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We’ll go through how to mend a broken playpen in this post so your child can have a secure surface to play on.

You don’t have to get rid of your playpen if one of its bars is damaged. Using all of the other bars to solve the problem is a no-brainer.

Ways to Fix a Playpen

There are hooks and clips on each of these bars that allow you to build longer or shorter rows, depending on your space requirements.

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Additionally, if there is an empty area next door where another panel would exactly fit, this would allow you to add more panels.

For cleaning purposes, this simple adjustment allows you to make numerous distinct configurations that will save you time because everything will stay where you put it after it is snapped together.

The playpen replacement parts are available in a variety of colors and shapes, so if something breaks on any other portion of the playpen, you can quickly replace it.

How do you lock a playpen?

A playpen can be secured in a variety of ways. Start by constructing an enclosed enclosure for your youngster from the side panels themselves.

Other models on the market utilize weak zippers or buttons instead of durable Velcro closures, so this alternative totally encloses your infant in one solid piece of fabric.

It’s also possible to buy additional panels online, so you don’t have to keep relying on fragile latches while putting the playpen up and down. When acquiring additional panels, make sure they are compatible with the rest of the unit’s components.

You can secure playpens with locking loops, which are loops attached to the four corners of the pen before the pen is locked together.

You can’t open your pen without first unlocking it, and these loops are strong enough to keep your child within even if they try their hardest!

We’ve included an additional zipper panel that may be placed along one side or underneath the top mesh part of the playpen for parents who wish to have two-sided zippers on their playpens for ease of access in and out of the unit.

When folded, the crib’s locking mechanism doubles as a carry strap, making it easy to take with you wherever you go! Before you go out and get more, be sure you don’t lose any of the pieces!


Using Anchor Loops to secure a child’s playpen is the finest method.

All four corners of your BabyBay PlayPen include anchor loops. For added convenience, we’ve included a second zipper panel that can be attached either along one side or underneath the top mesh piece of the cover.

Using the locking mechanism as a carry strap when the crib is folded up makes this portable crib ideal for traveling with! Before you go out and get more, be sure you don’t lose any of the pieces!

Baby anchor loops are the ideal answer since they prevent babies from trying to escape.

In order to keep your youngster safe, it’s important to use these durable locks as a visual reminder not to use your pen before unlocking it!

We provide an additional zipper panel that may be connected along one side or beneath the top mesh piece for parents who wish to have two-sided zippers on their playpens for ease of access in and out of the unit.

How do you lock the sides of a pack n play?

Locking some of the sides isn’t possible, but most can be done. Your baby’s preference and the model you own are the determining factors in this equation. In order to remove the two side panels, you will have to remove the locking mechanism that is attached towards the top edge of the panel opening by lifting or pulling it out.

Some brands and models of pack n play are provided with arrows suggesting how this works with this method. If there is no lock, the green arrow indicates which section has to be lifted.

Lifting this bar may occasionally result in the appearance of another bar; if this occurs, keep attempting until it does so again so that both bars can rise simultaneously and provide access to the spaces beneath where they were.

If there is a lock, the red arrow indicates what needs to be pulled down before the bar appears. With one hand, hold your pack n play and the other, try to push the metal bar toward the center of where it was attached. If that fails, press one side against something strong like a wall and use both hands on either end of the metal rod, which is around half an inch thick.

There are some types that need lifting two bars instead of just one to lock and unlock these sides, as shown by the yellow arrows. Unlocking and locking can be noticed by reading online reviews before purchasing a product, even if this is not indicated in the instructions.

It’s seen by the black arrow that some pack and plays have a locking mechanism built into the rear of where it attaches, while others have this positioned elsewhere on its sides or if there’s none, that side cannot be locked/unlocked.

If your model includes locks on these sides, the wooden arrows indicate where you would have to lift and remove bars in order to push them down.

As with lifting, pressing down will not provide you access underneath, although it may be easier to place one end into an opening if you use this method. If neither of these methods works and you’re stuck lifting each bar one at a time, consider putting a rolled-up blanket under each corner to act as a stopper.

7 Best Baby Play Pens for Safe Fun (2022 Reviews)

You’ll utilize the right playpen over and over again when it comes to baby essentials. As a safe location to place your baby, a spacious play area, or even a travel crib, a baby playpen may serve many purposes. Baby playpens that we think are outstanding are detailed in the following section.

1.Graco Pack N Play

(Best budget — $$)

As a reminder, if your baby weighs less than 15 pounds and can’t push itself up on their hands or knees, the bassinet function isn’t for you! The following are some reasons why this is outstanding: The versatility of this Graco Playpen is undeniable. There are several uses for this item, including as a little play space for your baby, a travel crib or bassinet, and even as a tiny play area for your child. While the mattress pad is attached to the bassinet, this attachment may be removed so that the playpen can be used as a more typical playpen for older kids, making it more suitable for older children.

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Beneficial for: Low-budget families want to get the most out of their playpen.

