How To Fix An RV Swivel Table Chair? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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When a swivel chair breaks, it can be irritating. In order to avoid having to purchase a new RV table chair, learning how to repair an existing one is essential. This post will demonstrate the process and provide an estimate of the price.

A swivel table chair in an RV can be fixed at a reasonable price. Stuck: The chair What’s next for you? By learning how to fix an RV swivel table chair yourself, you’ll save yourself both time and money.

Everything You Need to Know About RV Seats – Must Read!

Captain Chairs

To begin, let’s examine the Captain Chair. These may be the first RV seats that come to mind when you think of them. Both the driver and the co-comfort pilot’s can be greatly affected by these chairs. This is not the time or place to skimp on the quality of your Chaptain seats. It is important to find chairs that are well-made and that are the right size for your height and weight.

Class A Captain Chairs:

These seats are normally located on the same level as the rest of the RV’s interior. Swivel chairs can be employed in the dining room or as a focal point in the living room, such as a fireplace or TV. Class A chairs may even recline or include additional features like built-in heat or a massage function that can be activated via a remote control. Class A seats.

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Class C Captain Chairs:

Unlike Class A chairs, which recline, these chairs aren’t the “little brothers” of the Class A family. When compared to the Class A motorhomes, the Captain seats in Class C motorhomes are tucked away in the lower cab area. In spite of this, it is still critical to select one that is most suited to your needs and level of comfort.

Material Options:

It is possible to cover both Class A and Class C chairs in any material of your choice. One option is a top-of-the-line fabric that is extremely soft and heavy robust, and the other is vinyl. The polyurethane is available in the form of either haloleather or ultraleather.

Extra Options:

  • Arms that can be adjusted
  • Power or manual lumbar support
  • A swivel that can be controlled remotely.
  • Controlled swivel and slide
  • Heated seats.
  • Integrate massage into the design.


As you can see, captain chairs come in a wide range of styles and pricing points. Economy seats cost between $350 and $500, while middle-class seats cost between $500 and $900, and first-class captain chairs cost upwards of $900.

Any credible company should be able to provide Class A and Class C captain chairs that meet federal and industry standards.

One thing to keep in mind is that the seats you choose should be specifically made for your RV. If your seats aren’t approved for the vehicle you drive, your insurance provider may refuse to pay you if you get into an accident. For the most part, the manufacturers of RV chairs make it quite obvious which seats they offer for whatever model year and make of RV they’re targeting.

There is no shortage of Flexsteel products when it comes to RV seating or furnishings. Company history dates back a long time. As far back as the late 1800s and they still produce the majority of the furniture in modern RVs. Because of the quality of their goods, this company has been around for a long time! There are authorized retailers who sell Flexsteel furniture, but not the firm itself.

RV Sofa

In the meantime, let’s have a look at the sofa in your RV. More often than not, this item of RV furniture has to be replaced. The sofa, like the kitchen in your home, serves as a gathering spot for friends and family. The sofa is the first spot most visitors to your RV settle in.

RV sofas can often be converted into a bed in addition to providing a comfortable place to sit. If you’re traveling in an RV with only two other individuals, this may not be an issue. I know that if you have two kids and one of them always brings a buddy, you’ll agree that we need as much extra sleeping room as we can get! Some of the numerous types of RV sofas are seen below.

Easy Bed

The sofa in this sort of RV converts into a bed by lifting and pulling out. Sleeping lengthwise is the preferred position for most people. These should only be used on rare occasions.

Magic Bed

Lifting the seat base and extending it towards you while the legs hold the bed in place is how this style of convertible bed works. You also sleep length wise, and it fits standard double bed sheets providing more room than the Easy bed.

Sofa Sleeper

With a little smaller width, this sofa may be transformed into a full-sized bed. Your RV will take up more space as a result of the larger size. Typically, a sofa sleeper requires a clearance of 86 inches. As an added bonus, they can fit a queen-sized mattress on standard-sized bed sheets.

Jacknife Sofa

Class C motorhomes and travel trailers are frequent places to find the jackknife sofa, which folds out like an Easy bed.

Fold and Tumble Sofa Sleeper

This sofa has a built-in inflated mattress that makes it a larger bed. This bed can accommodate queen-sized sheets and takes up roughly ten inches less room than a regular sofa sleeper to operate.

Custom Lounges and Sectionals

Here, the sky’s the limit… or your wallet, depending on your perspective.

RV Recliners

Like RV Sofa Beds, RV Recliners are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and configurations.

