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It’s the year 2022, and hydraulic office chairs are the newest trend to emerge. Hydraulic chairs for the home or workplace can be both comfortable and convenient, thanks to features like tilt adjustment and plush, padded cushions.

Even the nicest office chairs need to be cleaned and maintained. For those who use a hydraulic chair every day, they may have issues. This hydraulic chair repair guide is all you’ll need if your hydraulic chair is tilting or has a gas cylinder problem.

All About Office Chair Parts

In certain cases, repairing or replacing individual parts is a more cost-effective option than buying a completely new machine. Repairing them may not be as expensive as completely replacing them. In order to help businesses save money, a few stores are offering repair advantages and providing parts.

When it comes time to make repairs or replacements, it helps to have a basic understanding of the components. The base of an office chair is notoriously prone to malfunction.

Most of the chair’s weight is carried by the base, which might become overworked after prolonged use.

A broken part is no excuse to toss the entire machine in the trash. In any event, having the correct foundation for it will usually suffice to replace it.

How to Fix a Wobbly Hydraulic Barber Chair - iFixit Repair Guide

When attempting to fix a broken office chair, the mechanism is a crucial consideration. It’s usually a compact box that houses a large number of gears, allowing the unit to provide a wide range of development and adjustment.

When an office chair’s tilt and movement aren’t as smooth as they once were, it’s likely that the chair mechanism needs some attention.

History & Invention of Hydraulic Styling Chairs

Prior to the turn of the 20th century, hair styling chairs were flexible, had tilting options, and had a footrest. Barber chairs used to be adjusted with springs and screws until hydraulics were introduced. Ernest Koken, a German inventor, holds the patent for the first reclining chair. He kept tweaking and perfecting his designs for barber chairs as demand for his reclining chair grew.

A hydraulic chair with a “joystick” side lever was one of his breakthrough designs in the early 1900’s. His most significant contribution to the barbershop was the design of a tool that eliminated the need for barbers to adjust their chairs with their hands. The Koken Hydraulic Barber Chair, patented by Koken, was the world’s first hydraulic chair, and it ushered in a new era of hydraulic barber chairs around the world.

How Does A Hydraulic Chair Work?

The hydraulic mechanism in any piece of furniture will make it easy for you to grasp any office chair hydraulics and the way it functions.

When it comes to the hydraulics of an office chair, it’s just like any other piece of furniture. There is, however, a subtle distinction in the operating mechanism that must be understood by everyone.

Hydraulics are used in any office chair to ensure correct lumbar support, back support, and seat rest. Hydraulics can also be used in place of tension springs in order to maintain a proper weight distribution.

Hydraulics in an office chair serve a variety of functions. You can read about some of them in the following sections.

  • The use of hydraulics contributes to maintaining a healthy equilibrium. The chair’s casters may not be able to connect to your weight when you are sitting in it. Hydraulics play a crucial role in keeping the chair straight by balancing the weight.
  • The hydraulics’ ability to maintain correct back support is yet another amazing feature. A good balance can only be achieved when the backpack is close to your body, even if it is made of mesh or leather. Everyone can benefit greatly from this method. The backrest may be adjusted in a variety of ways thanks to this feature.
  • Most customers choose a hydraulic office chair because they want to be able to manage the chair’s tilt. When your knee is out of alignment, you will be unable to work for an extended period of time. Using this feature, you may fine-tune the tilt control to suit your preferred posture.
  • Because of the tilt control system, hydraulic office chairs are the most popular choice for most individuals. You will be unable to function for a long period of time if you place your knee in an incorrect position. Allows you to change the tilt control to your preferred setting.

Types of Hydraulic Chairs

Hydraulic styling chairs have come a long way from the introduction of the basic form. Electric hydraulic chairs and manual hydraulic chairs are two of the most common types of hydraulic chairs on the market.

Electric Hydraulic Chairs

Because of their high price, electric hydrostatic seats are amongst those most commonly found in hospitals. From a few hundred dollars up to several thousand, these seats may be quite pricey. Since 1961, Emil J Paidar Company has held the patent for electric barber chairs. Stylists will also find them to be the most technologically sophisticated and convenient. With the click of a button or the press of a foot pedal, the stylist can modify the chair’s height. In some salon chairs, the stylist has the opportunity to save a number of regularly used heights.