2.SASRL Baby Playpen

(Best for play time — $$$)

Keep in mind that due to its size, this playpen may not be suitable for transport. It’s a wonderful thing to have at home for your baby or toddler to play with. The following are some reasons why this is outstanding: The SASRL Baby Playpen is a child’s dream come true when it comes to imaginative play. Soft, roomy, and robust describe this playpen. A ball pit is even included with the purchase of this model. This item is well worth the investment because it will be used for many years by babies and toddlers of all ages as a safe and entertaining play space. They’re composed of environmentally safe, natural materials and include zipper doors that may be closed to keep your baby contained, or unlocked to let them in and out as they want.

Good for: Roomy settings and active infants.

3.Regalo My Portable Play Yard

(Easiest to set up — $$)

Also keep in mind that this playpen is only suitable from birth to 24 months old, so it won’t be of much use to newborns. The following are some reasons why this is outstanding: The Regalo Portable Play Yard is a convenient playpen to carry with you wherever you go. It unfolds and sets up in seconds. The accompanying carrying case makes this playpen easy to toss over your shoulder (even if you’re carrying a baby on your hip) as a portable, lightweight choice. The water-resistant material of this playpen allows it to be set up both indoors and outside. Simply unfold the playpen and click it into position, and you’re ready to use it!

Children between the ages of two and three.

4.Toddleroo 8 Panel Play Yard

(Most spacious — $$$)

Remember: Because of its extra-large dimensions, this playpen works best in areas with lots of natural light, such as the living room or backyard. Because of this, it may not work well in a smaller or more confined home. The following are some reasons why this is outstanding: This 8-panel play yard from Toddleroo enables you create a large, secure play space for your kid. There is up to 34.4 square feet of play area that can be set up in any location. There is a choice between an 8-panel play yard and a six-panel play yard, so you may tailor the size of the play yard to your needs. Carrying straps and safety features like skid-resistant pads make this playpen easy to transport, and it is safe for your child.

Toddlers and several children.

5.Fisher Price On the Go Baby Dome

(Most travel friendly — $)

Keep in mind that this portable playpen is best suited for newborns between the ages of 0 and 5 months. The following are some reasons why this is outstanding: On the Go Baby Dome is a must-have accessory for new parents with tiny children. Play areas like this one may be put up anywhere and can even double as a safe spot for a snooze. Sensory play is aided by the inclusion of hanging toys. You can take your baby with you wherever you go thanks to this portable playpen. To get some fresh air with your infant, set it up outside with a canopy that protects your child from the sun and mosquitoes.

Good for: Babies that are more active and on the run.

6.Albott 14 Panel Play Yard

(Most sturdy — $$$)

This playpen does not come with a soft mat or pad, so make sure you place it on a soft carpeted area for your baby, or get a play mat separately. The following are some reasons why this is outstanding: When it comes to the Albott 14-Panel Play Yard, one of its most distinctive aspects is its versatility. Set it up in a square, a circle, a hexagon, or any other shape that works for your space. As a result of the suction cup feature, the pieces of this playpen are firmly held in place. When not in use, it can be folded up and stored in a small space.

Effective on babies of any age and in more expansive settings.

7.Hiccapop PlayPod

(Best for outdoor use — $$)

It’s important to remember that this playpen, at 4.5 feet long when assembled, isn’t as roomy as some of the other options. You can take it with you when you travel and utilize it in smaller dwellings. The following are some reasons why this is outstanding: The Hiccapop PlayPod is the perfect outdoor playpen for your baby or toddler, thanks to its machine-washable cover and waterproof fabric. With a fabric that is both sturdy and easy to clean, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged or soiled. For larger youngsters who prefer to crawl in and out of the playpen, this one features two huge doors. Additionally, the anti-slip feet allow this playpen to be used indoors.

Does My Baby Really Need a Playpen?

You probably compiled a list of all the things you might need for your baby’s first year of life months before he or she was born. There was certainly a playpen on the list, which you probably didn’t give any thought to.

Because it’s a given that a new baby will need a playpen.

I’m not sure about it… I promise, we’ll get there.

If this was your first child, you probably went to your local baby supply store and built a gift registry using that list. Onesies! Monitors for infants! Slings! Swings! If you had everything on your to-do list when your baby shower came around, you may have had a good time.

But, if the playpen was never built, do you really require one at this point?

The Benefits of a Playpen

What’s the point of having a playpen? But why bother?

As a starting point…

  • When your baby gets mobile, a playpen can be a secure haven for you to leave him while you use the restroom, prepare supper, or just have some much-needed mommy time.
  • Multi-purpose playpens are rather common these days. A baby gate or a second changing station can be made from them. For travel, most of them are readily disassembled and loaded into a car.
  • Your child may benefit from having a separate play area where he or she can feel secure enough to explore on his or her own.

The Drawbacks

So why not acquire a playpen for your child?

