How To Fix Sofa Springs? Comprehensive Guide

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Try these two steps to fix broken sofa springs if you’re stuck. Repairing your couch springs is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Everything you need to know about sofa components is included in this article. Damaged springs, after all, can result in the couch sagging. To gain a better understanding of the parts of the sofa, you might want to take a look at this guide on how to disassemble a sofa.

How To Fix Sofa Springs For Beginners

Step 1. Open up your sofa to reveal the springs

  • To get to the bottom of your sofa, you’ll need to flip it over.
  • Remove the frame’s cloth cover as directed.
  • Remove the sofa legs if necessary to make it easier to unstaple or undo the loops that attach the couch bottom to the sofa fabric.
  • Remove the attachments slowly to avoid harming the materials.
  • To see the springs on the inside of the sofa’s frame, turn it upright.

Step 2. Determine the issues with the springs and solve accordingly

  • With couch springs, the most typical issue is loose attachments.
  • Your local furniture store should be able to supply you with replacement springs if the original springs are broken and you can’t bend them back into shape.
  • Check to see if any of the parts on your sofa are broken and replace them if necessary.
  • Flip the couch over once more and use a staple gun to reattach the upholstery.
  • Inspect your couch regularly for springs that might pop out or creaking noises in the seat.

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Types Of Couch Springs

Your sofa’s springs must be fixed correctly if you don’t know what kind they are. Coil springs and zigzag springs are the two most common types of springs used in sofas. How do you tell them apart?

  • coils of wire

They appear like twisted springs from the name alone: coiled springs or serpentines. Both the frame and the cushions of a sofa might include a significant number of coiled springs. Experts recommend them for anyone looking for a long-lasting sofa because of its cotton-wrapped construction.

  • Springtime in a zigzag pattern

If the sofa isn’t extremely deep, zigzag or sinuous springs are ideal. They are also less expensive than coiled springs, although their lifespan is shorter. When you observe zigzag springs protrude from a sofa, you know they’re steel wire springs, which are prone to corrosion.

How To Tighten Zigzag Sofa Springs

To fix drooping on your couch, you may need to replace the zigzag springs if they are not broken. However, because the springs aren’t very pliable, this can be a challenge. Instead, use zip ties to secure the zigzag sofa springs to each other.

In addition, you can readily purchase spring clips online. To ensure that each spring is able to reach its corresponding clip, install each clip with screws in the appropriate manner. Put in the bottom screws to keep the zigzag couch springs firm, and you’re done!

How To Fix Coil Springs In Couch

Twine can be used to secure coil couch springs in place. But the method of tying will differ depending on the type of furniture. There should be a link between those with removable cushions to produce flat tops and those with fixed cushions to form circular ones.

Tieing coiled springs with two- and four-way ties are the most common methods. When re-tying sofa coil springs, you should also be proficient with overhand knotting and clove spring knotting. For step-by-step instructions, refer to Fred W. Zimmerman’s book Upholstering Methods.

Can You Fix A Stretched Spring?

Elastic springs, such as those found in couches, can be repaired when they’ve been stretched. If you compress and stretch springs too much, even if they’re supposed to return to their former shape, they can still be damaged and deformed. When that happens, it’s best to replace the sofa’s springs rather than try to reshape the material.

How Do I Know If My Couch Springs Are Bad?

If you feel a lack of support and stability when sitting on your sofa, it may be time to have the springs repaired or replaced. When pressure is applied to the seating area, the springs should not wiggle. The springs can be felt by running your hands around the couch and looking for disconnected or damaged sections of the frame and springs.

How Do I Get My Couch Springs To Stop Squeaking?

The squeaking of your couch springs is a clear indicator that they need to be checked out. Removing the noise requires reattaching the springs, bending them back into form, or replacing any broken components. For zigzag spring couches, lubricating their clips with silicone is also necessary to prevent squeaking.

5 Best Replacement Couch Springs for Upholstery

House2Home 18-Inch Complete Repair Kit

The following information is provided about the product:

  • 18-inch length
  • How much does it weigh?

The best way to replace the springs in your couch.

Replacement couch springs have never been easier than with our House2Home kit. We’ll explain why.

Aside from the four no-sag springs and the mounting clips and stay clips needed to attach each one to the frame, this product kit includes everything you need to repair your couch. That means you don’t have to fork over extra cash to get all the extra components you need for your project. There is a full instruction booklet included with the package, which will make the process of renewing your license simple.

Second, the 8-gauge steel strings included in this repair kit can be used to re-cushion a variety of furniture, including loveseats, recliners, and even automobile seats. Before purchasing, make sure you have enough springs to replace your furniture’s springs. With a pair of bolt cutters, you can also cut the spring to fit your couch.

Yoogu 25-Inch Sofa Upholstery

The following information is provided about the product:

  • 25-inch length
  • The following is the weight in pounds: 1.52

A low-cost solution for redoing your furnishings.

It’s best to use this Yoogu zig-zag spring if you’re on a tight budget when it comes to couch repair. Your vintage sofa and chair will get a new lease on life thanks to the Yoogu 25-inch replacement spring set.

Only the springs and the 12 mounting clips are included in this bundle, as opposed to the wire and stay clips in House2Home. Otherwise, you’ll have to fork up the cash for them unless you want to reuse the current ones.

There are many different sizes of Yoogu, so be sure to measure your couch before placing an order. If you have a large sofa at home, you may want to get more than one kit because each one comprises four springs.

Zig Upholstery

The following information is provided about the product:

  • 120 inch total length
  • A pound and a half

Refresh your couch or other furniture with this fantastic American-made option.

These Zig Zag springs are a great choice if you’re seeking for the greatest made in the USA alternative for your couch refurbishment job.