Manual Hydraulic Chairs

When using a manual hydraulic chair, you typically have to push the foot pedal in order to get the appropriate height. These chairs were designed by Ernest Koken, who maintains the patent for their design. The chair’s height can be lowered by pressing the pedal and holding it until it is released. They don’t need electricity, but the stylist has to physically pump it. The electric hydraulic style chairs are more expensive whilst these are less expensive. A brand-new manual hydraulic chair will set you back up to $1,000, while an antique chair can fetch upwards of $3,000. In the final two decades of the 1800s, some antique barber chairs included hydraulic systems. When electricity wasn’t available, manual hydraulics were the only option.

How To Fix Hydraulic Chair?

It is possible that a well-adjusted office chair can enhance productivity and even help prevent injuries. Using the following guidelines, an office chair can be changed to improve its ergonomics:

  1. Seat height can be adjusted so that your feet are flat on the floor and your thighs are parallel to it. At a 90-degree angle, the knees can be bent.
  2. Armrests can be adjusted so that the wrists are in a straight position when using a computer mouse or keyboard.. With armrests in place, it’s possible that the neck and shoulders won’t be put under as much stress.
  3. The back of the knees may feel strained because of the chair’s surface. Knees can extend two to four inches beyond the chair’s edge. When using a keyboard, the seating surface can be level or slightly slanted forward.
  4. Adjusting the backrest can help alleviate back pain. In order to effectively support the lower back, many chairs include backs with stature adjustment to set a strong angle anywhere between 90 and 120 degrees.

What Are Hydraulic Chair Parts?

There are a wide selection of office chairs on the market, each with a unique set of features and options. The objective is to find the ideal position for your selected chair within the constraints of the model you’ve chosen. The following are a few noteworthy attributes:

  1. A control on the chair activates the pneumatic cylinder/gas lift feature, which allows for height adjustment.
  2. Arms: The arms on most chief and gathering chairs are fixed. Adjustments to task and PC chair arms might include height, width, and angle.
  3. This feature includes ratcheting devices that allow the entire back to be removed from the chair at any one time. Adjustable lumbar supports, molded forms, and a wide range of back angles are all options available from the seat itself.
  4. Adjustment of the seat angle and locking of the seat in a specific position are made possible by the tilt lock.
  5. It’s possible to adjust the depth of the seat in chairs with a seat slider.

There are a number of common methods:

  1. With this fundamental mechanism, a chair may be turned 360 degrees, tilted, adjusted in stature and locked in position.
  2. Synchro-Tilt: The features of a Synchro-tilt mechanism are similar to those of a turn tilt, but the back adjustment is variable. The back moves two inches for every inch the seat is reclined. To make it even easier to keep your feet on the ground, this new technology has been developed.
  3. With the Knee-Tilt, you’ll find it much easier to keep your feet firmly on the ground.
  4. This is the most versatile mechanism, allowing for infinite back angle, infinite tilt, infinite seat depth, and infinite angle.

Can You Disassemble An Office Chair?

It’s fair to say that this isn’t the most challenging phase of the decision-making process. It’s absolutely true that you can dismantle any office chair to suit your needs. You will, however, require the assistance of a DIY guide, a handbook, or the presence of a professional to complete the project. Ensure that you have everything you’ll need in terms of screws and wrenches with you.

Can Gas Cylinders In Chairs Explode?

Neither you nor I would be happy with this outcome. Gas cylinders in chairs may, however, explode at any time. High hydraulic pressure and a variety of spare parts are to blame for this. Yes, the cylinders could explode if they’re too heavy.

How To Change The Gas Cylinder Of Your Hydraulic Chair?

Office chairs’ gas cylinder mechanisms are constructed in a similar manner. Detailed instructions on how to replace this portion of your chair are provided here:.

Before you begin dismantling your chair, wear goggles to protect your eyes. This will serve as your safety net in case the cylinder runs out of gas. Additionally, the gas emanation’s pressing factor will screen your eyes from any momentary objections that may be flung into the air.

Place the chair on top of some old newspapers and press down. As a result, you can rest assured that your workspace will remain spotless.

The chair’s base can be removed. While removing the base, slop the back and seat of the edge on the newspaper.

Under the chair’s central base, insert a flat-end screwdriver under the upper clip.

Pry it open with the screwdriver. If you apply enough pressure, it should come right off. There are no more rings or bases to worry about.