If you live in a small space, you may not even need it—and it may just be a waste of space. Smaller homes may necessitate using your baby’s crib as a playpen instead.

Additionally, opponents claim parents may put down and ignore their infants because they feel their baby is safe and secure in a playpen. Even if you have a playpen, you can avoid the chance of this happening and the reasons why it is undesirable (since newborns thrive on interaction).

What to Keep in Mind

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a second-hand playpen, such as whether or not it has been recently recalled for safety issues (this can be easily checked online) and whether or not it is clean and in good shape.

Also, keep in mind that the playpen and the crib have the same set of guidelines. Nothing to suffocate your infant on, and nothing to aid him or her in his or her escape via crawling.

Choosing Safe Baby Products: Playpens

They are popular with parents since they know their children won’t be able to get out of them. Adult supervision is always required when children are in playpens, and playpens are not a substitute for it.

Look for these things in your search results:

  • To ensure that the playpen is safe for your child, look for JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) accreditation (CPSC).
  • There should be at least 20 inches (51 cm) on each side of the playpen, when measured from the floor.
  • Because small buttons and fingernails can get caught in the mesh, the openings in the mesh should be no larger than 14 inch (0.6 centimeter). Maintaining the integrity of the mesh should be a top priority.
  • A maximum slat spacing of 2-3/8 inches (5.08 cm) should be used in a wooden playpen.
  • You can protect your kid from bumps by looking for rails with padding on the tops.
  • The bottom of the playpen should have a 1-inch thick mattress or cushion.
  • Keep your infant out of harm’s way with the locks that allow you to lower one side of the crib.
  • Ascertain that the playpen’s hinges and supports are well-protected.
  • Top rails that automatically lock into place when the playpen is in its usual position should be sought.
  • The floor of a used playpen should be examined for signs of wear.


  • With the side of a mesh playpen down, never leave a baby alone in it. The baby could become ensnared between the floorboard and the mesh side. Only one mattress should be used due to the risk of suffocation.
  • No soft bedding or pillows should ever be used in the child’s playpen.
  • The mattress or cushioning in the playpen should never be replaced, as it may not fit the playpen properly.
  • Check for tears in all padding on a regular basis, and patch or fix any that are found.
  • It’s a good idea to show caregivers how to set up the playpen correctly and go over the safety guidelines with them.
  • As a general rule, always place your child to sleep on their back.
  • Place the playpen away from windows. Drapery and blind cords have the potential to suffocate a newborn.
  • Do not utilize a playpen with enormous diamond-shaped perforations from a hand-me-down since a baby’s head could get trapped in the large holes forming the diamonds.
  • Toys should never be hung from the playpen’s sides.
  • When your child can readily climb out of the playpen — when he or she reaches 34 inches (86 centimeters) in height or weighs 30 pounds — you should stop utilizing the playpen (14 kilograms).

FAQs about Baby Playpens

1.Do I need to get a playpen for my baby?

You don’t have to do anything as a parent. It’s also a good idea to have a playpen for your infant. You may leave your kid in a playpen while you go about your day, which is a nice feature to have on hand. Many playpens can be used in a variety of ways, and some of them can last a child for several years.

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2.How much do baby playpens cost?

Baby playpens come in a variety of pricing ranges, so this truly depends on whatever playpen you choose for your child. Playpens can range in price from as low as $70 to $100 to as much as $200 or $300 for the more expensive models. It’s not impossible to discover a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

3.Are playpens good for babies?

You and your infant will both benefit from some alone time, and having a safe location to put your child down is essential. To be on the safe side, you should never leave your infant alone in a playpen for long periods of time. When you need to attend to a pet or another child, or just need a few minutes away from your youngster, a playpen is the perfect solution.

4.Which baby playpens are the best?

The ideal baby playpen will be determined by the specific requirements of your household. In the market for a playpen that can double as a travel crib, the Graco Pack N Play might be the best option for you. The Albott 14-Panel Play Yard, on the other hand, may be a better option if you’re looking for something a little larger for usage at home.

5.Are baby playpens washable?

For the most part, playpens may be cleaned with soap and water. It is possible to spot clean some of the fabric alternatives or to remove the removable covers and wash them in the washing machine. To clean the plastic baby gate-style playpens, you can use whichever cleaning chemicals you like. Seek out the user manual for your child’s playpen for more cleaning suggestions.

6.Are baby playpens useful for travel?

Yes! Traveling with a baby playpen is an excellent benefit of owning one. In order to ensure that your baby is secure when staying in a hotel, carry along a safe, easy-to-set-up playpen. It may also be used as a travel crib.


Final conclusion: Baby playpens of all kinds are widely available and cost-effective. The greatest alternative for your family’s individual needs is out there, even if it’s difficult to choose one among so many wonderful options. Consider the ages of your children, the intended purpose of the baby playpen, and your overall budget before making a purchase.

A good playpen is something that every family should have. It’s impossible to hold your baby at all times, so having a safe place to put them down will allow you to step away without worrying about their safety.