Some double recliners have a fold-down drink holder or storage box in the middle, making them ideal for entertaining. This might be used as a replacement for a regular couch. How about a massage that can be performed from afar? After a long day of driving, can you imagine how good it would feel?

Many different types of RV recliners are available as well. RV recliners are a terrific option if you’re concerned about space because they come in a variety of sizes. Some can be folded down to fit through the door of an RV with a width of only 29 inches.

Non-Traditional RV Furniture

Instead of buying RV-specific furnishings, many campers are opting to bring their own furniture from home.

In many circumstances, if you do your homework, this strategy can work. The first thing to remember is to measure the area you have available. Think about the fact that your RV’s doorway may not have room for regular furniture. Check the floor of your RV for pipes, ducts, and electrical cables before you begin any renovations.

Steps on Fixing an RV Swivel Table Chair

Step 1: Remove the screws holding the swivel chair together to begin the repair. If there are any bolts or cables still attached, we’ll remove them by lifting the seat straight up from underneath.

Remove any little pieces of wood from the bottom of the base plate with your fingers so that they don’t get trapped when putting the puzzle back together.

Reassemble everything using screws, but be cautious not to overtighten as this could lead to further damage. Fixing an RV swivel table chair is as simple as this.

How to Care for RV Swivel Table Chair

#1. If you enjoy spending time in your RV, a swivel table chair is a must-have. Care for your new purchase: what’s the first step? It’s ready! All screws should be tight before making any changes with bolts or cables. This will ensure that everything works as you expect it to.

#2. Next, wipe down the entire device from top to bottom. Dust will be removed from hard-to-see areas, and any moisture from the manufacturing process will be dried away.

Next, avoid using a blow dryer directly on the furniture’s surface, which might crack or melt plastics if the temperature is set too high (commonplace when using heaters). Consider drying items at room temperature instead of a hot oven.

How do you Swivel an RV Chair?

Unscrewing the bolts using a wrench is the first step in this process. Finally, make any required changes with bolts or cables so that everything works exactly as you want it.

Afterwards, wipe down the entire item from top to bottom. This will get rid of any dust that you can’t see, as well as dry up any wetness or moisture that has built up. All that remains to do is to screw in all the bolts, tighten them with a second wrench, and voila! Your chair has been repaired.

How do you Reupholster an RV Captain Chair?

Remove the old material first. With a partner, or many layers of newspaper to cover your floor from any unintentional spills, this can be done. Using a measuring tape, determine how much material you’ll need and cut it to the correct length so that it covers the entire chair’s frame, including an inch or two for any blemishes.

How do I Remove Flexsteel Armrest?

A second person’s assistance is required to remove a flexsteel armrest. Using a fulcrum point, locate a region that can provide some leverage. People who are alone are most likely to sit in front of the seat frame at its base, where it meets the chair’s back.

Pull the armrest rest out by lifting it and pushing down harder on the other side.

How do you Reupholster a Dining Room Chair With Leather?

Measure the seat width and add two inches to that dimension as a starting point for your project. One inch seam allowances can be left around the entire outside edge of your new upholstery fabric.

The ink from printer paper and packing tape can produce black markings on your leather if it isn’t protected, so place it on top of some newspaper or another protective surface before cutting out curved forms later in this process.

For each side panel, cut a 20×20-inch square to cover both the front and rear (front AND back) of the fabric; this gives you two 15×15-inch squares per side. Rip the seat in half to make two 18″x18″ pieces if it is broader than that.

How do you Reupholster an Armchair?

In order to reupholster a chair, remove the old fabric on both sides. The glue holding down the staples on one side can be loosened by using an iron and steam machine (or boiling water) before shredding the fabric with your fingers or using pliers.

As a result, you’ll want to staple down a fresh piece of cloth so that everything looks just as it did before. Having stable hands and experience with this type of job will make things easier for you; if not, look for someone who does.

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RV Recliner Buying Considerations

Traditional furniture shopping for an apartment or home and RV furniture shopping have a few commonalities. It’s critical to understand the dimensions and layout of the area, as well as the appropriate materials to use based on the projected amount of use. However, when it comes to finding an RV recliner chair, there are considerations that aren’t relevant when equipping a static home.

Fabric, size, weight, and available features are all important factors to keep in mind while selecting RV furniture. Let’s look at each of these features, their importance, and the various options available when looking for a reclining chair for an RV.