Remove the rubber bumper, bearings, washers, and any other extraneous parts. Using the screwdriver may be necessary if they are stubborn.

Make sure you know where to put them back after you’ve taken them out.

Spray lubrication on the cylinder to make it simpler to remove. Make it easier to remove the cylinder by allowing it to leak oil between the cylinder and the post. Spread the lubricant evenly throughout the joint.

Make use of a pipe wrench and secure it around the cylinder’s middle section. To get it out, carefully wind it around a few times. Pull it up with a lot of effort. Keep bending while you’re pulling so that the lubrication may get inside more easily.

Get the cylinder’s tubular measurement right in Step 4. Standard office chairs typically have a width of 1/8 of an inch. Simply take a tape measure to the desired measurement. Re-connect the replacement cylinder. It should be pushed into place with care. The cylinder pole must be upright.

Attach the elastic bumper, the bearing, and washers once more in step 5 The stature adjustment mechanism will run much more smoothly if the elastic bearing and the washers are greased at the same time.

How to Fix a Wobbly Hydraulic Barber Chair - iFixit Repair Guide

Best Hydraulic Salon Chair Reviews

10. Shengyu Black Hydraulic Styling Barber Chair Beauty Salon

Using this hydraulic salon chair, you may elevate your interior design to a new level. It has a classic look and will stand out anywhere you place it. It has a tufted design with a geometrical pattern of buttons on it.

Beads adorn the frame, making it more more elegant, and the cushioned seat will make your customers feel extra special. It contains a footrest with a hydraulic pump protected by a one-year warranty for those who prefer to relax.

There is a hairdryer gap on the PU cover to store your equipment close at hand between customers. Additionally, the seat is 19-inches broad and has a chrome base that can hold 400 pounds.

The following is an overview of the Hydraulic Salon Chair:

  • Black PU-covered upholstery is an option.
  • Load capacity: 400 lbs
  • Hydraulic lifter mounted on a sturdy chrome base.
  • The hydraulic system comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Seats can be as low as 26 inches from the floor.

Among the things that we appreciate about each other:

  • Design that stands the test of time
  • Allows for a large weight
  • Base with a footrest attached to a hydraulic pump system.
  • Contains a hairdryer escape hatch

What we don’t like about this situation:

  • A significant financial outlay, and the warranty only extends to the hydraulic system

9. Giantex Adjustable Hydraulic Salon Chair

An all-purpose home-use hydraulic salon chair is now available. This chair includes everything you need to get both tattoos and massages done in it. The back and leg positions can be adjusted, and the head cushion and armrest can be removed so that your customer can lie face down.

A hydraulic stool is also included so you can sit back and work comfortably as an artist. As a stylists chair, it has a built-in hook at the foot of the bed. Faux leather is comfortable and easy to clean.

However, if you’re working in a small place, this multipurpose chair will come in handy for both you and your consumer.

The following is an overview of the Hydraulic Salon Chair:

  • Features a steel frame and PU upholstery in your choice of black or white.
  • As a bed and chair in one, it has three separate sections
  • Adjustable head and footrests make this chair comfortable to sit on.
  • As a face cradle, the head cushion can be removed.
  • For a variety of heights, the 72-inch length is ideal
  • 330-pound weight limit

Among the things that we appreciate about each other:

  • Useful for a variety of purposes.
  • Leg position and height-adjustable backrest
  • A hydraulic stool is included.
  • The design is built to last.
  • Cost-effectiveness

What we don’t like about this situation:

  • Nothing to worry about in terms of design

8. FlagBeauty Barber Styling Chair

You can use this reclining barber chair in your salon for all of your clients. That’s not all: The price won’t leave you short of cash. Your client’s head can be reached from various angles thanks to the chair’s revolving feature.

Chrome-colored base with padding on the seat and backrest are the only differences between this chair compared to the other two. The chair’s sturdy steel structure can hold up to 250 pounds. It has a hydraulic mechanism with a footrest that makes it easy to elevate the chair while no one is sitting in it.

The following is an overview of the Hydraulic Salon Chair:

  • Available in black with a steel frame and black upholstery.
  • 250 pounds is the maximum weight allowed.
  • Padded seat and adjustable footrest
  • Designed with a rotating mechanism
  • The hydraulic system comes with a one-year warranty.

