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Many people have one or more Hunter swivel chairs in their living rooms. They provide ease and convenience for people of all ages. I was wondering how you would go about fixing them if they broke.

This is not a difficult task. Here, we will break down the process of fixing a hunter swivel chair so that you can get back to lounging in your favorite chair as soon as possible.

How do you repair a wooden swivel chair?

It’s not that hard to figure out! You’ll need a few simple tools and a few spare parts, all of which should be obtainable at your friendly neighborhood hardware store or housewares emporium. Have no fear if you are unable to track down the specific component necessary to repair your broken chair. Getting you back into your favorite chair is our goal, so we’ll go over the steps required to install whatever replacement you need.

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Steps on Fixing Hunter Swivel Chair

Initially, take your chair apart and take off the broken swivel handle.

To begin fixing our swivel chair, we need to get rid of the broken handle. Applying firm pressure while pulling up and towards you should be enough to get it off. It could take a few tries to get this right. If the handle is still attached but has some slack and isn’t moving as you’d like, try prying it loose with pliers or giving it more time to separate on your own.

Step 2: Take Off Chair With a Swivel Handle That Won’t Turn Because It’s Broken

We need to clean the seat thoroughly after we remove the broken swivel handle to ensure that the new replacement part doesn’t get scratched. Pull gently while jiggling back and forth between these two sections of the chair using needle-nose pliers with rubber tips for grip. By the time you’re done, whatever is stuck under there should be easy to pry loose.

Step 3: Refit the Chair’s Swivel Handle Replacement

It is time to fix our chair by attaching the new swivel handle we just bought after we cleaned up the broken one and took it off the seat. Before we move forward, we need to make sure both pieces are dry and free of dirt and debris.

The first step is to press the rubber end of one needle-nose pliers against the edge of the metal ring atop the new swivel handle piece, then firmly grip the pliers and pull back toward yourself (away from the straight line).

It should be obvious how this will make room for the swivel handle’s “ear” to fit through. You’ll need to do the same thing on the other side to make room for the “ears” of your replacement component.

How do you fix a hydraulic chair that won’t stay up?

Hydraulic chairs have a pump built into the arm that transfers air from one side of the piston to the other.

How much force is needed to pump it can vary based on the chair’s design, the user’s weight distribution, and the amount of difference between the sitting weight and the user’s weight. Some people find them difficult to operate without assistance, so they may not be suitable if you tire easily or have trouble moving around.

If your hydraulics are malfunctioning in any way, such as if they are leaking fluid or if they don’t seem right after having been fixed by someone else, you should seek professional assistance rather than attempting a fix on your own.

How do I stop my chair from sinking?

Because of a possible hydraulic fluid leak, the chair may sink when it is not in use. It is possible to disassemble and repair your chair. If you’ve already tried this and failed, it might be time to seek outside assistance rather than keep plugging away at it on your own.

The Best Hunting Chairs for Blinds and Stands

There’s a chair here for every hunter, with useful features no matter if you like to sit in a treestand, a ground blind, or go from place to place during the hunting season. The best ten hunting chairs of each variety are listed below.

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth – Best Blind Chair

Here’s Why You’ll Enjoy It – The ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth is the best bling chair on the market, in our opinion. The wide ball and socket feet on the rugged powder-coated steel legs are adjustable to accommodate any surface.

It’s not exactly light, coming in at just over sixteen and a half pounds, but it folds down nice and small for transport to and from your hunting blind or stand. The Stealth chair was not designed for rapid-fire shooting anyway. It is designed to be taken down and stored away after each trip or installed in a permanent stand.

The seat’s height adjusts from 19″ to 23″, making it suitable for use in a wide range of stands and blinds. The steel frame can hold up to 275 pounds, but that’s not to say you should load it down to that limit.

ConsThe ALPS Stealth’s main flaws are the fabric and the packability. The fabric on some seats has frayed after only a year or two of use, and the swivels on others have started squeaking. If you ever have any issues with your ALPS product, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of by their excellent warranty and customer service.