Choosing the right fabric is critical to the overall look of your furniture. In addition to aesthetics, the fabric you choose for your RV furniture has an effect on how easily it can be cleaned and how long it will last. Natural leather, synthetic leather, and fabric are all options you’ll find while looking for RV recliner chairs.

The durability and timeless charm of natural leather are well-known, but it is also pricey and requires frequent care. As with fur, some of the characteristics of leather can be attributed to the tanning process. It’s elastic enough to withstand tears and punctures, but scratchy enough to cause damage.

If you’re traveling with pets or small children, it’s crucial to keep in mind how easily leather can be scratched. When it’s nearly a given that anything will get dirty, you should prioritize ease of cleaning and durability.

Natural leather chairs in ordinary RVs might be hard to come by because of the high cost, ongoing maintenance requirements, and overall weight. The cost of custom upholstery may be higher if you choose natural leather.

Compared to natural leather, synthetic leathers are lighter and less expensive, yet retain the same look and feel. Despite the fact that synthetics don’t have the same level of puncture and tear resistance as natural materials, they are much more resistant to scratches.

However, not all synthetic leathers are created equal. Bonded leather, polyvinyl chloride, and polyurethane are the most common synthetic leathers. We recommend looking up the brand names of different faux leathers to see which category they fit under if you don’t find them mentioned under those criteria.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-based faux leathers are the most durable. These shoes are pricey and difficult to “break-in,” because of their stiffness.

There are two types of imitation leather: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). This newer choice has become popular because of its reduced average price and resemblance to real leather.

Similar to how paper is formed from wood pulp, bonded leathers are made using a backing made from leather scraps. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PUR) is applied to this material to give it a more natural look and feel, but at a far cheaper cost.

It is significantly less long-lasting than the other alternatives because of its susceptibility to peeling and discoloration.

Upholstery textiles for RV chairs are wonderful alternatives to leather or fake leather furnishings. Natural and synthetic leather are both durable and easy to maintain, but fabric has a greater range of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. It will, however, take in moisture.


While it’s evident that an RV recliner chair must suit the available area, the amount of floor space isn’t the only thing to consider when determining the chair’s size.

It takes a specific amount of space for recliners to fully recline. Additionally, some RVs have a limited amount of open space when “collapsed,” which might make it difficult to get in and out. This is a list of items you should keep in mind.

Be careful when taking measurements, especially if you have an RV that can be expanded while on the road. Don’t forget to check the clearance of your door before you begin looking for items.


When searching for RV furniture, weight is an especially essential consideration. In addition to affecting gas mileage, your RV’s weight might make it difficult to traverse certain highways and bridges.

The additional weight of the reclining mechanism and the motor for powered variants makes reclining furniture more cumbersome than other types of furniture. A lot more weight can be carried by recliner chairs and other reclining furniture. When making a decision, it’s important to consider the long-term consequences.


RV furniture that can be used for numerous purposes is a wise investment because RVs have a limited amount of floor space.

A cup holder, integrated electronics, or the ability to transform into another style of furniture are all examples of versatile RV furniture characteristics.

Thomas Payne Euro Recliner

The Thomas Payne Euro Recliner may be the right RV recliner for you if you are a fan of minimalist designs. To fit through a 26″ doorway, this lightweight but supportive and comfortable recliner chair weighs just 48 pounds. Wood, high-density foam, and synthetic leather combine to create a piece that has classic appeal, is long-lasting, and requires little upkeep. A 360-degree rotating base makes it possible to utilize the chair as a captain’s chair and a living room recliner at the same time. As a result, it may be used in a wide range of automobiles thanks to a 7″ back clearance and a 12″ bottom clearance.


  • The Deep Cycle AGM battery from Universal Power Group is a fantastic value for the money.
  • To keep your RV’s lights, radio, and other appliances running for days, the battery is protected by a stylish, sturdy construction.


  • This battery is hefty, weighing in nearly 60 pounds.

Thomas Payne Heritage Series Cobble Creek Swivel Glider Recliner

Our second selection from the Thomas Payne collection is for those who prefer a more substantial, traditional-style recliner chair. Although still designed for easy loading through a 26” door, this glider recliner is a full 68 pounds and requires more clearance than the Euro Recliner. The swivel glider recliner is available in a few different colors and finishes, but we recommend the Cobble Creek tweed. Tiny variations provide visual interest, while the chair’s overall look coordinates with most interiors for effortless mix and match decor without sacrificing the longevity of your furniture. It does need a wall clearance of 12” for the top of the chair and 19” for the bottom to allow for use as a glider as well as a recliner, but it can swivel a complete 360 degrees.