Among the things that we appreciate about each other:

  • Construction that is built to last.
  • Footrest that can be removed for cleaning
  • Suitable for sitting on
  • Cost-effectiveness

What we don’t like about this situation:

  • No reclining is possible with this chair.

7. BestSalon Swivel Hydraulic Salon Chair

Salon chairs that recline are preferred by barbers and salon owners because they are more convenient and more comfortable. There’s a backrest and a smooth, easy-to-clean PU fabric. Customers can rest their feet on a footrest and alter the height of the chair by stepping on the pedal.

As a result, it boasts a sturdy chrome base with an anti-squeak rubber band. An attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this product’s design, from the base to the pump itself. Surely, everyone agrees that this is the best salon chair out there.

The following is an overview of the Hydraulic Salon Chair:

  • It’s made with an alloy steel frame and a black PU upholstery.
  • A total length of 34.67in (L) x 24.6in (W) x 33.49in (H) (H)
  • A footrest and a backrest are included.
  • Built to last with a chrome-plated base and a hydraulic lifter for added strength
  • Everything you need to put it together is included.
  • Adjustable up to 23 inches in height.

Among the things that we appreciate about each other:

  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Easy to use because it spins.
  • The adjustable footrest is simple to use.
  • A choice of black or red is available for purchase

What we don’t like about this situation:

  • An upgrade to the hydraulic pump is required.

6. Bigarm All Purpose Barber Chair

Make your home feel more like a salon with the help of the hydraulic salon chair. Despite the rough texture of the PU leather cover, it may be used in any salon to offer a burst of color. Depending on your service, you may be able to tilt without removing the headrest or the backrest.

In addition, a hydraulic lifter is included for easy chair height adjustment. The seat is made of high-density foam and features a box-shaped design with a wide armrest. In order to provide your clients with a pleasant experience, the foundation is built to last.

The following is an overview of the Hydraulic Salon Chair:

  • available in a rustic brown faux leather with a steel buckle look
  • The maximum weight is 350 pounds.
  • Reclining back and detachable head rests are included in the design
  • The hydraulic lifter is attached to a black chrome base.

Among the things that we appreciate about each other:

  • offers a variety of possible applications
  • Suitable for sitting on
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Useful for a lengthy period of time

What we don’t like about this situation:

  • It’s possible that it’s too wide for people who are small-framed.

5. DSalon Hydraulic Styling Barber Chair

The wide seat of the reclining barber chair allows it to suit a variety of customer sizes while still maintaining a modern appearance. In addition, it boasts a sturdy chrome base and a plush upholstery for added convenience. Even if hair colour gets on the PU leather, cleaning it is a simple.

Cushion foam provides excellent support and comfort while allowing for a wide range of height adjustments. Weights and sizes of different shapes and sizes can be accommodated by the high load capacity. However, it contains pre-drilled holes for hanging tools, and the main drawback is the abundance of plastic components.

The following is an overview of the Hydraulic Salon Chair:

  • With a classic black PU upholstery and an alloy steel frame, this model is available for purchase.
  • 250 pounds is the maximum weight allowed.
  • The seat’s inside measures 20 inches long by 19 inches broad.
  • Hydraulic lifter attached to a sturdy chrome circle base.

Among the things that we appreciate about each other:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Stylishly enhances any salon
  • Robust and inviting

What we don’t like about this situation:

  • Prior to shipping the chair, there were quality control difficulties.

4. Artist Hand Reclining Salon Chair

Check out this salon chair’s ergonomic design for maximum comfort. For extended periods of time, the invention provides excellent back support. For easy cleaning, this reclining barber chair features a PU leather upholstery and a height-adjustment lever.

Furthermore, the round chrome base made of steel does not damage the floor because it has a rubber ring to prevent it. Assembling the device is a breeze, and you’ll receive all the necessary tools and a detailed installation guide.

The following is an overview of the Hydraulic Salon Chair:

  • A black PU leather cover, PVC, and steel components are available.
  • 330 lb. weight capacity
  • High-density foam padding with a bottom lever that can be used to modify the chair’s height.
  • Swivel chrome base with rubber protectors
  • An adjustable swivel base made of chrome with rubber swivel pads
  • Height-adjustable to 40 inches

Among the things that we appreciate about each other:

  • Assembled in minutes
  • Both cozy and dependable
  • Cleans up quickly with a damp cloth.
  • Well-suited for confined settings

What we don’t like about this situation:

  • For heavier clients, the foundation could be a little more sturdy.

