How to Fix a Swivel Chair that Rocks Left and Right? Comprehensive Guide

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Swivel chairs are fantastic because they allow you to change your angle of view. However, there are moments when the chair begins to rock to the left and right, and you have no control over it! Learn how to fix a swivel chair that rocks to the left and right if this has occurred to you.

The Benefits of a swivel chair for your lounge


Having a comfortable chair in your living room is essential if you want to spend some time relaxing – just because you’re relaxing doesn’t mean you should overlook your posture! The ideal solution is a swivel chair with an ergonomic design for your living room.

Regardless of whether you’re sitting upright or reclined, the chair should provide the proper padding and ergonomic curves for the user’s spine to promote good posture. As well as supporting the user’s neck and shoulders, armrests are essential for maintaining excellent posture.

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Swivel chairs are very beneficial in a lounge since they allow the user to enter or exit the chair in any direction, which is especially useful in smaller living rooms with a limited amount of area to spare. Allows you easy access to coffee and side tables, without getting out of the chair or leaning awkwardly over its arm. Reduces the risk of a strain on the body that could be harmful to the user.

In addition to being easier to get out of, swivel chairs with armrests make it easier for people to get up and out of the chair.

Extra Functionality Compared To Regular Recliners

A swivel chair for your living room provides significantly more versatility than a stationary recliner. Additionally, IMG Relaxers are equipped with a variety of unique features to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Reclination is effortless and the backrest angle may be adjusted. There’s also a foldable footrest or an additional footstool, gliding/rocking, and head and neck support adjustments.

Better For Social Interaction

Lounge chairs with swivel seats are ideal for socializing. Swivel and converse with ease in your living area thanks to a supportive swivel chair. You won’t have to get out of your chair to participate in talks in any part of the room thanks to the chair’s ability to rotate.

Swivel lounge chairs offer a wide range of advantages beyond the three we’ve listed above. For the living room or the office, IMG Comfort has swivel chairs to fit your needs.

Adding a Nordic recliner with ottoman to your living area is a must. The Nordic recliner is made of high-quality materials and features a genuinely Nordic style. The steel frames and laminated wood yoke of this swivel chair’s distinctive design ensure outstanding comfort, stability, and long-term quality. High-resilience cold-cure molded foam covers the steel framework, enabling for body-friendly curves to be covered with glove-fitted leather or upholstery.

Steps on Fixing a Swivel Chair Rocking Left and Right

Put a rubber mat under the chair in Step 1. This will provide you a better hold and keep you from moving around, which will increase the amount of rocking.

Step 2: Use a leveling device to correct any imbalance caused by uneven legs. As an example, stack books or wood blocks at each corner of the bottom leg to stop the rocking motion.

To avoid rocking, you should make sure the chair’s wheels have not been tightened too much or are pointed inwards. Use anything from plastic cups to wooden blocks to keep them from rubbing on the floor; loosen them up if it doesn’t solve the problem.

Ensure that the chair is flat on the floor; if one side of the mat is sloping away from you, this will also cause the chair to rock.

If you’ve tried everything and your chair is still rocking to one side or the other, it’s time to think about getting a new swivel chair.

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How do you fix a Chair that Leans to one Side?

In the first step, a chair that leans one way will lean in that direction. If it doesn’t work, add spacers behind each wheel’s axis so they don’t scrape against the floor, using anything from plastic cups to wooden blocks.”

It’s important to check the chair’s location on the floor; it should lean slightly toward the front of the chair, but not too much.

This may be the problem if you notice that one side of the chair is loose, although the rest of the nuts and screws are tightened as much as possible. See if you can tighten these up.

Keep an eye on the chair; if it’s rolling backwards, you’ll need some sort of support for its wheels or underneath that will keep it level and prevent it from doing so.

Features of a Swivel Chair

One of the best things about swivel chairs is that they let people who are seated in them effortlessly turn around while remaining stationary.

Having the ability to turn and converse with a coworker without having to get up and walk over there is also a huge benefit in workplaces where employees need to swiftly address different persons that come into their office.

What is tilt tension adjustment?

It’s the amount of back recline that the swivel chair back extends as the user leans forward. There is less leaning required to recline the chair if the tilt tension is higher than if it is lower.

How can I fix my rocker upholstered swivel chair?

Step 1: Loosen the screws on one of the legs with a screwdriver and gently remove it.

It’s now time to remove the swivel chair’s four legs by turning it over and unscrewing them from their sockets.

Step 3: Screw in your new legs by aligning them up and screwing them in. Before moving on to the next stage, turn the chair over and see how it moves.

It’s possible that this is all you need to do if your rocking swivel chair is in good shape. However, if your chair has been abused or is towards the end of its life, there are a few extra actions to do.

Move your swivel chair back to its upright position, exposing all four legs this time around. Before reassembling and checking how it rocks, drill screws into each of the four corners where the original ones were screwed in.

Step 6: Hang the chair back up and test how it rocks again, this time without the screws inside of the legs. Your job is complete when the rocking stops after you fasten all four corners with screws.

How do I stop my office chair from wobbling?

The chair wobbles because it isn’t properly secured. You can use a screwdriver or a wrench to tighten the screws as much as you can.

If the problem persists, have a look underneath your desk to see if there are any obstacles causing the rocking motion (ie: loose cables). Moving the cables out of the way and tightening any loose screws is all you need to do to fix this.

Make sure all the screws on both sides of the base plate are tight if your office chair is still shaking. Use a screwdriver or a wrench to tighten them as much as possible.

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How to Get a Swivel Chair to Stop Turning

Step 1

Take a look at the chair’s base. Depending on the model, swivel chairs work in different ways. Secure the chair in place by tightening the screws or engaging the swivel lock at the base.

Step 2

Adjust any screws or brackets on the base of the chair to see if that makes it more difficult for the chair to swivel around on its own. However, certain chairs may not be able to be stopped from rotating by this method.

Step 3

Fit a rubber wedge between the chair’s base and the swiveling pole to keep it in place. Once the wedge has been hammered into place, the chair’s base and the pole it rests on will be sealed. Avoid damaging the chair by hammering too hard. The chair’s range of motion will be restricted by the wedge, which causes friction.

Step 4

If the wedge does not stay in place on its own, secure it with tape around the chair’s pole. To stop the swivel, use one wedge, but if necessary, use two on the opposing pole.


In the article above, we learned how to fix a swing chair that rattles to the left and right, as well as how to keep the swing chair in the best possible condition. Please have a look and let us know your thoughts!



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