  • Lightweight (22 pounds), so you can take it anywhere with the built-in handle.


  • If you want to run all your appliances off of it, you’ll probably need more than one battery.

RecPro Charles RV Swivel Glider Chair

For those who want to rock back and forth while they relax, here’s another swiveling glider recliner. With a slender yet conventional form and two neutral color options, this chair can effortlessly fit in with any decor. In order to keep you comfortable no matter the weather, the upholstery is made of tightly woven linen, which is both breathable and easy to clean. Even though this RV recliner weighs 96 pounds because of the metal reclining mechanism, it is built to last for three years even under severe use. At least 22 inches wide, it may be loaded through a door and requires only 9 inches of space for complete gliding and reclining motion.


  • The Optima Deep Cycle RV batteries can be mounted in any location you like.
  • Bumpy roads are no problem for the rugged design.
  • Your boat, trailer, or other equipment can also be powered by this method of propulsion as well.


  • A deep cycle battery for a recreational vehicle might cost a lot of money (but it is worth the investment).
  • While other batteries can endure for decades, Optima’s batteries tend to degrade after a few years.

RecPro Charles Collection Wall Hugger

Check out this recliner chair if you’re looking for a simple recliner without the capacity to swivel or glide. Allows for a full recline and occupies less than 30 square feet of floor space. It can pass through a 22-inch door and weighs 88 pounds, which puts it in the middle of the pack in terms of size. Suprima, a PU faux leather, is used to cover the seat and back of this chair, giving it a traditional look.


  • It requires no upkeep whatsoever.
  • Your water bottle doesn’t need to be checked every time you ride.
  • Wear-resistant materials can take a pounding over tough terrain.
  • A glass mat material allows the battery to absorb electrolytes more easily, making it more durable and efficient.


  • Only 35 Ah of power may be supplied by this device.
  • To run all of your appliances, you may want more than one unit.

La-Z-Boy Camper Double Recliner Couch Theater Seating

A larger piece like this one may be better suited for RVs with greater space. It’s a classic-style piece that combines two recliners with a thin end table. 67 inches wide and 39 inches deep, this piece can easily sit two people when assembled. It’s a bit larger than some of the other options, but it’ll still fit in most recreational vehicles. In a cream and light gray woven fabric that complements most dcor, it is a long-lasting addition to any home. In order to fully recline, only a 4-inch gap must be left between the chair and the wall.


  • At least 1200 cycles are required.
  • An 18-month warranty is included.


  • The battery in question is a 248-pound behemoth.

RecPro Charles Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat

Like the RecPro Charles Wall Hugger, but only need it to seat two people? Take a look at this lovely reclining loveseat. With the same general design and upholstery options as the single recliner, but with the added benefit of seating two people and taking up less room and weight less than two recliners Standard model is 58″ broad by 31″ deep and 166 lbs. wide and thick As a result, you can tailor it to your RV’s specifications.


  • Only weighing in at 31 lbs.
  • In Reno, NV, they have a fantastic customer service crew.


  • Batteries that cost a lot more than others

5 Recliner Style Chair Solutions For Campers - Truck Camper Magazine

RecPro Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner RV Loveseat

Those who have a lot of room and a penchant for luxury will appreciate the above-mentioned powered loveseat. With the addition of a motorized reclining system, built-in cup holders with LED lights, and USB charging outlets, it shares many of the same features as the RecPro Charles Wall Hugger Recliner Loveseat. Motors are not weightless, and as a result, this model is 12 pounds heavier and 6 inches deeper than the manual model.


  • Stain-resistant and simple to clean False Leather (Polyurethane)
  • An easy-to-install structure thanks to its modular design


  • Recliners have a narrow seat width (as said by taller people)

More Tips:

Changing the coverings on your RV furniture will do wonders for sprucing it up. In good condition furniture, you may want to consider this option. Your furniture can be reupholstered at any upholstery shop.

Or, perhaps a new color scheme is all that’s required to bring your RV up to date? Throw pillows and curtains in vibrant colors and patterns are a quick and low-cost method to give a room a fresh new look.

Another way to freshen up your RV is to paint it! As far as painting your walls and furniture, you can do so. Any painter, no matter how novice, may seem like a pro with a little preparation, quality supplies, and the help of instructional videos and manuals.

Make your RV feel more like a home by replacing the existing light fixtures with residential ones. Install LED or even rope lights under the cabinet.

Make sure to incorporate your personal style into your RV. It will feel more like a natural extension of your personality and a place you can call your own.



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