How To Fix A Broken Candle? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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Helen Skeates
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To this day, candles are still used for both functional and decorative purposes, even in the modern world. Either the wick is severed or the candle is broken into two parts, depending on how it broke apart. In either case, the candle does not become worthless. Using a lighter or hot water to fix a broken candle is the most common method.

Have you noticed that candles are becoming increasingly popular?

A lot of people use it, but they don’t understand why it breaks down. As soon as the wick burns out, the candle is normally sliced in two and the residual wick remains. Even if the candle holders aren’t used for their intended function, they aren’t inherently useless. In order to save you another dime, we’ll assist you in replacing a blown candle.

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It is possible to use candles in one of three ways:

  • Cut the wick if you want to.
  • There are two pieces to the candle.
  • The entire candle can be divided into several smaller parts. ‘

Candles are not acceptable even if they don’t work. There are several methods for repairing a broken candle wick. However, lighter fluid or hot water is the most widely utilized way.

It’s more likely that a shorter candle will go out than a longer one. The original elegance of a damaged taper candle can be restored. However, it will never be as beautiful as it was before the injury. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re having problems repairing your broken candle.

How To Fix A Broken Candle If the Wick Is Torn

Step #1

The burner should be on high heat, so fill a small saucepan or pan halfway with water. Temperatures of 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit are reached when the water begins to “dance” as a result of the heat. Because most wax candles have a melting point between 125 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit, this is sufficient.

Step #2

Make sure that the shattered ends of the candle are submerged in the pot until they begin to melt. For thin candles, a few seconds should be sufficient; for larger, denser candles, more time is required. Only the very tips of the candle parts need to be melted, so take care not to submerge it too deeply in the pot.

Step #3

The pieces should be reunited as quickly as possible after they’ve been taken out of the water. After 30 seconds of holding, gently place on a surface to dry out. The candle may not dry entirely in thirty seconds.

However, if done gently, it will be stable enough to be placed down. As a rule of thumb, a thicker candle will take longer to dry. A few minutes should plenty for most candles, though.

How To Fix A Broken Candle If The Candle Is Shattered, But The Wick Is Still Intact

Step #1

Lay out some old newspaper or fabric on a table. After that, place the candle on the table with the flame facing up. With one hand, join the two halves together.

Step #2

To see the candle’s two broken ends, pull aside the top section. You can use a lighter to fire the broken ends and keep the flame on them until the wax starts to melt. It shouldn’t take long at all.

Step #3

Put out the flame once the wax has begun to melt. Holding the two pieces together with your hands, join them instantly. For 30 seconds, repeat this procedure.

How To Fix A Broken Candle If It Is Tapered

Step #1

Melt a small amount of candle wax in a double boiler. If your beeswax taper is broken, you’ll need to melt it. If your paraffin candle is shattered, you’ll need to melt some paraffin wax.

It is not necessary to add color or scent to your candle to enhance its beauty. Ultimately, it’s up to you. Use an old newspaper, wax paper, or baking parchment to catch the shards of the shattered taper candle.

Step #2

Apply the hot wax with a paintbrush to the crack. If you wait too long, the wax will harden and become brittle. After that, keep applying wax to the crack.

As long as you’re satisfied that the candle is sturdy, hold the two sections together. There’s no need to worry about the candles outside getting dirty. To avoid this, let the candle cool on its own.

Step #3

Check if the cooled candle is strong enough to stand in a candle holder without coming apart. Then, gently place it in the candle holder. If it breaks during the procedure, repeat steps 1 to 3.

Step #4

Remove the candle from its holder by releasing the grip on the holder. Eliminate all remaining wax lumps by scraping them out of the candle with a small, pointed knife. Rub it with a soft towel to get it back to its original smoothness.

Step #5

With a heat gun, you can further smooth down the candle’s surface. Excessive use of the heat gun will do more harm than good to the candle’s finish. Heat guns can be replaced by hair dryers.

Step #6

The wick can be refinished by dipping it in fresh wax. This is your phase, so do anything you want. To melt the candle wax, use a double boiler. The height of the container and the candle must be equal.

Check to see if the cooled candle is robust enough to stand in a candle holder without breaking. Then, place it in the candle holder with care.. Repeat steps 1 through 3 if it breaks while being worked on.

In this scenario, the taper candle is only one half of a two-piece set. To make sure the colors match, reheat and dip the second half. When you’re ready to use the candle, let it cool completely before lighting it.

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Can You Save a Candle If the Wick Breaks? Here’s What Experts Say

Replace the wick.

Unless the wick is completely destroyed, there are a number of DIY methods that you can utilize to keep using your candle. As a workaround, Jones suggests using twine or even tightly rolled up newspaper in place of the wick. “Using an apple corer gadget, first twist the old wick by inserting the corer to the bottom of the candle, and [then] wriggle it about to free the wick,” she explains. Once you’ve pushed the corer all the way up, you should be able to pull it out of the candle with the wax plug still attached. The final step is to insert the fresh wick into the hole in the wax plug.

Is there a third choice available? David Bronkie, the co-founder of Siblings, says you can also thread a new store-bought wick in the hole where the wick broke off deep into the candle. “The new wick should allow you to burn your candle to the point of the old wick, at which point you may need to scrape away wax to light the old wick,” he adds.

Keep it at the right length.

Is there anything else we could try? Founder of Siblings David Bronkie says you can also use a new store-bought wick in the spot where the wick broke off deep inside of the candle.. In order to get the old wick going again, you may need to scrape away some of the wax from the new wick, says the author.

It’s recommended that the wick be one-quarter inch long before each burn, so that the burn time is longer and the aroma is more concentrated, according to Bronkie. According to him, “a too-long wick may produce too much soot and smoke, as well as a less-than-ideal aroma throw.”

Maintain wick health.

On your first use, “burn [the candle] for two hours, letting the wax melt and reach the glass’s rim,” says Jones. After the candle has cooled to room temperature, Marcus recommends trimming the wicks with a wick trimmer. She advises removing any surface trimmings after cutting wicks to the proper length.


How do you fix broken wax?

You can resolidify the wax by melting it and then putting it back together. In order to fix your wax, you should heat up some wax to the point where it drips. Bar wax is the greatest option for this. After that, apply a layer of wax to the gap between the two parts.

Can you glue a candle back together?

The thinner the candle, the more likely it is to break into two pieces, remaining attached to the wick. Even if you manage to fix a damaged candle, it will never be the same again.

How do you fix a candle that only burns in the middle?

A tunneled candle can be quickly repaired with aluminum foil. Foil can be used to make a candleholder by wrapping one side of the candle in foil, leaving a small hole in the middle for the wick to burn through.

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Can you microwave a candle to fix tunneling?

The microwave is not the best place to put a burning candle. It’s a danger! When used in an electric oven, metal wicks can be a fire hazard. Using candles with wax wicks will prevent this issue.


As a result, we’ve compiled a list of common candle repair scenarios and their corresponding fixes. The process of repairing candles is rather straightforward, provided that you follow the instructions correctly and have an understanding of what you’re dealing with.

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