2. Browning Strutter – Best for Turkey Hunting

Reasons You’ll Enjoy It – This turkey season, sit comfortably in the Browning Strutter, a hunting chair tailored to your needs. It is available in two excellent camouflage patterns for turkey hunting: Mossy Oak Break Up and Realtree Edge.

The Strutter has angled armrest pads and a low seat height (three to four inches). It can hold up to 300 pounds, and the seat itself measures 25″ wide by 16″ deep.

The powder-coated steel frame and padded shoulder strap of the Browning Strutter Hunting Chair are two of its notable features. The chair weighs an ungainly 8 1/2 pounds, but it folds up nice and small into a bag you can sling over your shoulder.

3. Millennium G100 Shooting Chair – Premium Choice

All the Reasons Why You’ll Enjoy It – The G100 is top-tier, as it includes anything and everything a user could want. You won’t find a better hunting chair than this exceptional shooting chair. Lots of happy hunters have reported using the ComfortMAX full-back swivel seat with height-adjustable tripod legs and swivel base.

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The G100 is a sturdy chair with a collapsible aluminum frame for portability. Millennium claims that this chair weighs 8.5 pounds, but I would estimate that it weighs closer to 10 pounds. The sturdy fabric of the seat back and the powder-coated frame are just two examples of the high quality of construction.

There are also matching holes for an M600 bow holder and a G101 shooting stick (both sold separately).

ConsThe high price tag is the most obvious negative aspect, but bear in mind that you are purchasing a high-quality product. Comparable hunting chairs can’t compete with the superior construction and 400-pound weight capacity of this one. Some hunters have complained about discomfort, but this is typically due to factors like individual taste or physical limitations.

4. ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MC Hunting Stool

All the Reasons Why You’ll Enjoy It – If you’re in the market for a hunting stool, look no further than the ALPS Rhino MC Hunting Stool. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a standard 3-legged camping chair, but it’s actually loaded with useful extras for hunters.

Seating is provided by a 19″ x 19″ triangle with an angled back and is covered in either of two camouflage patterns. The angled back support is ideal for sitting in the blind and shooting, and the triangle seat is roomy enough for a hunter dressed in heavy clothing without digging into his thighs.

The two mesh pockets are great for quick storage of small items. The Rhino MC can be folded up and stored in a backpack in a matter of minutes. With a total weight of only 5-1/2 pounds, it is easily transportable to your hunting grounds.

Con: The most common criticism is directed at the included carrying case. When the bag is folded, it is awkward to put on and take off the chair. This stool, if purchased, can easily be stowed away in a suitcase or suitcase. The Rhino MC can support up to 375 lbs, but those who are considerably heavier than that should look elsewhere. Normal-sized people shouldn’t have any problems.

5. Primos Double Bull Tri Stool

I think you’ll enjoy it because – Comfortable and convenient, the Double Bull Tri-Stool is a popular choice among hunters. There are two fabric straps for back support and it weighs about 7.1 pounds. Despite the manufacturer’s claim that the stool can only support up to 300 pounds, some hunters have reported having friends who weigh more than that use it with no issues.

The Double Bull doesn’t have a bag, but it’s simple to throw in a backpack. There are many hunters who will attest that this chair is the best they’ve ever had. Steel construction is sturdy and rarely makes any noise. An injection of grease in the right spot will silence any squeaks or creaks you may hear.

6. Guide Gear Big Boy Blind Chair – Largest Hunting Chair

And here’s why you’ll enjoy it: Consider the Big Boy Blind Chair if you’re a big hunter who has trouble sitting comfortably in standard hunting chairs because of their lack of support. The maximum weight it can support is 500 pounds, making it the heaviest item available. Seat dimensions are generous at 21″ x 19″, and the Dura Mesh fabric shapes to your body without the need for padding.

The Big Boy can hold up to 500 pounds thanks to its sturdy steel tube frame and rubber “duck feet” for increased stability. The total weight is 20 pounds. The armrests serve their purpose but aren’t too bulky as to be an obstruction.

ConsThe Big Boy has a tendency to unfold on its own when being carried, but this is easily remedied with a short bungee cord. Armrests aren’t as sturdy as the rest of the chair. If you anticipate any uneven ground, you may want to spring for the Millenium G100 or ALPS Stealth chairs instead due to their adjustable legs.

7. Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair

The Reasons Why You’ll Enjoy It – In essence, the Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair is a metal folding chair with some added features designed for long days spent in a tree stand. Strong powder-coated black paint covers the steel tubing legs and frame, and there is a 360-degree swivel at the very top.

Each seat cushion is 2-1/4 inches thick, and the backrest is padded as well. The seating area is protected from wear and moisture by tough 300d nylon that has been coated with a PUR coating. A permanent blind or deer stand is recommended due to the chair’s weight of just under 12 pounds.

ConsThe fabric makes a rustling noise when you scoot on it, and the backrest has been criticized for being too hard. Although the seat is well-padded, the backrest is essentially just thick fabric stretched over a steel frame.

8. ALPS OutdoorZ Tri-Leg Hunting Stool

Here’s Why You’ll Enjoy It – As simple a hunting stool as the ALPS OutdoorZ Tri-Leg is hard to come by. Don’t be fooled by the low price; this item has been highly praised by hunters in the field.

For starters, it weighs a mere 2 pounds and comes with a carry strap that can be attached to the legs in lieu of the included bag. Some hunters say it can hold more than 250 pounds, and it certainly can.

The Tri-Leg Hunting Stool is ideal if you frequently hunt from blinds or prefer to simply set up next to trees. If you’re planning on using them in the field, it’s worth it to stock up and throw them in a duffel bag.

9. ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Vanish Hunting Chair

All the Reasons Why You’ll Enjoy It – Among turkey hunting chairs, the ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Vanish Hunting Chair stands out as a top option due to its exceptionally low profile. The maximum load it can support is 300 pounds (approximately 136 kilograms), and it only weighs 7 pounds. The armrests are padded, and the mesh back allows for ventilation.

It has a padded shoulder bag and a steel frame that is powder coated, just like every other ALPS chair. Padding can be seen on the arms. It serves as a place to rest your arms, but it also keeps your belongings from making a racket if you bump into it.

Cons: The Vanish turkey hunting chair leans forward 9″ and back 6″, which may be too much for some hunters, but is praised by those who hunt turkeys regularly.

10. REDNEK Portable Hunting Chair

You’ll Like It Because… The square tubing design of the Rednek blind chair is unlike anything else in the world of three-legged stools. The seat’s solidity is owed to the tubes that extend from the floor to the back of the chair. You can lean back and not feel a thing; that could be very appealing.

Push-pin sliding feet that are also self-leveling make the legs fully adjustable. The padded seat and backrest both have covers that can be removed for washing or deodorizing purposes. Seat can be rotated a full 180 degrees, which is more than enough for most uses.

Negatives Extra padding can prevent the seat from scraping against the frame during swiveling. Although not as compact as our best chairs, the Rednek chair folds up for easy transport.

Selecting the Right Hunting Chair for You

You should give some serious thought to your next hunting chair purchase. Consider your typical hunting method or the purpose you intend to use it for.

Hunting from a ground blind and from a deer stand have distinct requirements. When hunting from a blind, the hunter cares more about ease of use and comfort than about portability, since they won’t be moving the blind once it’s set up.

However, a run-and-gun turkey hunter needs to think more about the chair’s weight and its stability on uneven ground.

With that in mind, it’s helpful to quickly review the different types of hunting chairs and stools, and the different types of hunting that call for them.

Types of Hunting Chairs

There is a specific hunting scenario that calls for the use of each distinct variety of chair. While others are designed for ground blinds and mobile hunting, some prioritize comfort.

  • When hunting birds, deer, or other game from a blind, a swivel shooting chair allows you to easily pivot to the best vantage point. In order to maintain a steady aim, some swivel shooting chairs feature holders for a shooting stick.
  • Unlike standard chairs, which have fixed legs, tripod chairs allow you to adjust the height of each leg individually for optimal comfort and stability, regardless of the surface you’re sitting on.
  • Chairs that fold up like tents are called folding chairs. They are lightweight but still comfortable, making them ideal for travel. Both standard chair height and a low profile for turkey hunting are available.
  • Hunting stools are the most compact and lightweight option. They’re the most convenient hunting chairs because they fold up and can be brought along.