Its long-lasting, low-cost design is noteworthy. High-quality carbon and oil-tempered steel wire is used to make these springs. Shock and impact resistance are exceptional in this material.

It weighs less than Yoogu 25-Inch (1.52 pounds) or House2Home (0.8 pounds) (1.72 pounds). A couch with these American-made springs provides a supportive and pleasant experience.

In addition, the Zig Zag spring can save you money in the long term because of its longer lifespan. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones now and in the future.

If you’ve never replaced a spring before, the Zig spring comes in a 10-foot roll (about 120 inches). Bolt cutters and spring benders can be used to follow the pre-cut parts. Keep in mind that a 9-gauge spring is more heavier and better suited for cushions, and 11-gauge and 12-gauge springs are better suited for seatbacks.

There is an option to obtain custom sizes from the manufacturer if you don’t feel comfortable with DIY.

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Garneck Spring Repair Screws

The following information is provided about the product:

  • 18-inch length
  • Weighs just 22 milligrams

For a single worn-out spring, this kit is a great replacement option

It’s inconvenient and unnecessary to throw out your favorite couch or chair because of a broken spring. Do not fear! With this 18-inch Garneck spring, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to rescue that chair. For your next home improvement job, each pack includes two spring clips and six screws in addition to the spring.

With a screwdriver, even individuals without any DIY knowledge can install this spring.

Using the Garneck repair kit for a major furniture remodeling project is not recommended for two reasons.

Firstly, it is significantly heavier than a carbon Zig Zag spring (3.53 pounds) (1 pound). Garneck springs can cost significantly more than a few inexpensive Yoogu 25-inch springs or the Zig Zag alternative if you buy a large number of them.

JJDD Replacement Decoration

The following information is provided about the product:

  • 20 inches in length
  • Two-and-a-half pounds in weight.

For low-to-mid-range furniture, this is yet another nice option with a sturdy build.

In lieu of a more robust, supporting couch, JJDD is a great option. Flexible enough for low to mid-sized furniture at just over two pounds, this spring is not as light as Zig Zag Upholstery (one pound). Even if your kids are jumping on it, its back bend design at both ends makes it hard-wearing.

This JJDD spring’s precise cut, lack of friction, and lack of rust are all great advantages. Its carbon steel construction ensures a sturdy, long-lasting design under daily use.

In addition to the spring, you will receive a repair kit to help you attach the spring to your furniture.

Buying Guide

How do you go about finding the best couch springs to replace your old ones?

There are a variety of spring options available. What’s the ideal model for you depends on your budget, the sort of couch you have and the spring type.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new spring for your sagging couch.

Area to be Fixed

To begin, you need to figure out how much space you have to work with in order to get the right springs and avoid waste.

  • Simply replacing the broken spring is all that is required.
  • The Zig Upholstery seen above is an excellent option for replacing all the springs in your couch for a fraction of the cost.

Spring type

Hand-tied, sinuous, and drop-in coil springs are the three most common types of springs on the market.

  • Hand-Tied Eight-Way Spring

These springs are the most expensive and the most durable option for your sofa building.

Hand-knotted twine is used to connect one spring to the next and to the couch frame. There are eight directions in which the twine crosses the springs: front to rear, side to side, and diagonally.

It’s an old-fashioned method of springing a couch that requires a lot of effort. To provide you with a sturdy, supporting, and pleasant feeling, each spring is stacked on top of the others in various directions.

Hand-tied springs are more expensive than prefabricated ones since they are made by hand. They are also becoming less frequent.

There are some who believe this spring type to be overpriced and difficult to maintain or replace.

  • Constricted Springs

When it comes to couch suspension, sinuous (or zig-zag) springs are the most popular option. S-shaped springs go from front to back of the couch and are connected by a cord.

For a lengthy period of time, sinuous springs provide excellent support. Furthermore, they take up less room inside of the couch’s frame and are considerably less expensive than eight-way hand-tied options The 8-gauge or 9-gauge steel wire used in this spring type can deteriorate over time. Copper-coated springs, which are more resistant to corrosion, are an excellent choice.

  • springs with a pocket coil design

Because they can be mass-produced, pocket coil springs, coil strings (or drop-in coils) are the cheapest option of the three varieties. The eight-way hand-tied springs, despite being less expensive, provide the same level of support. Drop-in coils are made out of a metal frame containing a large number of coins, which are then nailed or fastened to a couch or other piece of furniture.

As a result of their short lifespan, coil strings may cause you to sink into your couch at least once a week. People who prefer a deep, comfy couch while still requiring excellent support would find this spring type ideal.

Fixing sofa springs — Maker | Geek

Stinking noises are common because of the multiple metal-to-metal interactions in these spring systems. Sinuous springs, on the other hand, are better suited to sofas with shallow frames. They are more stable and less likely to make a squeaking sound.

Number of springs

If your couch has more springs, you should expect more stability when sitting on it. Additionally, the springs will not wobble with use.

A minimum of five springs are required for each seating area when using zig-zag springs. At least ten strings are required for a two-seater couch.

Position of spring

It’s not just the quantity of springs that have an impact on how comfortable you feel on the couch.

Your couch’s cushions will be more supportive and sturdy if the springs are closely spaced. Your couch will quickly slump if you don’t do this.


This can be done by checking the couch springs for looseness or brokenness. Removing your sofa’s upholstery at the bottom will disclose its interior, which you’ll need to restore your springs. Check for loose connections, broken clips, or stretched springs from here.

Diagnose and fix your sofa appropriately by understanding the different types of sofa springs. You may also check out this article on how to firm up sofa cushions if your couch is still too soft.



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