How To Fix Recliner Chair Springs? A Step-by Step Learning Guide

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Ensure that your recliner is still in good functioning order. Reclining chair spring repair is a great skill to have!

Broken springs are the most common reason of recliner chairs sinking. You should not be alarmed, as these springs are easily replaceable and repairable.

Afterwards, you can rest and enjoy your reclining chair once more. We’ll walk you through the steps of replacing your broken springs, so keep reading.

What Is the Importance of A Spring In A Recliner?

One of the most important things to look for when purchasing a recliner is the padding. You must make certain that they are solid and comfortable. Even the fluffiest of cushions and paddings would be uncomfortable if they weren’t supported by springs.

Even while the padding and cushions work together to provide you with comfort, they must be firm enough to keep you from sinking. Here, the springs come into play. They harden them to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

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Common Issues with Springs.

Springs can have a variety of difficulties, including:

  • The seat is uncomfortable since the coils have broken.
  • When the seat begins to sag, it loses its support.
  • Disturbing noises such as clacks and grinding

Types Of Recliner Chair Springs

Chairs that recline tend to have some sagging and a reclining action that has to be fixed. These are the fault of the springs. A reclining chair’s soothing functions are a part of what they do.

There are numerous spring types and replacement procedures to choose from when purchasing a recliner chair. You’ll learn a lot more after reading this post.

Zig zag spring

Your recliner’s sinking is due to these sinuous springs. The chair’s back contains them.

Chairs are made to accommodate the weight of those who sit in them. They are meant to be layered in order to create a cozy environment.

Because these springs are less costly, they are more popular. They are, however, the ones who need to be replaced on a regular basis.

The recliner chair’s zig-zag springs are more stable and long-lasting when they’re performing properly and fine. It provides stability and security for the person sitting in the chair.

Recoil spring

The chair’s foundation is made up of recoil springs. Revolving chairs have reclining mechanisms built in.

Damage to the springs in your recliner’s mechanism is a common occurrence. You need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

These springs are built to last longer. They’re durable and can last for years before needing to be replaced.

How to Know My Recliner Springs Are Faulty

You’ll be able to tell when the springs on a reclining chair have failed because the seat will begin to sink.

In order to maintain your chair firm or soft, the springs are positioned under the seat. The seat will sag and no longer provide the same level of support and comfort that it once did if the springs become worn out.

Fortunately, as you’ll see, there are a slew of options available to you in order to get your reclining chair’s springs back to normal. Changing the springs on a chair is, in fact, a standard component of its upkeep.

Repairing Zig Zag Springs

Make sure you have a screwdriver and a staple remover on hand before you begin. Fortunately, you won’t require much of a working area to accomplish this. However, make sure you’re lying down in a posture that feels natural to you.

Step #1. Remove upholstery

Begin by removing the cushioning from the chair’s back by flipping it over. Remove the staples with a staple remover and a screwdriver.

Remove the staples carefully, as you will need to reinstall them afterwards. Taking a photo before removing something is always a good idea.

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Step #2. Locate broken spring

Locate the damaged zig-zag spring by carefully removing the cover. Due to their size, tension springs are easy to spot if one is damaged.

Inspecting the condition of the springs is another thing to consider. Remove any and all that don’t meet your standards.

Step #3. Let the broken spring come off

This phase necessitates delicate handling on your part. Zig-zag springs are often built with the upper portion of the spring buried. The broken spring will fall off if you push hard yet gently on this top piece.

You don’t want to move the other springs out of their places, so be careful. Getting help from a family member or friend is an option if you so desire.

To remove the zig-zag tension spring, just disconnect it from the bottom of the device. Unhooking it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Step #4. Replace the broken spring

Make sure your new zig-zag spring is compatible with your chair before using it. For example, you can look up your chair’s model number or ask the store directly for advice.

The replacement spring’s top should be installed first. The bottom section should be clamped next.

Verify that the springs are working properly once more after everything has been replaced. After that, reattach the upholstery.

Step by Step Guide to Recliner Chair Spring Replacement

Tools You’ll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Using an allen wrench
  • Replacement of a recliner’s new springs

Repairing Recoil Springs

Working in a large space is recommended because the chair’s recoil springs are located under the seat. As a final precaution, you must ensure that the room is well lit.

Pliers and screwdrivers are the tools you’ll need. To avoid mishaps, carry a flashlight and safety eyewear with you at all times.

Step #1. Turn the recliner upside down

Turn around and face the bottom of the chair. Get rid of everything that might be in the way.

A flashlight can be used to locate the recoil springs. Be prepared to remove them if they’ve been injured or are getting old enough to do so.

Step #2. Unfasten the backseat and base

Remove the chair’s seat and base before removing the chair’s springs completely.. Remove all of the screws, bolts, and other fasteners.

Before removing the chair’s base, it’s best to remove the backseat. It takes longer because the base is more heavily guarded.

Step #3. Remove cable

Externally attached cables are frequently used. Pulling the cord is easier if you first remove the casing.

Step #4. Take out the broken springs

Remove the chair’s springs by loosening their clamps and removing them completely. You may have to unfasten them if they are mounted in frames. For fastened items, a screwdriver or a wrench will suffice.

Replace the old springs with new ones that are interchangeable. Heavy-duty springs or other suitable components can be requested from the retailer.

Step #5. Replace and install the new springs

Preparing the new recoil springs Install them on your chair by re-clamping them to the correct positions.

Then repair the upholstery by securing it again. Picking coins out of your chair can also be an option.

How To Replace A Recliner Tension Spring

  • The mechanism and interior elements of your recliner chair can be easily accessed by turning the chair upside down. You should perform the repair in a well-ventilated and well-lit area.
  • Remove the cover from the recliner and locate the faulty spring.
  • Check to see if there are any broken or missing coils. Use pliers to carefully remove them from each point of attachment if necessary. Wear safety eyewear and be mindful that they are still under high stress.
  • Replacement recoil tension springs are readily available online or at your local furniture retailer. If you’re unable to locate the springs you’re looking for, you may always get in touch with the manufacturer.
  • Before installing the springs, make sure they are stretched out. Gently separate the spring with two screwdrivers. Allow it to rest for a time after doing the same to the center section.
  • Replace the old springs and make sure they’re in the correct place. Lock the pliers to prevent any accidents.
  • Prior to repositioning the chair, make sure the springs are in place and functioning properly.

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Replacing A Zigzag Recliner Spring

  • Remove the cover by flipping the recliner over. In order to remove the staples, you’ll need a screwdriver or a staple remover. Be careful, since you’ll have to do it all over again.
  • Locate the broken recliner springs by carefully removing the fabric and padding from the chair’s inside. Finding it should be simple because the zigzag springs are huge and rest on your thighs.
  • Remove the fractured spring’s top section by gently pulling it apart. Remove the clamp from the spring’s bottom after it’s been taken out.
  • Replace the worn-out springs in your recliners with a new one. Replace the zigzag spring with one whose serial number matches the damaged one. If you’re unsure how to take a recliner spring measurement, talk to the manufacturer.
  • The replacement spring can now be purchased and installed. First attach the upper section and later the bottom. Why? Because of how much more slender the lower half looks.
  • Reattach the upholstery after making sure the spring is secure.
  • Make sure the chair is comfy by raising it up.


Every now and then, it’s necessary to clean the springs on a chair. You’ll be glad you learned how to fix recliner chair springs when you needed it.

The correct tools and knowledge are essential. It’s time to start changing the springs in your reclining chair!



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