3. Artist Hand Recline Barber Chair

This lovely black recliner chair is a great addition to any salon. Lifting capacity is 330 pounds with a pump lift height of 6.9 inches. PVC leather and a heavy-duty steel base complete the package.

To make working more comfortable, it has an adjustable height hydraulic swivel design. It sports a removable headrest and an electroplate steel footrest for further comfort.

The following is an overview of the Hydraulic Salon Chair:

  • Black PVC with a steel base is available.
  • 330-pound weight limit
  • 3.35 inches by 2.36 inches by 3.90 centimeters
  • Hydraulic lifts up to 6.9 inches are available.
  • Head and foot rests are removable from the swivel base.

Among the things that we appreciate about each other:

  • Design that’s solid
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Customer service that is second to none

What we don’t like about this situation:

  • Concerns about the product’s quality and long-term viability.

2. Superworth Barber Chairs Heavy Duty All Purpose Salon Chair

This is the best hydraulic salon chair created by a well-known salon brand. The backrest locks in multiple settings to ensure your customer is relaxed and comfortable, and it can be rotated while also raising the height.

It has a padded, double-reinforced saddle for long-term use. If you spill any hair product on the leather cover, it wipes clean quickly. Despite the fact that there is a rubber-ringed base, it is cumbersome to move around.

The following is an overview of the Hydraulic Salon Chair:

  • With a stainless steel frame and black leather upholstery.
  • Load capacity: 400 lbs
  • With the help of a hydraulic lifter, the base can be swiveled in any direction.
  • Multiple locking positions in the backrest with reinforced saddle
  • A foot rest and chrome base with a rubber ring are included.
  • Dimensions of the product: 28.4″L x 43.3″W x (39.5-43.3″) (H)

Among the things that we appreciate about each other:

  • Assembled in minutes
  • Comfortable
  • Enhances the look of your salon
  • Multiple ways to customize

What we don’t like about this situation:

  • Tall persons cannot sit comfortably in this chair.

1. JAXPETY Hydraulic Barber Chair for Hair Salon

This hydraulic chair has a heavy-duty metal frame and would look great in any barbershop or salon. Your customers will be able to relax in a breathable PU leather-covered chair for hours.

It has a swivel design for the armrests and footrests to make your life easier while pampering your customer. The height can be adjusted to fit a variety of persons of varying heights and sizes.

DIY Heroes: How to Fix Hydraulic Chair In 4 Easy Methods - Krostrade

The following is an overview of the Hydraulic Salon Chair:

  • A black PU leather cover and a metal base are used in the construction of this product.
  • a maximum load of 350 pounds
  • Armrests and footrests are included.
  • Height-adjustable swivel legs
  • 25″ L x 20″ W x 33″ 38″ Product Size (H)

Among the things that we appreciate about each other:

  • For the price, you get a chair that looks and feels high-end.
  • Swivels and is quite comfortable.
  • Cleaning is a breeze.

What we don’t like about this situation:

  • The chair does not have a mechanism to keep it in place when it is required.


Here you’ll find all the information you need regarding reclining salon chairs:

How do I put hydraulic fluid in my salon chair?

Open the pump cap and put it in the highest position. Fill the reservoir by removing the fill nut and adding the fluid.

How do you place the headrest back on the recline salon chair?

It’s possible to modify the height of the headrest on a salon chair with a removable headrest. You may change the height and lock it in position by pressing the button.

Should I buy or rent a recliner barber chair?

You can mix and match a variety of criteria, such as the price of the rental unit and whether it is a furnished or unfurnished unit. To get a sense of how much it will cost, compare it to the cost of purchasing a chair for a long period of time.

How do I choose a hydraulic salon chair?

Choose a chair that is long-lasting, cozy, and secure, as well as having a versatile design.

How do I adjust the recline barber chair?

There is a lever on the side or bottom of the hydraulic salon chair, depending on the design. To raise or lower the seat, simply push the extender a few times.


Repairing some parts, such as the mechanism, may require the expertise of a repair specialist. It may require a little more knowledge to replace the mechanism than it would need to repair the base.

The damaged unit can be repaired, though, and can be saved and repurposed if the proper repairs are completed. To learn more about how to fix a hydraulic chair on your own, you can consult our how-to guide.