50 value).

Best for Short People: Defy Desk Ergonomic Chair

Defy Desk’s Ergonomic Kneeling Chair with caster wheels can be adjusted in height from 21 to 28 inches, making it ideal for shorter persons or youngsters. Two times as much cushion as its competitors’ seat foam cushions provide all-day comfort and more elevation. The strong metal foundation, on the other hand, is capable of supporting loads of up to 250 pounds. While the chair is designed to distribute weight uniformly throughout your body, the manufacturer claims that it is more ergonomic than other kneeling chairs on the market.

Best With Backrest: BetterPosture Jazzy Kneeling Chair

The backrest of the BetterPosture Jazzy Kneeling Chair allows you to easily swap between it and a conventional office chair if you’re not used to kneeling chairs. This chair, like other kneeling chairs, distributes the majority of your body weight on your legs, so supporting your back and improving your posture, as well. A 275-pound weight limit and a height range of 21 to 28 inches are provided by the metal frame chair. It also has memory foam cushions in the seat, knee pad and retractable backrest, and five-caster wheels for effortless movement. Moreover

Best Rocking Chair: Sleekform Rocking Wooden Knee Stool

Sleekform’s rocking kneeling chair demonstrates that it is equally effective as standard kneeling chairs if not more so. This chair’s design encourages core engagement and back support when you sit. The chair’s ability to keep your body in motion while you’re seated also helps boost your energy and concentration at work. Open hip angle (70 degrees) and four-inch-thick seat (three oak crossbars and memory foam knee cushions) provide comfort and durability while promoting improved posture. The rocking kneeling chair has a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds, making it appropriate for anyone between 5’2″ and 6’6″ in height.

Guide To Getting The Best Office Kneeling Chair - Welp Magazine

What to Look for in a Kneeling Chair


While kneeling chairs don’t have as many adjustability capabilities as standard office chairs, you should still keep an eye out for height and angle adjustment ranges that can be used to customize your comfort. The range of height adjustment is the most critical. It is easier for taller persons to find a comfortable position in a larger range because there will be more wiggle room. The angle adjustment will also help you correct your posture.


Kneeling chairs provide a high level of comfort because to features like thick padding, breathable materials, and the ability to rock. Your knees will be well-padded, and you’ll be able to sit comfortably all day long thanks to the breathable fabrics and thick cushioning. An additional level of comfort can be provided by adding a rocking element, which can assist keep you active and energised throughout the day.


Who should use a kneeling chair?

When it comes to back discomfort and poor posture, kneeling chairs are a godsend. Your posture will improve and your back will be relieved of the stress that comes from sitting in a regular office chair all day. Their design helps you open your hips and activate your core. Kneeling chairs can be used instead of standard chairs if you find that they are too unpleasant to sit in for lengthy periods of time.

How do I know if I have correct posture?

In general, keep your back straight and your shoulders back when you’re working out. At the very back of the chair, your butt should be resting. It’s also a good idea to modify your posture and sit in a different position throughout the day. There are three ways to sit on a kneeling chair: one leg in the knee pad, another leg on the ground, and the other leg inside the knee pad like normal.

Should I consider a Kneeling Chair then?

People who want to enhance their posture or suffer from back discomfort can certainly benefit from a nice kneeling chair. Its very design alleviates the strain on your back and engages your core muscles at the same time. As a result, several people have seen significant relief from back discomfort. If you need a replacement for your typical office chair, this isn’t for you. To avoid the dangers of sitting for too long, combine it with regular standing, squatting, and moving around..



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