What Type of Hunting Will You Do?

The next step is to choose a chair that best suits your hunting style. Are you going to use a spot-and-stalk strategy to hunt an elk, or will you be hunting deer from a deer stand? Perhaps you’re hunting ducks or geese from a ground blind. No matter the type of hunting, there will be a corresponding chair.

  • Deer Stands – If you’re going to use a deer stand, you should be prepared to wait for quite some time. Having something to lean on or sit on that provides back support and padding is essential. Because not every deer stand is built the same, you should bring a chair that can be adjusted for height. The ability to swivel and fire in any direction is also desirable, in case the deer decides to come charging at you from an unexpected angle.
  • A good backrest and a cushioned seat are necessities in ground blinds, just as they are in deer stands. When hunting turkeys or waterfowl, you may need to sit lower in the stand than you would in a deer stand.
  • The ideal chair for spot-and-stalk hunters is one that can be easily carried to a vantage point, weighs next to nothing, and provides ample support for sitting for long periods of time while glassing for game. You need something that won’t weigh you down too much when you’re packing up to stalk an animal, but will be comfortable while you’re out looking for it.
  • As an alternative to rifle hunting, bowhunting requires a specially designed chair that won’t get in the way of the hunter’s aim from any angle. Rifle shooters can benefit from the bench rest or integrated shooting stick on some chairs.

Hunting Chair Features & Design

A simple chair, which may seem inconsequential, can actually make a significant impact on your hunt. Try to recall all the times you sat for an extended period of time while hunting.

When you first stood up to take aim, how did you feel? Were you preoccupied with your aching back, the swaying of your chair on the unstable ground, or the fact that you were either too low or too high in the blind, distracting you from the animal you were trying to shoot?

Hunting Chair 4 Legs 360 Degree Silent Swivel Blind Folding Chair | TideWe

A good chair will serve its purpose while remaining out of the way when it isn’t needed. Now, hunting chairs have advanced to the point where they can greatly enhance both your comfort and your success in the field.

  • To avoid having to completely readjust your body for a shot, a 360-degree swivel seat is a great option.
  • Tripod legs that can be individually adjusted for use on uneven ground. Without this, you can expect a day of shaky stability.
  • Some chairs have a built-in gun rest or a place to hang shooting sticks so that you always have a secure base from which to fire.
  • Your seat’s height is crucial, particularly in a blind or stand situation. The height of an adjustable stand allows the shooter to adjust the vantage point of their shot according to their own body proportions and the dimensions of the stand.
  • Although stools lack the back support and arm rests of other types of chairs, they do have their uses. Most are portable and flexible, but lack a backrest that would make long periods of sitting more comfortable. While backrests and armrests improve comfort, they also make carrying the pack more cumbersome and, on long backcountry treks, even more of a burden.

If the stool or chair is poorly designed or made of low-quality materials, it won’t matter how many features it has. Some things to keep an eye out for are:

  • Materials for the Chassis – Aluminum or a composite, which are both lightweight and strong, would be ideal. Don’t settle for frames made of cheap metal or plastic just because they’re more affordable.
  • A chair that makes noise when you fold it up or swivel in it isn’t a good chair. Good hunting seats won’t make any noise at all, and they’ll have a comfortable design.
  • A good material for a seat is one that doesn’t hold odors and has a scent lock, or whose cover can be washed to get rid of any lingering odors. Long periods of time spent sitting in the padding necessitate its being both firm and comfortable. Chairs with mesh backs are more breathable and comfortable than those with solid backs.
  • Selecting the Right Stool or Chair for Your Weight – It is important to select the right stool or chair for your weight. Chairs that can’t support even average-sized men will inevitably break under the strain of a hard day’s work in the field.

Final Recommendations

Clearly, a plethora of hunting chairs exist. Your final haul will be determined by the places you visit and the methods you employ. The frame and padding must be of high quality for the product to be comfortable and practical.